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Reflections Of A Rural Grade 9 English Class

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2: ON BEING A TEENAGER " As a teenager I was so insecure. I was the type of guy that never fitted in because he never dared to choose.I was convinced i had absolutely no talent at all.For nothing.And that thought took away all my ambition too."~Johnny Depp Johnny Depp said that? That's so interesting that goes to show that expect the unexpected. I personally think that becoming a teenager gave me a real personality. It was like I finally opened my eyes to the world and embraced my true self and left my mothers safe arms. By: Kayla L | I feel the same way sometimes, because if people judge you, you feel like they can see right through you into your soul. I feel that sometimes you have to be a daredevil for them to stop judging you. But, when I try I have no ambition at all. People have told me that I could never do anything and I believe them. Nikita Fraser | I understand how Johnny must have felt. At times I feel the same way. I can relate to him a bit, but when I became a teenager it was like entering a new world. I always didn't have to have my mom or my dad right beside me. It gave me a chance to prove myself to the world and to prove I could be responsible. It's funny because Johnny was a teenager when he felt this! when i turned 13 I felt like i had more options. At times i feel totally insecure but now that I am a teen i feel much more confident in myself. by Kaleena | “Violet will become a good color for hair at just about the time as that brunette becomes a good color for flowers" -Fran Lebowitz I think this quote means that teens are not listening to their parents these days. They want to go against their parents and get their hair dyed wacky colors or get piercings in unusual spots. even some teens even get tattoos!In my opinion, the only reason teens are doing this kind of stuff is because they have a tough life. Jess Queijsen

3: "Teenagehood -- that time in life when you show your individuality by looking like everyone else." - Unknown This quote is true because there are a lot of people that want to look like famous people. –Linden Willam | “My kids idea of a hard life is to live in a house with only one phone”- George Foreman I can't really relate to this quote because we have only one phone, I don't see why you need more than one phone. Ours rings too much anyhow. I think people should be glad to have one phone, much less more than one phone!- Katie Shuk | “Little children, headache; Big children, heartache” ~ Italian Proverb. The first half of the quote “little children, headache” relates to me because I now know how much of a challenge it was to keep me a occupied as a baby, quiet, and still. I have a younger brother and younger sisters that I baby sit from time to time when my dad and step mom are out, and it is hard for me to keep them quiet or still. Even though they annoy me, I still baby sit them for my parents. In the second half of the quote “big children, heartache”, it relates to me because when I was in elementary I’ve noticed that I was a goody good, but now I have to be told twice or get sternly talked to which I find unnecessary. So, most of my friends I know are like really bad I guess and stress out their parents because they don’t listen, get into thing they’re not supposed to (drugs, fights, gangs etc.), and teenagers love to see their parents get mad or raise their voices. the two parts of the quote are actually both about kids that drive their parents crazy. I think the difference is that the teenagers should know better and the young children don’t. -Sherry Hance

4: THOUGHTS ON READING | Most boys don't like to read cause we don't have any time- Jayden Soloman | “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”-Joseph Addison This quote means to me that if you read every time you are going to sleep or when you have the time, your brain will grow just the same as if you exercise, your body will get more developed. –Aaron Bracewell A well-developed body is not enough, A well developed mind is not enough. A balanced mind and body is the key to life. -Katie Shuk Reading is exercise because sometimes you’re on a certain reading level and you feel like you have accomplished that reading level You decide to try a harder reading level and it is exercise to the mind, because you’re not used to that reading level and you don't understand the words. –Nikita Fraser

5: "Every night, I have to read a book, so that my mind will stop thinking about things I stress about"- Britney Spears I can relate to what Britney is saying because every day I have my chores to do including watching my four younger siblings so I never really get to have time to relax. So when the kids are sleeping, that’s my relaxing time. I can read a book without being interrupted, which is really nice. I can get away from all the stuff going through my head and just read until I fall asleep. -Jess Queijsen During weekdays I have to baby sit my siblings, and they stress me out. So, I don't get a lot of reading in during the day. That just gets me more stressed out because I love to read, but I don't have time! That means most of my reading is late at night when everyone is asleep. I find it unfair that I don’t have enough time to read, and reading is growth. I will need to ask my parents to find a different babysitter because it's too much stress for me when I baby sit for them, and, I don't even get paid! –Sherry Hance

