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Repairing the Rainbow

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S: Repairing the Rainbow

FC: Repairing the Rainbow By Cheril Goodrich-The Miracle Alchemist

4: Repairing the rainbow is the solution to a 6000 year old mystery that has encompassesd the entire world and kept it from finding the answers it so desparately has sought since the beginning of time. Solving this 6000 year old mystery will answer every question that has ever been asked by anyone, anywhere, and will at last give the people reprieve from the insanity of injustice and war that has plagued our world since time began. The sins of injustice perpetrated against the people must end, but the people must agree to do their part in unraveling the 6000 year ol mystery... Questions that are 6000 years old do not appear to have an answer, but there are answers. An answer givem to a question asked 6000 years ago does not appear will offer an answer to problems today.. But it is a fact, in order to solve a problem today,, you have to look to the past or where the problem began for the solution. A problem and a solution must be come together to be in the same place at the same time if a problem to be resolved. The physical exploration of the past has done little to answer this question, which would solve the mystery forever. The problem is, the world today still attempts to answer the mystery the same way it has for thousands of years., Answering a problem with another one is not a solution..

5: Analyzing how past civilizations lived, died and fought wars has done little to change conditions that define war, starvation, prejudice, hate, the gap between the rich and poor, protecting the enviornment, living in harmony with nature, or the injustice perpetrated against the innocent.. Why these problems cannot be solved continues to haunt our world. The price of this problem has become too great. When our world began 6000 years ago., it was the loss of this value where the problem began.. It is the recovery of thisis value that will solve the mystery. The date for beginning the process of reintroducing this value and solving this mystery is Dec. 21, 2012. The value that was lost has been saved for the people in a place science would never think to look. The answer to the 6000 year old myster is in the rainbow.. There are many mysteries that science has not yet learned to answer because the right questions have not been asked. Asking the right question regarding the solutions in the rainbow is for the people. to explore. The Bible states; "blessed are the meek" Being meek does not define weakness. Meekness comes from those who are willing to ask questions they do not know how to answer. They are wlling to wait to hear what they do not understand..

6: When it is impossible to identify a whole problem, solutions are faulty at best. This is the crisis our world is in at the present time. It cannot identify the problem, so one solution leads to more problems. If we wanted to put a puzzle together to see a whole picture, but the puzzle was missing a vital piece, could we make the puzzle whole without guessing what was on this puzzle piece? The fact is, guessing what a mystery is will answer a problem However, once the mystery is solved by finding the lost piece of the puzzle, we breathe easier because we know the solution is within our grasp.. For 6000 years our world has been seeking to indentify the missing piece of a puzzle. that would complete our world. But because there is no evidence of where this missing piece can be found, or even the abiity to ascertain there is a missing piece, the solution has been overlooked in favor of partial explanations that promotes more conflict.

7: Progress in developing our world has been slow because of this missing puzzle piece. But even at this, progress has been made. Sometimes it has been 2 steps forward, and 1 step back. But along the way many lessons have been learned, and then set aside again. Not realizing you have the missing piece in your hand, and then letting it go, has brought the end to governments that thought they had a better way. The count down to the end of the days is fast approaching. The end of days is a spiritual promise that would reveal the mystery and secure the answer for a question that our world never learned to ask. The answer to this question will change everything our world understands about reality. The time for guessing what solutions are is coming to and end. What is about to be revealed will blow the solutions the world has come up with right out of the water.

8: 6000 years ago, a City existed that defined a Universally approved whole planetary conditio.n This Planet was Earth, and the City was Atlantis. The City of Atlantis was advanced far beyond anything possible that our world can comprehend. At some point, the people in the City began to exhibit behavior that did not protect the integrity necessary to sustain Universal standards set forth and kept in place by higher Living Law. Because of this, the City was destroyed by a flood of global proportion. With the destruction of the City, time was rewound to buy time for another kind of world. This world was defined by behavior that was not always influenced by integrity. Even at this, the world would slip in and out of the memories that were left by a City that rebelled against the Living Laws that protected it. Along with these memories, there was also a fragment of the Universal integrity the City once held. This frag,emt was enough to begin to again, but first this world would have to lean the impossibility of defining a world without the integrity that defines the rest of the Universe.

