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Romeo and Juliet

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FC: Romeo and Juliet

1: Question1. What things are introduced during the first prologue ? That Romeo and Juliet are going to fall in love and die . | Question.2 Question.2 The setting is in Italy in the city of Verona. The families are very rich. They like to fight. The city is ruled by a Prince. | Question3 The lines I didn't understand were: "From forth fatal loins" - means Romeo and Juliet are born "star-crossed" means fated in the starx

2: Act 1 Scene 1 1.The whole city is fighting in the middle of the street. The feud is so big that the families, the servants, and even random townspeople fight. The whole city is involved. 2. Taking the wall means walking beside the wall so you don’t get pooped on when they throw out the poop. There was no plumbing so they threw stuff out the window. 3.Biting your tongue is very disrespectful it is like fingering people. 4.Benvolio is a peaceful character, who doesn’t like fighting, and is always willing to tattle when things go wrong.

3: 5.The punishment is death for fighting on the street even though they try to stop fighting. This is ironic because they have to start fighting to stop fighting. 6. The Prince does not like civil unrest because eventually the city will fall apart because everyone will start fighting. 7. My first impression of Romeo is that he is stupid and weird. He cries every morning.

4: Act1 scene2 1.Paris is an old guy that is loaded with money and wants to marry Juliet. 2.Capulet wants Juliet to be happy and let her marry however she wants to marry. 3.Juliet has very little power over her talk. 4.He replies this relief because they cannot read, he has spasm attack because they gave him a note he can’t read. 5.Rosalyn was their so Romeo crashed the party.

5: Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 3 1.Juliet doesn’t like the fact that she has to marry, and she really doesn’t like the fact that her dad wants her to marry Paris. 2.The nurse is disgusting because she says dirty comments and jokes, and she makes fun of Juliet. She had a husband who died, and her daughter also died. She only has 4 teeth!

6: Act 1, Scene 4 1.They are about to crash a party. | 2.Romeo is jumpy because he had a bad dream about dying at the party. | 3.Mercutio likes to party and is gay. He does not like girls

7: Act 1, Scene 5 1.He added the servants to give funny relief and so the actors could have time to change. 2.He walks in and sees Juliet and instantly falls in love. This is ironic because he is supposed to go find Rosaline. 3.Tybalt gets so mad and wants to kill Romeo, but he can't because Capulet won't let him. 4. Romeo just kisses Juliet without permission. He talks about getting rid of his sins and then he kisses, and then kisses her again to take his sin back. 5. There is foreshadowing because Juliet said if he is married then her wedding will be her death bed.

8: Act 2 Scene 1 1. Mercutio and Benvolio think Romeo is hiding in the bushes with Rosaline. 2. Romeo is actully spying on Juliet. 3. Romeo compares Juliet to the sun, and her eyes are like stars.

9: . 4 Act 2 Scene 2 1.Shakespeare puts Mercutio's speech before Romeo's speech to even things out and to tell us that Romeo is truly in love with Juliet. 2. 'A rose by any other name will still be a rose' means that if Juliet calls Romeo any other name, he'll still be the man she loves. 3. Romeo swears his love by the moon but Juliet doesn't like that because the moon changes. 4. Juliet proposes but makes it seem like Romeo did. Their plan is to get married in secret the next day.

10: Act 2 Scene 3 1.When Romeo leaves Juliet he goes straight to Friar Lawrence to ask if he could marry them. 2. Friar Lawrence think it is weird of Romeo to change love so quickly. He is worried that Romeo just likes Juliet because of her physical appearance. 3. Friar Lawrence agrees to help because he thinks the wedding might make the two families be friends finally.

11: Act 2 Scene 4 Act 2 Scene 4 1.They are on their way to Capulet’s masquerade party. They are not invited. 2.Romeo says he feels jumpy because he had a dream about his death and his death was a result of this party. 3.Mercutio doesn’t like girls and always says rude things about them, no matter who it is. He likes Romeo, maybe even more than a friend! He is a little bit nuts and likes to hear himself talk. He is related to the Prince.

