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Romeo and Juliet

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FC: Romeo and Juliet Novel Study | by Jen S

1: what things are introduced during the first prologue and why do you think Shakespear chose to tell us these things? | Basically, Shakespeare introduced the fact that there were two families who were sworn enemies, yet their children fell in love with each other, much against their parents’ wishes. They also introduce the fact that these two lovers end up dying, and that’s the only thing that stops the feud. He gave us this information because he wanted people to pay attention to what happens.

2: summarize the setting as outlined by the prologue | 2.The setting is in Verona, where there is much strife going on between these two families, which ends up affecting the entire city considering they are the two wealthiest families besides the prince, of course

3: Explain three phrases that you find difficult to understand. | Whose misadventured piteous overthrows – They fail to convince their parents to give up the feuding even by marrying (misadventured piteous overthrows) What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend. – We shall work to show you what happened. Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage—is the topic of today’s show

4: 1. It tells us that because of the family’s fight being so huge and bad, the entire city pretty much has been forced to take sides.

5: 2. He’d push ANYONE into the gutter, just so that he could be safe.

6: 3. Biting your thumb at someone is the same as fingering them, so yea, not such a good idea.

7: 4. Benvolio is the kind of person that likes peace and not fighting. He is also very open and honest, the exact opposite of Tybalt, who loves to fight and tries to tick people off so that they will start to fight. He says that he hates world peace.

8: 5. If you fought on the streets you would be killed. Kind of harsh eh?

9: 6. he wants peace and he cant get that. He finds it insulting that they can’t just stop fighting because that means they are not listening to him and he doesn’t have much control.

10: 7. I think that Romeo is too full of himself and he only cares about how a girl looks, because you CAN’T fall into TRUE love when you’ve only known someone for 2 hours, and it obviously all fell on looks. He goes to the extreme, and sometimes it can come back and bite him. His relationship with Juliet is very shallow, but it’s also really passionate and extreme.

12: ACT 1, SCENE 2

13: 1. Who is Paris? An older man that is supposed to marry Juliet, and he really wants to marry her NOW

14: 2. Juliet’s dad comes across as a very caring dad, who wants her to be in love with the man she marries, and wants her to wait 2 years. He seems the very protective father who cares very much about his daughter.

15: 3. she has like NO power in her life! her parents decide everything for her, and she just has to deal with it!

16: 4. Peter is very stressed out and spastic, he seems to always freak out. he rants and raves, and is very high strung. also, he told romeo not to come to the party, without even knowing he was doing it!

17: 5. Romeo decides to crash the party because he wants to prove benvolion wrong, and also he wants to see rosaline. he saw her name on the guest list when peter came and asked him to read it for him. So the ONLY reason he goes is for the girl that doesnt like him.

18: ACT 1, SCENE 3

19: 1. Juliet doesn't neccissarily like the idea of mariage, and she doesn't like the thought of Paris at all. she doesnt want to marry so young, but its not really her choice.

20: 2. The nurse is a very dirty old woman! lol she is really funny, and makes tons of dirty jokes. she also goes off on tangents, and says the funniest and most irrelevent things ever! i think that she would be a really funny person to know, but she's just so sick minded!

21: the end of this scene

22: ACT 1 SCENE 4

23: 1. The boys are about to crash the Capulet party. 2. Romeo had a bad dream that foretold his death, and he thought it would come true. In a way, it did.

24: 3. Mercutio is the kind of person who just wants to get along and have fun. he may be gay and like romeo, but other then that he is really light hearted for the most part.

25: ACT 1 SCENE 5

26: 1. The scene where the servants are there is to a) introduce the party, and b) give the actors time to change. it isnt really important to the plot.

27: you would think that Romeo would go right to Rosaline, but he didnt. Instead, Romeo did the one thing he said he wouldnt and fell for another girl, that girl being Juliet.

28: 3.Tybalt asks his servant to get his sword but Lord Capulet stops him and said that Romeo didn't do anything wrong. So, that results in Tybalt leaving him alone.

29: 4. Romeo plays a mind game with Juliet. He goes to flattery and then he just kisses her without permission, then he goes to kiss her again, yet again, without her permission.

30: A) How Tybalt is saying that he's going to get Romeo back, so that makes it sound like they are going to fight later on. B) Juliet asks her nurse to go ask Romeo if he is married and says that if he is she would rather die alone then marry another man.

31: ACT 2 SCENE 1

32: 1. Mercutio thinks that Romeo is doing.... things ... with Rosaline in the bushes. 2. Romeo is actually listening to Juliet go on about him, where he later decides he will marry her. 3. he compares her eyes to the stars, and goes on about how she outshines the sun. as prety as a dove.. and so on. 4. Because its showing how Romeo cares more about emotional love and is not ready for physical love. 5. it means that just because you call a rose a daisy, it still has the same essence as it did before, and that is what Juliet thinks of Romeo, that if he changed his name he would still be her Romeo. 6. Romeo swears his love by the moon, and juliet doesnt like this because she says the moon is always changing.

33: 7. Juliet ends up proposing to Romeo, and the plan is that they will secretly get married, and will send word to each other by morning.

