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Romeo and Juliet Awnsers

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BC: Finished! THE End! DONE! !!YAY!!

FC: Romeo & Juliet Study Notes By: Jamie

1: The Prolouge | In the first Prolouge, it introduces where the people are, why they are fighting, not really what time it is but you SHOULD be able to tell by thier clothing. I think he chose to tell us what we are going to see so we KNOW what to expect!

2: 2.It doesn't tell when [the time]. The Social Structures in the time is still by classes (the main characters are from the upper class). Who: the main characters are: Romeo and Juliet, and thier families. Where: in Verona. | 3. Piteous: evoking or deserving pity; pathetic star-crossed lovers : thwarted by the stars (fated to be doomed) What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend: We shall work to show you what happened.

3: Act 1 Scence 1

4: 1. The fight between servants tells us about the fued in Romeo and Juliet because it shows that something that happened sooo long ago, The Montigues nad Capulets are still fighting over. But even other townsfolk take sides, about a fight that nobody even remembers the reason. | 2. 'To take the wall' means to walk along the walls instead of in the gutter. (So you wouldn't get the waste dropped on you!)

5: 3. it is wrong to bite your thumb at someone cuz it's like to finger someone. | 4. Benviolio is tattle tail (very senstive..) but he wants peace and the fued to end. Tybolt is very mean a, violent and loves to fight, he has said 'I hate peace.'.

6: 5. The punishment for fighting the other family is death. Theis is beacause the prince had, had enough fighting between the Montigues and the Capulets. | 6. It bothers the prince because he wants peace, and no matter what he does he can't get peace. to him it is a personal insult, it makes him seem like a bad prince by not being able to handle his subjects.

7: 7. My first impression of Romeo is that he is shallow, a sissy, and a creeper becasue he loves a girl that doesn' even know him. He is love-sick. He is in love witha chick named Rosaline who is becoming a nun. She is basically shunning him.

8: Act 1 scene ii

9: 1. Paris is a man who wants to marry Juliet. | 2. He doesn’t want Juliet to marry unless it is for love. He thinks to many girls go and get married and then grow up to fast. He wants Juliet to live through her life happy. He wants Paris to wait two more years.

10: 3. Juliet has some power over her life, but she listens to her parents and if they do want her to do something, she will obey without arguing. | 4.He is very high strong, he is has a rant because he can’t read. He goes and finds Romeo, and he invites them to the party because he doesn’t know their Montague’s.

11: 2.Because he sees Rosaline’s name on the guest list. Yes, he does because he is shallow and Benvilio kept saying Romeo wou;d froget about Rosaline wih all of the other pretty girls at the party.

12: Act1 Scence iii

13: 2. The nusre is a very diry old lady, she is always sayign dirty jokes and rambles on about the most unimportant things. | 1. Juliet doesn't want to get married. She thinks that even though it's an honor, she won't take part in one.

14: Act one Scence 4

15: 1. They are going to crash the Capulets party. | 2. He's feeling jumpy because he had a dream the night before, that something bad was going to happen.

16: 3. Mercutio is very high-winded, when he gets into a rant, it's hard to calm him down. He might have a crush on romeo, (hence he also be dreaming about someone he knows he can't have). He is also a party-boy, and he is related to the prince so he can happily go from party to party with out a problem!

17: Act 1 Scence 5

18: 1. So the acters have tome to change, becasue it's a maskaraid ball. That is the primary reason for that scence. it is also to introduce the play, and for some comic relief. 2.Becaue you would think that he would go and look for Rosaline, but as soon as he see Juliet (which was about 2 seconds after he came), he totally forgot about Rosaline.

19: 3. He wanted to fight Romeo, but his Uncle (capulet), yellsa t him and tell him that he is NOT allowed to ruin his party. Tybolt gets mad and leaves. 4. He plays a mind game with her, and gets her kind of confused, he resorts to chessy comparasions. 5.We get the fact that there will be a fight later (tybolt takes the fact that 'Romeo' crashed the party, and takes it personaly). Juliet has already decided she wants to marry Romeo, and the fact the she's proably going to die soon. | 1. Because

20: Act 2 Scene 1

21: 1. They thought that Romeo was in the bushes with Rosaline. 2. Romeo was actually going to go and see Juliet. Once he got there he spied on her as she talked to herself about him. 3. He compares her to the Sun and the stars.

22: Act 2 Scene 2

23: 4. It shows that as the boys have a more sinical look on life, they think of 'physical love' as Romeo and Juliet are talking about how much they love each other and thier ready to get married, so they are thinking of 'emotional love'. I also think it's becaue thier teenage boys (that Benvolio and Mercutio think of the 'physical love'). 5. That even though their parents are in a fude it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be together just becasue of their last name. 6. He swears it by the moon. Juliet doesn't like this becasue she says the moon always changes. 7. Juliet proposes. Romeo needs to go and get things set up with Frier Lawerance, and bring word back to Juliet at nine.

24: Act 2 Scene 3

25: 1. He goes to Friar Lawerence, to ask if he will marry him to Juliet. 2. He thinks Romeo should think before he get's into something he can't handle. Why shpuld he marry them if Romeo sees a different girl and wants to leave Julliet? | 3.He thinks it's weird but he agree's to it because he thinks it will end the fude between the Capulets and Montigues.

26: Act 2 Scene 4

27: 1. Tybolt sends a letter to Romeo saying he wants to fight. 2. He calls him a King of the Cats. This is because even though Tybolt fights like a gentleman, he still fights which makes him a cat. | 3. Becasue he thinks he's with Rosaine, and he was up all night. 4. He treats her very badly and kept insulting her. | 5. She is very mean to him and treats him like dirt.

