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Queensbury School District

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BC: Ode To Art By: Shannon Kanaly Grade 12 The colors and the pictures, The ones that consume the world, On walls and in classrooms. Art is something that is everywhere, Every turn of our heads there it is, Starring back at us. Texture, shape, contrast and structure. Colors, Some bright and vibrant, Others dark and mysterious. Emotions are to blame for the colors. Our emotions, Come out onto the paper. Art is not just pictures and colors, But art is in the form of notes. Not necessarily notes you write to a loved one, But notes that create music. The sweet simple music, Or the complex notes, Making you read them a mile a minute. Artistic people that, Are creative, Have written these sweet songs. Sometimes it makes a familiar tune engrave in our minds. Art goes further then that. Art is in the papers we write. The words written on the page, Create a complex picture that in twines us into thought. Thought of feelings or the past, Sometimes they are thoughts of the future. Thoughts of everyday life, Things that are important to us, Or things we appreciate. To me, The things I appreciate, Is what I am writing about. Fine art, Music, And writing. All things are so different but fall into one category. Art. | Emily WIlliams

FC: The Vision | Queensury Union Free School District Art and Literary Publication 2010 | Stephanie Ellis

1: Sandra Jabaut Jennifer Montgomery Amy Mellon

2: The Presence of a World Untold By, Shriya Nevatia Grade 12 I ventured with a gathering fright, Into the stomach of the night, And cropped the mind of heaven dreams, the truth is not yet what it seems. A marker put on soiled ground, The earth can breathe with treasure found, And passage led to depths below, With devil’s hex in what we know, Her parting word, his parting glance, Curious fates foretold by chance, And all within a fiery dance, With Tantalus, her new romance, A pleading song and beggar’s eye, She only got for what she’d try, The presence of a world untold, Conversion of a sold most bold. Mark my words and take me heed, The Earth contains all that you need. Prince of Darkness, maids beneath, Close the door with sharpened teeth. | To See By, Olivia Coyer Grade 7 Don’t look at, look into what you see. Find real being. Believe in your dreams And your wishes will come true. You have to know how to play the game to win. | Kalya Gomes | Colin Fraser

3: His Beaten- Old Path By, Kevin Chen Grade 10 Tuh, tUh,tuHone small step after the other The morning air reawakens a sleepy soul Same as the countless days before A new day and a new hope to traverse farther Down his beaten-old path, towards his goal Only here does he feel so alive in his core Taking a moment to turn his head and look around The miles behind spin like a recurring dream Where is he going? Not even he knows But that is the way it should be so He knows one day he’ll find his mean Facing forward once more be begins taking in the sound His senses also slowly tart to reawaken The familiar sweet scent of life shoots up the nostrils An early birds’ gawk challenges a body unshaken Each image before him slowly turns to stills Beads of perspiration work to his finger tips Even glint of early dew touches his lips The body lean, the senses keen His features hide no secrets This is his “trials of Miles, his Miles of Trials” The beaten-old path has its toll And it has been paid in full Why is here once again? At the beginning when the path was first introduced to him Before him lies the task Was there an end he forgot to ask? Along his path lie a stream and a dream Chasing happiness Chasing new progress His path is for those of a certain breed It’s right from the path where they feed Days soon turn to weeks, then months, then years Again and Again and again he pushes on into the unknown There is no room for fears Every drop of sweat soaks deep to the stone He has put in everything he can In return it has made him a man The best parts of his path are the unexpected No matter how dedicated he hammers every day New plateaus, new hills, new heights loom in horizon Time became his friend and his foe He believes with each step something was collected No one need to reassure him, he will earn his pay He needs no reason So Tuh, Tuh, tuHone small step after the other. | Billy Roberts

4: Sade Paige | Emily Stewart | Joshua Bonn

5: The Decision By: Olivia Coyner Grade: 7 The devils tongue is like a snake, Flicking across his teeth. Slithering around, trying to get in my head. The angels halo is like a star burning through the night. It shoots across the midnight sky, Trying to find someone in need of help. The Angel and Devil are always conflicting, Always fighting, always distracting. And there is no hesitation to do so. So which will win? The bad or good? It’s all my choice. So I have to make it. | Andrew Guinther