9: It s said that the City of Atlantis was powered by crystals. This mystery has never been scientifically understood. This information is part of the mystery. that surrounds our world. By stripping this information from future generations, the need to develop a different kind of fuel was necessary. By rewinding time, fossil fuels were introduced into the world. But even at this, the tale of the City of Atlantis still beckons us to remember something that is just outside of the collective memories that define our world. The memory of what was lost has never left us.. As a reminder of the crystial blue integrity that was lost by a City was hung in the sky after the flood. The brilliant colors of the rainbow are the same colors that are found in crystals. Because no proof was ever found regarding the City, the memory of the City began to fade. and regarded as a folk lore., or a mythic City with no scientific information to valdate the authenticity of the City. That is except for the Bible, but most people do not perceive the people in Noah's day as Atlantians..

10: The Flood | The Law | The Innocence | The End of Days

11: Every 2000 years a major spiritual event occurs. Each one of these events changed the conscious evolutionary history of the world. The purpose of these spiritual events was to re-introduce the mystery of what the rainbow held. Each event was pre arranged and scheduled by a Universal Plan to re-introduce and re-establish the Universal conditions that prevailed before the flood destroyed the City,. Eventually the two separate times that defined the two worlds would meet. Once physical and spiritual history crossed paths, nothing would ever be the same. The date this occured on was Sept. 11, 2001. .This event rocked our world. We the people of the Planet Earth can no longer continue to ignore the signs and hope that they will just go away. Just as the flood was predicted, the end of days was also predicted. We are the generation who will open the door to the mystery that has been ignored for 6000 years.

12: The Universal Plan to reveal this mystery, by initiating the help of the people began 6000 years ago. The instant the error began, a Universal dimensional Plan was set into motion to correct it... The name of this Plan is called One Wholeness Now. The purpose of this Plan is to re-introduce the chemistry of crystal memory into the consciousness of the people of the world by learning to explore and repair the rainbow. In order to introduce this new movment of rainbow thought into collective consciousness, the people of the world will have to agree to the Universal terms of the Plan. These terms include allowing access to the internal value that has been inaccurately assigned by the intellect. The intellect does not use free will appropriately. Because free will is defined by cnsciousness, it will be mandatory to learn how to reassign free will to consciousness. Crystal programming is also done by consciousness. This is what we have forgotten.

13: Free will, or willingness, has a much greater degree of integrity than what people intellectually believe. in Learning to release free will from the interference of the intellect can only be done underUniversal Guidance.. The purpose of the Plan is to allow the people the time necessary to gain spiritual freedom by restoring their Spiritual Rights. Spiritual Rights belong to consciousness, not the intellect.. What has been done to our free will has caused unnatural value to be learned. This unnatural way of learning has stripped us of our Spiritual Rights.. By learning to release free will and use it to express miracles, the mystery in the rainbow will be released. This will open up the individual and our world to New World Miracles. and a new beginning. The Law of Appreciation and understanding are One.. Because the chemistry for learning the power of crystal awareness depends on appreciation to consciously understand, one must learn how to meet the conditions of whole appreciation to relearn how to use appreciation and understanding as One.

