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Reconstruction Era Project

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FC: Reconstuction Overview for the Country of Gampistan | By:Andrew Corr and Santino Carangi

1: Mr President, | Just like your country, Gampistan, we the United States have undergone our own civil war. The decade that followed the unfortunate war was known as the Reconstruction era, where we completely reshaped our whole government. This document holds a list of people, organizations, incidents, court cases, and legal propositions that will guide your reconstruction period as best as possible with the wisdom of our successes and failures given.

2: Our 13th amendment banned slavery. The 14th amendment granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States and declared that no state could deprive any persons life, liberty, or property without due process of law. No state could deny any person “equal protection of the laws.” Finally the 15th amendment states that the right to vote shall not be denied by race, color, or previous condition of servitude. By March 1870, enough states ratified it to be part of the constitution. I think you should use rules similar to these because it will fight against wrongs like slavery and inequality.

3: After the Civil War, President Lincoln proposed the 10% plan. It stated that if 10% of the South pledged allegiance to the Union as well as 10% of South to pledge to abide by the laws of emancipation, they were allowed to form their own state government. Mr. President, I believe that you should look over and learn from this plan because the moral of the bill was in good intention, by trying to unite the country once more. | Command of the Army Act- required all orders from president to go through headquarters of general of army. I believe that you should put an act like this in affect in your government to allow the Presidents motions to be monitored by an unbiased source that can be checked to see if he still has the best intentions for his or her country. | Tenure of Office Act- required Senate to approve removal of any government official.I believe you should create a bill for this just in case you can check if someone is incorrectly accusing you or if the president has become corrupt.

4: Port Royal Experiment- a program that began before the Civil War.When the white residents fled in 1861 after the union liberated the sea islands including Port Royal.The approximate ten thousand black slaves were left there.Then these former slaves successfully worked on the abandoned land. I believe that this should be a starting point for your government to show that everyone is equal and is capable of anything.It showed specifically that blacks could work on their own without the help of whites and showed doubtful whites that there was a bright future to the United States without the juggernaut of slavery.

5: Sharecropping is a system of agriculture in which a landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crop produced on the land. Tenant farming is an agricultural production system in which landowners contribute their land and often a measure of operating capital and management,while tenant farmers contribute their labor. Depending on the contract, tenants can make payments to the owner either of a fixed portion of the product. Although, sharecropping constantly put people in debt, it basically was "Reconstructed, legal slavery". On the other hand, tenant farming was a job that you could prosper from if worked hard enough, therefore i state that the president should use tenant farming for it helped us reach equality but to stay away from sharecropping for it is only a new way of slavery to thrive.

6: In our south, the governments in that region passed laws and limitations which were known as: Black Codes. These were rules that further limited enslaved and free African Americans as well. These codes prohibited blacks from voting, sitting in juries, the right to testify against whites, and carrying weapons in public. If you would want to steer your country in the right place then this is certainly not a good example to follow Mr. President because this would further suppress the people of your country. | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Within the harsh time of struggle for African Americans, an organization by the federal government arose which was known as the Freedmen's Bureau. This was to strictly aid free African Americans in the movement from slavery to freedom. The Freedmens Bureau created over 1000 black schools, helped free blacks to get jobs, built hospitals and gave medical aid, and would investigate jobs if there were claims made about unfair treatment. This was a great success because this agency helped over 4 million free blacks, i strongly recommend following suit, for this will further your countries prosperity and commonwealth.

7: During the Civil War, Sherman's General Field Order #15 was implemented. Also known as Sherman March to the Sea, Commander William Sherman set out a conquest to confiscate land from Georgia to the Atlantic coast. They seized about 400,00 acres, and this was set aside for aproximatley 18.000 black refugees. I say this was a very helpful task because in the civil war when they were taking the land, it was being reserved to people who needed it in return.

8: On February 24th 1868, our President Andrew Johnson was impeached. He was charged for 10 articles of "high crimes and misdemeanors", which was just him taking advantage of his seat in office. However, when the votes were tallied up, they failed to remove him from office by 1 vote. THis is never a good thing to have occurring in your country at this time of dire need, but if the leader is leading responsibly then your congressmen as well as the American people must take matters into their own hands to decide weather or not their leader is even fit for running a country.

9: Our Union General (as well as president) Ulysses S Grant, was a fortunate asset to the Reconstruction Era. HE vouched that Freedmens Bureau was a "necessity", overturned the harsh Black Codes in 1867, gave thousands of blacks seats to political office, and made sure that blacks rights were protected. It is certainly a good thing when you have a leader that is not prejudice and has a very good observation of the country, and knows what is best for it. Definatly follow his example in my opinion Mr, President | Charles Sumner was another important figure during this time. Sumner was a Radical Republican Senator who believed that freeing the slaves would do no good unless granted full rights. He also was apart of the Freedmens Bureau, and made sure that ex-Confederates weren't being granted political office, because of their secession.

