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Romeo and Juliet #2

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Romeo and Juliet #2 - Page Text Content

FC: Romeo and Juliet

1: By Jenna

2: Act 3 Scene 2 | What is the confusion in this scene? The confusion in this scene is that the Nurse is saying that Tybal died but makes it sound like Romeo actually died. I am not not quite sure if she is doing this on purpose but this confuses and really upsets Juliet because she thinks her husband is dead. List Four examples of atithesis that Shakespear uses in this scene. Why does he use antithesis here? Four examples of antithesis uses in this scene is when Juliet is comparing Romeo to: 1. A snake diguised as a flower. 2. A raven with the feathers of a dove. 3. He is a lamb who hunts like a wolf 4. He is a saint who should be damned

3: How does Juliet feel about what Romeo has done? Juliet is really upset that Romeo killed her cousin Tybalt, so she is going on about how such a hideous soul is hidden inside such a beautiful body. She is not mad at Romeo because he is her husband and she loves him to much to stay mad at him. How does Juliet react when the Nurse scold Romeo? What did this say about Juliet's view on her marriage? Juliet gets really angry at the Nurse when she says something bad about Romeo, even though Juliet was just bad talking Romeo, a few minutes before. Juliet's view on her marriage is that she is allowed to say anything about Romeo because he is her husband, but no one else can say anything. Just because they are married she believes that they can say anything about one another without getting angry.

4: What does the Nurse decide to do? The Nurse decides to go and get Romeo from his hiding place, at Friar Lawrences so that Juliet will stop her crying and being upset. Nurse is going to make sure that Romeo is able to meet Juliet at the balcony so they can see eachother and say goodbye. Act 3, Scene 3 What is the relashionship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence? The relashionship between Friar Lawrence and Romeo is that the Friar is sort off like a father figure in Ro meos life because he is always giving Romeo advice and comforting him, so he obviously cares alot about Romeo.

5: How does Romeo show that is still foolhardy and willing to put emotion before logic? Romeo shows that he is willing to put emotion before logic when he is with Friar Lawrence and telling the Friar to just kill him. Romeo wants the Friar to kill him because he would rather be killed than be banished and not be able to see Juliet. He should be grateful that the Prince chose to banish him and not kill him. What is the Friar's suggestion to make things right? The Friar's suggestion to make things right is that Romeo should go spend the night with Juliet and meet her at her balcony. Then Friar also says that he should neave the house in the morning so that when the guards make their rounds he will not be caught. How does this scene end? This scene ends with Romeo skipping around happily becuase he gets to see Juliet on their wedding night and is planning to meet her at her balcony.

6: Act 3, scene 4 | What has been decided regarding Juliet's fate in this scene? Juliets fate regarding this scene is that her father is making her marry Paris, and if she refuses to he is kicking her out of the house. Juliet decides to marry him after talking to the Nurse. She says that she is going to marry him, but she is actually getting potion to fake her own death before the wedding. What was Capulet's only concern about this? What does this tell us about his relashionship with his daughter? Capulets only concern was the date to have the wedding on. He is only worried about this. The relashionship between his daughter and him is that they do not have a good relashionship and he only cares about getting her a fancy husband that is rich and high in status.

7: What is the signifigance about "Larks" and "nightingales" in this scene? The difference between larks and nightingales is that larks sing in the morning and nightingales sing at night. Juliet wants Romeo to stay at her house longer so she says that nightingales are still singing when it is really larks. Romeo knows that it is larks and he has to go before the morning guards come. What super obvious foreshadowing does Shakespear give us as Romeo leaves? | The major foreshadowing that Shakespear gives is when Juliet and Romeo are saying goodbye to eachother and Juliet is saying how she thinks that she may never see him again. She doesn't think that they will see eachother alive again and she is right, so that gives away what happens at the end of the story.

8: How does Juliet react to her mother's announcement? Juliet reacts to her mother's announcement by being very upset because she doesn't want to marry Paris. She is very upset because her heart blongs to Romeo and that is all she casn think about. Paris is way older than her and she has only met him once. Her father wants her to marry Paris so she can be rich and be in high status. | How does Capulet react to Juliet's acceptance, or lack there of? What is the ultimatum he gives her? Capulet is very angry because Juliet doesn't want to marry Paris and the ultimatum that he gives her is that she has to marry Paris or else she will be kicked out of the house. He tells her that she will live in the gutters and that he will not even care, and she will no longer be his daughter.

