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Reagan's Quick History of China from Mao until Now!

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Reagan's Quick History of China from Mao until Now! - Page Text Content

FC: Communist China | 1949 to Present

1: So, this cat on your left is Chiang Kai Shek and he was the leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party. He was friends with the USA but was not too nice to his people. The cat on your right is Mao Zedong ( one of many ways to spell his last name). He grew up in a poor farming family. Mao was lazy; he went to college to get away from the hard work in the fields. He got into the theory of communism while he was in college and working at book store. As you can guess, Mao was not a favorite of the USA.

3: So, if a major internet provider sets up shop in a communist country, does Bill Gates cry? Another story for another time.

4: Chiang and Mao look like friends here, but Chiang wanted to destroy Mao and all Communists. As Mr. Yoder says, "You have to have a hobby."

5: In his effort to rid China of all of the communists, Chiang and the Nationalist Army went after Mao and his supporters. This sent Mao and 87,000 followers on an escape route, called The Long March. They finally stopped walking after 368 days. They walked from 1934 to 1935. They traveled 5500 miles, and less than 10,000 followers made it alive. By the way, the picture on the right described Mao's actual walking - he didn't. While others suffered, he rode on a horse or had was carried like an Egyptian Pharaoh.

6: Hey, look who are friends again. Well not really, but the Japanese had invaded China during World War II, and the two "friends" decided to stop fighting each other and fight the Japanese. World War II ends, the Japanese are gone, and the boys go back at it again, but this time, Mao wins and Chiang flees to Taiwan. With apologies to the Beatles..."So you say you want a revolution..."

7: "Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than the USA!!!" 1949 - Communism comes to China with Mao and he starts the Great Leap Forward. This was to thrust China into the agriculture and steel forefront of the world. It didn't - in fact, quit the opposite. Millions die from starvation, and the steel that is produced is of low quality. This propaganda poster would make one think that China was kicking butts and taking names in agriculture.Yeah, that wasn't happening.

8: What can Mao say when his plan causes millions to die? Absolutely nothing!!! Mao bounces back with the Culture Revolution. He gets the youth on his side (kids believe anything you tell them) and he has them do his bidding - they imprison and kill anyone with intelligence and anyone in the Chinese government who questioned Mao's Great Leap Forward Plan. Any hey, he writes these pearls of wisdom and pimps it as "The Little Red Book" and makes everyone have one so they can read all of Mao's thoughts. By the way, his view on education - it was not needed, they had his Little Red Book, that was all they needed. Man, it is good to be the Leader!

9: Mao dies in 1976, which brings us Deng Xiaoping. He was better than Mao and actually came up with the Four Modernizations that opens China's economy up to the world...even the USA. This will turn out to be a bad thing, unless you do not mind that China holds the deed to the USA after Obama's bail-out...but that discussion is for another time and place. Deng actually starts a market type of economy in China - which at the time is unheard of for a Communist country.

10: The world may never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop, and they world may never know the name of "Tank Man." Students gathered in Tienanmen Square to protest for freedom of speech and Democracy in 1989. Tank man did not want to see any violence and stopped a column of tanks from entering the square. Now that is one "Tanko, Tanko Man, he's gotta be a Tank Man."Apologies to the Village People.

11: The students build The Lady of Liberty...right in front of a portrait of Mao - Probably not the smartest idea... After close to 3 months of protesting, the Chinese government had to flex their power and they did. Soldiers finally came into the Square with carnage on their minds and it is believed that over 3,ooo people lost their lives. The end of a blooming democracy.

12: So, what has all of this meant to China? Well, by the picture below, one would believe that Deng's modernization of China brought China up to par with the USA, and in a sense it has. After all, we owe China trillions of dollars, and we are one of China's biggest trading partners - and they are a communist country...hmmm, like the old saying goes, "politics makes some strange bedfellows." But looks can be extremely deceiving...

13: China, for all of its economic power is still considered to be a communist country. The majority citizens of China (those not wealthy enough to be part of the communist party) live in poverty. The average Chinese person makes $6,000.00 per year, and with China's economy growing at an exponential rate, the growth has its downfall, and that is its citizens. China violates numerous labor laws, especially when it comes to pay, and until China decided to treat its people fairly, the wealth of China will be with a select few, while the majority will continue to languish in poverty.

14: References | http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1960http:/ www.answers.com/topic/1989 http://www.google.com http://www.history.com// ciaworldfactbook.com Our Textbook Mr. Yoder's notes and soapbox lectures

15: ...

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