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Romeo and Juliet

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FC: Romeo and Juliet Prologue Qustions By Sage

1: 1)What things are introduced during the first Prologue? Why do you think Shakespeare chose to tell us what he did in the prologue? | The things introduced during the first prologue were that there was to family’s that have been fighting forever and how both of the family’s are like the same in social status and are very similar. And it also tell us that the kids of the two family’s fall in love and both end up dyeing. | I think the reason that Shakespeare decided to tell us the information in the prologue because it would maybe help us understand it. He doesn’t have to write a whole act just to explain the fighting.

2: 2)Setting doesn’t just include the location. It also includes the time, the circumstances of the characters, the social structure, and many other issues, Summarize the setting of this story as outlined by the prologue? | Verona is the name of the city. We know Verona is in Italy and it is a city state, so there is no king. We know both families are equal with social status. We know it is Renaissance times.

3: 3)Choose three words or phrases that you encounters in the prologue that seemed confusing or difficult. Explain what you mean. I dident get what 4 ment and the line was Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean and it means civil people will be fighting on the streets. A nother one is 13 witch was The which if you with patient ears attend. and it means so lissen carfully. And one more is 14 that was What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend. Exit. And it means We shall work to show you what happened.

4: 1.What does the fight between the Servants tell us about the feud in Romeo and Juliet? That this fight has brain washed the city and it shows that the fight extends not just to the family but to like everyone.

5: 2.What does it mean to “take the wall” ? The streets and made in a v shape and if you want to dump out your waste. and it means to walk along the wall and not get hit by waste

6: 3.What is wrong with biting your thumb at someone? It’s the old way of giving some one the “finger” now.

7: 4.What kind of character is Benvolio? How is he antithetical to Tybalt? Benvolio is a tattle tail and Tybalt is the evil one and basically they are complete opposite.

8: 5.What is the punishment for fighting on the streets as decreed by the prince? How is that ironic? If they got caught fighting they would be killed. That’s ironic because he is stopping them from killing them self.

9: 6.Why does it bother the prince so much that there is Civil unrest in Verona? The prince wants peace and no matter what he does nothing works and he is getting insulted.

10: 7.What is your first impression of Romeo? Why is he acting the way he is? How does this set up Romeo for the rest of the play? My first impression of Romeo is that he is a cry baby freak and is kind of a creeper because he loves this girl and barley knows anything about her but that she is pretty, and that he loves her. And Roselyn is because she is becoming a nun and he has no chance and has been shun. And when he see that he Juliet is pretty and he falls in love and it is going to be a very thence relationship, even if it’s a bit shallow.

11: Act1, scene 2 1)Who is Paris? He is this creepy old rich guy who wants to marry Juliet. 2)In this scene, what impression do we get of lord Capulet? How does he feel about Juliet and marriage? He begins the play as a caring parent, wanting Juliet to marry for love and be a bit older before she gets married. 3)How much power does Juliet have over her own life? What evidence do we see of this? She has little power over her own life (in this scene). She doesn’t even get to organize her own marriage. 4)How does Peter, the Capulet servant, provide comic relief in this scene? Peter provides humor because he asked Romeo to read the names and then tells Romeo that no Montague’s are allowed at the party, not realizing Romeo is a Montague. He also is pretty spastic and freaks out a lot.

12: 5)Why dose Romeo decide to crash the Capulet party? Dose Shakespeare provide any foreshadowing of future events? Romeo crashes the party because he sees that Rosaline’s name is on the list. We know something is going to happen because Romeo is a selfish person who only goes after girls for looks, and we’ve been told Juliet is beautiful.

13: Act1, scene 3 1)How does Juliet feel about Paris? She thinks he is old and ugly and he only wants to marry her because of her family. She kind of said she would look at him, but doesn't really want to marry him - only if her parents really wanted her to marry him. 2)Describe the Nurse character? She is a dirty old lady and has a very dirty mind and she lost her virginity around the age of 13 … and she only has four teeth. She was married with a daughter who was the same age as Juliet, but her husband and kid are both dead.

14: Act 1 Scene 4 1)What are the boys about to do in this scene? They are on their way to crash the party. But Romeo is all sad and depressed. And he is not making Benvolio and Mercutio have fun. 2)Why does Romeo fell Jumpy He had a dream that something was going to happen to him and he is going to die.

15: 3)Describe the type of person Mercutio is. Use clues from his behavior and his speech? He might be gay because it sounds like he likes Romeo and he goes on and on he is related to the prince and he has a good laid back life. He likes to party. And he wanted to get his point across.

