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Romeo and Juliet #2

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FC: Romeo andJuliet #2 By Jenny

1: Why is Paris at the church? What does he tell the Friar? Paris is at the church to make wedding arrangements. Paris tells the Friar that he wants to get marry right away to cheer Juliet up. Juliet is upset because she has to marry Paris but Paris thinks that she is upset because of Tybalt. | Act 4 Scene 1

2: How does Juliet use double entendres in the scene? Juliet makes double entendres in this scene by saying that she would rather marry her worst enemy. Really that’s true because she is married to Romeo and they are suppose to be worst enemies. How does Juliet mirror the actions of Romeo, who was in the same place just the day before? Juliet mirrors the actions of Romeo by trying to kill herself with a dagger. Just the day before Romeo was at the church doing the exactly same, and so Juliet was mirroring Romeos actions.

3: What are some things that Juliet would rather do than marry Paris? Some of the things that Juliet would rather do are to jump off the battle post of any tower, walk down the crime ridden streets of a slum, Sit in a field full of poisonous snakes , chain me up with wild bears, Hide me every night in a morgue full of dead bodies with wet, smelly flesh and skulls without jawbones. Or tell me to climb down into a freshly dug grave, and hide me with a dead man in his tomb.

4: Outline Friar Lawrence’s plan, step by step? Friar Lawrence’s plan was to: 1.First have Juliet take the vile 2.Do this when no one is around and don’t let the nurse sleep with her. 3. Her breathing will slow down, her pulse will slow down and she will look dead. 4.Then Friar will send a message to Romeo saying that Juliet is actually not dead and that when she wakes up they will be able to run away together. (This plan doesn’t work because in step 4 the note doesn’t get transferred!

5: Acts 4 Scene 2 Why is the servantman blathering on about cooks who lick their fingers? The servantman is blathering about how cooks lick the fingers because a good cook will lick their fingers and a bad cook will not. The servantman wants to find a good cook and so he goes around looking for a cook who will lick their fingers. What is the unexpected result about Juliet telling her father she will marry Paris? The unexpected result about Juliet telling her father that she will marry Paris is that the date that the marriage was suppose to happen was changed. It was changed, I think because Juliet finally said ok and he wanted to get it done and over with, so she wouldn’t change her mind.

6: Act 4 Scenes 3 Juliet is unsure of taking the poison for a couple of reasons. Describe them? Juliet is unsure of taking the poison because she is scared that she will suffocate in a tomb, she is scared that she will smell, see and feel the dead bodies beside her and also that the Friar was tricking her and that the poison would actually kill her. What thing does Juliet imagine that finally convinces her to drink the poison? Juliet imagines Romeo coming to save her and the two of them running away with each other. This is what makes Juliet finally drink the poison.

7: Act 4 Scenes 4 In this scene everyone was doing last minute things for the wedding and collecting everything they will need. The nurse is freeking out because she is scared that everything wont be ready in time and so she has been up all night prepping for the wedding. So this scene is all about preperation for the wedding.

8: Act 4 Scene 5 How is death personified in this scene? Death is personified in this scene because Juliet was supose to get married to paris and he missed his chance and now he cant marry her anymore. Are juliets parents unconcerned by her death, or angry that they dont get to marry her to Paris? I think that juliets parents are actually upset that she is gone. I also think that her parents wish she was still here but mabey just so that she will marry Paris. So i believe that her parents want her back because they miss her but also so she could marry Paris.

9: What does the friar tell the family to stop them from shouting in grief? The friar tells the family that it is better for her because she never even liked Paris anyways. He also tells her that it is better to die young that to marry someone you hate, and that she is in a good place right now and that place is heaven. What is the reason for having the argument between Peter and the musicians? This argument is basically there so that it helps out the actors because this argument gives them time to hange and get there props ready for the funeral.

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