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S: Kristen LeRoy and Rachel Iselin

BC: http://w0sd.com/northwest2003/nw.htm

FC: Revolution!!! | Breaking up is hard to do or is it? | ~Lereix~

1: Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Rachel Iselin & Kristen LeRoy | woolley 3rd period u.s history

2: Background info: | Fifteen years have now passed since the settling of a new colony was nothing more than a mere dream. Fortune has been shining down on Doereix, and their economy is thriving more than ever. Yet, with these successes, America has the citizens on their feet constantly. With the geography as it is, the colonists have the ability to mine, fish, hunt, and collect lumber as often as they need.

3: Father | Grand Father | Tension is rowing back between the North and South, and congress is | demanding more from Doereix. However, the effects of their greed are beginning to spark a fuse they may not be able to put out. | civil war times

4: what started it all | Degree of February 24th

5: On February 24th, the United states set a decree that the colonists were to double or triple their work hours and supplies. It became that people would have to be at work at dawn and would not be able to leave until well into the night. The colonists got maybe 3-5 hours of sleep on a good night, yet that wasn't even the worst effect this Degree had. Pollution levels began rising higher and higher until the water purity reached a point where it was almost poisonous to consume

6: Violence Silver Branch Petition September 5th | Throughout the next two months it became obvious that the extra hours still weren't pulling in the amount of money the United States needed, especially with the tensions still rising between North and Southern states. On April 15th, the United States issued a tax on almost everything they provided. To ensure this tax worked efficiently, they prohibited the colonists from keeping any supplies that harvested and had them send it directly back to the colonies.

7: Between the terrible pollution to their land and the unreasonable work hours, the colonists' numbers were already feeling the iron grip the United States had on them and now these taxes were making the purchase of their everyday supplies near impossible. Many began boycotting, but this prove slightly difficult seeing as they' would have to illegally provide the things they need.

8: On June 2nd the majority of the colony was in town hall holding a meeting. They were discussing and writing the Silver Branch treaty. The Silver Branch treaty was about the colonists taking charge of their economy and their outrageous work hours. | Representation Town Meeting

9: During the town meeting, they were invaded by union soldiers. The Soldiers were guarding the border from the confederates. They heard about the meeting and thought that they already made it over so they ambushed town hall. 3 people died, 13 were hurt and 7 people were taken hostage.

10: Paranoid with their borders, Union soldiers began resulting to violence in order to control the colonists at all costs. Now starving, fatigued, and beaten for the most tedious things, sickness and death begin claiming more and more of their numbers. Frustrated and angry, one colonist in particular named Leroy Addison finally took action and planned a secret meeting between a group of men referred to as Royels. | September 5th

11: During this secret meeting, they finally finished the Silver Branch Petition and sent it off with two men secretly in the night. Concerned by their efforts, an opposing group named as Crits by the Royels exposed their plans to the Union soldiers, but were too late to catch any evidence of the meeting.

12: Family connection being cut off | Family Riot at Town Hall | This riot occurred in the middle of November. | Daniel Quest (A colonist) was accused of stealing Frank Lane's (A union soldier) firearm. He didn't take it and they didn't have proof but the soldiers didn't care. They did not have a trial, but they took him and he was executed.

13: No one was hurt but a lot of people were arrested including the Quest family. The colonist's anger was about to boil over as more and more become royels pushing for revolution. | After this everyone lost control because they believed there should have been a fair trial.They started riots in front of town hall. They had torches and they were breaking things while running around screaming and yelling for representation. Daniel Quest's whole family was there.

14: The Union's next act would be the final thing to send colonists over their limit. The United States began declaring that no citizen of the colony could leave or keep in contact with those back in the States. This was in hope that they could prevent people back in the States from siding with the colonists views, especially with problems in the South growing more and more. They did, however, allow people to enter the colony. This would be their crucial mistake as it gave the colonists the support to finally push back. Several slaves began escaping and making their way to Doereix. When they discovered the living conditions there, they were at first dismayed. | Battle of Magnolia Bank

15: However as word began spreading of the ever growing thirst for freedom, these former slaves became major supporters of the idea and threw themselves into action. Boycotting escalated into protesting, and discussions became underground meetings. Few now were called Placids for being neutral during this road to revolution, but some still did exist. One in particular named Wally Nash accidently tipped the Union soldiers off about a Royel meeting being held at Magnolia Bank. The soldiers stormed the bank where a group of colonists seemed to be innocently fishing. Before a surprised brow could be raised, a Union soldier fired a shot into the crowd and killed Leroy Addison. Furious, the colonists charged the small patrol of soldiers and forced them to flee screaming a mixture of "Doereix" and "Leroy". The war had begun.

16: First Lereix battle

17: In result of the crowd screaming "Leroy" and "Dereix", they heard Lereix. So as an act of defiance and in memory of Leroy, they changed their name to Leriex. After that event the United States sent as many soldiers as they could spare. The colonists wanted it so much that they were willing to fight back for their rights. Almost all of the colonists joined the fight for their rights. The women and children supported the men by providing them food and clothes. Unfortunately, The colonists were to badly outnumbered so they were forced to surrender after half of their men died. They were not ready to give up because they were determined to get their way. They gathered ALL of the men AND women. The colonists went over their battle strategies and got all of their guns and ammo ready to fight again.

18: Battle of Jameson Though low on numbers, Lereix didn't hesitate to hold their lines Jameson when the Union began pressing forward again. With the Civil War officially starting back in the United States, the soldiers were obviously distracted. At first the colonists managed to hold their own, but the power soon shifted as the soldiers got their heads back in the game.

19: Low on ammunition, food, soldiers, and moral, the battle for Lereix's independence seemed like a lost cause. Fearfully, many abandoned the fight and ran for the mountains at their back. However, spring was still young and many were lost to the cold that claimed what their wounds had yet to. Moral couldn't get any lower.

20: Treaty of Sauveur With hopes low, the troops re-huddled to discuss plans for surrender. Amidst the gloom hanging in the air, a soldier rose to his feet and turned out to be a woman. To be exact it was Ophelia, the daughter of Leroy Addison. This young woman who wasn't even 17 yet took charge in reminding the soldiers exactly why they were fighting. But before those soldiers could be completely motivated, a thundering sound of horse hooves had them fleeing their mountain sanctuary. They'd made it rather far until a steep incline slowed them down long enough for the Union to gain ground. Hope seemed completely gone.

21: Spurring around at the last minute, Ophelia took their final cannon and fired it off at what seemed to grantee their deaths. She shot it up into the mountain. A great roar rose up steadily until a colossal sludge of rock and melting snow plummeted down over the Union army. In a matter of seconds, more than 3/4 of their army was buried beneath layers of solidified water. Now without enough soldiers to possibly win a final battle, the Union General admitted surrender and signed it with the Treaty of Sauveur.

22: Through the Terms of the Treaty of Sauveur, Lereix was granted its independence. The colonists were lucky to have caught the U.S. during a time when it was a house divided, allowing them to accomplish a feat that was otherwise impossible. Through the structure of this Treaty, colonists would allow any prisoner of war or Crit that wished to return that free chance. Lereix was to be recognized as an independent nation protected from war initiated by the U.S. for 13 years. The Union would also provide enough money to give proper burials to the fallen, and a new chance to the living.

23: War may have ended Doereix forever, but from war Lereix has been born.

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