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Ritika Mehta *

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BC: It's the little things that make life beautiful. | SOUTHERN MOST POINT OF THE U.S. | LIL' SIS | BIG SIS

FC: It's the little things that make life beautiful | Memories | Ritika Mehta

1: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice... | My Name Is Ritika is my name, Bronze not gold, A stream not an ocean, That's my name. It starts with a R like the rest, And ends with A. My mom and dad thought and thought, And then chose it. Everyone loves it, And that's how it is. I love it, But hate it. It's hard to say. Some can and others can't, But that's how I was named. I’m a composer, And on facebook. Not famous, But will be soon. Awesome, Amazing, Cool’n Caring, Is how I am. That's my name.

2: Peek A Boo, I See You! I always liked to play with my parents, especially my dad, peek-a-boo. Together my dad and I would roll around and play. I would also copy all his actions. When he folded his legs, I folded my legs. I would jump on him and smell his Pleasures aftershave. I would breathe it in deeply and exhale out. My mom would videotape my dad and me playing around. She would laugh whenever I fell and rolled around. I loved hearing her sweet, joyous laugh. I loved playing peek-a-boo with my parents. It made me giddy happy. It bonded me with my dad.

3: "Little girls have a magic all their own."

4: Say Cheese!

5: Cravings I loved eating corn when I was little and still do. Whenever my Mom and I took a drive around Lake Fatehsagar in India, I would see vendors selling corn. I would make my mom stop the car and then run outside and go to the vendor. You could choose any corn from a variety and the vendor would put whatever condiment you want on it. I would have mine roasted on a little fire. The vendor would put spices and lemon on the corn. When I sniffed the air it smelled burnt with a mix of fresh water from the lake. I would then take the sizzling hot corn and rotate it in my hands and bite it in the middle with all my might. I remember it tasted juicy with a burst of sweetness and a bit spicy. It was delicious. I savored every bite of it. As I bit hard into the corn, I remember hearing the birds chirping in the trees and my mom arguing with the corn seller about the price. I didn't pay any attention to it and just focused on eating my yummy corn. Delicious!

6: You Make My Sun Shine! | The Frog Hop Race It was the day of the race and I was so excited. I was going to participate in a frog race against five other students my age. I’d visited my parents before the race began. Both of them wished me good luck. I then heard a loud horn which almost busted my eardrums. I waved to my parents and hurried to the starting line. The announcer read the rules and then blew his whistle. The race had begun! I’d started hoping, but hadn't got far enough when I started front rolling in my green skirt. I got sand in my mouth from the ground and I started coughing. I didn't want to give up so quickly so I resumed hoping. This time I took longer hops and was close to the finish line. I breathed in the warm, fresh air and a burst of energy came into me. I sped from he last place to the finish line and came in third. After the race, they had an awards ceremony and I got to stand on the third place block. I got a box with goodies and a certificate. The box felt nice and cool under the heat from the sun. I felt so happy.

8: "Little Girls are Heavens Flowers" | Holi In first grade, I was new to Muncie. I wanted to make friends and have some fun in class so I asked my mom if we could celebrate Holi at school. Holi is a fun festival where you play with colors and put them on each other. My Mom agreed and asked the teacher. She was delighted! On Holi day, my Mom brought red color to school for all the children to enjoy. She put red dots on everyones faces and hands. The dots felt soft on the skin. Everyone had so much fun and it was educational too. People were yelling and having a good time. I had so much fun!

10: Where Dreams Come True Standing next to the Magic Kingdom castle, I felt amazed. A huge castle towered over me with red and green bushes and trees surrounding it. I could see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in the distance signing autographs and taking picture. I was so happy to be here. When I’d ridden the Tower of Terror, my stomach dropped at full speed. It was really fun ride, but I didn't want to go again. When standing in the line you could hear a ton of people screaming their heads of. My heart started beating so fast, I thought everyone could hear it. The walk through the Magic Kingdom smelled good. I could smell the cotton candy and nachos and cheese from the stands nearby and my stomach started growling. I then heard loud booms in the distance. I looked up and saw colorful rainbow fireworks illuminating the sky. It made me cheerful. Magic Kingdom was amazing.

11: "Good times are even better when they are shared"

13: Hangin' Out At Home When I got to visit my cousins after a long time, I was so happy. It was the first time I had seen them after my move to America. I had a lot of fun with them for six weeks. Palak didi, Ankit mama, Shivang bhaiya, Manvi didi, my sister Risha, and I had a lot of fun. We ate pani-puri, which was so good. It smelled heavenly and tasted equally as good as chocolate. We went shopping at the mall and Palak didi, Risha, and I had fish pedicures done. The fish bit of the dead skin, and it really tickled. Afterwards, a person massaged our feet; it felt awesome. When it was time to return to America, I was really sad. I was going to miss my cousins a lot, but couldn't wait to visit them again soon. | COUSINS

14: I Won!! I won!! In third grade, my mom entered me in an art contest at Cornerstone. I had drawn an abstract oil pastel picture. A week or two after my project had been entered, my Mom told me I had won first place in the art contest. I was shocked. I was only in third grade and people in fifth grade had entered. I never expected I would win. I was so excited. My Mom told me I would also get a prize for it. Yay!! It had taken me a while to make that winning piece of artwork. With the help of my art teacher, I drew eyes and guitars and cameras. She helped me spray paint a background on the poster board and shade the pictures.

