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Religious Hypocrisy: Then and Now

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Religious Hypocrisy: Then and Now - Page Text Content

S: Religious Hypocrisy

BC: Join me in an exciting page-turner looking at the religious hypocrisy in Mark Twain's novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and find out if things have improved since his time period!

FC: Religious Hypocrisy: Then and Now | Told through comics and other images | By Erica Michel

1: Religious Hypocrisy: it was a problem for Mark Twain, and it is a problem for us. | It is when someone says that they are of a certain religion but does not practice the beliefs.

2: Twain tries to show the religious hypocrisy through satire in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. | There is a LOT of this kind of satire in the novel.

3: The first example of religious hypocrisy is about prejudice toward certain groups. | This pretty much means treating a group of people poorly even though the Bible teaches kindness

4: First, the hypocrisy in Huck Finn.

5: Miss Watson practices strict religion, but has no problem with owning slaves and treating them as lesser humans. | That's not nice at all!

6: Now a similar occurrence from today's society.

7: Even though the Catholic Church preaches acceptance and loving your neighbour, it does not accept homosexuals. | It even says so in the Bible!! | Seen at: Lev 18:22-23 1 Cor 6:9 1 Tim 1:9-10 Rom 1:26-27 Just to name a few

8: Basically, the prejudice has shifted from African American to homosexuals since the time of Twain. Other than that, it is pretty much the same in terms of religion and prejudice. | Which is not good at all!

9: The next example of religious hypocrisy is about learning to love your neighbour but not practicing it. | This pretty much means accepting the teachings of the Bible but not practicing them.

10: First, the hypocrisy in Huck Finn.

11: The Grangerfords (red) and Shepherdsons (blue) have been feuding for years and cannot get along with each other. However, the families go to the same church and enjoy the sermon about loving your neighbour, even though they cannot get along. | That's just not right!

12: Now a similar occurrence from today's society. | Image from http://danielchakraborty.instablogs.com/

13: The Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting for years over which group should live in the sacred land of Israel. They continue to fight each other for claims to the land despite the teachings of the Bible saying that they should get along and not fight. | Basically, they are fighting for the rights to the Holy Land.

14: Overall, in terms of not loving your neighbour, things have gotten worse since Twain's time. Instead of families fighting other families over stupid things while ignoring the Bible's teachings, large religious groups of people are fighting other groups for land while ignoring their own teaching. | It doesn't really make sense, since they are going against their religious teaching just to get the Holy Land for themselves.

15: The next example of religious hypocrisy is about only practicing religion if it suits you. | This is seen a lot today.

16: First, the hypocrisy in Huck Finn.

17: Huck prays only to serve himself, and when he doesn't get what he wants he stops praying. | That's pretty selfish, if you ask me.

18: Now a similar example from a recent movie. | Image from the Invention of Lying (2009)

19: In the Invention of Lying, only one man, Mark, is able to lie, and he decides to teach everyone about religion. However, everyone listening to him speak about religion gets upset when he makes something up they don't like, such as the concept of dying, so he changes things to make the people happy. (Image is of Mark preaching to the people) | It's a good movie, and it also satirises religion just like in Huck Finn!

20: There are yet other examples of this satire in songs and television today. | In Two and a Half Men, Alan cons his friends and family out of a lot of money, then goes to confession expecting to be forgiven without him giving the money back. When he discovers this is impossible, he says he will try at the Temple. Season 8, Episode 15 | In the song Pray For You, by Jaron and the Long Road to Love, the singer goes to a priest, who tells him to pray for his ex-girlfriend, and then proceeds to pray for terrible things to happen to his ex.

21: Alan in confession | Kid praying for his ex to get it in the head with a flower pot.

22: So basically people today still use religion to get what they want and abandon religion when they don't get it | It's not right, but everyone is doing it

23: There are three other major miscellaneous examples of religious hypocrisy that need to be noted in Huck Finn. | These don't fall into a major category, but they are still important!

24: The first is when Huck thinks he'll go to Hell for one thing. | This exposes a false understanding of religion.

25: The second is when Huck thinks he is wicked because he wants to help a slave. | This too exposes a false understanding of religion.

26: The third is when Huck decides that he doesn't have to learn about Moses because Moses is dead. | Once again, this exposes a false understanding of religion.

27: Each of these religious issues that Twain satirizes is still seen in society today. But have things improved since his time? | That is the question.

28: NO

29: Everything seen in Twain's time is still around, and most is intensified. | Religious people still go against groups of people. Religious people still fight with their neighbours People still only turn to religion if it suits them. There are many false understandings of religion. | Nothing has changed and nothing ever will.

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