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romeo and juliet notes

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S: romeo and juliet

BC: the end | this mixbook was created by jimbob

FC: romeo and juliet notes

1: picture

2: Q: What things are introduced during the first prologue why do you think Shakespeare chose to tell us what he did in the prologue. | A: The thing that he introduced in the first prologue was that Romeo and Juliet were going to be married and then they were going to die.

3: Q: Setting doesn't just include the location. It also includes the time, the circumstances of the characters, the social structure and many other issues. Summarize the setting of this story as outlined by the prologue. | A: The story takes place in Verona during Renanissance times. it is a time of unrest because of the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues.

4: A: Strife-unrest fighting in the streets. Star-crossed- they are in love with their enemy and it is not going to work out. Fatle loins-born from their parents.

5: Act 1 Scene 1 1. The fight between the servants shows us that they hate each other; this shows us that the fight between the Montagues and the Capulets goes through the whole city. 2. To take the wall they would walk along the wall because poop comes falling out the windows. 3. To bite your thumb at someone, it means to give them finger and be disrespectful. 4. Benvolio is nice and is always the first to talk and tattle. He likes peace. Tybalt, on the other hand, likes to fight. 5. The punishment for fighting is death. It is ironic because the Prince wants peace, and to get that he has to kill people. 6. It bothers the Prince because he wants peace. 7. My first impression of Romeo is that emotional and a cry baby. He cries because Rosaline doesn't like him.

6: Act 1 Scene 2 1: Who is Paris? Paris is the person who wants to marry Juliet. He is a friend of her dad's. 2: In this scene, what impresssion do we get of lord capulet? How does he feel about Juliet and marriage? He feels that Juliet is not ready for marriage.but all he cares about is money. | 3. How much power does Juliet have over her own life? Juliet cannot make her own choices because her Mom wants her to marry Paris and she doesn't really like him. 4. How does peter, the capulet servant, provide comic relief in this scene? Peter has to get people from a list but can't read. He then invites Romeo who is a Montague, to the party.

7: 5. Romeo decides to crash the party because he figures out that Rosaline will be there. There is foreshadowing of future events because we know that Romeo is shallow and Benvolio keeps telling Romeo he'll meet a different girl.

8: 1. Juliet is not ready for marriage and she doesn't know Paris. 2. The Nurse cares for Juliet and is loyal to her. She is an older lady. The Nurse only has four teeth. | she is | Act 1 Scene 3

9: Act 1 Scene 4 | 1.The boys are on their way to crash Lord Capulet's party. 2.Romeo had a dream that he would die as a result of something that happens at the party. 3.Mercutio is a big jerk because he wants Romeo to love someone else - he doesn't even believe in love!

10: Act 1 Scene 5 1. Shakespeare included the scene with the servants to provide comic relief, and give the actors time to change. 2. When Romeo walks into the party, he first sees Juliet and then thinks all other girls are crows, even Rosaline, who he first thought was a swan. 3. When Tybalt hears Romeo's voice, he wants to kill to him. He is not allowed to because there is no fighting at Capulet's party.

11: 4. Romeo convinces Juliet to kiss him by basically kissing her first and then tells her he is sin-free by kissing her, and she says "Now I have the sin" so he kisses her again to take the sin back. 5. We get foreshadowing because Juliet and Romeo realize they're enemies.

12: Q: Where does mercutio and benvolio think romeo is hiding? Q: What is romeo actually doing? Q. What does Romeo compare Juliet to? | A: They think that Romeo is hiding under a tree with friut that looks like body parts. A: Romeo is hiding under Juliet's room talking to her. A. Romeo compares her to the sun, and her eyes twinkle like the stars. | Act 2 scene 1

13: 1. Shakespeare puts Mercutio and Benvolio's dirty speech side by side with Romeo's nice speech to show that Romeo is very different from Mercutio. Mercutio is dirty, and Romeo actually feels emotions. 2. If we call by any other name, it will still be a rose. Juliet means that if Romeo was any other name, he'd still be her Romeo. | 3. Romeo swears his love by the moon, and Juliet doesn't like this because the moon is always changing and she doesn't want his love to be changing every single day. 4. Juliet proposes. Their plan is to get married in secret the very next day. | Act 2 Scene 2

