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Recycled Robot

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S: Recycled Robots

FC: Mrs. Hayward's 4th Grade Recycled Robot Project

1: "It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever." — Jimmy Carter

2: My robot's name is Jen. Jen can wrestle, clean, & makes money. She also has a built in laptop, radio, & a built in camera. Jen is made out of recycled items such as a big box for my body, metal cans for arms and a neck, a book box for my head and pop boxes for legs. | By. Rachel

3: Hi , I am the creator of the Skylo-bot! She can do a lot of stuff! She is also made from recycled material to help the environment! She can wrestle your little brother or little sister! Or your big brother or big sister! I can name all the stuff she is made out of! Her head, body and feet are made out of boxes and her neck is made out of a recycled can and her mouth is made out of duck tape! Created By Skylar B.

4: Hi my name is Elvis I live in Las Vegas. I am made of recycled cans and boxes. I dance in Vegas. When I sing I say "Thank you very much." This robot is the best! Sometime he cleans and plays with kids. He could sing to your baby to get them asleep. He could even teach your kids how to sing! MADE BY BYRCE

5: Hi my name Sears and I can do helpful things for people like working at Sears. I like sky diving and I entertain people with singing. I am made of recycled boxes and metal cans. I also have headphones. | My name is Colton.

6: My robots name is ziggy. The head and body is made of tape and boxes. The legs and feet are made of pipe tape and wood. Created by Gavan Foster

7: Hi! My name Eli. I am a robot. I also love to recycle. People should love to recycle for Earth and not litter. Please recycle and help Earth! I am made from recycled items such as boxes, duct tape, and soup cans. | It is helpful to earth and brings peace to earth. Created by Hunter

8: Hi my name is Tie dye I am made of cardboard boxes and cans also duct tape .The cardboard boxes are for the body and head. My duct tape is for holding it together. The cans are for my arms I also have no legs. It has bottle cap eyes covered in tie dye tape. | BY KAYLIE HAWKINS

9: Hello my name is Randy the robot and I can do all kinds of stuff. I can cook anything you want. I know how to help kids at homework cause I am super smart. I can also make funny plays so I can entertain kids so they wont be bored all the time. I am covered in tin foil. I have a black puffy wig to make me look smart. I have gloves so it looks like I have oven mitts.

10: Hi! My name is Jammie, the robot! I am made out of recycle materials. You can see{to the left} my head is a box, a cereal box with gray duck tape all around it! My owner Abagail, hot glued my head to a card board box but the card board has aluminum paper. For my legs I have 2 cans together same with the other leg. I have a wire at the top of my head so I can hang from the ceiling! How cool am I! My eyes are so cool because Abagail put white over a pop can! Then she put a little bit of black in the middle of my eyes. Created by: Abagail N. Hefley

11: Hi my name is Zacho the robot. I am made of recycled stuff! I am made from recycled stuff like bottles,tape, boxes and cans. Its got a box head and body. And can feet... By: Zach

12: Hi my name is Lily the robot. I do lots of stuff like be a baby doll for kid and attract all kinds of animals. I am also learning to ride a horse. So if you need animals caught, get Lily! My robot is made of a cereal box for a stomach, a pop-tart box as a head, apple holders for eyes, cloth scraps for hair, duct tape for a smile and clothes. Half of a paper towel holder for arms, legs, hands, and feet. Created by Tara Hucke.

13: My robot is made out of 4 boxes.. My robot's name is Hot Rod . He can make food and take out the trash and build things. . He can hunt, he is a good aim . He is 6,000 years old he is from the sun . By Awstyn Jewell

14: My name is Spike-la-bot. I am a robot. I can do many things for you. If you have a dog or cat, I can scoop their poop. I can also vacuum your floors. If you want me to, I can be a watch dog. My see-in-the- dark eyes can protect you. My spike on my head has a storm radar in it. I will tell you if there is bad weather. | I have legs made out of a cut in half paper towel tube. My body is a 6 inch long, 3 inch tall white box. On the top of my body, I have a water bottle covered in blue duct tape, and around the bottom I have a red duct tape ring. This is my spike. My eyes are located on the box and they are made out of an apple container. I have connected eyes with a bottle cap nose in the middle. I also have no arms or mouth, but I can still talk. I was created by Shyanne.

15: motor bot motor bot is a car and a robot all together. socks and chip containers for arms, plastic spoons for fingers,boxes for head, body, and car too. motor bot can't roll. motor bot is the best! created by david

16: Hi my name is Broken. My creator name is Dalton. | My details are I have an uneven leg, an orange carton for a head, metal can arms, one metal leg, and one cardboard box for a body. I have more storage in my head and in both of my arms and in my legs.

17: Hi my name is Dillon McNickle and this is my robot named Walle. He has no arms or legs. But he can hang from a ceiling. He has a box for a body and a head.He also has 3 metal cans for a neck.He also can beat you in a staring contest. It also has duck tape on it. The eyes are blue with duck tape hair.It is always smiling.

18: Hi name is Bella and I am a robot. I can make food. I am a good robot. My robot makes food, but if I put a plate under the box I Pour the food on the plate. Then I get the plate from the box created by Carleigh

19: Hi my name is Odie I'm a robot. Made by Devin Rash | I am made of recycled cardboard, 3 cans, 1 twinkie box. I have 2 eyes and my tongue hangs out always. He is best for camping. He can start a fire, pitch a tent, cook hot dogs, hamburgers and fries.

20: Hi my name is Rose and I am made out of cardboard boxes.Rose helps pick up everything that you tell her to pick up. Like garbage and even your house and your yard. She's very helpful to other's. Rose is very nice. | Her favorite fruit is strawberry's and oranges. She is very friendly to others. She will also fix you breakfast in the morning when you wake up. Rose will fix you coffee in the morning too.

21: hi my name is swinger and my creator is beth. i am made of 4 cans, a tube,a box, and a piece of cardboard. you will want to buy me because i am good at entertaining children and i also make money.

22: Hi my name is Bulldozer. I am white with a set of moose and cow horns. It has one big pig nose and a pig tail. It is nice and gives rides. Created by Chance Winters

23: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! Thank you for looking at our book. Mound Valley 4th Grade

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