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Role Project

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FC: Role Project | Lauren & Vivi

1: Table | of | contents | Imagery Pg. 1 Conflict Pg. 2 Tone Pg. 3 Suspense Pg. 4 Point of View Pg. 5 Pacing Pg. 6 Symbolism Pg. 7 Theme Pg. 8 Appeals: Pg. 9 Logical, Ethical, Emotional

2: imagery | Using the five senses to create a picture in the readers mind. | "A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line" (Daffodils By: William Wordsworth) This part of the poem represents imagery by describing the daffodils and where they are. Also comparing them to the stars that twinkle in the milky way.

3: Kim Johnson | Conflict | A problem occurring between two opposing forces that is usually solved by the end of a story or play. | Sally: Tina, let's go to the mall. Tina: But I want to go out for ice cream. Sally: Well the mall is way better! Tina: Ice cream sounds better! Sally: Why don't we go to the mall then after go to get ice cream? Tina: That sounds great Sally! In this short excerpt conflict arose between Sally and Tina. By the end of the play they reached a compromise and resolved the problem. | Man vs. Man

4: There are 6 different types of conflict. The second type is man vs. self. Example: A girl asks her self if she wants to wear her hair down or in a ponytail. The third type is man vs. nature. Example: A man is trying to save his family from a tornado. The fourth type is man vs. fate Example: A man serves in the army and passes away. The fifth type is man vs. society Example: Democratic and Republican parties argue over laws. The sixth type is man vs. technology. Example: A girl was doing her project and the computer crashes when trying to save her work. | Types of Conflict

6: Tone | Tone describes how the author feel for the character or the story. It can be shown as formal or playful. | In the song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift she says "But you were my everything to me I was begging you please don't go". This shows tone because she expresses her love through this excerpt of the song.

7: suspense | A feeling of nervousness or excitement caused by the author that makes you wonder what will happen. | In the Phantom of the Opera, the play write shows suspense by making the Phantom wait to take the mask off. He uses music to also help build the suspense.

8: Point of View | The authors perspective in writing a story;writes a story in different views, such as 1st person- I or we 2nd person- you, and your 3rd person- he or she | 1rst person: I felt like I did really well on the math test. Why: This is 1rst person because it is using "I". The word I can also be "we". | 2nd person: "You made an A on the math test!" This is second person because it uses "you". You can also use "your". 3rd person: "She just aced the test." This is third person because it uses "she". You can also use "he". | A+

9: pacing | The speeding up or slowing down in a piece of literature. | Time of day or period, flashback, and foreshadowing all contribute to the pacing of the piece of literature. The author can also put the character in a troubled spot or have fast moving action to have fast pacing.

10: Symbolism | Symbolism is the use of an object to represent a meaning or an idea. | Symbolism is often used in poetry to make it more meaningful. For an example the color black means death like at a funeral. The color white can stand for purity and love like at weddings. The bald eagle represents America's freedom.

11: Theme | A theme is the moral of the story; the universal message or lesson that is being conveyed by the story. The theme is derived from the readers point of view. | Example: The theme in the book "Perfect" by Natasha Friend is "Open up and be free; talking to someone will make a difference"

12: Logical Appeal | A logical appeal uses facts and logistics to convince people | Ex: More than 2,500 children are dying each day in Africa due to diseases, no food, or shelter.

13: Ethical Appeal | Ethical appeals use religion to convince people | Ex: Christianity is about helping people and their surroundings to benefit everyone and everything.

14: appeals | Emotional | An emotional appeal is used to work up the audiences emotions so that they agree with the speaker. | An example is the commercials that show the starved and abused dogs. They are wanting to play with your emotions so that you will donate money to the company.

15: BY: Lauren & Vivi P.1 8th grade

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