6: "Old friends, they mean much more to me than new friends, cause they know who you are, and they know where you've been." -James Taylor I like this quote because it’s so true. Old friends know much more about you than new friends. Also new friends sometimes pretend to be a good friend, and ask to visit you and you let them. They will sometimes take things without asking you, but your old friends would never do such a thing! My old friends mean so much more to me because they're nice, and they practically know everything about me. –Shaylene Sharleyboy My best friend, we go back to 2005. She is my friend and cousin at the same time. Her name is Wyonna Cahoose. We are related on our mom’s side and our dad’s side. Her dad’s name is Wayne Lulua, which is my dad’s, brother. Her mom’s name is Shannon Cahoose and my mom is Bonnie Cahoose. So we’re practically sisters. She is my wing-man and I am hers; we give each other advice, share our secrets, past stories, childhood, pain, clothing, money, and mostly anything. I say the only person that knows me better than my own mother is Wyonne. She knows what I've been through. Her grandmother transferred her to W.L school, so I haven't seen her since 2007. Recently this past week I caught up with Wyonna in Whistler, I had so much fun that I didn't even know I was "out-going". It felt so nice to catch up on old times with her and laugh so hard that you can “loose your voice and hear your echo.” But, she kind of changed. So did I.- Cora Gilbert | ON FRIENDSHIP

7: 3) Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. ~ Oprah Winfrey I think that what Oprah means is that you need someone that truly cares for you instead of someone that will like you then totally ditch you for someone else when there is a problem. I have had an experience when a girl was nice to me because her friend was my friend. Then when her friend was not my friend anymore, the other girl wasn’t either. I try to be nice to everyone whether they are my friends or not. I want to be respectful to people because I know that you will get respect back and that’s all I want. When someone is rude to me that’s a whole different story! I hate it because they think they can go around being rude and saying nasty things to people because they are not happy with themselves. That’s where I draw the line and that’s where I take action I will not be pushed around helpless! I will take action. Anyways I believe that when you are alone you need a friend to talk to and you need a friend that is always there for you even if you haven't showered in weeks or something like that. I have a friend like that and it's changed me as a person. –Kaleena Tanis

8: Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. ~Jim Davis I don't have to diet because I have good metabolism I can eat what ever I want and not get really big. But that doesn’t mean it's good for me. FOOD! I love food! Kayla Lulua Vegetable are a must when your dieting, although I don't need to diet, cause I'm like a toothpick!!! A diet is a proper combination of protein and carbohydrates and iron, a diet is not starving your self just so you can wear a smaller size!! I feel that people who diet are weak. They are weak because they don't like their body the way it is. Who cares if you’re larger than everyone else, and that you stuffed too much junk food into your mouth to comfort yourself. The only thing most people care about, is your personality and your humor!! They should leave you alone and not pick on you.- Nikita Fraser | ON FOOD & EATING | Meat is is a must if you ain't on a diet. I suggest steak,bar-b-Q ribs and deer, moose meat – Jayden Soloman

9: A three-year-old gave this reaction to her Thanksgiving dinner: "I don't like the turkey, but I like the bread he ate." ~Author Unknown I also love stuffing, and I hardly even like to eat turkey. What this quote above means to me is that this little girl is saying that she likes stuffing more then turkey. Most people think that turkey is the main thing on Thanksgiving, but most people don't like turkey. They like other Thanksgiving food. Personally I think that stuffing is better to eat than turkey.- Sherry Hance I can relate to this quote because i LOVE the stuffing but i don't really like the turkey too much. I don't like the taste and sometimes it is too dry. I will usually eat ham instead of it. - Jess Queijsen | After you have a good meal you should always thank the cook and relax.. Aaron Bracewell