10: Hiram Revels was the first African American to serve on the United States Senate. He was a very good speaker, tried to fight for equality, and disagreed with Radical Republicans on the harsh consequences that they were laying down on ex-Confederate states. At this point in time it was a huge step to allow a black man into political office, but this is an example of the prosperity and rights that African Americans should be entitled to, i would recommend you to take this into consideration Mr, President ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | In 1873, most of Europe along with America, slipped into economic depression. It was fundamentally because of the demand in silver decreased. Also because of the worlds economic state at this time, banks began to fail, a good chunk of railways went bankrupt, the New York stuck plummeted and was shut down for 10 days. This depression left regions buried in debt and taxes. Also because of the abundance of railways in the south that were now bankrupt, this cause many southern states to lose the Republican reign to the Democrats. Mr. President, avoid this situation at all costs!

11: During an election for governor of Louisiana, a riot broke out between Republicans and Democrats. All in all it led to about 105 blacks killed and only 3 whites. This then led to the supreme court case US vs. Kruikshank. As a result of the ruling of this trial, the supreme court declared that the "First Amendment right to assembly 'was not intended to limit the powers of the State governments in respect to their own citizens'", as well as the "Second Amendment 'has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the national government.'" as far as states maintaining militias. I would say before these problems arise in your country, you should make sure that the message behind each written amendment should be clear Mr. President.

12: The Slaughter House Cases. This was a very important supreme court case that gave a new insight on the Fourteenth Amendment. The whole thing started when butchers were gutting their livestock and depositing the waste into the MIsissippi river which in turn drifted into the near water supply, causing numerous health problems among citizens. So as a result a monopoly for gutting and areas for slaughterhouses to be placed was established, thus conflicting with th Bill of RIghts. This was then taken to the court but as a result, it just basically rendered the fourteenth amendment, privileges and immunities clause; "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States", useless. This is a humiliating upset for our Constitution because it is contradicting our rights as an American citizen, make sure that his does not happen Mr. President.

13: "Redemption" This was the period after the Reconstruction referred to by white southerners when the democratic party started to take over in office. This change in political party dominance allowed for further limitations on blacks. During this time, Jim Crow laws were being introduced where public facilities had to be racially segregated, inducted poll taxation and literacy tests which was a gimmick to suppress the votes of African Americans. This was a step back in the other direction for how far America has come through in this reconstruction period, this only hurts our country because your are splitting up people in their own environment simply because of their race, this is a skid mark in time for America and we certainly do not want you to follow this Mr. President

14: This is a photo of a racial, religious, and republican hatred group known as the Ku Klux Klan. They would be extremely violent towards many people that where not of the "perfect race" (white supremacy), of Protestant faith, and a radical Democrat. I warn the president to never let a group like the KKK prosper because of the racial violence that insues with direct correlation with the KKK.

15: Carpetbaggers were citizens relocating from the Northern states to the Southern states in search of ways to take advantage of the Southern state's poor condition. These people were nicknamed "carpetbaggers" because when they traveled, their luggage would be made out of carpets for cheap manufacturing, thus earning them their pet name. Scalawags on the other hand, were white, native southerners who were republican politicians and supported reconstruction. I believe that you should let people like carpetbaggers and scalawags survive in the reconstructing America because it helped spread diversity throughout the country and they kept the economy strong and sped up the process or reuniting our country.

16: The Civil Rights Act of 1875 was a document that sought to guarantee freedom of using inns and public places of enjoyment regardless of race.With this Act all Federal Courts were given authority to all cases dealing with the Act.This Act was later done away with. I believe that the idea of this compromise had a positive effect on Reconstruction.Therefore you should use it. It showed the evolution of the United States into the future of a hate free and equal society. | The Civil Rights Act of 1866 stated that people born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power are entitled to be citizens, without regard to race, color, or previous condition of slavery or involuntary servitude. A similar provision was written a few months later in the proposed Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

17: This Civil Rights Act also propelled the Untied States into the future by thinking equally as they succeeded in bringing citizenship to all races in the United States. So I recommend activating a bill like this so nothing can stop our community from propelling towards equality | Also i believe that the Compromise of 1877 was a very important event that helped shape the nation we live in today. It was when the north and the south made an unwritten deal that settled the disputed Presidential election of 1876 and ended Radical Reconstruction. This is probably the most important event that occurred in our reconstruction. It unified the north and the south back together and basically ended Reconstruction in the United States. So you should most definantly use this if your country of Gampistan should ever split apart and was in need of assistance in re-unting itself.

18: Presidential and Radical Reconstruction were both important in shaping the future of the United States. During Presidential Reconstruction, the President sought to quickly restore the rebel states to the Union. He considered Reconstruction a "restoration" and wanted to quickly readmit the former Confederate states after they had repudiated their ordinances of secession, accepted the 13th Amendment, repudiated the Confederate debt, and pledged loyalty to the Union. But Radical Republicans did not feel blacks should have rights like whites.Some did not feel they should not get new schools also.The white men usually did verbal and physical ways of putting the point across. They also felt that the south deserved far worse punishment than were getting.

19: I believe that Presidential Reconstruction positively effected Reconstruction as it allowed the south into the union easily with little punishment. But radical reconstruction was driven of off hatred for blacks and did not have the mindset for an equal America. Therefore you should keep the idea of Presidential Reconstruction for it helps to unite the country with the correct mindset. You should also throw away Radical Reconstruction because it was trying to start the world off with the wrong beliefs. | This Political Cartoon shows how during Reconstruction, the north(Tiger) completely swallows the south(whatever is in the tiger's stomach) economically and politically.

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