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romeo and juliet

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FC: romeo and juliet

1: Question 1 They have hated each other for generations. People have been fighting for years. WE find out that ROMEO AND JULIET FALL IN LOVE AND DIE! | Question 2 The story takes place in Verona. It is about Romeo who was not good enough for Juilet's parents. It takes place in Rennaisance times. | Question 3 Star-crossed means: by the stars to love and be doomed. fatal loins: the parents of Romeo and Juliet. civi( civilians) people fighting in the streets

2: 1. They probably brained washed the whole city into going along with the fight – even their servants. | 2 If you walk along the wall, you don’t get into the garbage or get poop thrown on you.

3: 3 Biting your thumb is like flipping the bird.

4: 4 Benvolio wants peace and hates fighting and he is also very honest (tattles). Tybalt hates peace and the word, and he likes to fight.

5: 6 he wants peace and they are insulting him.

6: 7he was always crying and locks himself in his room. He is love sick is a creeper is goes a 100% into it. He loves Rosaline, but she is becoming a nun, and so Romeo is out of luck. We know that when he meets Juliet, he will love her just as much, and be very serious about it. We also know he is pretty shallow and likes looks a lot.

7: Q 1 Paris is a kinsman of the Prince and a suitor of Juliet, that her parents want her to marry.He is older that Juliet. | Q 2 Lord Capulet does not care of Juliet,s feelings just wants money. He would feel important in society is Juliet was to marry Paris. | Q 3 Juliet has much power in her life becuse her parents arranged her marriage to a man she does not know.

8: Q 4 Q 4 peter was to find the names of the people written but he couldn't read. He made fun of himself. | Q 5 Romeo wanted to go to the party because he wanted to see rosaline

9: Q1 Benvolio and Mercution think that Romeo is hiding in the trees | Q2 Romeo is spying on Juilet. But then she comes out and talks about Romeo. he pops out and they talk about eachother. Juilet does not want Romeo to leave but has to. | Q3 Romeo compares Juilet to the moon, stars and the sky.

10: Q1 Romeo tricks Juilet into kissing him so quicly | Q2 We get the fourshoweding that Romeo an d Juilet are a secret couple. | Q3 Tybalt wants to fight but capulet id they did nothing wrong so they stayed at the party

11: Q4 Q Shakespeare makes Mercutio and Benvolio talk about physical love right before the balcony scene because it shows how different Mercutio is from Romeo. Romeo believes in physical love and Mercutio doesn’t. | Q5 "Rose by any other name would smell" as sweet means it does not matter what her name is they still love eachother.

12: Q7 Romeo proposes to Juliet and the plan is to get married at the church secretly. | act 2 scene 3 Q1 Romeo went to the friar to ask him to marry him and Juilet. | Q2 The friar says to Romeo that he never liked Rosaline. He thinks Romeo just likes Juliet for looks.

13: Q3 Friar Lawrence thinks that it is good at the end because it will end the family’s feud. | Act 2 scene 4 Q1 tybalt sent a letter to Romeo that he wants to fight romeo for a dul | Q2 Mercutio calls Tybalt the Prince of Cats. He was a famous sword fighter, so that means Tybalt is a good sword fighter.

14: act 2 scene 5 the nurse was talikng to Romeo abot the wedding and Romeo said that he would marry Juliet. | She want Juliet to think that Romeo said no but he actually said yes. | Act 2 scene6 Romeo and juliet get married and Friar Lawrance makes a speech that is about him taking his time with Juliet.

15: Act three scene one

16: Q1 Tybalt wanted to fight mercusio but then Romeo came and Tybalt wanted to fight Romeo. But Romeo did not want to fight so Merctio wanted to fight and Romeo tried to stop them and then Tybalt killed Mercutio. | Q2 Romeo killed Tybalt because Tybalt killed Merctio. | Q3 Romeo killed Tybalt and knew that he whould get killed but the Prince.

