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ROBLOX Social Studies Project

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S: ROBLOX S.S. Project

FC: ROBLOX Social Studies Project | By: strong247 (Ian McCants)

1: strong247 (Ian) and hiking501 (Patrick)

2: Reconstruction During Reconstruction, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Therefore, Andrew Johnson became President. Many African Americans feared his views on ending slavery might be different. Though Johnson did carry out Reconstruction, Southern states were free to make laws called "Black Codes". "Jim Crow Laws" were, also, passed to segregate blacks and whites. Also, in this time the Freed Men's Bureau was set up to help newly freed slaves. During this time,the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were, also, ratified.

4: Western Expansion During the Western expansion, people needed a faster way to get from the East to the West. In response to that need, they decided to build the Transcontinental railroad. They hired Chinese and Irish immigrants as workers. But, the Native Americans did not want them here. This caused conflict. Cowboys herded and raised cattle to sell to ranchers. Ranchers bought this cattle and used them for milk and meat. Miners, also, traveled the West in search of gold. Abe Lincoln signed the Homestead Act in 1862. This offered free land for people willing to start farms.

6: Industrial Revolution/Inventors During the Industrial Revolution, many things were invented. Such as, the light bulb by Thomas Edison and the telegraph and telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. Industrial owners such as, Andrew Carnegie in the steel industry, Johns D. Rockefeller and the oil industry, Cornelius Vanderbilt and the railroad industry and Henry Ford of the automobile industry. Henry Ford, also, used the assembly line to speed up the building process. The Wright brothers invented the airplane, which we still use today. Albert Einstein was a famous scientist, who invented many things. There was mass production of new inventions for transportation (to help people travel). Immigrants, also, came from other countries in search of work.

8: World Power The United States becoming a "World Power", took many steps. Including buying land. The U.S. bought Alaska on March 30th, 1867, which increased the size of the U.S. by nearly 20%! Hawaii, a group of small islands in the Pacific, was annexed in July 1867. Also, Guam and the Phillipines were annexed to the U.S., but in 1946 the Phillipines became a independent country. Spanish rule in the Western Hemisphere was reduced to Puerto Rico and Cuba. The Panama Canal was used for shipping and other things too. People called "Muckrakers", uncovered what some people called "Muck", this is the reason they were called "Muckrakers". "Blue Laws",laws to help social problems of the day, were passed by people called "Progressives". People began questioning the cleanliness of their food so Progressives passed The Meat Inspection Act and The Pure Food and Drug Act. The Progressives also passed Business and Labor Reforms.

10: World War I During World War I, the Allied Powers fought against the central powers. Countries in the Allied Powers were Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, France, Italy, and Serbia. Countries in the Central Powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria. All of these countries fought in World War I where many of the battles were fought in the trenches.

12: Prosperity During the time of Prosperity new technology triggered things such as: the automobile, the airplane, the radio, and the movies. There was,also, an improved standard of living. In the Harlem Renaissance African- American artists moved to Harlem, New York. There was, also, a ban on alcohol called Prohibition.

14: The Great Depression During the Great Depression the Stock Market crashed, banks and businesses failed, and there was a lot of unemployment. One cause of The Great Depression was that people had bought their stocks on credit or borrowed money. They planned to pay back the money the banks lent them when the stock prices rose. However, the stock market crashed and many banks closed. Franklin D. Roosevelt urged Congress to do more to get the country out of the depression. So, The New Deal started. Most of The Great Plains became what is known as The Dust Bowl which was caused by huge areas of drought.

16: World War II During World War II, Adolf Hitler the Dictator of Germany, attacked Poland. This was the beginning of World War II. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain, went to war with Germany. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the President of the United States, sent war supplies to help Britain. The United States, also, helped with the invasion of Normandy, France. In 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. After the attack Japanese-Americans were placed in Relocation camps. In the fighting against Japan, Pacific island hopping often took place. New technology and the Atomic Bomb were used against Japan. Examples of this are the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

18: The Cold War During The Cold War the Arms Race took place. There were also wars over Communism and Democracy. There was a race to space between the United States and Soviet Union. The Cuban Missile Crisis is when the Soviet Union set up missiles in Cuba. Many Americans feared that they may launch these missiles. The Soviet Union tried to spread Communism across the entire world. Many countries, including The United States, did not agree with this. The Berlin Wall was placed between East Berlin and West Berlin to keep people from escaping communism in East Berlin. During this time the government used propaganda to spread opinions and beliefs.

20: USA Today In the middle east, people called Terrorist oppose US power in the middle east. Terrorists attacked the United States and other bases in the middle east. Also during this time, mass communication systems such as computers and satellites were initiated and implemented. Pop culture is, also, becoming popular. New technology and human impact affects the environment. Also, countries are relying on each other for their resources.

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