6: Chelsea Deckert | Chloe Cuthbert | Steven May

7: Too Good By: Emily Guinther Grade: 7 Watching breathlessly as Andrew rounds the turn, Erupting as he charges the finish, Screaming and cheering as he gets first place, It’s not easy to be a champion My brother is far too good. As will walks toward the car, Determined to make himself a star, I shed a few tears, remembering the years, Before he went off to college with the best And became too good Like a sponge she absorbs my troubles, Giving me silent, sorrow less strength that Gets me through my day A foundation, she holds firm no matter what. My mom is far too good. Dealing with troubles each day, Thick, assailing and palpable clouds, Just to get me what I need. Too give a gift and see joyful faces, My dad is far too good. A stone of granite that has just to be polished, I know deep in my heart that one day she’ll shine bright. Through trials and troubles to Bring her to her knees. Only to make her stronger than ever My sister is far too good. Where does a crazy little girl Fit in with this bunch of stars? I’ll someday find out why God stuck me in. When I’m too good Too. | Victoria Gaunt | Dylan Anoe | Sarah McGraw

8: The Lucky Leprechaun By, Sarah Tether Grade, Mrs. Bureau One day Luck the leprechaun was searching in the scorching sun. He was looking for a pot of gold. “I must find it,” he said, “I must.” The suddenly he found himself sitting in what looked like heaven. He was sitting at the biggest cupcake he had ever seen. It was about fifty feet tall. “Mmmm,” he said as he licked the sticky white gumminess. He then saw a chocolate horse, so he took a ride. “Mmmm,” he said as his teeth sunk into the melt in your mouth chocolate. Then he noticed an enormous, gigantic kiss mountain. So he climbed it and he ate and ate and he ate. When he reached the top, be bit the pointy part right off. Then he woke up. “Amazing,” he breathed. Right below him was a cookies n’ cream lake/pool. Canon ball! Splash! Lucky dove in. “Yum, Yum, Yum. I’m having tons of fun!” he said. Lucky went from this candy to that and he ate as much as he wanted. Lucky climbed the candy cane tree then swung from the life save/twizzler tire swing. Then just as he was about to lay down on a starburst (he was about to tan himself in the red hot sun on Sprinkle Beach.) He stopped. “Ohhh!!” he moaned, “I ate too much.” He felt another brain freeze coming on. Then he said, “I’ll be ok. I’ll just do one of my famous back flip dives into the milk chocolate pond,” he thought. “Hey guys,” he said “Watch me do a flip into the chocolate pool.” Silence. Then he realized he was all alone. “Darn!” He thought, “I could sure use a friend.” It’s funny, because at that same moment Patrick Clover was thinking the same exact thing. So, one day bored, old Lucky was slurping dark chocolate in an ice cream igloo, when suddenly and very quietly he heard a cry. It was coming from Butterfly Boarding section of the white chocolate pond. Lucky ran over there stood another leprechaun. He looked about the same age as Lucky. He had red hair and freckles. “I’m Patrick,” the boy said. “What’s your name?” “I’m Lucky,” he said. We’re both lucky to be here,” said Patrick. “No, my name is Lucky,” Lucky said. “Oh!” said Patrick. “I’m glad I found a friend. Lucky smiled. (He knew he had a lot planned for him and his new friend. “ready for some butter finger boarding,” Lucky said. “You’re on!” said Patrick. So the two fiends set off on a new adventure ahead. The best thing is that the two boys learned that friends as better than things. The end. Or is it? | Connor McCane | Keelin Zwynenburg

9: Boredom By Amanda Spaulding Grade 7 Sigh, Sigh Scribble scribble, scribble I outlined the words homework. On my turquoise folder, I retraced the letters, First starting with H. The black ink covered and outlined the letter Like a fresh new coat of paint Where a faded H once stood, There appeared the same figure, But revived. It was new. It was sharp. It was perfect. Now, to finish the title, Scratch! The pen left an indentation, Where I was going to color, But no ink came out. “Darn it!” I said under my breath. It’s too bad I can’t finish it. It’s too bad the ink looks so good. On something, I hate to bring home, Homework. | Conundrum By, Shriya Nevatia Grade 12 The toils of sorrow that leave us behind An orange of juices, of skin, and of rind The juice is squeezed out and the rind left to rot, A frightful conundrum we saw and forgot A parchment foretelling the puzzle unsolved, The conflict between them was never resolved, The oracle told us with soul of a ghost, The foretold progression of rotting in most. | Laura Smith | Bryce Fosmer