10: ON WORKING & JOBS | Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” by Aristotle. For example, Miss Crandall loves her job that why she’s such a good teacher. When I had a summer job, I was the one that showed the most effort out of all my co-workers. I liked my summer job because I liked the people that were around me while I worked. There is no point putting effort in a job that you don’t like. I don’t put effort into anything that I don’t want to do. For some people they stick to their jobs even though they hate it because it’s hard to find a job these days. You shouldn’t do a job you don’t like, unless you have to stick it out. –Sherry Hance | When you enjoy what you are working on, it usually come out better.- Aaron Bracewell

11: If you like your job you have fun, but if you don't like it, it can be miserable. I hope I get jobs that I like. –Katie Shuk | You have to put pleasure into your work because you would want everyone that you are working with to think that you are a pleasant person to be around. You have to have positive thinking. Also when you have people around you like when you are at a restaurant you have to be happy and not be all angry and moody. –Naomi Setah | If you enjoy it (your work) too much, you might just get too carried away with having fun and then your work will be terrible. Teigan Pynn

12: The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk. ~ Jacqueline Schiff I say that is true because I do that a lot if I’m upset or angry about something. I would take a long walk to my grandma's house and then she gives me jello to settle me down, because I like jello!!!! -Naomi Setah When I get furious or angry, I have to cool off and I usually take a walk and calm down. I feel like when I get into fights with my friends I have to cool off, and just walk around by myself. I find that if your fight is public people will try to use that fight to backstab you out of anger, so I try really hard not to get into huge fights that damage trust in your friendship-Nikita Fraser It's better going for an walk rather than taking it out on somebody else. Going for walks, jogging, or going for a run is the best way to let anger out. That's what my elders have taught me and told me to do. I argue with my little sister but in a good way! We just yell at each other. We never get physical. We don't dare hit each other because my little sister knows I'll win. (I' m just kidding around) We have our up's and down's but we make it up to each other in some way. I hate arguing with my older brothers! When I get mad they always want to wrestle me. they want to see if I'm tough when I am mad.. –Cora Gilbert A nice long walk on a warm day with your headphones in.-Teigan Pynn | ANGER

13: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”-Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta (the founder of Buddhism) I do this sometimes when I am angry. I take it out on someone else. I always get in trouble when I do that and my friends tell me to control myself.- Lane Setah Once you hold in your anger you'll end up taking it out on somebody. Then they get you back and you get mad, and then a fight happens –Jayden Solomon When you are mad you take it all out on other people that didn't do anything to you, and then you get yourself into trouble. -Shaylene Charleyboy

14: Music's the medicine of the mind. ~John A. Logan I like to listen to rap. It makes my work more fun. I like to hear it in the morning. It puts me in a good mood.-Dakota Sulin Music is really powerful and it can change your whole perspective on life and how you feel. Music can make you happy when you’re mad or sad. Music is the medicine of the mind because it can let you escape reality and you can experience what the song is saying.-Aaron Bracewell When I’m mad or stressed I like to listen to music to calm myself. Music has changed my outlook on life. – Oakley Pellan Music can make you feel good, sad, and a lot of other emotions. Music really speaks to you. Some songs can make you want to dance, others will make you laugh or feel sad. Music is just there. It's just part of peoples lives. –Katie Shuk When I listen to music, it gets everything off my mind and, I'll be thinking about the music. I like to listen to music because I like the beats, and the singing. Some songs are awesome like Kool Running by Joey Stylez and Amazing by Kayne West. Those are my favorite songs –Shaylene Charleyboy | ON SONGS & MUSIC

15: Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them!~Oliver Wendell Holmes It is like keeping your emotions bottled up. When you sing some songs relating to you it helps because they’re emotions in the song. I myself always sing along to songs. Its fun! I love to sing, and so does everyone else I know. My favorite song right now is Cool Runnin’ by Joey Stylez. There is no way that I will stop singing along to songs because it a habit that I have. People who don’t sing basically don’t have emotions, or don’t show their emotions. Then they just die with all their emotion bottled up in side themselves. I will always sing to songs, and show emotions. –Sherry Hance | "Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. -Jimmy Hendrix A singer or a rapper when he or she is writing a song, they tell the truth of how they feel. Songs can also change your mood. If I am pissed-off I usually put on a pop song or love song to change my mood then I'll be right back to where I was before -out-going. I don't know how to survive without my Ipod because my cousin Wyonna lost it. Guess I'll use an Mp3 until I have enough money to buy another one. Me, I always have to have my music in my ear through my headphones. It gets me through my day. For example, if I'm playing an out-door sport I'll plug my headphones in and get energized. It really helps me. When we go through our test exams I have to listen to music to calm down so I'm not so nervous or I sing in my mind if I'm not allowed to listen to music. If I listen to a sad song I'll think of somebody that I lost and get all upset usually. I kind of depend on music so I can clean, work, clear my mind, cool off, get energized, or anything else. I love my music. I could listen to hip hop, rock, old school, pop, love songs, and funny songs, Mostly anything. –Cora Gilbert

