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Re-Construction Project

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FC: Proposal for Terpakistan

1: We and studied the choices, causes, and effects of the many event that has occurred during the Post-American Civil War. We have come up with an idea on how to bring the East and West territories of Terpakistan together while avoiding the mess ups that the American Reconstruction era went through to ensure that we leave Reconstruction and Terpacistan will be stronger country. As your advisers we will not fail! | T.K

2: We feel that the American Reconstruction Era was a time of progress. The goals of this era were to integrate African Americans into society and to reunite America. It allowed for the idea equality between minority groups and whites to flourish. We had the first African American senator and for the first time African American's were involved in the law making process. However this plan ultimately failed. Even though the country was reunited, African Americans were second class citizens. Black Codes, terrorist and hate groups formed just to keep African Americans oppressed. It take years to make up for lost progress. It would take years for schools, restaurants, and many all other places to be integrated. Instead of integrating society immediately this era laid the foundation for the Civil Rights Movement. There was still a large amount of tension between the North and the South. Many Southerners despised Northerns and anyone that cooperated and worked with them. They were called Carpetbaggers and Scalawags. The Freedman Bureau was even run out of the south with by the Ku Klux Klan. | Success or Failure? | ZR

4: Proposal #1 One of the first things that Terpakistan should take note of is the Presidential Reconstruction Plan that the US had. Also known as the Johnson Plan we should make a plan similar to his. By requiring that a state needed to abolish slavery and repeal its succession ordinance before being readmitted, we can ensure that all states are on the same standing with ending slavery. Also giving pardons to citizens who take a loyalty oath will better persuade citizens to follow the plan. However we have to make sure that Congress seats the eastern states who are willing to work with us. | T.K

5: Based on the effects of the American Reconstruction period we suggest that the best strategy for the nation of Terpakistan is the Presidential Reconstruction plan. The Presidential plan was created by Andrew Johnson. Like the 10 Percent Plan, pardons were granted to those that took a loyalty oath to the Union. However pardons would not be granted to high Confederate official and people that owned property valued at 20,000 dollars. All of the states would need to abolish slavery and repeal its succession ordinance before it would be able to be readmitted. This shows that the state is willing to cooperate. Once the states have a minimum of ten percent has cooperated, the Union would be able to organize a new state government. | ZR

6: Hiram Revels During the Reconstruction Era in the U.S. a positive aspect would be the inclusion of blacks becoming apart of political affairs. Hiram Revels was the first black senate in the U.S. He was voted into Senate 48 to 8. By showing this type of support in our government as well, we can show the people of Terpakistan that color or race does not affect a persons ability to be apart of Political issues.

7: Charles Sumner Charles Sumner is another important person to pay attention to during the U.S Civil war. Being a Senator form Massachusetts and a leader of anti-slavery forces, he played an important role during reconstruction in the U.S. He created the idea of outlawing racial discrimination in public places which became the Civil Right Act of 1875. This idea would be very helpful in our reconstruction plan for Terpakistan because we can try and keep integration during events such as voting events as peaceful as possible for everyone.

8: Proposal #2 Another idea that should be Incorporated into Terpakistan’s Re-construction plan deals with the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments that the US created during their Re-Construction Era. By creating something similar to the 13th amendment, slavery would be officially abolished in Terpakistan. A replica of the 14th amendment would ensure that all people born in this country are citizens by default and that everyone would have equal treatment in the process of law. However everyone would have to use the same interpretation of the amendments. This would prevent the Slaughterhouse Cases, major cases in early civil right law and Supreme Court Case between the U.S. and Cruikshank which lead to the creation of the 14th amendment . Mimicking the 15th amendment would protect everyone no matter what their background is during voting process. By using these ideas Terpakistan will be able to give everyone the rights they deserve and allow them to have some power in politics here as well. | T.k

11: Avoiding Impeachment It is imperative that Terpakistan avoids any form of presidential impeachment in our government. The U.S. government had their very first impeachment of President Andrew Johnson during the Reconstruction Era. He was impeached because of his high crimes and misdemeanors, his violation of the Tenure of Office Act, and his low regard for the will of the public.We must make sure that the people who run for president do have these qualities. We can avoid any set back to reconstruction in Terpakistan if this is avoided. | TK

12: Proposal #3 There will be people who will be opposed to giving everyone free will and equal rights, especially to slaves. However an event in the US known as the Port Royal Experiment will hopefully calm people down and make them more open to the idea. 10,000 slaves were left to survive by themselves after their plantation owners fled the area. They were able to build their own community and become self sufficient on their own. This proved that slaves were capable of following rules on their own will. And it showed that they can work with other people to come to agreements to bettering the country and society here in Terpsakistan. This is a perfect model of what reconstruction should look like but with all groups and backgrounds working together. Allowing slaves to make choices will not hinder us in anyway according to this experiment. | T.K .

14: As your advisor's we feel that it is best to create an act similar to the Military Reconstruction Act as well. This act originally went in to action in March of 1867. Congressional republicans passed this act to counter act Johnson's ideas and programs. This divided the confederacy (except for Tennessee) in to five military districts and a union general was placed in charge of each district. We feel that Terpakistian should just keep military generals in the south. Military leaders should aspire to be Ulysses S. Grant. Republicans trusted him, was a war hero in the North, and he was even nominated for president. | ZR/TK | Radical Reconstruction Changing the House of Representives. We want to prevent leaders of confederacy from returning to power after the war. We need the Federal gov to help African Americans to achieve political equality by guaranteeing their right to vote in the South. And we want the Republican Party to become to become a powerful institution in the South so we can have more citizens wanting to abolish slavery in Terpakistan.By opening more seats to the democrats we can work with them to try and get these ideals a reality.

