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Rashad to Remember

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S: Rashad To Remember

FC: Rashad To Remember

1: Table Of Contents: | Wind/Reflection ---- 2-3 What I Am/Reflection ---- 4-6 Lions/Reflection ---- 7-8 Bleeding Brother/Reflection ---- 9-11 Tree Letter/Reflection ---- 12-14 Meeting My cousins In Lebanon ---- 15-17 The Mouse/Reflection ---- 18-20 The Crowd/Reflection ---- 21-22 Chinese Culture/Reflection ---- 23-6

2: Wind Chilly breeze On a sunny day The wind is making the leaves wiggle One leaf falls Then it is carried away Into a big bosh Night moves in Now The wind is strong Cold Powerful I am sitting outside Listening Feeling Then I go inside Take one last look And go to sleep

3: I wrote this poem trying to go deep in and not be shallow. I picked to write this poem because my family love nature and for me wind is a very easy thing to describe. In this poem I wanted to show the reader that everything changes like the wind some times it is strong and fierce and sometimes it is weak. I liked this poem a lot and enjoyed writing it.

4: What I am I am the past. I am the future. I am the colors in a rainbow. I am the fresh water being drunk from animals that are thirsty. I am the light coming from the pressure sun. I am me. I am a canary singing. I am a fish eating. I am a human thinking.

5: . | . I am me. I stand in good relation with nature. I stand in good relation with the world. I stand in good relation with people. I stand in good relation with the tired souls. I am me Inspired by: N.SCOTT MOMADAY

6: I wrote this poem as homework but then it became more than just a piece of work that was due the next day. This poem became a deep poem many of my classmates love. I was inspired by N.SCOTT MOMADAY. I didn't like the poem that I wrote the first time I read it but then I read it a loud and realized is was really good. This poem means a lot to me because it brings back memories that have great value to me and everybody in the class that I went to and made good memories.

7: Lions Lions eat what they want, They write in any font, They're mean and fat, And can crush a bat, They use a map, And like to rap, Before they take a nap, They say thank you and ask for the whole menu, Before brunch, they have their lunch, They moan and groan, When they bite a bone, They love to nit, They just can't handle it!

8: I wrote this poem knowing that it was not my style. But I really wanted to try to write a poem with humor and laughter so I wrote one to do with lions. The reason I picked lions is that lions were my favorite animals and I loved seeing them on the television . And to remember that made me want to write something funny about them. It was fun working on it because of that memory. I hope you enjoyed that poem .

9: Bleeding Brother WOW!! We were on a yacht and we were going to a huge beach in Lebanon. The yacht was going really quick. I fell asleep on the way there; my brother woke me up half way there, I got burned. After 15 minutes I sat next the driver and watched him steer the yacht. We got there, but there was a problem, the yacht could not reach to shore because it was too shallow. Some of us jumped of the boat and swam to shore, but I stayed on the yacht with my brother waiting for the inflated boat to come and take us to the shore but the waves were getting strong that when the inflated boat came it was tilting hard.

10: I anxiously got on the inflated boat. My brother followed. Looking at the horizon, we both blindly sat down. Chady decided to sit on the edge of the inflated boat. As he was walking toward the edge the boat firmly lifted by a sudden wave and BAM!!! The boat’s edge hit my brothers lip, it started to bleed! It was made out of wood. And for the rest of the boring time in the restaurant because the waves were so strong. But finally we went home. On the way home my brother said, “this was the worst day in the world!”

11: I wrote this story because it was clear. I could just remember the blood dripping from my brother's face. And the way he was expecting an awesome day and how he was depressed. Another reason is that this was a great memory, but of course not at the time. At the time my brother was just mad, nothing else but just mad.

12: Dear Mom and Dad,1-27-10 People are cutting too much trees and they are not planting any plants or trees, Soon there will not be enough oxygen for us to breathe! My concern is because people are not trying to plant trees; no instead they are clear cutting them. That is why 5th grade is going to plant trees. Each person needs to earn seven dollars in a week. The reason I want to plant a tree is because if you plant one tree, after time it will germinate and make a lot of other trees. Once it germinates it will make forests which will make an ecosystem. Not only that it helps us breathe it also helps the soil for other plants and trees, and it will make me feel proud that I helped save animals.

13: Besides a lot of trees get burned by fires that are caused by people that are disobeying the law. Yet no one is planting trees to help the economy of trees to regain its self, and they don’t care about the trees nor trying to stop the fires. With this in mind let’s talk about the animals; they are getting rare or even extinct because of clear cutting. They are also losing their homes because people want to clear cut. Animals are injuring people and are getting nearer to cities to find a new habitat, so they are dying because they cannot find food. That is why I need to earn seven dollars, no, I want to earn seven dollars. I want to feel good about myself; I want to be a part of something that is going to help animals and humans all around the world live with air, to be able to breathe, and survive Love, Rashad.

14: This letter was written to persuade my parents to let me plant a tree. I would hope that it was longer but for me it means the same even if it is short. Although my teacher made this as an assignment I thought of it more as a special writing. I enjoyed writing this letter because it was fun giving reasons why I should and stuff. I liked this writing a lot.