9: Quote one of the lines you feel PROVES Capulet is not the best father? One quote that i think shows that Capulet is not a good father is "Hang thee, young baggage! disobediant wretch!". | What does Juliet tell the Nurse? Is this thruth or a lie? What do you believe she will do? Juliet tells the Nurse that she is going to the Church to confess her sins because she feels bad for disobeying her father and not bringing pride to her family. This is a lie because she is actually going to get sleeping pills because then she will be able to fake her own death before the wedding, so that she will not have to marry Paris.

10: Act 4, scene 1 Why is Paris at the church? What does he tell Friar? Paris is at the church because he wants to plan juliet and his wedding which is planned to be on thursday. Friar thinks that he is rushing into the marridge a little too fast, but Paris insists that they should get married because then she will stop crying about Tybalt. Juliet is treally crying about having to marry Paris. | How does Juliet use double entedres in this scene? Juliet uses her double meanings in this scene is when she says to Paris that he should not call her his wife until she is married to him, but she is actually already married to Romeo.

11: How does Juliet mirror the actions of Romeo, who was in the very same place just the day before? Juliet mirrors the actions of Romeo because she does the same thing that Romeo does the day before. Juliet goes to the Friar and is freaking out and threatening to kill herself because she really doesn't want to marrty Paris. The day before Romeo was threatening to kill himself becauise he says he would rather die than be banished. | What are some things Juliet would rather do than marry Paris? Some things that Juliet would rather do than marry Paris is: - I would rather jump off the battle posts of any tower - Hide me every night in a morgue full of dead bodies with wet, smelly flesh and skulls without jawbones. Or tell me to climb down into a freshly dug grave, and hde me with a dead man in his tomb. -Tell me to sit in a field full of poisenous snakes or chain me up with wild bears. -

12: Outline Friar Lawrences plan step by step. 1. Take the vial poisen and make sure no one is in the room with Juliet 2. Drink the poisen, it will cause her body to grow cold, her breathing to shallow and her heart will slow down, she will look dead 3. She will be buried in the family tomb. 4. After 48 hours she will wake up 5. Romeo will be waiting for her when she wakes up in the tomb so they can go to Mantua together.

13: Act 4, scene 2 Why is the servantman blathering on about cooks who lick their fingers? The servant is going on about cooks licking their fingers because then if they are licking their fingers it shows that they are good cooks. If the cook will not even eat his own food then it shows that it is not good to eat, but if a cook likes his food, then it shows that he is a good cook. | What is an unexpected result of Juliet telling her father she will marry Paris? The unexpected result of Juliet telling her father taht she will marry Paris is that Capulet then changes the wedding day to Wednesday instead of Thursday becasue he is so happy that she finally agreed to marry him and he just wants to get it over with.

14: Act 4 ,scene 3 | Juliet is unsure of taking the potion for a couple of reasons. Desribe them. 1. That Friar Lawrence gave her a potion that will actually kill her because he does not want to get into trouble for marrying her to Romeo and then to Paris. 2. She is scared that when she if she gets stuck in a tomb then she will suffocate before Romeo comes. 3. She is also scared taht if she is in the tomb that she will gio crazy from being beside all the dead bodies and being beside Tybalts body that is just beggining to rot and mold.

15: What things does she imagine that finally convinces her to drink the potion? Juliet just imagines being together with Romeo and that convinces her to take the potion. Even though she knows that bad things could happen, she loves Romeo to much and decides that she should do it for them.

16: Act 4, scene 4 What is this scene all about? This scene is when everyone is downstairs and planning the wedding and are up all night. This scene is all about the preparation for the wedding and everyone is getting things ready. They are all up all night preparing things while Juliet is upstairs sleeping, or at least the think she is.

17: Act 4, scene 5 How is death personified in this scene? Death is personified in this scene because Juliet weas supposed to marry Paris, but he missed his chance because instead she is married to death. Are Juliets parents unconcerned by her death or angry that they don't get to marry her to Paris? Explain your answer. I think that Juliets parents are concerned by her death because they are pretty upset that she died. Paris is going on about how when she nis buried, that all his joys will be buried with her. I think that they are pretty upset that she couldn't be married to Paris, but they still mourn over her death.

18: What does the Friar tell the family to stop them from shouting in grief? The Friar tells the family that she is in a better place and that she is happy and well. He tells them that she is in heaven and is in a good place. He then tells them that is is better tio marry young and die, then be married for a long time with someone you do not love. What is the reason for the argument between Peter and the musician? The reason for the argument between Peter and the musician is so that in the play they are able to switch scenes and then the characters can get into different costumes fort the funeral. That is the only reason why they have this scene, it is just so the actors can prepare for the next scene.

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