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Romeo and Juliet Notes-continued

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Romeo and Juliet Notes-continued - Page Text Content

S: Camille

BC: The End

FC: Romeo & Juliet

1: Act 4, Scene 3

2: When Juliet is alone in her room, she starts to worry about the poison. At first she thinks maybe Friar Lawrence made it actual poison that would kill her. That way he wouldn’t get in trouble for marrying Juliet when she was already married. The she thinks better of it though, Friar Lawrence is a holy man; he wouldn’t do that.Then she starts to worry about what would happen if she awoke in the tomb and Romeo wasn’t there to save her.

3: She would be alone in the dark amidst her dead relatives. She could go mad! Play with their bones and kill herself! In the end she drinks the poison despite her worries. | The one thing that finally convinces Juliet to drink the poison is the thought of Romeo.

4: Act 4, Scene 4

5: In this scene, everyone is scrambling to get ready for the wedding. Juliet is sleeping throughout this scene. At the very end the Nurse is sent to wake Juliet up.

6: Act 4, Scene 5

7: In this scene, Shakespeare personifies death. Capulet compares Juliet being dead to a beautiful flower being killed by frost at the wrong time of season. Later on, Capulet goes on about how Juliet is married to death; that death is his son-in-law, and his heir.

8: The Capulet’s seem to be quite distraught at Juliet’s death. Then Capulet complains about how death ruined the wedding. I think that Lady Capulet is more genuinely upset then Lord Capulet.

9: Friar Lawrence calms the family down a bit by telling them that heaven helped them have their daughter, and heaven helped her out. The Friar tries to lighten the mood by telling them Juliet would be happier in heaven. He tells them all that she is in a better place now and even though they couldn’t save her from dying, Juliet will have eternal life in heaven.

10: Towards the end of the scene, Peter and the musicians have an argument. It seems to be quite unrelated to the plot of the story. The only real reason for the tiff is so that the audience has something to watch while the Juliet is being carried to the family tomb.

11: It would be extremely boring to sit in silence while she was being carried off and the tomb was being set up on stage, so Shakespeare wrote the little argument in basically just to stall while that was happening.

12: Act 5, Scene 3 My summary and Review

13: Romeo and Juliet By: William Shakespeare Genre: Romantic Tragedy Reviewed by: Camille Tschabold

14: In this play two teenagers fall in love with each other. The problem is that they come from families that have hated each other for centuries. Juliet is also supposed to be marrying another man. Secretly Juliet and her lover Romeo get married. That very same day; Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin and is banished from the city. Juliet then; with help from the Friar consumes a sleeping poison that will make her appear dead. She will be put in the family tomb and Romeo will sneak in and take her away. They will then live a secret happy life together. A letter is sent to Romeo explaining the plan; but it does not arrive in time!

15: Before the letter gets there; news arrives to him that Juliet has died. Romeo freaks out and purchases a deathly poison. He goes to the tomb Juliet is being kept in and she is still in her near-death state. He takes the poison and instantly dies atop her. Juliet awakes and discovers that Romeo is dead. She can’t bear to live without him so she stabs herself to death. When the families of the two discover them; they are distraught. They decide to end the feud. Too bad they couldn’t have decided this sooner; it could have saved their children’s lives.

16: The two best things about this play were random sexual content and jokes throughout the play and the way that you could tell how educated someone was by the style of the writing. If they were highly educated and/or high up in society they would talk in iambic pentameter or rhyming. If they were uneducated their speech wouldn’t even be in full sentences. It was really neat how Shakespeare planned that.

17: The two worst things about this play is how some characters drag on and on for a long time rather than saying what they mean when they mean it, and the fact that Romeo and Juliet is supposed to be the greatest love story ever. It isn’t. They are shallow and impulsive and the only thing they know about each other basically are their names and that they’re good looking. It’s not love.

18: On a scale of 1-5, I would rate this play a 3. For the most part it was quite entertaining. The fact that Romeo and Juliet are so superficial still bothers me though. I probably wouldn’t tell someone that they absolutely have to read Romeo and Juliet; but I wouldn’t tell them not to. I would suggest though that they use a tool like Spark Notes to help decipher some of the language.

19: Created for Miss. D's Grade 9 Language Arts Class 2009

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