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Romeo and Juliet

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FC: Romeo and Juliet

1: What things are introduced during the first prologue? Why do you think Shakespeare chose to tell us what he did in the prologue?

2: The things that are first introduced during the first prologue is explaining the story and how two families (Romeo and Juliet) are feuding. They are equal in status, wealth and dignity, and both families are angry at each other because of past arguments that happened long ago. They do not even know what these past arguments are about but they continue to argue and create new fights. Even people who are not included in the strife are disagreeing and will soon be breaking out into fights on the streets. The children that are born of the families are even forced to fight. They then fall in love and cannot even end the feud in marriage, but only in death. He even gives away the ending by telling us that Romeo and Juliet are dead at the end because of the parent’s arguments. It also explains that after the child’s death, it then washes away the strife between the two families. He uses the foreshadowing so that everyone is able to understand what is going on in the story and will be able to enjoy the story that is being told.

3: 2.Setting doesn’t just include the location. It also includes the time, the circumstances of the characters, the social structure, and many other issues. Summarize the setting of this story as outlined by the prologue.

4: The setting of this story takes place in Verona where two households that are both alike in dignity, wealth and equal status are in strife because of past feuds. The families had been feuding for many, many years and they were not even sure why, but new fights were about to begin. Romeo and Juliet, both born out of the families are supposed to hate each other, they don’t even know why past fights should affect them, but they end up falling madly in love.

5: 3.Choose three words or phrases that you encountered in the prologue that seemed confusing or difficult? Explain what they mean?

6: One of the three phrases that I encountered that I didn’t understand were the phrase “fatal loins”, which were meant to explain Romeo and Juliet’s parents. Another phrase that I didn’t understand when I read it was “Star –Crossed Lovers”, which means that theses two lovers were fated to be doomed. The third phase that did not quite make sense to me was the phrase “Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.” Which means that civilians will be fighting on the streets, even though it is not their own battles.

7: What does the fight between servants tell us about the feud in Romeo and Juliet?

8: The fight between the servants tells us that even if they are not part of the family’s they are fighting because they have been brainwashed by the two families’ that are fighting. The servants think that just because the family’s that they work for are fighting that they should fight too. They do not even know what the feud is about, and either does the family, but the fight anyway.

9: What does it mean to take the wall?

10: Biting your thumb at someone is one of the most disrespectful things that you can do. It is just like giving someone the finger, so when you bite your thumb at someone, you are disrespecting them, or being very rude.

11: What kind of character is Benvolio? How is he antithetical to Tybalt?

12: Benvolio is a very peaceful and gentle character and he tries to stop fighting. When the fight was going on between other people he tried to make them stop. He is a bit of a tattle tale, but he means well and just wants to protect everyone. Tybalt is the complete opposite of Benvolio because he encourages fighting and violence and when the fight that Benvolio was trying to stop happened, Tybalt wanted to fight Benvolio. He is not a peaceful character at all and he wants fights to happen.

13: What is the punishment for fighting on the streets as decreed by the prince? How is that ironic?

14: To take the wall means to walk along the wall of the street. It is the safe spot where you do not get hit by other people’s waste. If you walk along the wall, then you push all of the other people into the gutter, where all of the waste is. The gutter is in the middle of the street and you can be hit by flying waste.

15: What is wrong with biting your thumb at someone?

16: The punishment for fighting on the streets is death. Romeo doesn’t want fighting to continue on and he gets very angry when people encourage fighting. It is ironic because Romeo is trying to stop violence and killing by sentencing people to death if they kill each other.

17: Who is Paris?

18: Paris is an old man with lots of wrinkles on his face who wants to marry Juliet (He wants a cover for his book).

19: In this scene, what impression do we get of Lord Capulet? How does he feel about Juliet and marriage?

20: In this scene Lord Capulet is a very caring father and he wants what is best for her. He wants Paris to wait to marry her until she is sixteen and when she is actually in love with the man that she marries. If she is not in love with the man she is marrying, he believes that his daughter should not marry at all.

21: How much power does Juliet have over her own life? What evidence do we see of this?