14: Our world relies on belief for understanding. Belief does not offer whole appreciation, so the understanding in belief is faulty at best. The answer to faulty belief are miracles. Miracles were made to help elevate belief, into faith where the belief can be directed towards a greater purpose. Have a greater purpose will eliminate all destructive errors from personal belief, which will have a profound affect on our world. How many beliefs would it take to define a miracle? How many beliefs will individuals be willing to release to faith, so the value in their personal belief can be redefined into a Universal Global Blessing? The process of redefining old world beliefs for New World Blessings is simple, but not easy. This is because we believe the destruction that has been made can somehow protect us. We have been given 6000 years to prove this theory, and it still doesn't work We only have 2 choices. One is to keep on believing as we did in the past, or consciously choose miracles. These are the only two options that are going to be available, and you will know what choice you have made by how you feel.

15: The last spiritual ability that must be redefined is peace.. Peace and truth come together as one, as does consciousness and free will, appreciation and understanding, and faith and miracles. Peace is the state of the rainbow. The chemistyr of truth that once defined the rainbow has been torn apart by the false interpretation introduced by the intellect. The intellect is defined by the brain. Consciousness is defined by the Universe. The state of peace was Universally established long before our learned to believe peace could be defined by war. By looking for peace in conflict, truth and all that comes with it, has not found a home in our world. By consciously learning to apply free will to appreciation, the people will learn New World understanding. This will lead to faith and the miracles necessary to sustain peace.. When belief is given to faith, instead of an intellectual solution, miracles will happen. Once miracles happen, you will understand peace, and the truth will set you free.. This is the Promised Land.

16: Our world is on the brink of learning something so wonderful, it defies anything we could possibly believe, or intellectually discern. Because the intellect was not created, but instead made to take the place of Universal truth, the problem of asking the right question began at the intellectual level. The intellect cannot give the right answer because it does not understand or appreciate the correct question. The intellect can be used to define and improve physical skills, but its analytic ability clacks the Universal integrity to define reality. The brain came from time being rewound to make a war torn world. It has never lost its DNA primitive chemisty. It has always been consciousness that learned how to advance humanity., not the brain. The highest degree of integrity the brain has learned was how to survive.. Survival techniques are skills, not natural abilities,. Survival skills no longer serve us, because these skills require war. It is time for a new beginning. It is time to rewind time again and claim the memories that were buried in the rainbow.

17: Authors note: The information in this little book has been compiled over the course of 20 years. The information came to me as a direct result of asking why there was so much unhappiness, and what the Spiritual Plan was, if there was such a thing, to heal our world During the course of learning the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now, I had to heal my life, and had to let go of everything I believed I knew about the reality of our world and the Universe. This included everything physical science teaches about the health of the body, and the chemistry that defines reality. Many of these lessons were very intense, and at times I have found myself in fear I believed there was no way out of. But for every problem, I sought to find a better solution than what the intellect offered, and found one. On this journey I found something else. It was spiritual historical value that had not been intellectually violated with presumptions. There is so much information, and keeping it simple is not an easy task as far as the intellect is concerned.

18: This is because everything the intellect understands has been analyzed, both personally and globally, until it no longer makes any sense at all. What you ask for, you will receive. I asked why, and I received the answer.. It was not what I expected, but was in fact a much better interpretation than anything I had ever come across, and believe me, I have looked. The Plan referred to as One Wholeness Now is the same Plan referred to in A Course in Miracles, which states that only God's Plan for salvation will work. If God has a Plan, He also has a way it can be reached. Throughout the course of spiritual history, whenever there was going to be a destruction of biblical proportions, a messenger was always sent to show the people how to escape destruction. The end of days will be one of these times. The message of the Plan is that there is a way of safety that has been made to protect the people and our world for future generations. This is what miracles are for.

19: If you are interested in more information about Repairing the Rainbow, you can visit my blog at www.repairingtherainbow.com My other blog is The Miracle Alchemist. You can visit this blog at www.themiraclealchemist.com If you would like to send me an email, you can send one to themiraclealchemist@yahoo.com If you would like to join my facebook page, you will find me at The Miracle Alchemist on facebook. If you are interested in classes, you can find me on www.meetup.com Meditation for Peace and Health. If you are interested in a class, please contact me at the email address provided above.

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