15: Panic of 1873 This was named by the economic crisis that occurred at the time.This happened because of bad investments into railroads that forced a banking firm of Jay Cooke and company to declare bankruptcy. The panic caused the stock market to crash and closed small banks. Many people lost their jobs and Democrats won control of the House of Representatives. Since Terpakistan will be just getting out of war don't spend a lot of government money too fast. | ZR | ZR/TK

16: As your advisers, we feel that it is essential to set up an organization similar to the Freedman's Bureau to get former slaves educated, back on their feet and helped them find work with fair pay. The Freedman's Bureau was promoted by the Congress to help solve the Refugee Crisis. With the flood of newly freed slave, Terpakistan is likely to have a similar crisis. The organization would keep refugees clothed and fed. In America surplus army supplies were used, if there are any supplies left over they could be used too. Some other roles for the organization would be negotiating contract, amount of pay, and work hours between planters and plantation owners. They would establish courts for greivences as well. However as shown in American history, terrorist hate groups could form. Don't let your organization fall victim to them, like how the Freedman's Bureau were ran out of town by the Ku Klux Klan. | Z.R./TK | Colfax Massacre The Colfax can be avoided by making sure milita is large enough in number so that any form of rebellion during Reconstruction is avoided. During U.S. Reconstruction, White milita over powered freemen and state milita trying to control the Grant Parish Court House. Even after surrendering, many people were still killed mercilessly. We have to avoid that here in Terpakistan and by keeping military forces strong we can achieve that goal..

17: Carpetbaggers During the American Reconstruction period Northerners moved South to help with reconstruction. They received this name from their luggage which was made from carpet fabric. They helped with the Freedman's Bureau and education of African Americans. You will most likely have some people move from the East to help rebuild the West. | Scalawags This term comes from old Scottish-Irish for weak underfed worthless animals. The white Southerners that supported and worked with Republicans during the Reconstruction were known as Scalawags. This showed the hatred that the people of the south had for people that they considered traders. | ZR

18: Ku Klux Klan One thing that we should be prepared for is the idea of "Redemption" that the southerners had. Southern Democrats called on whites to help save the country from “Black Republican Rule”. They formulated a secret society in 1866 by former Confederate soldiers in Pulaski Tennessee. This was one of the main hate organizations that formed during the Reconstruction era. Others where the Red Shirts and Knights of the White Camellia. The Ku Klux Klan's goals were to keep African Americans from voting, drive out the Union troops and carpetbaggers from the South, and regain control of the South for the Democratic Party. They tried to achieve their goal by terrorism under white hoods and robes at night. | ZR

19: They broke up Republican meetings, drove out the Freedman's Bureau, burned African American home, schools, and churches. Black Organizations and Republicans fought the Ku Klux Klan by creating militias and by sending reports to the federal government. | To prevent these organizations from popping up it would be best to keep troops stationed until tensions ease. | ZR

20: ZR

21: Although the Freedman's Bureau did great things for the south, the United States failed to protect them. Since the Bureau was run out, they weren't able to reach their full potential. This political cartoon shows how people of the south looked down and didn't approve of the Bureau. It shows an African American relaxing while a white man is performing hard labor. The captions are advocating for people to vote for Clymer, because he doesn't support Congress, the President, or the Freedman's Bureau. This cartoon is turning people against the Freedman's Bureau, Congress, and the president. | This political cartoon shows the extreme racism that existed. With such racism many southern states created series of laws that severely limited their rights. The laws varied from state to state. These laws were intended to keep blacks in a form of slavery. The laws generally required blacks to enter labor contracts and for children to enter apprenticeships, where they could be whipped and beaten. Other states required them to have specific work hours, to get licenses and to work in nonagricultural jobs. These codes enraged Northerners. We suggest that you don't allow the states in the West to create any laws similar to the black codes. | ZR

22: Some jobs that were made available during the Reconstruction Era were Sharecropping and Tenant Farming. Sharecroppers didn't pay rent in cash, but they did pay a share of their crops to the owner of the plantation. Tenant farmers paid rent for the land they owned. Blacks would return to white plantation owners as tenant farmers, renting the land, and they would eventually become sharecroppers. This wasn't the best employment so it would be best to create the same type of jobs. | ZR/TK | Sherman's Field Order No. 15 This is a great idea in getting freed slaves a chance to gain land in Terpakistan. This order redistributed roughly 400,000 acres of land to newly freed black families in forty-acre segments. This can give free blacks a chance to get their life started with land to grow crops. Also it would be good in getting rid of some plantations and get plantation owners to get new jobs or open up sharecropping or tenant farming ideas.

23: Civil Rights Acts If these acts were passed sooner and reinforced harsher, civil rights progress could've been made faster. We suggest that acts passed like this are passed as soon as possible and are well enforced. | Civil Rights Act of 1866 This was a federal law in the United States made to protect civil rights of African American's during the Civil War. President Andrew Johnson vetoed it but it passed anyway. | Civil Rights Act of 1875 This guaranteed that everyone regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude were entitled to the same treatment in public accommodation. The breaking of this act could result in a fine or up to a year in prison. | ZR/TK | Compromise of 1877 This compromise created a team of 15 people for both the democrat and republican sides. The shared ideas and allowed equal control over the US. This idea of putting together ideas from both sides in Terpakistan can help unify Terpakistan as Reconstruction here progresses

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