15: "Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude" | We both had to work in a dirty sock smelling room which almost made me puke but it was all worth it. Later that same day my Mom took me to Cornerstone and she took me to the art section. There, there was a petite lady with orange and a black dress and a smile on her face. Her name tag read SUSAN. She asked us what we needed and my Mom told her about me winning the first prize. Susan congratulated me and took me to a big crate with many prizes in it. The crate had toys, games, hula hoops and so much more. My eyes lit up when I came across a drawing book about mythological creatures. I picked it up and flipped through the smooth pages peering at each one of them closely. The book had mermaids, snakes, and scenery. It looked cool. I told the lady this was the book I wanted. She then gave me a huge first place ribbon. I pinned it on my shirt and wore in proudly. I couldn't wait to start on a new masterpiece.

17: Rafting In The Smoky's In the hot summer sun, standing by the river, I couldn't wait to get into the cold, calm water. My family and my friends were going to go rafting in Gatlinburg. I was in the level three group with my Dad and friend. My sister was in the level two group. When my guide walked over, he told us it was time to get into the water! We already had my gear on so we followed him. He led us to a big, bright, yellow raft at the edge of the water. I stepped in and my bare feet touched the cold surface. It made me excited to get started. After everyone had sat down, the guide told us a couple of precautions and then we were off. He rowed us away, but occasionally we would also help. As we got towards a deeper part of the river, he asked us if we wanted to get in the water? All of us did. He made us lean to the right and then whoosh!! I felt myself going in the water. The water felt cold and soothing against my skin. I shot up from underneath the water and came up for air. I breathed in heavily and spit out the water that got in my mouth. I saw my Dad and friend swimming toward the raft. All I could think was how amazing that felt!!!

18: Daddy's Little Girl Walking outside into the cool breeze, I breathe the fresh, cool fall air. My Dad runs in to the tall, colorful trees. I can hear the crunching of the leaves under his shoes as he runs. He stops and turns and throws the brown football into the windy breeze. It flies high into the sky. Nearby I hear some squirrels running into the tree. The ball lands right in my arm. I feel the thud of the ball in my hand; I love the sound. I turn in a circle and observe my surroundings. My big white house with the four upper windows gazing down at me. The trees lined up behind me as their leaves blow in the air. The tall brown green grass shivering in the cool breeze. I breathe in and smell the neighbor's barbecue. I smell poop on the grass from the dogs walking by. I bend down and open up my water bottle. I take a quick sip and can taste the fresh, filtered water. I get ready with the football and throw a high, deep pass to my Dad; he catches it and scores!! | Father | Daughter

20: D.C., Here I Come! At ten years old, I’d always wanted to explore the world. When I got to go to Washington D. C. with my fifth grade class, I took up the offer. It was a two day bus ride with all my friends. It was fun, but tiring since we had to wake up at five o'clock in the morning because the bus needed gas. When we finally reached our hotel in D.C., it was afternoon. We all got our rooms and roommates. I was with my friends Maggie, Minna, and Maddy. Everyone put their stuff in their rooms and went to see the White House. It was huge. It had a fountain in the middle with a fence around it. There were tourists going inside the House with cameras. The House was white with columns in the front. I had an urge to touch it and walk inside. The wind blew in my face as I took pictures of everything I saw. It was extraordinary. The White House is amazing and very cool.

21: Say Cheese!

23: Dancing My Way To The Top Last year I performed at the Indiana State Fair n Indian classical dance called Kathak. I performed it with a group I had been practicing with for a couple of months. The performance was a success and I had fun doing it. I had to wear a blue dress with a golden scarf. The dress was soft against my legs but itched in the back. I had to wear a lot of makeup and jewelry which made me look pretty. The experience was really fun because I got to dance and see and eat different foods and see clothing from different parts of the world. I loved eating the pita bread with humus which smelled really hot and welcoming. It tasted soft and spicy and I gobbled it up. I can't wait to dance at the festival again.



26: Afterword I am from drinking hot cocoa when it’s cold outside. Running into the cool wind, and throwing the brown spiral into the air. The trees shivering in the breeze. Eating cold ice cream, and burning my tongue when eating pizza. A composer and artist, I have a busy life, Though I still have time to run and play outside. I catch the football spiraling though the air, I am the shining bronze star in the sky.


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