22: I don’t think that Juliet has much power in her own life because she is just expected to do whatever she is told to do by her parents. Her parents expect a lot out of her and it seems as if she has no control or choices in her own life.

23: How does Peter, the Capulet servant, provide comic relief in this scene?

24: Peter causes comic relief in this scene because her gets handed a guest list, and cannot read. He has a very uptight personality and is very stressed out about little things. He also finds someone to read the guest list to him and it turns out to be Romeo. He tells him that there is going to be a magnificent party at the Capulet’s and everyone is invited except the Montague family.

25: Why does Romeo decide to crash the Capulet party? Does Shakespeare provide any fore shadowing of the future events?

26: Romeo decides to crash the Capulet party because when he was reading the Guest list to the servant who couldn’t read, he saw Rosaline’s name of the guest list and wanted to meet up with her, because he was madly in love with her. Yes, Shakespeare provides foreshadowing because Benvolio tells Romeo that he will point out other pretty girls at the party and he will fall madly in love again and forget all about Rosaline. It also tells us that Juliet is really pretty and we suspect something will happen between the two.

27: How does Juliet feel about marriage? How does she feel about Paris?

28: Juliet does not want to be married but she wants to make her parents happy. She says it is an ho nor she does not dream of. Both of her parents want her to get married to Paris but she thinks that he is old and not really in love with him. She thinks that he is not marrying her for love, but just to be part of the Capulet family. To impress her parents she tells them that she will at least look at Paris and see what happens.

29: Describe the Nurse character.

30: The nurse is an old lady who works in the Capulet house. She is always telling dirty jokes and always seems to be thinking very dirty thoughts. She only has four teeth and lost her virginity at about the age of 13. She seems like a very dirty minded person and a bit of a psycho nurse.

31: What are the boys about to do in this scene?

32: The boys are on their way to crash the Capulet’s party. They have their torches ready so they can make their way through the dark and they have masks on. In is a masquerade party and that also helps them cover their images, because Montague’s are not allowed. Romeo is following behind and is all glum and sad because he is thinking about Rosaline.

33: Why does Romeo feel so jumpy?

34: Romeo feels so jumpy because he had a dream that the party that they were going to would lead up to his own death, which it actually ends up happening.

35: Describe the type of person Mercutio is.

36: Mercutio is a very long winded person which means that when he gets talking about something, he can go on and on about it. We get the picture that he is in love with Romeo and he seems like a very hyper acting, goofy and he is a party person.

37: Why did Shakespeare include the scene with the servants?

38: Shakespeare includes the scene with the servants so that the actors and actresses can change into their different costumes. It is a masquerade party so they have to get their masks on and be prepared for the scene. They also provide comic relief because they are whining about everything and it gives us a change to enjoy some comedy.

39: What is ironic about Romeos entrance to the party?

40: The thing that is ironic about Romeo’s entrance is that we would think that he would go straight to Rosaline. He was talking about how he was so madly in love with Rosaline and how he had an undying love for her. As soon as he walked into the party and saw Juliet, he fell in love and forgot all about Rosaline.

41: What happens when Tybalt hears Romeo’s voice?

42: When Tybalt hears Romeo’s voice he asks his servants to go fetch his swords because he is mad that Romeo is at the party and he is part of the Montague family and was not invited. Then, Lord Capulet says that he should not start a fight because he doesn’t want his party to be ruined by Tybalt and Romeos fight.

43: How does Romeo convince Juliet to kiss him so quickly?

44: Romeo convinces Juliet to kiss him so quickly because he kind off plays mind games with her. He is going on about how lovely her hands are and says that he wants to kiss her. Juliet then says that holding hands is just like kissing, but he leans in and kisses her anyway. Juliet then says that sin was on her lips, so he takes it back by kissing her again. Then she agrees that he is a great kisser. He gets to kiss her by playing mind games and flattering her.

45: What foreshadowing do we get at the end of act 1 scene 5?