10: SPLASH! By Rachel Guinther Grade 7 Water calls out to my family, With two champions for brothers who surpass many. Accomplished both physically and mentally, They are almost like Olympians. Ages from now, I hope to be like my two siblings, A dolphin on the water As it joyfully greets anyone willing to submerge themselves. In many cases, It is an old friend of the clock . . . When racing to the finish, Any competitor putting their effort into their strokes Can overcome both obstacles. When competing, Time stops as you ascend the block. Time stops as you dive into the icy water. Time stops as you struggle to move faster, While trying to do the best. Now and until the end of time, My family will always swim. Always, always, always going faster. | Bridget Shevlin

11: Stephen Gedney | Seth Knopka | Matt Flint | Lynden Millington | Lindsey Ziegler

12: The Halloween Bully By: Nick Izzo Grade: 3 It was a dark and quiet night and the pumpkins were carved, the costumes were picked out and it was time to trick-or-treat. It was Halloween night. As you may know kids are nice on Halloween but one kid was different. He was big, mean, strong, and stole candy every year from kids, but this year they were going to put a stop to that. This year they had a plan, the big kid was kind of dumb so the other kids tricked him. The big kid came up to a house, it looked haunted, but that didn’t bother him. The kid rang the doorbell and the door creaked open and out came an ugly creature. “I am frankenmummy” he said in a deep voice. “Never steal candy again; if you do I will haunt you forever.” The kid ran away. A couple months later the kid moved away and the little kids trick-or-treated in peace. Even though the kid made him move in the first place. The End. About the Author: I’m Nick Izzo, my favorite color is blue and my favorite food is tacos. I wrote this because it was close to Halloween and I wanted to make a Halloween story. I like to write about and action stories. I get my ideas by either watching television or thinking of other characters and putting them together, that’s how I got Frankenmummy. | Free Verse Poem By: Tylor Viger Grade: 7 They will come at you, Laugh in your face, Then leave like a hit-and-run car crash. They go as quickly as they came. They come when you don’t need them. They will never leave if unwanted. They will never stay if needed. They will never be around for long. They are ideas. | Caitlin Donovan | Alexes Donohue

13: Happy Summer By: Liam Jones Kindergarten Happy happy summer the sun is coming up, Happy happy summer look at the flowers. Happy Happy summer look at the grass Happy happy summer. The End | Victoria Gaunt

14: Emily Stewart | Benjamin Caligiuri | Mariana Gabaldi | Cara Schwartz

15: Katie Mannix | Devin O'Leary

16: Confident by Aubrey Balduf Grade 7 As you walk through those doors, And all the kids stare, At you, the new kid, The kid with the funny glasses, The too-small T-shirt, And the high-water jeans. But you don’t care, You walk straight through them. Strutting your stuff. Ignorant of their whispers and jives. They tease, they taunt. You scoff at them. They tease to make themselves feel bigger, powerful. But you know the truth, You know your place in the world. | Justina Murray

17: The Time I Went Hiking By Haley Haux Grade 3 Hiking and nature are amazing. I love to hike but the snakes freak me out. One day I went hiking with my family and my brothers found ten snakes the whole time we went hiking. When we got to the top of the mountain and had lunch. The view was amazing and so beautiful. When I was four, I hiked up Pilot Knob. All by myself. My dad did not carry me once the whole hike. Bears can also freak me out. When I was four, my brothers liked to tell me about bear attacks when we were driving there. I used to believe them, but not any more. I still love to hike and listen to the sounds of the mountains. Hiking makes me feel free and relaxed. I wonder if hiking is a sport. If it is, that is my favorite sport. | Kayla Gomes

18: “Untitled” By Tylor Viger Grade 7 They will come at you, Laugh in your face, Then leave like a hit-and-run car crash. They go as quickly as they came. They come when you don’t need them. They will never leave if unwanted. They will never stay if needed. They will never be around for long. They are ideas. | Kara Grant | Mikaela Bailey

19: Mariana Gibaldi | Connor McCane | Kara Grant

20: Listening to you teach By: Shannon Kanaly Grade 12 I listen. Your lips move. I listen, To your wisdom you explain. It shows for your young age, That you have knowledge for a thousand years. I listen. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense. But later I understand. I understand your wise lessons. It’s incredible you know so much I speak now. How? How do you know what to say? How do you know what to do? You’re a wise girl, Don’t change that. You have knowledge for a thousand years. It’s hard to believe you’re just sixteen. | Chrissie Canape