16: Act1 scene 4 1.Why did Shakespeare include the part with the servants? So the actors have time to change costumes, to intrude the party and is a bit of comic relief. 2.What is ironic about Romeos ironic to the party? That he would go right to Rosaline but the first person he sees that is Juliet… and he just forgets about Rosaline. 3. What happens when Tybalt hears Romeos voice ? He asks his servant to go get the sword and he wants to get him out of the party but then Capulet stops him because he doesn’t want to have a fight at his party

17: 4. How dose Romeo convince Juliet to kiss him so fast? He plays mind games with her and he resorts to cheesy flirting.. and then she said that hand shake is good enough and that kissing and holing hands are the same and then he said he perched his sins then he kisses her agene.. and she likes him. 5. What foreshadowing to we get? That she is talking about marriage. and she asks the nurse to ask if he is married and then she said that if she will never marry. When Tybalt say that he is going to get revenge on Romeo.

18: Act 2 Scene 1 1.Where did Mercutio and Benvolio believe Romeo is hiding? In the trees… with Rosalyn… and his is doing dirty things. But Benvolio thinks he is just crying in the bushes like Romeo does every morning. Mercutio is very rude about women because he wishes he was with Romeo. 2.What is Romeo doing actually? He is talking to Juliet and he is tell her how much he loves her. He and Juliet barely talk about physical love; he is all for emotions. Romeo is now in love with her and he is ready for his family to maybe hate them because their families hate one another. 3.What things does Romeo compare Juliet to? The sun, and says the moon is jealous of her brightness, and he compares her eyes to stars, and a baby hawk.

19: Act 2 Scene2 4.More irony: why does Shakespeare make Mercutio and Benvolio talk about ‘Physical love’ in the scene right before the balcony scene , where Romeo and Juliet talk about emotional love? Mercutio believes that love is just a physical thing and Romeo thinks he truly loves Juliet and there is nothing about physical love between them. It shows how genuine (if not nave) Romeo is. 5.A famous line from scene is “that witch we call a rose by another name would smell as sweet” What does this mean? This is a meaning that you can like call something its not but it will still be itself and it means that Romeo is a Montague but he will always be Juliet’s Romeo. 6.What does swear by his love by? Why does Juliet not like this? He is swearing by the moon and she doesn’t like it because the moon changes all the time. She doesn’t want his love to change, like the moon. 7.Who proposes? What is the plan? Juliet pretty much proposes but makes it so Romeo think that he did and the plans are to do it in secret. Romeo has to contact the friar, and then send for Juliet by 9am.

20: Act2, Scene3 1.What does Romeo go do immediately after leaving Juliet? He goes and asks the Friar to marry Juliet and Romeo. 2.What does Friar Lawrence think about Romeo’s sudden change in love interest? Friar Lawrence thinks that Romeo doesn’t what love is about. He thinks that Romeo’s instant switch from Rosaline to Juliet is that he is just in it for looks. 3.What does Friar Lawrence think of Romeo’s suggestion? Why does he agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Friar thinks that he is stupid … and then Lawrence decides to marry them because it might stop the feud between the families.

21: Act2, Scene 4 1.What happened as the result of the party crashing? Is that Tybalt wants to fight Romeo because he came to the party uninvited, and that Lord Capulet dissent want him to fight at the party and make a big scene. 2.What does Mercutio call Tybalt and why? He called him the prince of cats and it was the nick name for a sword fighter, and he is saying that Tybalt is a very good sword fighter. 2.Why is Mercutio so crude when describing Romeo’s night? Mercutio is so crude because he likes Romeo and knowing that he could be with a girl. 3.How does Mercutio treat the nurse? He treats he really mean, because he thinks that the nurse has the hot’s for Romeo but she is actually telling him what to do about Juliet and Romeo getting married.

22: 4.What is interesting about the way the nurse and Peter speak to one another? That they are not very smart and that you know they are servants. 5.What do the nurse and Romeo decide to do regarding the marriage? In about an hour they will meet behind the Abby. And the nurse will bring Juliet, and Romeo is going to bring a rope ladder so he can climb in to Juliet’s room. 6.What is the mood of the scene? Everyone is happy and it is one of the happiest scene’s in the whole story.

23: Act 2 Scene 5 1.In this scene, the Nurse comes back and tells Juliet that Romeo said yes and she is to meet him at the church. 2.The Nurse at first pretends that Romeo said no, and then she just keeps changing the subject. I think she does this because its just how the nurse acts.

24: Act 2 Scene 6 1.Romeo and Juliet get married. 2. Its not a normal wedding speech and he kind of foreshadows their deaths.

25: Act 3 Scene 2 1. The confusion in this scene is that Juliet thinks that the nurse is talking about Romeo when she comes in saying he is dead … but she was actually talking about Tybalt. 2. Juliet finds out Romeo was the one who killed Tybalt and yells at him, calling him a “fiend angelical”, “beautiful tyrant”, “wolfish-ravening lamb”, and a “dove-feathered raven”. She uses antithesis here because she still loves him, but she is mad at him because he killed her cousin. 3. Juliet feels angry with Romeo, but she doesn’t hate him.