34: ACT 2 SCENE 3

35: 1. Romeo goes STRAIGHT to the firar to ask if he would marry them. 2. The Friar thinks that Romeo is being to sudden and is going crazy slowly, hhaha no mostly he just thinks that Romeo is being too rash and isnt thinking things through properly before jumping in head first. 3. Friar Lawrence thinks that Romeo's marrying Juliet will put an end to the fighting, and the two families will have no choice but to get along, so eventually he agrees.

36: ACT 2 SCENE 4!! 1. Tybalt wanted to kill Romeo but he couldn't because Lord Capulet wouldn't allow it. 2. Mercutio calls Tybalt the prince of cats which means he is the best swordsman ever. 3. Mercutio describes Romeos night in a crude manner because he thought romeo was ... doing.... things... with Rosaline in the bushes and maybe slightly jealous. 4. Mercutio treats the nurse with a LOT of disrespect, and he is reallly rude to her. 5. the writing is in sentences and not in iambic pentameter to show that they have a lower level pf education. 6. they decide to get a rope ladder and spend the night together. 7. until mercutio leaves it seems tense, but after that it is kind of happy because Romeo cant wait to marry Juliet!

38: ACT 2 SCENE 5! 1. In this scene, Juliet is begging the nurse to tell her what the news was, but the nurse just kind of teases her by not saying anything. 2. The nurse tortures Juliet the way she does because the n the good news will be that much better, and also she is a vile woman and it may have seemed fun at the time.

39: ACT 2 SCENE 6! 1. Friar Lawrence's speech was rather doom and gloom and didnt really seem all that "we are a happy family" kind of speech. it seemed like he was saying in one big LONG way that the wedding was a bad idea or should go slowly and be careful. 2. in this scene, Romeo and the Friar are making a wedding speech and then Juliet comes and they are about to get married.


41: 1. What happens between Tybalt and Mercutio? Romeo refuses to fight, but Mercutio on the other hand, WANTS to fight, so Tybald points his sword at Mercutio instead so that they can fight. 2. What does Romeo do in retalliation. Romeo gets REALLY mad at tybalt and ends up challenging him to a fight because he is SO mad that Tybalt killed Mercutio! 3. How have Romeo's choices led to his Downfall? Romeo's choices have led him to his downfall because he was too hot headed and spontanious and it resulted in him making sometimes bad choices.

42: 4. What creates a Tragic Hero? A tragic Hero is somone that has a fatal Flaw. 5. What is Romeo's fatal flaw? Romeo's fatal flaw is his Impulsiveness. 6. What happens after the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? After Tybalt fell, Benvolio told Romeo to flee. Soon after the Prince came and said that he would decide Romeo's fate the hour on which he was found. 7. How is this the turning point in the story? Well, for starters, If Romeo hadn't killed Tybalt, he wouldnt have been banished from Verona, and Romeo and Juliet could have lived a long happy life together, but that didnt exactly happen, so it is this point in the story where things start to go bad!

43: ACT 3 SCENE 2! | 1. The confusion in this scene revolves around the fact that the Nurse was giving Juliet the impression that Romeo was deadm when really he was just banished from the City. Finally Juliet realizes that Romeo isnt really dead. 2. 4 examples of Antithesis that Shakespeare uses are - Dove feathered Raven - Beautiful Tyrant. - Fiend angelical -honorable villian. Shakespeare uses all this antithesis in this scene to show that Juliet is angry with Romeo, yet she still thinks he's near perfect, and honors him/

44: 3. At the moment, Juliet thinks that Romeo killing Tybalt is better than Tybalt killing Romeo, but she thinks his being banished is about the worst thing in the entire world. 4. When the Nurse is scolding Romeo, Juliet reacts by snapping out on the nurse. She all but says, "How dare you insult my husband? HE'S MINE!" but she didn't. It's just that moments before Juliet was insulting him, but when the Nurse started to, it made Juliet very angry. 5. The Nurse decides to go find Romeo and get him to come "comfort" Juliet on her wedding night ;-) She thinks he's at the Friar's and so she leaves to try and find him.

45: ACT 3 SCENE 3 1. I believe that Romeo and Friar Lawrence is that the Friar is like Romeo's father or advisor, and he gives Romeo guidance and stops him from doing anything too rash. 2. Romeo shows us that he is still willing to put emotion before logic when he overreacts and threatens to kill himself just because he's banished. He thinks death would be better than banishment. 3. The Friar suggests that Romeo goes to Juliet's during the night to "comfort" her but he can't stay too long, then he will just move to the next town and live there. 4. The scene ends when they exit. Just kidding! The scene ends when the Friar decides that Romeo will get to see Juliet and they depart.

46: ACT 3 SCENE 4! 1. Capulet decides that everyone should get over Tybalt's death and Juliet should marry Paris on Thursday. 2. Capulet's ONLY concern is that a wedding would be too soon after Tybalts death, so he decides to have it on thursday instead of wednesday. He doesn't even think about how Juliet feels about this, but just goes ahead and decides it, so i think his relationship is really distant to juliet, and they are basically just two people living under the same roof.

