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Romeo And Juliet Response

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Romeo And Juliet Response - Page Text Content

BC: The End to be continued......

FC: By Danielle | Romeo & Juliet

1: Romeo & Juliet Response

2: Q. What things are introduced during the first prologue? Why do you think Shakespeare told us what he did in the prologue? A. In the prologue he told us the outline of the story, and the major events. he tells us that they tke their lives so that we can understand all the events that lead up to their death. | Q. Setting doesnt just include the location. It also includes the time, the circumstances of the charecters, the social structure, and many other issues. Summarize the setting of this story as outlined by the prologue. A. The setting of this story would be that two children from feuding housholds fall in love and take their life so that they an be together. | Prologue

3: Q. Choose three word or phrases that you encountered in the prologue that seemed confusing or difficult. Explain what they mean. | "What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend." This means "We shall work to show you what happened." | "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny" This means "They have hated each other for generations, and they don’t even know why, but now new fights are about to break out" | "Whose misadventured piteous overthrows Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife." This means "They fail to convince their parents to give up the feuding even by marrying (misadventured piteous overthrows) but only in their death do they succeed" | "What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend." This means "We shall work to show you what happened." | "Whose misadventured piteous overthrows Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife." This means "They fail to convince their parents to give up the feuding even by marrying (misadventured piteous overthrows) but only in their death do they succeed" | Prologue

4: Q. What does the fight between the servants tell us about the fued in Romeo and Juliet? A. The fight between the servants tells us that the fued is strong and runs through, not only family, but throughout the household. | Q. What does it mean to take the wall?" A. The streets are at a slant with a gutter in the middle, to take the wall means to stay on high grounds and to pressure the opponent into the gutter. | Q. What is wrong with "biting your thumb" at someone? A. Biting your thumb at someone is a sign of disrespect; it was a very high insult and today it can compared to fingering someone. | Act 1; Scene 1

5: Q. What type of charecter is Benvolio? How is he antithetical to Tybolt? A. Benvolio is a peaceful character and wants there to be peace between the two families. He is very open and honest about everything, kind of like a tattle tale. Tybolt hates peace, and even the word, he is in on the whole fighting thing. | Q. What is the punishment for fighting in the streets as descreed by the Prince? How is this ironic? A. The punishment for fighting on the street is death; this is ironic because for fighting and trying to kill people, the punishment is death, so to stop the killing he is killing. | Act 1; Scene 1

6: Q. Why does it bother the Prince so much that their is civel unrest in Verona? A. The prince wants peace, and no matter what he does he can’t get there to be peace. He takes it as an insult to the way he rules because it reflects badly on him. | Act 1; Scene 1

7: Act 1; Scene 1 | Q. What is your first impression of Romeo? why is he acting the way he is? How does this set him up for the rest of the play? A. My first Impression of Romeo is that he is kind of a wimp, because he goes and cry’s out in the tree and sits in his room. He is so depressed because he is in love with someone that doesn’t love him back. He is also very shallow because the only thing he looks and knows about the girl he loves is her beauty. He does not really know her even though he claims he is in love. She, the girl he loves is becoming a nun, so he has no chance with her. Because he is so superficial we know that he will fall for the next pretty girl on the scene, Juliet.

8: Act 1; Scence 2 | Q. Why does Romeo decide to crash the Capulet party? Does Shakespeare provide foreshadowing for future events? A. He decided to go and crash the party because he saw Rosaline’s name on the guest list. Shakespeare makes it clear that Romeo is shallow and goes for looks, and Benvolio tells Romeo that he will find another hot girl at the party and that he will forget about Rosaline. Shakespeare also pointed out that Juliet is a very attractive young girl. | Q. How does Peter, the Capulet servant, provide comic relief in this scene? A. He provides a comic relief about the letter because he cannot read. He is also very high-strung and wants Romeo, a Montague, to go and crash the Capulet party.