16: Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown Most families are sugary sweet and some aren't. They are like out of date curdled milk. I know, it doesn't sound pretty but that's the way it is sometimes. And just sometimes you can't help but act nutty. But every family acts their own way, and it can't be helped. It's just the way you’re raised. Most of the time nothing is wrong with your family. If people say that your family is weird, it's not your family's fault. People need to expand their horizons and look at their own family! Everyone’s family acts nutty, so get over it!! –Nikita Fraser The part of the quotes that says “with a few nuts”, should say “with a hand full of nuts” because that’s what my family is like-Bizarre! That's why I love my family. Every day is a crazy day in our house. Mom "why do you always ask ‘why do you always have to have four walks when you come back from school?’” I told her this house is so Bizarre. Every one else in the house agreed along with me, saying so much commotion goes on in this house! Once in a while some siblings get annoying or just acting normal makes us laugh. But if they try to be an comedian, it wouldn't really be funny, and we couldn't even pull off the “sweet” part because in our house no one has any manners!- Cora Gilbert | FAMILY

17: Family is about whose blood you have. It's about who you care about. ~ Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park My family is in blood. I don't have family outside of it because you can't get closer than blood. I don't believe in family outside of blood. My definition of family is that your sisters and brothers are your family. Your best friend can’t be your family unless you’re related. – Kayla Lulua You have the same blood and you care about your family. I call anyone that really cares about me and feels like a parent to me, “mom and dad”. I feel like I can go to anyone of them when I have a problem.-Naomi Setah | Family is not about blood it is about who you care about. Families are loved ones not blood types- Lane Setah | Everyone needs a family who you can trust to help you in bad situations and who you can rely on for support. Most of all you need a family to LOVE you!!!!!- Jess Queijsen

18: BROTHERS & SISTERS | It was nice growing up with someone like you - someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on! ~Author Unknown It is better to have a sibling than to not have one because it would feel lonely and boring without having someone to pick on- Linden William I think sometimes when you’re not really close to your older sibling(s) and not really close to your younger sibling(s), it can get really difficult for the middle kid. Siblings are great to lean on, count and tell on. If your a single child your missing something. –Katie Shuk Yeah, my older sister and I, we are all cool now. Also, I have little brothers and a sister that tell on me all the time. But they look up to me so I have to be a good example for them. Sometimes I have bad times with them. -Naomi Setah You can always have someone by your side when life isn't treating you so good. That’s what I think about my bro's and sis –Jayden Soloman My view on siblings is that we may like each other but we love to pick on each other. –Kayla Lulua It was nice growing up with only brothers until my younger brother and a little brat sister (Jentara) came along! The only thing I hate about my two older brothers is that they always bug me about a “lil” someone and they get annoying at times but most of the time they’re awesome –Shaylene Charleyboy