47: ACT 3 SCENE 5

48: 1. The larks and nightingales are significant to this scene because nightingales sing during the night, and larks sing during the day, so when Romeo hears the Larks sing, Juliet says "oh, thats just the nightingale so don't worry about it" but Romeo knows its a lark and starts to use reverse psychology so that Juliet lets him leave. 2. The foreshadowing in this scene is that when Romeo is departing, Juliet keeps talking about how she thinks this is the last time she'll see Romeo and that looking at him is like looking like a dead corpse, and he agrees, then he leaves.

49: 3. Juliet is upset but she is really calm for the situation, using double meanings to tell her mom something she can't actually say out loud, so she says "i'd rather marry my enemy Romeo than Count Paris". 4. Capulet reacts to Juliet's rejection by giving her an ultimatum that she can either marry Paris, or she can just leave and all but die on the streets. 5. this is an example of just what a horrid father Capulet is. "you sallow face, you baggage" and so on and so forth. 6. At the end of this scene, juliet tells the Nurse that she is going to confession, but really she is going to go find the Friar and see if he can create a poison for her.

50: ACT 4 SCENE 1!!

51: 1. Paris is at the church because he is telling the friar that Juliet and Him will be married that next thursday. He tells the Friar that he LOVES juliet, but really he doesnt know her. 2. Juliet uses double entendres in this scene when she all but tells Paris she is already married, but he's such a thickheaded clod that he thinks she's just saying "i will be married to you soon enough" and not "you can call me wife when i'm YOUR wife because i'm already married. "

52: 3. Juliet mirrors Romeo's actions in this scene by holding a dagger to her neck and threatening suicide, Just like Romeo. 4. Juliet would rather sit in a cell with rotting bodies, live in the streets in gutters full of human waste, be burried with a dead man, all of this just to NOT marry paris.

53: FRIAR LAWRENCE'S PLAN! | step one: Juliet takes the Potion that he gives her and she goes into a corpse like state. Step two: she gets put into the family tomb, whilst Romeo recieve's the letter from the friar. Step three: The Friar and Romeo wait in the tomb for Juliet to wake up. Step four: Romeo and Juliet ride into the sunset and live happily ever after!

54: ACT 4 SCENE 2!! | 1. The servant man in this scene keeps going on about the Cooks licking their fingers, because if a cook doesnt want to taste his own food, it probably means it tastes bad, but a good cook would be eager to taste his food. 2. The unexpected thing when Juliet told her father she would marry Paris was that he decided that the wedding should be held a day early.

55: ACT 4 SCENE 3!! | 1. Juliet's reasons for feeling fearful about taking the poison were a) the Friar could have put actual poison into the vial so that he wouldnt get in trouble for marrying her to two people, b) she might go crazy if Romeo doesn't come and get her and end up bashing her head in with bones and playing house with the joints, or c) she might wake up and suffocate in the tomb. 2. The only thing that makes her drink the potion is that she remembers that she is doing this to get away from Paris and remain with Romeo.

56: Act 4 Scene 5!!!! | 1. Death is personified when Capulet is going on and on about how "death is my Son In Law, death is my Heir, My daughter he hath wedded..." so on and so forth. 2. Juliets Parents are very heartbroken over the death of Juliet, but Lady Capulet is more saddened than Lord Capulet. 3. The Friar basically says that they need to just accept it, move on, and prepare for the Funeral because Screaming does not change anything. 4. The argument between Peter and the Musicians is just to give the actors time to change outfits and scene for the Funeral. its really pointless to the overall play.

57: ACT 4 SCENE 4!! | 1. In this scene, the household prepares for Juliets wedding.

58: FIN!!!! | In the end of the play, Paris tries to sneak into Juliets tomb in the middle of the night to pay his respects (again) to the woman he believes he loves, but hides in the bushesw with his page when he hears Romeo comming. Romeo then breaks into the tomb whilst Paris watches... eventually revealing himself only to be killed by Romeo. Romeo goes on into the Tomb, notices how alive Juliet looks, but proceeds to kill himself anyway, then Juliet wakes up to see the Friar and kills HERself because her husband is dead, and then the parents discover them and thats pretty much the end.

59: THREE PARAGRAPH SUMMARY Romeo and Juliet is a tragic romance play written by William Shakespeare about two young lovers who cannot be in love publicly because of an ongoing fight between two families. The young couple gets married in secret, and later end up killing themselves because of their rashness. (and a very stupid friar) This play is an example of why people in general should not fight with each other, and also that if you fall in love, DO NOT TAKE POISON OR KILL YOURSELF!

60: one of the two best things about the play was how detailed everything was, and how there were some parts that totally fit together even though they made no sense for a while. another thing i really liked about this play was that it wasn't all that hard to understand once i learned to break it down a little. I did not, however, like that it took two pages in some parts to say something that could have been said in one sentance! I did not like the fact that almost everybody dies either; this is definately not a play for cheering people up!

61: i would give Romeo and Juliet a rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5, because it can be rather foolish and makes very little sense in some parts, but at the same time is still interesting.I recommend this play to everyone that likes tragedy and Romance, along with death and dying

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