15: Meeting My Cousins in Lebanon I was so excited; my cousins had just arrived in Lebanon. They came from Richmond, Virginia. When they got here they were so tired but one of my cousins wasn’t, she was actually wide awake but she looked tired. I was playing on the play station when my brother came and turned off the T.V and said “get up and stop playing on the play station, our cousins are here!” I got off the couch and went down to the lobby to welcome them to Lebanon. They got here. They had alt of bags for four people. When I saw them they were wearing sweaters and heavy jackets. We went up. My mother and father were waiting at the opened door.

16: The elevator stopped I opened the elevator door. My mom and dad came and hugged everybody. I went to the T.V. my cousins followed and sat next to me and started to talk to me. My brother came. He sat next to my cousins and started to talk to every person in the room. I bet the excitement will last till the end of the trip.

17: I wrote this story because it was fresh in my mind. And it happened not that long ago. This was a fun experience for me and I enjoyed it too. I hope you liked this story and felt like you were there. The story that I wrote was not my favorite story because I didn't go deep with it as I did with the other storys and I did not take time to write it either.

18: The Mouse The mouse is here Scared To be seen He is watching Waiting Thinking what to do He puts his jacket on Packs his food And holds the bag Looks outside And makes a run for it He is out of the house It is raining He looks to the ground It’s not worth it To be left in the rain No home So he runs in Again And goes in the crack On the wall And sleeps

19: And sleeps

20: This was an assignment that stayed as an assignment, I did not like it a lot. I liked any other poem but not this one. I don't know why but I do know that I don't mind because it is okay.But the other writing I enjoyed writing but this piece was not for me it did not fit in. But I hope you like it.

21: The Crowd Rrm, rrm, rrm, the crowd ate a limb The actor sighed, so the crowd was petrified Loomed, loomed, loomed, the crowd was doomed Zammy, zammy, zammy, the crowd was happy The actor was sad, so the crowd was sad Zap, zap, zap, the crowd started to clap Rizzy, rizzy, rizzy, the crowd was dizzy The actor cried, so the crowd went wild Rit, rit, rit, the crowd bit a mitt Finally the actor said:”thank you all”, so the crowd through a ball and went to a mall

22: I wrote this poem because I thought of something to do with actions, so I thought of something that rimes. I liked this poem a lot and wish you like it. I like it because I spent time on it to make it sound nice. And it was an assignment which grew and grew to form this. And I think it is a great poem.

23: Chinese Culture What makes up the Chinese culture? Is it their tradition or their beliefs? Really they are all; religion, tradition, beliefs, symbols and more. Of course there is much more to the Chinese culture than that, and that is why There are many religions in China because of the population. The three most popular are Confucianism, Daoism (Taoism), and Buddhism. Although their temples look alike they are different religions. The most popular symbol wich a lot of people have heard of, the yin yang. The yin yang represents balance, yin is yang’s opposite. An example is: one is female one is male one is dark one is light and so on. The Chinese believe that the number four is an unlucky number because it sounds like death in their language. However the number eight is a lucky number because it sounds like prosper".

24: Red is a lucky color because a myth says that a monster attacked a village and seemed to be scared of the color red. The Chinese New Year. On this day kids hope to get a little red envelop with “lucky money” inside it. Nevertheless, here is a paragraph about one dynasty of the many dynasties:”The first three dynasties of the ancient world, the Xia was founded by Yu, a minister appointed as successor by the last of the five wise rulers. Since Yu was succeeded by his son, it was the beginning of hereditary succession. Long regarded as a mythological dynasty by scholars, archaeological evidence of the Xia capital was discovered near Luoyang in 1959.” Page: 43, title: The Timeline History of China, author: Meredith MacArdle. Religion, symbols, beliefs, tradition (holidays included), and history make up the Chinese culture. Religion because it is their culture, symbols because they are meaningful things to the Chinese. Beliefs and tradition are part of their culture because not everybody believes the same as another nor do they have the same tradition. And last but not least their history, because really it is the past that makes the current and the future. Religion, symbols, beliefs, tradition (holidays included), and history make up the Chinese culture. Sources: www.sacu.org(religion)

25: is their culture, symbols because they are meaningful things to the Chinese. Beliefs and tradition are part of their culture because not everybody believes the same as another nor do they have the same tradition. And last but not least their history, because really it is the past that makes the current and the future. Religion, symbols, beliefs, tradition (holidays included), and history make up the Chinese culture. Sorces: www.sacu.org(religion) www.whats-your-sign.com(symbols) www.about-sichuan-china.com(beliefs) Page: 43 Title: the Timeline History of China Author: Meredith MacArdle.(history) Page number 14 Title: New Year Author: Catherine Chambers

26: This was a huge assignment that was given to us. I picked it because I took time and I think that it is a great piece. This piece a wonderful piece for me and I really like it. I think this piece gives a lot of information for people to understand China's culture.

27: The End

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