46: The foreshadowing that we get at the end of act 1, scene 5 is that Tybalt is angry at Romeo for coming to the party without being invited. Tybalt says that he will get Romeo back and then we get the idea that trouble with happen. Another example is when Juliet is saying that she wants to marry Romeo and will settle for no one else. She says that she wants to marry him only, or else she would die alone. She gives us the hint that they will get married and that she might die.

47: Where do Mercutio and Benvolio believe Romeo is hiding?

48: Mercutio and Benvolio believe that Romeo is hiding in the bushes with Rosaline. They think that they are doing a bit more than just talking. They think that they got back together at the party, but Romeo actually got with Juliet.

49: What is Romeo actually doing?

50: Romeo actually just finished jumping over an orchard to get to the Capulet’s residence. He is in the dark bushes underneath her balcony spying on her. Then Juliet comes out and talks about how much she loves Romeo. Romeo then pops out of the bushes and they confess their love to each other.

51: What things does Romeo compare Juliet to?

52: Romeo compares Juliet to an envious moon, the Eastern sun, and shining stars in the night sky. He also compares himself as a sailor and her to be the merchandise.

53: More irony: Why does Shakespeare make Mercutio and Benvolio talk about ‘Physical love’ in the scene right before the balcony scene where Romeo and Juliet talk about emotional love?

54: Mercutio is talking about all of the physical parts of love. He is talking about how Romeo is in the bushes with Rosaline. He is jealous of Romeo because he wants to be with him, but then it turns out that Romeo is at Juliet’s balcony confessing his love to her. Shakespeare put these two scenes right beside each other so that they can show how much Romeo and Juliet care about each other. They talk a little a bit about the physical stuff, but they don’t want to get into it. They love each other and that is what Shakespeare wants to show.

55: A famous from the scene is “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” What does this mean?

56: This means that it doesn’t matter what you name is, it is who you are inside. If you call a rose a daffodil it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a rose anymore. Juliet says that if Romeo changes his name it does not matter because he is still Romeo on the inside and she will still love him very much.

57: What does Romeo swear his love by? Why does Juliet not like this?

58: Romeo swears his love by the moon. Juliet doesn’t like this because the moon is always changing and she doesn’t want their love to keep changing. She would like her love to stay the same and not be changing as often as the moon does.

59: Who proposes? What is the plan?

60: Juliet is the one who proposes to Romeo and asks him to marry her. The plan is that Romeo is going to ask Friar about marriage and to marry him and Juliet. They are going to meet each other at the church at 9:00AM to be married the next day.

61: What does Romeo go do immediately after leaving Juliet?

62: Immediately after leaving Juliet Romeo goes to find Friar Lawrence, because he wants him to marry them. Friar agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet.

63: What does Friar Lawrence think about Romeo’s sudden change in love interests?

64: Friar Lawrence thinks that Romeo never really loved Rosaline and that it was all in his head. Last time that Friar saw Romeo he is crying because Rosaline didn’t love him. Romeo still had a dried tear on his cheek. Now Romeo loves Juliet and the Friar has a feeling it is all about looks.

65: What does Friar Lawrence think of Romeos suggestion? Why does he agree to help?

66: Friar Lawrence thinks that it may be good for Romeo and Juliet to get married because then it might bring the two families together. The two getting married might end the feud and they will stop their fighting.

67: What has happened as a result of the Party-Crashing?

68: The result of the party crashing was that Tybalt sent a letter to the Montague’s house challenging to a duel. He was very angry with Romeo for coming to the Capulet’s party without being invited. He is so mad at Romeo that he challenges him to a fight.

69: What does Mercutio call Tybalt and why?

70: Mercutio calls Tybalt better than the Prince of Cats and he is the best swordsman that Mercutio knows and he is even better so he is basically saying that he is a really good swordsman and could kill anyone.

71: Why is Mercutio so crude when describing Romeo’s night?

72: Mercutio is so crude because he is jealous of Romeo spending the whole night with Rosaline( Which didn’t really happen) and he doesn’t really believe in love. Mercutio thinks that love is all about the physical stuff and he also doesn’t like women at all.

73: How does Mercutio treat the nurse?