19: I think that siblings are like practice dummies. They teach you how to love and how to defend yourself and what is right or wrong...I am the younger of two older sisters. We often fight over clothes shoes and makeup. But we also learn on each other. I learned from my older sister’s mistakes. The wrong turns she makes are like warnings for my turns in the future. I love them lots and am glad they are there to advise me as I travel on down the road because they have already been there done that. -Kaleena Tanis | Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown This quote reminds me of my only sibling (sister) because even though we tease each other and other things she always looks up to me and follows in on my footsteps, so it's my job to be a good role model, but even better, a great brother! –Wacey Alphonse Being an older sibling makes me a hero to my little brother cause he looks up to me and wants to be just like me. Even though we get in heated discussions he still always follows in my foot steps.- Oakley Pellan | The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose. ~Garrison Keillor I remember making my brother laugh so hard that he just starting rolling on the floor. I realize that your brother or your siblings need you to be with them. Even if you don't want to. –Linden William I picked this quote because, well, actually the quote chose me. Lately I haven't been hanging out with my brother as much as I should be. When I was younger, I didn't care much for school, but I was a great student. All I cared about was going home to hang out with my brother. Now I don't even want to look at him. We love each other but we have a different kind of love-it's a love-hate relationship. He loves me I hate him. ha ha, but I see this quote as a crutch from my heart to my brother. No matter how much you hate your brother you just have to live with him and love him all the same. Even if he's a nuisance. -Nikita Fraser My brother and I never fight and are always making each other laugh. I think that the bond between two brothers is a lot closer than the bond between a sister and a brother. –Teigan Pynn

20: Stress is the trash of modern life - we all generate it but if you don't dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life. ~Danzae Pace. We have to dispose of stress or it will be pile up and take over our lives. When I had to do whole bunch of work in one night, it was so stressful because I didn't have time for myself to have FUN!!!!!!-Naomi Setah I sometimes feel stress but I cool down by playing with my dog, Halo. Stress can take over your life unless you know how to deal with it.- Lane Setah If you don't know how to control your stress you will always be mad and angry, will have to take it out on someone else and it will go on and on. For example when I'm stressed or angry I calm myself down by breathing in and out deep, or if someone is talking about me I just let it go through one ear and through the other. –Wacey Alphonse | STRESS!!

21: “Stress is like an iceberg. We can see one-eighth of it above, but what about what’s below? -author unknown Stress can build up, You see the top of it what is below is what you have to worry about. "It can sink your ship"-Aaron Bracewell On the outside a person might look fine and dandy, but on the inside they are really, really angry! The stress can build and build until it overflows and spills out in the form of anger- Teigan Pynn You can hide your stress, but it will always be there. Whatever stresses you out just shake it off, or ignore it! You can hide your feelings but they will always be there. No matter how deep you bury it, the stress will still be in you. A good way to get rid of stress is forgive and forget.-Sherry Hance

22: Anyone who believes that men are the equal of women has never seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present.-Anonymous At Christmas men are not as equal as women when it comes to being busy, wrapping gifts, and all the other stuff. I can say from experience, my mom buys the presents and puts my dads name on them.- Aaron Bracewell My dad usually helps pick out the presents but my mom does all the work, wrapping them and stuff. I can usually tell because of the way the present is wrapped. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year because we get to be together as a family. No matter what has been going on everyone seems to be happy. We always open our presents youngest to oldest and mom and dad are always last to open their presents. I don't really care what I get. I just like to see their faces when they open my present. That’s the best part, and don't forget the eggnog my favorite drink! –Kaleena Tanis This one Christmas my cousin was up, and my mom decided that we all have to wrap our own presents. My cousin, who was a guy, couldn't do it. He asked me and he paid me to do it, and I did. Later on my mom, walked up to him and she shook his presents in her hands. "You didn't do this presents, did you?" she asked and he smiled at her and shook his head. He pointed at me, best Christmas ever!!! So life is like wrapping paper, crinkly and messy, you have to cut pieces out and wrap them around your life. Finally women are superior to men! Yahoo -Nikita Fraser I haven't seen any of the guys in my family wrap a single present. I only saw my dad taking it to get wrapped by another person. Women do all the cooking, cleaning, and prepping for Christmas. Men may help, but when it comes to things like I listed above, men can't do it! –Sherry Hnace | MERRY CHRISTMAS!