9: Q. How much power does Juliet have over her own life? What Evidence do we see of this? A. Juliet does not have very much power over her life because she obeys and does whatever people tell her to. Juliet says it clearly that she will only go as far with Paris, as her mother pleases. | Act 1; Scence 2 | Q. Who is Paris? A. Paris is an old rich man who wants to marry Juliet. | Q. In this scene, what impression do we get of Lord Capulet? How does he feel about Juliet and marriage? A. Lord Capulet seems like a very caring father because he wants Paris to wait at least two years because he feels his daughter is too young. He also makes it clear that he wants Juliet to be in love when she gets married.

10: Act 1; Scene 3 | Q. How does Juliet feel about marriage? How does she feel about Paris? A. Juliet feels that she is too young to get married to someone so old like Paris. She thinks of Paris as an old wrinkly man, that is just rich. | Q. How would you describe the Nurse charecter? A. I would describe thue nurse as a dirty minded old woman. She twist everything and makes it into a sick joke. I picture her as a not very old women, but she is not well kept up.

11: Act 1; Scene 4 | Q. What are the boys about to do in this scene? A.Benvolio, Romeo and Mercutio are about to go and crash the party. | Q.Why does Romeo feel so jumpy? A.Romeo feels jumpy because he had a dream that lead up to his death. | Q.Describe what type of person Mercutio is. Use clues from his behavior and his speech. A.Mercutio is not a very serious person, and rambles off once he is on a roll. From his speech he is trying to tell Romeo to get over his love because he understands that sometimes you can’t have what you want. Mercutio is most likely gay, and into Romeo.

12: Act 1; Scene 5 | Q. Why did Shakespeare include the scene with the two servants? A. Because the actors need time to get ready for the next scene, and it provides some comic relief | Q. What happens when Tybolt hears Romeos voice? A. When Tybolt hears the voice of his enemy he is instantly angry, and asks his servants to fetch his sword, but Capulet stops him from going after Romeo because he has not done anything wrong. | Q. How does Romeo convince Juliet to kiss him so quickly? A. Romeo convinces Juliet to kiss him with some mind games and cheesy flattery.

13: Act 1; Scene 5 | Q. What foreshadowing do we get at the end of the scene? A. Some foreshadowing would be that Juliet is already talking about marriage, and Tybolt is very angry and is planning on revenge. | Q. What is ironic about Romeos entrance to the party? A. It’s ironic because you would think that he would go straight for Rosaline, but the first girl he sees, Juliet is the one he goes for and he forget all about Rosaline

14: Act 2; Scene 1 & 2 | Q. Where do Mercutio and Benvolio believe Romeo is hiding? A. they believe he is in the bush with Rosaline having some fun. | Q. What is Romeo actually doing? A. Romeo is in the bush, but he is spying on Juliet out on her balcony. | Q. What things does Romeo compare Juliet to? A. He compares her to the sun, the moon, and a baby hawk | Q. More Irony: Why does Shakespear make Mercutio and Benvolio talk about 'physical love' in the scene right before the balcony scene, where Romeo and Juliet talk about emotional love? A. This is shakespears way of showing what Juliet and Romeo think of their love for eachother. It shows that they feel they are emotionally conected.

15: Act 2; Scene 1 & 2 | Q. A famous line from this scene is "that which we call a rose by anyother name would smell as sweet." What does this mean? A. This measn that you can call something whatever you want but it will always be itself. This is being compared to Romeo. Romeo can be called a montegue to some but to Juliet he is still her Romeo. | Q. what does Romeo swear his love by? Why does Juliet not like this? Romeo swear his love by the moon that always changes. Juliet does not like that becasue she wants his love to be stay strong for eternity. | Q. Who proposes? What is the plan? A. Juliet proposes to Romeo the plan is that if Romeo wants to get married he must come back for her in the morning.

16: Act 2; Scene 3 | Q. What does Romeo go and do immidiatly after leaving Juliet? A. Immidialty after leaving Juliet he goes to Frier lawrence to ask if he will marry him and Juliet. | Q. What does Frier Lawrence think of Romeo's suggestion? Why does he agree to help? A. Frier thinks it is a good idea becasue it might help end the fued between the two families so he agrees to help.