14: he doesn't think things through the prince comes and asks what happend | Q: What does Romeo go do immediately after leaving? Q: What does the friar think of Romeo's suggestion? Why does he agree to help? Q: What does the friar think of Romeo's sudden change in love | A: He goes and asks the friar to marry them in secret. A: The friar thinks that this marrage could end the feud between them. A: What the friar thinks of Romeo's sudden change of love is he is happy that romeo is rid of that devil Rosaline. He thinks Romeo has fallen in love too fast with Juliet and he shouldn't get married the next day. | Act 2 Scene 3

15: Act 2 Scene 4 1. Because Romeo crashed the party, Tybalt has sent a letter asking Romeo to fight. 2. Mercutio calls Tybalt the Prince of Cats, who was a famous duelist. This means Tybalt is a really good swordsman. 3. Mercutio is so crude because he doesn't know the meaning of love. He likes Romeo and might be jealous. 4. Mercutio calls the Nurse 'a boat' by yelling 'a sail! a sail!" and he thinks she is asking Romeo out and he thinks she is a gross old lady. 5. The Nurse and Peter talk in full sentences unlike Romeo who talks in poetry and iambic pentameter. This shows that Nurse and Peter are poor and uneducated. 6. The Nurse and Romeo decide to wait one more hour and then meet at Friar Lawrence's church. 7. The mood of the scene is kind of sad because Romeo has to wait, but happy because he only has to wait an hour.

16: Act 2 Scene 5 1. The Nurse has just gotten back from seeing Romeo and is tired from running. Juliet is feeling excited and curious, but the Nurse tells Juliet to calm down so she can breathe. The Nurse messes with Juliet and is mean! 2. The Nurse messes with Juliet because she thinks Romeo is cute, and the Nurse likes being the center of attention.

17: Act 2 Scene 6 1. In this scene, Romeo and Juliet meet in the church with Friar Lawrence. They get married. 2. The speech Friar Lawrence gives them is not really a nice wedding speech. He talks about dying, and love-devouring death, and it sounds like a horror wedding speech.

18: Act 3 Scene 2 1. Juliet feels sad that Romeo killed Tybalt in a duel. 2. Juliet is really upset when the nurse scolds Romeo this reflects her view on her marriage because she is still loyal to romeo. 3. The nurse decides to find Romeo and tell Romeo that Juliet still loves him.

19: Act 3 Scene 3 1. The relation ship between Friar Lawrence and romeo is that they are good friends. 2. He still shows it because he would rather be died then banished . 3. His suggestion to Romeo is to go to Mantua and wait. 4. Romeo heads out to Juliets then goes to Mantua.

20: 1. Juliet would marry Paris on thusday. 2. Capulet doesn't know his daghter he thinks that Juliet will do any thing he asks her to do. | Act 3 Scene 4

21: Act 3 Scene 5 | 1. the significance about larks and nightingales in this scene is 2. 3. lord capuletis very mad that juliet said no to him about marrying paris capulet gives juliet two options. 4. one of the lines says that you will live on the streets if you don't marry paris. 5. Juliet tells the nurse that she will marry paris. i think it is not true.

22: 1. Paris is at the church because he is going to prepare for the wedding. Paris is going to tell the Friar how to set up for the wedding 2. Juliet dosn't want Paris to call her wife until they are married and she is already married to Romeo. 3. Juliet trows heself on the mercy of the Friar and threatens to kill herself. 4. Juliet would rather jump off the battle posts of any tower, walk down the crime-ridden streets, sit in a field full of poisonous snakes. 5. Juliet is to go home, be cheerful, say she will marry paris make sure that she is alone, take the vial, mix its contents with liquor, drink it. the drug will run through her veins, and her pulse will stop. her flesh will be cold, and she'll stop breathing. The red in her lips and her cheeks will turn pale, and her eyes will shut. | Act 4 Scene1

23: Act 4 scene2 | 1. Good cooks eat their own food to check that it isn't poisoned. 2. Capulet is happy and he moved the wedding up a day.

24: Act 4 scene 3 | 1. Juliet is worried if the Friar mixed the potion to kill her when she is put in the tomb, she wakes up before Romeo comes to save me. I wake up before Romeo comes to save me. 2.juliet sees her cousin's ghost Seeking out to Romeo

25: Act 4 scene 4 | 1. the scene is all about getting the wedding ready.

26: Act 4 Scene 5 1. Death is personified, or made to seem like a person, when they said "Death is my son-in-law. Death is my heir." 2. Juliets family is angry

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