28: 6. To keep it a secret. | 7. HAppy, becasue for the fisrt time, romeo wasn't pouting.

29: Act 2 Scene 5

30: 1. The nurse comes back from talking to Romeo, to tell Juliet what he says but she doesn't say it rate away. She plays with her words first. After Juliet begs her she finally gives in and tells Juliet that romeo saiod everytihng was ready. | 2. She acts like sometihng wrong happened and Romeo said something bad, but he really said everything is okay. I think she does this becaue she wants to see how desprate Juliet is to find out the anwser.

31: Act 2 Scene 6

32: 1. They get maried then, Friar Lawrence is trying to tell Romeo and Juliet to make sure they don't change their minds about being with each other. | 2. He tells Romeo to be sure about what he is doing, and not to just let Juliet sometihng like a fad [Like Rosaline], but to love her forever and stay comitted.

33: Act 3 Scene 1

34: 1. They get into a fight and Tybolt kills Mercutio. 2. Romeo kills Tybolt when he sees that Tybolt killed Romeo. He did it for revenge. 3. Romeo purposely crashes a Capulet party, goes to see Juliet and married her without telling anyone. He's just piling up the things that he shouldn't have done, killing tybolt was probably the last straw, even if no one knew about what he did. | 4. They bring around there own downfall. 5. Romeo's fatal flaw is that he's impulsive. He doesn't really think before he doesn something. 6. The Prince takes Capulet to talk and then to the Montagues to see each side. 7. Becasue this is the piont where Prince has to kick Romeo out of Verona.

35: Act 3 Scenes 2&3

36: 1. Nurse makes it sound like it's Romeo who dies even though it's actually Tybolt. When she tells Juliet, Juilet says it's better Tybolt then Romeo. 2. A damnd saint, an honorable villain! eautiful tyrant! Fiend angelical! | 3.Juliet thinks Romeoid the right thing by killing tybolt because if he hadn't, Tybolt would have killed Romeo. 4. Juliet says she is not allowed to be mad at Romeo because then she would be dishonoring her husband. She says the nurse has no right to scold Romeo becaseu if he hadn't done it, he would be dead. 5. The nurse decides to go and find Romoe so he and Juliet can say 'Good Bye'.

37: 1. Friar Lawerence is bth friend and preacher to Romeo. 2. Romeo says death would be better then banishment because banishment means he can't be with Juliet. | 3. Friar says Romeo should be happy because death means he can't see Juliet but banishment means he might again someday. 4. The nurse tells Romeo that Juliet wants to see him and say 'Good Bye'.

38: Act 3 Scene 4

39: 1.County Paris wants to marry Juliet. | 2.Capulet says Wednesday is too soon but Thursday is enough time to get over Tybolt’s death. Capulet doesn’t have a close relationship with his daughter because he doesn’t take her feeling into consideration.

40: Act 3 Scene 5

41: 1.Juliet says it’s the nightingale calling but Romeo says it’s the larks and he has to go. 2.Romeo and Juliet talk about seeing each other again. And Juliet thinks the next time she see’s Romeo, he’ll be dead. 3.Juliet reacts to her mother announcement by saying she would rather marry Romeo then Paris.

42: 4.When Juliet says she won’t marry Paris her father says if she doesn’t not only will he ever talk to her again, but she can leave the house. 5.‘Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither. Out, you green sickness, carrion! Out, you baggage! You tallow face!’ This quote shows that Capulet is not the best father and doesn’t care very much for Juliet. 6.Juliet says she is going to confession but we all know she isn’t very good at that, because the last time she went to ‘confession’ she got married.

43: Act 4 Scene 1

44: 1. Paris is at the church because he is making sure everything is set for Thursday. He tells the Friar why Juliet is getting married so fast. He says it's for Juliet to get over Tybolts death and be happy. 2. Juliet says something like 'you can't call me a wife till i am a wife!". She says this with double meaning. | 3. She says she wants to kill herself becasuse she can't be with Romeo and doesn't wanna be with Paris. 4. Stay in catacomes, she'd wear the dressage of a dead man and be buried with him, she would wwant to chain herself to a tree with wild bears around her. | 5.

45: Act 4 Scene 2-5

46: 1. The servingman says this because cooks who lick their fingers are good cooks cause they wanna eat there food. If the cook won't, he's probably a bad cook. 2. An unexpected result was Capulet said he'll move the wedding day up to Wednesday instead of Thursday. | 1. She thinks she'll wake-up and Romeo won't be there, That she'll go insane and begin playing games with her ancesters bones, that she'll go insane and dance with Tybolt then kill herself by bashing her head in with a leg bone, and the last one is she's afraid she'll wake-up and sufficate. 2. She remembers Romeo and how happy they'll be together. | Scene 2 | Scene 3

47: 1. This scene is all about them getting ready for the wedding and Nurse is told to go and wake Juliet up. | 1. Death is specified as a person in this scene. Capulet is saying death is is new son-in-law instead of Paris. 2. They are actually both heart-broken because of Juliet's death. I think that Capulet is a little irrated though because he really likes Paris. 3. He tells them to stop because Juliet is 'in a better place now' and wasn't happy marrying Paris in the First place so dieing is like heaven to her already. 4. The reason is because the actors need time to change seens and it would be just plain boring if we had to just watch them move in silence. | Scene 4 | Scene 5

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