74: Mercutio treats the nurse really horribly because first of all, he hates all women and she is a bigger lady and is very obnoxious. He thinks that she is very ugly and that she is trying to seduce Romeo, but she really just wants to talk about Romeo and Juliet’s wedding.

75: What is interesting about the way the Nurse and Peter speak to one another?

76: The Nurse and Peter talk to each other in full sentences and they do not speak in iambic pentameter. This shows that they both are not very educated and that is why they do not talk like Romeo does.

77: What do the Nurse and Romeo decide to do regarding the marriage?

78: Romeo and the Nurse have decided to meet behind the church in the later afternoon so that Romeo and Juliet can finally be married. Nurse, Romeo, Friar and Juliet are the only ones who know about the wedding, because they do not want the Montague and Capulet families to fight and call off the wedding.

79: What is the mood of the scene?

80: The mood of the scene is overall pretty happy because they are all joking around about Romeo and him being out all night. Romeo is actually joking back because he is finally happy for once in his life, after meeting Juliet. In this scene the mood is also a bit secretive because the Nurse and Romeo are keeping secrets between them.

81: What happens in this scene?

82: In this scene Juliet is impatiently waiting for the Nurse to come back and tell her what Romeo said about the wedding. The Nurse promised to be back in half an hour but was two hours late. When the nurse comes back she is withholding the information but then finally tells Juliet to meet Romeo right this instant. Juliet thanks the nurse then runs out the door.

83: Why does the Nurse torture Juliet the way she does?

84: The Nurse tortures Juliet the way she does because the nurse loves to be in the centre of attention and wants to keep the attention on her for as long as possible so she goes on and on.

85: Analyze Friar Lawrence’s speech to Romeo- Not really a bubble, pre wedding type speech, is it?

86: Friar Lawrence’s speech to Romeo is about how he should not love another woman (Juliet) too much just like when you eat too much honey, even though it tastes good it can give you an awful stomach ache. It is not really a good pre-wedding speech because he is telling them not to love each other too much and he is saying this on their wedding day. The wedding day is when they are supposed to confess their love to each other and he is telling them not to love too much.

87: What happens in this scene?

88: Juliet goes to the church and meets Romeo there. Romeo is waiting for her with Friar Lawrence and the he tells Romeo that he has to be careful with Juliet and not love her too much. Friar Lawrence then sees how in love Romeo and Juliet are with each other and says that he will not leave them alone until they are married. Then Romeo and Juliet are on their way to be married.

89: Act 3 scene 1 What happens between Tybalt and Mercutio?

90: What does Romeo do in retaliation?

91: In retaliation Romeo kills Tybalt. He cannot believe that he killed Mercutio, and Mercutio was his very best friend, he wants revenge so then he kills Tybalt, even though Tybalt is now his own family.

92: How have Romeo’s own choices led to his own downfall?

93: Romeos own choices have led to his downfall because he chose to go after Tybalt because Tybalt killed Mercutio and he wants revenge and it causes him to get banished from Verona?

94: What creates a tragic hero?

95: A tragic hero is the main character in the story that does something to create their own downfall.

96: What is Romeo’s fatal flaw?

97: Romeo’s fatal flaw is that he is very impulsive and does not think things through before he does them. He did not thing about falling in love with Rosaline and Juliet, about marrying the families’ enemy and many other things.

98: What happens after the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? | After the fight between Romeo and Tybalt, Tybalt ends up dead and then Romeos runs away. Then most of the Capulet’s, the prince, a few Montague’s show up. Lady Capulet is screaming and crying because of Tybalt death, she was currently having a affair with him (even though he is her nephew) so she was very upset. The Prince had just said that whoever killed anyone was then going to executed .

99: How is this the turning point in the story? | This is the turning point in the story because since Romeo and Tybalt were fighting, it caused Romeo to get banished from Verona. Since he was banned, this led to Juliet faking he own death and then Romeo thinks that she is actually dead and kills himself. Jukliet then wakes up and finds Romeo dead and kills herself. This sceen made the whole story happen and wiothout it the story would have not ended up the way it did.

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