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Resident Evil Afterlife - Archetypes and the Heroic Cycle

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Resident Evil Afterlife - Archetypes and the Heroic Cycle - Page Text Content

FC: Resident Evil Afterlife Archetypal Story lines, Characters, and the Heroic Cycle By Julia Barrus World Literature

1: Synopsis | While trying to escape from the vile and futuristic Umbrella Corporation that has mutated, used and destroyed her, Alice encounters allies and enemies. Her ultimate quest is to destroy the Umbrella Corporation and free all survivors of mankind who have not been exposed to the mutating T-virus. However, before she can save others, she realizes she must resolve mysteries from her past.

2: Cast of Archetypal Characters | Alice: A rogue spy from the umbrella corporation who has vowed to destroy the past and re-invent the future. Alice's heroic traits are classic. She has been cloned, abused, tortured and exposed to the zombifying T-virus all in the name of saving mankind. She has no family to speak of, and sacrifices her own personal happiness for the chance to rectify the wrongs that have been committed against mankind. Her only real weakness is her desire to be human again that is constantly thwarted by Umbrella corporation who sees her as their only enemy.

5: Claire Redfield: Alice's accomplice, ally and friend who has been surgically altered against her will and without her knowledge. Only time will tell if she's friend or f Claire reveals herself as the shape shifter because as the story unfolds, it is revealed that she has been used by Umbrella Corp. to help locate Alice. They implanted her with a device of unknown origin that transmits tracking signals and audio clips of their whereabouts. When Alice discovers Claire unconscious on the beach at "Arcadia", Claire is an amnesiac. She has no idea whether to be hostile or not. Eventually, she and Alice team up and Claire's long lost brother is found. Though the audience is unsure of her allegiance, she proves herself to be a good a true and loyal friend to Alice and a dedicated revolutionary.

6: Albert Wesker: An Umbrella Corporation operative whose only mission is to destroy Alice and perpetuate the spread of the T-virus. He has been mutated by it as well and believes himself to be immortal. In fact, he might well be immortal. Albert is the shadow because he always disappears in the nick of time and then re-appears when Alice thinks she rid of him. He creates threshold guardians to try to keep Alice from reaching her goal. He has also participated in Claire's transformation to an end which is yet unknown. Albert has been infected by the T-virus himself which makes him unstoppable, almost.

7: At the Tokyo Hive before Alice and her clones attack. | In Arcadia where the true nature of his mutations is revealed.

8: Alice and...Alice...

9: Alice is her own mentor in a way, though she is helped in various ways by her friends and, though unwittingly, her foes. It seems to be intentional that Alice relies on only herself. She can't trust anyone really because so many of her friends have died and so many of her enemies are out to get her. When she gets cloned in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, she learns that there are many versions of herself, all with her super abilities. She then trains them to fight by her side, effectively mentoring herself.

10: Alice must confront and defeat hive operatives, assorted zombies including the flower face mutations and an enormous hammer throwing, ax wielding zombie all before she reaches her supreme ordeal. Unfortunately, none of the threshold guardians can be mollified by anything other than blood, hers...or anyone's.

11: Defeating the hive, flower face and the hammer thrower.

12: The Hero's Ordeal and the Cycle of Revenge

13: At the movie's beginning, Alice decides to take out Umbrella Corporation and pursue her quest for revenge as a way to right past wrongs. She continually tries to restore the balance of power that was upset with the release of the T-virus and the resulting zombie apocalypse. Along the way, she proves she is a hero as she undergoes the classic heroic cycle. She also learns that revenge for the sake of revenge will not help her find the answers she seeks. It's only when she seeks to right past wrongs that answers get revealed.

14: Call to Adventure | Alice's call to adventure occurs at the beginning of the movie when she and her clones destroy the Tokyo hive branch of Umbrella Corp. | Threshold Crossing | Alice crosses many thresholds, each of which is preceded by a test. She must defeat the operatives at the Tokyo hive, kill zombies and finally, defeat her nemesis in Arcadia in order to restore the balance of power.

15: Flight to Arcadia and Arrival on the Beach

16: Tests and Allies | Alice meets a variety of allies along the way who attempt to help her defeat Umbrella Corp. Unfortunately, her allies usually end up dead or turn into zombies once they've been bitten. Two of her allies turn out to be siblings (Claire and Chris Renfield) which doesn't phase her at all. During Alice's tests, Chris reveals himself to be a useful ally when he and Alice team up to defeat Zombies and escape from the prison she and Claire discover as a haven for some of the last humans in Los Angeles. Claire slowly remembers her past and helps Alice defeat the zombie hordes that try to entrap them. Luther is one of the only other allies of note who helps them escape while sacrificing himself.

17: Luther, Chris, Claire and Alice fight to live

18: Supreme Ordeal | Alice's Supreme Ordeal occurs when she reaches "Arcadia", which she and Claire initially thought was a town in Alaska. It now appears to be a ship adrift in the bay outside Los Angeles. Claire, Alice and Chris make their way onto the ship where they are eventually met by Wesker and some fiendish mutated dogs. The Trio prevail and are re-united with survivors from the past, such as K-mart and other human test subjects.

20: Reward | Alice and Co. get rewarded with the rescue of their friends and prepare to set out on their next adventure. However, as is true with all Resident Evil movies so far, there is no return. Umbrella Corp. arrives to set the scene for a sequel just before the closing credits.

21: The Future of Humanity?

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