12: Act 2 Scene 5 & 6 What happens in this scene ? 1. In this scene the nurse comes back late from asking Romeo if he loved Juliet. Juliet is feeling nervous, but then happy when the Nurse tells her Romeo said yes. 2. The Nurse bugs Juliet the way she does because the Nurse doesn't think that Romeo is yery good for her and he is a cry baby. 3. In scene 6, the friar thinks it is too early for marriage. He warns them to slow things down. 4. Friar Lawrence's speech is very quick because he wants to get it over with. He also talks about misfortune and 'love devouring death'.

13: Act 3 secne 1 1. Tybalt and mercutio start fighting and Romeo tries to stop fighting and mercutio end up getting killed. 2. Romeo goes to kill tybalt 3. Romeo makes horable choices in life by marring juliet and getting in to fights 4.Romeo is the tragic hero killing for his own life 5.Romeo is impulsive by making a lot of mistakes. 6. Romeo runs of and the prince decids to banish romeo 7. the turnig point is when juliet trise to kill her self 7.

14: Act3 scene 2 1. It is confusing when Romeo is banished and Juliet gets mad. 2. The four antheses are "dove-feathered raven", "wolfish-ravening lamb", an "honorable villain" and a "damned saint". She uses these because she is mad because Romeo killed her cousin, but on the other hand she still loves him. 3. At first Juliet hates Romeo then forgives him. She then cries and cries. 4. She gets mad at the Nurse for yelling at her husband. 5. The Nurse brings Romeo to Juliet to spent the last night together.

15: Act 3 scene 3 1. The Frier and Romeo are like brothers, and Romeo always goes to the Friar for help. 2. Romeo thinks that suicide and death would be preferable to banishment, and threatens to kill himself. He doesn't think things through. 3. The Frier suggests that to go to Mantua until things even up with Romeo and the prince. 4. The scene ends when the Nurse goes to find Romeo. She finds Romeo on the floor crying and tells him to be a man so he goes to Juliet.

16: Act 3 scene 4 1. The count and capulet decides that Juliet is to marry the count. 2.Lord Capulet thinks that the wedding is a wonderfull but he dose not have a very good relationship. Act 3 scene 5 1. Juliet wants Romeo to stay so she makes Romeo think that the bird was a nightingale not a lark. 2.Romeo said she looks pale like drand of bood. 3.Juliet says that she dose not want 4. The way Juliets Dad acted was Angery he gave her two choices ether marry paris or don't live in my house. 5.

17: Act 4 Scene 1 1. Paris is at the church to arrange the wedding. Paris tells the Friar they are getting married so soon so Juliet is not upset anymore. 2. Juliet is trying to tell Paris that she does not like him and likes Romeo. She says "that may be when I may be a wife" which means a) don't call me your wife til we're married and b) I'm already a wife, so don't call me your wife. 3Juliet takes the dagger to her chest like Romeo does. 4.Juliet would rather fall off a tower or lay in a pile of dead guys than marry Paris. 5. The plan is to have Juliet drink the poison. The poison will make her have no pulse, and be cold and look dead. They will take her to the crypt and lay her by Tybalt. She will be 'dead' for 42 hours. And when she wakes up Romeo will be there and they'll go to Mantua.

18: Act 4 scene 2 1. If the cook does not lick there fingers that means their food is to discusting. 2. Lord Capulet macks the wedding a day earlier Act 4 scene 3 1. Juliet is woreid about if the frier is out to get her. 2. Juliet is thinking she will start to dances with Tybalt. Act 4 scene 4 1. The scene was whjen they organised the wedding.

19: Act 4 scene 5 1. They personify Death by saying he is married to Juliet. 2. Juliet's parents are concerned about Juliet's death but they do have to mention about the money- mostly Capulet. 3. The Frier tells the family to stop their crying because they made her live so miserably. 4. The scene with the musicians provides comic relief and so they can get the next scene changed.

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