26: 4. Juliet gets mad at the Nurse for insulting her husband. This shows us that Juliet thinks her marriage is still good and she is still loyal. 5. Juliet starts bawling about how Romeo is banished and that she may as well kill herself, so the Nurse gets frustrated and then she says that she’ll go to get Romeo so she doesn’t have to deal with Juliet.

27: Act 3 Scene 3 1.The relationship between Romeo and the Friar is a good it kind of seams that Friar is like Romeos mentor and tells him what to do. 2. When Romeo says that he would rather die then get banished. 3. For Romeo to go out of the town for a bit and when everything cools down come back and make peace with the prince. 4. It ends with Romeo in a much better mood because he gets to leave and spend the night with Juliet.

28: Act 3 Scene 4 1.Juliet’s fate is that she is getting married to Paris on Thursday. 2.His only concern is that everyone is still upset about Tybalt. And his relationship with his daughter is that they kind of hate one other because Juliet will not marry Paris.

29: Act 3 Scene 5 1.When Romeo and Juliet are arguing about what time it is because of what kind of birds they can hear then Romeo said Juliet was right and said he would stay but if he got caught he would probly get killed. 2.The foreshadowing Shakespeare gives us as Romeo leaves is when he said he is looking like a dead corps at a bottom of a coffin.

30: 3.Juliet reacts to what her mom tells he by being mad and arguing because she doesn’t want to marry Paris and she keeps like using dabble meaning like she would rather marry her enemy Romeo. 4.Capulet reacts to what Juliet says is that she should go DIE in the streets for all he cares ... 5.Capulet shows he is not a good farther when he says tell thee what: get thee to church o’ Thursday, or never after look me in the face. Speak not, reply not, do not … 6.Juliet says she is going to the church for confession… but she is actually getting a potion and the nurses says she should just marry Paris.

31: Act 4 Scene 1 1.Paris is at the church because he is setting up wedding arrangements, because by Thursday everyone will be over Tybalt’s death. 2.When Juliet says she would rather marry Romeo and all this stuff then marrying Paris. 3.When she said she was going to kill her self because she doesn’t want to marry Paris. 4.Juliet would rather get chained with roaring bears. Go to her grave… anything to get out of marrying Paris. 5. the Friars plan is that Juliet will take a drink and she will go in a deep sleep and look dead and then she will wake and run away with Romeo.

32: Act 4 Scene 2 1.Why is the servant man blathering on about cooks who lick their fingers? Because if the cooks lick their friends then it means they like their food and if they don’t it means their food probly is not too great. 2.What is an unexpected result of Juliet telling her father she’ll marry Paris? Capulet is so happy Juliet agrees to marry Paris that he moves the wedding up one day to Wednesday. Act 4 Scene 3 1.Juliet is unsure of taking the poison for a couple of reasons. Describe them. Juliet fears that the poison has never been used and that the Friar wants to poison her, and she could die. She worries that she’ll wake up inside the crypt and go crazy or that she’ll suffocate in the crypt alone. 2.What thing does she imagine that finally convinces her to drink the potion? The one thing that convinces her to drink the poison is when she day dreams about Romeo.

33: Act 4 Scene 4 1.What is this scene all about? They just prepared for the wedding and then the nurse was going to wake up Juliet. Act 4 Scene 5 1.How is Death personified in this scene? I think it could be compared to man because Capulet told Paris that "he was missed his chance to marry Juliet because Death has married her first." 2.Are Juliet parents unconcerned by her death, or angry that they don’t get to marry her to Paris? Explain your answer. They kind of don’t really care, and they said now they are going to change the wedding into a funeral. 3.What does the Friar tell the family to stop them from shouting out in grief? That they don’t have to pay for a funeral just change the wedding into a funeral. 4.What is the reason for having the argument between Peter and the musicians? So the people can move Juliet in the back… so its just randomly their.

34: Act 5 Scene 3 The author of the play is Shakespeare and the play has a lot of genre of the play could be love, humor, death, fight.. the plot of the play is about how to people fall in love and both their families hate each other and they don’t even know why but the kids fell in love and then in the end they both die. The best is how Mercutio is so sick minded and I is so funny and another one is when the people die. the worst thing of the play is how stupid the Romeo is when he like thinks he falls in love at first site like twice and the first one didn’t even like him another one is how the Paris guy is so old and he likes a 14 year old. I rate this book a 4 it has a good story line and it is very funny but has some stupid parts. I think people should read this because they will enjoy reading it and has a little reading challenge to it.

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