23: When your family is having a great time there is nothing you can do but have fun too. When you are in place where people have love in the house, that is where there is the merriest Christmas ever. This happened to me last year. I went to everyone there and gave them a big HUG!!!! So that is how it is just a very HAPPY Merry Christmas in our valley, but this year it is going to be in Williams Lake. -Naomi Morning Star Setah | I remember looking up at a tree. It seemed to be the biggest tree on my rez. That’s what I thought. –Jayden Soloman | Christmas isn't about getting the most expensive gift or a big gift. As long as you’re having a great and happy Christmas, that should be your gift. For example in my family all of us stay in one house and enjoy each other’s company and I like this because we rarely do this all year ! – Wacey Alphonse | Christmas doesn’t depend on the size of Christmas gifts or how expensive they are.. But knowing some small family would get you something, even a holiday Christmas card wishing you Merry Christmas (and Happy New Year) tells you that they care about you. (But it would be nice to receive a gift too!)- Cora Gilbert

24: If you got to talking to most cowboys, they'd admit they write 'em. I think some of the meanest, toughest sons of bitches around write poetry. ~Ross Knox Umm? Most of the cowboys I know (like my brothers) don’t like to write poetry because they're too lazy. They say it takes too long and it’s boring. I agree with what they say- Shaylene Charleyboy I asked my uncle if he likes writing poetry he said no! He says he has better stuff to do than to write poetry.- Lane Setah I don't think any of the cowboys in my family would sit down and write poetry. They’d rather ride their horses all day. - Wacey Alphonse I have never met any cowboys that like! Most of the cowboys I have met like to work on their farm and with their animals. –Oakley Pellan I thought this quote was funny. It reminds me of all the cowboys and people that I know. It’s something that my Dad’s friend would say. This quote is saying that it’s hard to make a poem. People that can make poems have a gift. I also think that it’s just a way of saying cowboys, rednecks and people like that don’t know what they’re talking about! They just like to swear and be a part of the conversation to look smart- Kaleena Tanis. | POETRY

25: Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. ~Robert Frost I like poetry and I can't wait to start. I picked this quote because it’s true. Poetry expresses what’s inside of you. It’s amazing when you step back and look it over. Especially when you get into it my favorite part of poetry-writing it. –Kayla Lulua I think a lot and then I write my thoughts down as poetry but at all times I would just rather keep it to myself. That is why I don't like poetry because you need to write down what your life is about and I don't like to rhyme. That much it takes too much work! -Naomi Setah A poem has to be touching. It has to make you feel butterflies in you stomach or create an emotion. It has to make sense to you. You should adore a poem so much you memorize it word by word. –Cora Gilbert

26: "If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging" -Cowboy proverb This quote is funny because it is true, but there is another meaning to it. I think it means if you get yourself into trouble, you should stop before it gets out of hand. - Linden William I just like how this one sounds and it is true. People just keep digging themselves deeper and deeper into a lie- Oakley Pellan If you find any problems in life its best to stop doing what your doing to get in that problem. Do the opposite of what you’re doing to get into that hole then you'll end up getting out of the hole. For example, if you get in a money problem the best thing to do is stop spending money on things you don't need.-Sherry Hance | "The way to avoid housework is to live outside." -Sandra Blacksmith I like to avoid housework but is doesn't work all the time. The best way I know to get out of housework is to fall a sleep when you get home.- Lane Setah | COWBOY WISDOM!

27: "It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall."_~Mexican Proverb_ Every horse you ride probably would make you fall off if you are not ready for it. When you fall off you’ve got to get back up and get on again and try not to fall again! When my horse flipped over on me I got back up even though I was hurt because I didn’t want my horse to run away.- Shaylene Charleyboy This quote made me think of the western movies that I always watch. This one western, had a guy that had to train 14 horses in 3 days. He fell many times but kept getting back on. I guess if you know how to fall right you will be able to get back on. Kind of like life- you have to be prepared to fall to get back up and start over–Kaleena Tanis The learning steps; you must crawl before you can walk. That is basically what this age-old quote is saying. To live properly is difficult. You’re most definitely going to fall a off once in a while. Even if you’re a superb rider. That’s life –Katie Shuk | “When you fall, get up, dust yourself off and move on” ~Unknown~ I like this quote because that what my late cousin told everyone when they were having a hard time so that what I also use when I Barrel Race or when I am having a bad day. My cousin is who I used to go to when I was having a bad day and he would tell me that quote. When you are having a bad day just get back into life and keep on moving. That quote is important to me because my cousin was my favorite cowboy in my world next to my dad!-Naomi Morning Star Setah

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