17: Q4 Romeo causes he own downfall. And cant blam anyone else. but killing Tybalt | Q5 He is impulisve, and does things without thinking. Like killing Tybalt. | Q6 The guareds come to talk Tybalt away but they see him died onthe floor. The Prince comes and asks whodid this and of corse Benvolio jumps out and tells the hole story

18: Q7 This is the turning ponit of the story because this is were all the bad stuff happing

19: Act 3 scene two

20: Q1 The nurse is telling Juilet what happend but Juilet thiks that Romeo is died but its Tybalt not Romeo | Q2 Beautiful tyrant! Fiend angelical! Dove-feathered raven, wolvish-ravening lamb! Juilet is mad at Romoe but still loves him | Q3 Juilet is mad at him but still loves Romeo

21: Q4 Juilet can say bad stuff about Romeo but when the Nurse says bad stuff about Romeo she gets really mad at the Nurse | Q5 The Nurse is tired of Juilets crying and goes to get Romeo for Juilet.

22: Q1 When Romeo needs help he goes to Friar Lawrence he is like Romeos dad. | Q2 Romeo is saying that it is better to be die than banished. | Q3 He tells Romeo to go see Juilet for the night and then leave verona and trie to convinse the Prince to let Romeo back into verona

23: Q4 the scene ends by Romeo seeing Juilet.

24: Act 3 Scene 4

25: Q 1 Capulet decides that Juilet is going to get married to Paris on Thursday. | Q2 Capulets only concern is that he feels it may be to soon after Tybalt's death. He doesn't really care about Juliet. This tells us that he doesn't really care about her as a father.

26: Act 3 scene 5

27: Q1. larks sing in the morning and nightingales Sing in the night- | Q2 Romeo and Juliet tell each other that they look pale like they are died and Juliet says that this is the last time will see him died. | Q3 she ,s a little mad and loves to double means says like I would rather marry my enemies

28: Q4 Capulet is furious and he threatens to through her out and she has to live in the gutters | Q5 Capulet is not the best father because he just cares about the money and the wedding | Q6 it is a lie because she going to the cruch to see the father but really shes going to talk about her and romeo

29: Act 4 scene 1

30: Q1 Paris is at the church because of the wedding arrangements and Paris tells Friar Lawrence that my father Capulet will have the wedding soon and I am nothing slow to slack his haste . | Q2 Juliet says thing like I would rather marry Romeo then Paris because Romeo killed Tybat but really she is already married Romeo. | Q3 Juliet and Romeo always say that they will kill themselves and hold a dagger to their tummys.

31: Q4 Juliet would rather die than marry Paris, or marry Romeo.

33: Act 4 scene 2

34: Q1. The servant man is talking about cooks who lick their fingers because he wants cook who will taste their food. If they don’t lick their fingers, then their food might not be good. | 2. Capulet moved the wedding up by a day so Juliet has to talk the poison tonight.

35: Act 4 scene 3

36: 1 Juliet thinks that if she takes the poison she thinks that she well get stuck and she thinks she well go crazy and that the Friar will kill her with the poison. | 2 She takes the poison in the end because she thinks of a life with Romeo and they run away together.

37: Act 4 scene 4

38: Act 4 scene 4

39: 1 this scene is all about Lady Capulet is telling Lord Capulet that he has to go to bed because he is up all night getting the wedding ready .

40: Act 4 scene 5

41: 1 Capulet says that death is my son in law death is my heir. | 2 They are angry that Juliet did not get to marry Paris and that is because that is what Capulet only wanted to get her to marry Paris. | 3 That Juliet is in a better place with Tybalt and to know that they love him.

42: 1 Capulet says that death is my son in law dath is my heir. | 2 They are angry that Juliet did not get to marry Paris and that is because that is what Capulet only wanted to get her to marry Paris. | 3 That Juliet is in a better place with Tybalt and to know that they love him.

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