21: Comet By Lexi Williams Grade 7 Like a comet I dash, I run I leave a scorching path like the sun I run and run to escape my fears I escape the darkness as it nears My legs are tissue The darkness’ grab is the true issue Comets shine so incredibly bright The comet’s shine is an awesome sight Even though I am afraid I run away and try to evade Like a comet I dash, I run I hide from the darkness and am finally done | Katie Mannix | Hannah MacCasland

22: I Love Dogs By Alexis Cummings Grade 3 Dogs really are man’s best friends! I know because my two dogs make me feel like they are my two best friends. My two dogs are named Kobe and Shaq. Shaq keeps my sister and me company. Often I teach him a few tricks. Sometimes he’s too grumpy, and sometimes he’s as happy as can be. Kobe stays near my mom, because she doesn’t like to move very much at all. Kobe likes to sleep more than anybody in this family! Kobe also doesn’t like to play, with dog toys, because she’s tired and she’s old. The other reason why she’s old is because we had her since my mom and dad moved into our house. I think it’s really fun to have dogs that listen and follow directions sometimes!? I pretty much think that they both follow directions really well. I don’t really know what they were like when they were baby dogs. I would think that if they changed I would still think they are still cute! Kobe had another owner but she treated Kobe bad. And Shaq was left on the road with his mom, sister, and brother. Then a car came and Shaq’s family was gone. Shaq was the only one safe and his family wasn’t. I’m so glad he’s safe! I’m happy that I have two fantastic dogs that are my best friends! | Sabrina Hughes | Emily Ruta | Jaysen Henderson

23: The Complainer’s Essay By Elena Silverberg Grade 7 It’s a bad week this week, And it’s only Tuesday. Three tests, two quizzes, and a project to do, My brain hurts just thinking about it But I still have to write the essay. On Sunday my skies decided to jump right off my feet, And BAM! I was down. I’ve taken art class for four years now, And yet somehow, I managed to mess up my piece Monday night But I still have to write the essay. After school today I have so many things to do, Club meeting, sports practice, a piano lesson! And no study-hall for homework! But as I write this the due date crawls closerand closer I better start writing the essay! | Nathan Shine | Kendall DeMarco

24: Imagination By, Olivia Coyer Grade: 7 Nothing, nothing but skies. I look up and see them. Beautiful but imperfect. I point out pictures. My imagination is soaring. | Grace Hicks

25: Ashlea Garrand | Wyatt Denious | Hayden Fitzgerald | John Lines

26: What Do You Think a Rose and Thorn Are? BY: Lily DeMattos Grade 3 What do you think of when you hear the words “Roses and Thorns?” A rose is a good thing that happened to you. A thorn is a bad thing that happened to you. Every single night my sister says her rose is playing with her friends and her thorn is someone that was not there at school. My brother tells about recess and who he played with. I talk about something I did in school. My mom and dad talk about their day. We do rose and thorns during dinner. I like doing roses and thorns every single night. I can not wait until dinner time! Rose and thorns is fun because you get to talk about how your day went. I like talking about how my day went, so parents know what happened at school. Did you think I was talking about flowers? | Jessica Cobley

27: Bonnie Brown | Katie Shevlin | Emily Stewart

28: Skiing by Lindsey Ziegler Grade 7 I race down the mountain with all of my friends. I’m as fast as a lightning bolt, trying to be first back in line. When I get back on the chair lift, we decide what trail to go on next. It is fun to look at the snow covered trees as the other skiers go by. I get off the chair with all of my friends. I get a weird feeling in me. It says, “ski as fast as a bullet train.” Down the ally I head, one of the icy trails and I tremble within. Careful always, falling would be a disaster. I pick up speed; hit the jump at the trails end. I am up in the air, like a bird soaring in the sky. I stick the landing, my face explodes with joy! Winning a million dollars doesn’t compare to this. I get to the bottom. I go inside of the lodge to treat myself. Hot cocoa is my reward, like Lindsey Vonn winning a gold medal. I sip my hot cocoa; sweet, warm, hot cocoa. I feel as if I was never out in the cold, white snow for hours. I drink too much hot cocoa. I am full, stuffed. I am a squirrel that just ate 300 nuts. The mountain is now closing and my ankles are sore. I’m more tired than a cat being chased by a junkyard dog. | Eileen Goralski

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