17: Q. What does Frier Lawrence thinks of Romeo's sudden change in love interest? A. Frier thinks that Romeo is not actually in love because just that morning he was crying over Rosaline. He points out that their is still a dried tear on his cheek. He feels that Romeo feels lust and is going through the same thing that happened with him and Rosaline. He tell Romeo that Rosaline never liked him or trusted him for this reason.

18: Q. How does Mercutio treat the Nurse? A. Mercutio is very rude to the nurse becasue he does not respect women and he thinks that she is trying to seduce Romeo. | Act 2; Scene 4 | Q. What has happened as a result of the party crashing? A. Tybolt was very mad that montegues were at his party and that he could not kill them there, so he has invited Romeo to a dual. | Q. What is interesting about the way the Nurse and Peter speak to one another? A. The nurse and Peter talk to each other in normal sentence structure. this shows they are uneducated servants. | Q. What is the mood of the scene? A. There is alot of secrecy and jelousy, but also very uplifting because Romeo is finally not mopping around for Rosaline.

19: Q. What does Mercutio call Tybolt and why? A. Mercutio said that Tybolt is more than the Prince of Cats, which is saying he is better than a famous swords man. | Q. What do the Nurse and Romeo decide to do regarding the marriage? A. In anout an hour they are going to beet behind the Abby. the nurse will bring Juliet and Romeo is bringing a ladder so he can climb into her window that night. | Q. Why is Mercutio so crude when describing Romeo's night. A. Mercutio is so crude when he speaks about relationships becasue he does not believe in love so he feels it is all physical. | Act 2; Scene 4

20: Ac2; Scene 5 | Q. What happened in this scene? A. The Nurse came back from talking with Romeo and was teasing Juliet about what he said. | Q. Why does the nurse torture Juliet the way she does? A. I think that it is just her personality, and another one of her ways to have fun.

21: Act 2; Scene 6 | Q. What happened in this scene? A. In this scene Romeo and Juliet get married. | Q. Analyze Frier Lawrences speach to Romeo -not really a bubbly, pre wedding speach is it? A. The speach was not at all really Romantic, it was mainly forshadowing what will happen.

22: Act 3; Scene 2 | Q. What is the confusion in this scene? A. Juliet and the nurse were talking about Tybalts death. Juliet misunderstood the nurse, and thought that Romeo had killed himself. She realized he had just been banished but still thought that this was worse than everyone dying. | Q. List Four examples of antithesis. that shakespeare uses in this scene. A. fiend angelical, wolvish ravening lamb, honorable vilain, damned saint. | Q. What does Juliet feel about Romeo has done? A. Juliet does not seemed concermed about the fact that Romeo killed her cousin but that Romeo had been banished. | Q. How does Juliet feel when Romeo gets scolded by the nurse? A. Even though Juliet was just complaining about him she is mad at the nurse for yelling at Romeo. She thinks that Romeo should be honored for doing what he did.

23: Act 3; Scene 3 | Q. What is the relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence? A. They are friends, and it is almost as if Frier is Romeos therapist because he has given him a lot of advice, and help. | How does Romeo show that it is stil foolhardy and willing to put emotion before logic? A. From jwhat we know, in any situation He always puts his emotions first. | Q. What is the Friars suggestion to make things right? A. He tells Romeo that he should go and see Juliet before he is banished from the city. | How does the scene end? the scene ends after the nurse comes to take Romeo to see Juliet.

24: Act 3; Scene 4 | Q. What has been decided regarding Juliets fate in this scene? A. The fate decided for Juliet by her Father and {aris is that she is to get married to Paris on Thursday. | Q. What was Capulets only concern about this? What does this tell us about his relationship with his daughter? A. Capulets only concern for the marriage is that everyone is still very upset about Tybolt's death. THe relationship between Juliet and her father is not very close because he is planning her marriage against her will, for that is not what she wants.

25: Act 3; Scene 5 | Q. | Q. What is the significance with "larks" and "nightengales" in this scene? A. Romeo and Juliet are arguing about what time of day it is. Juliet wants Romeo to stay longer and is rying to convince Romeo that it is nightengales he hears and that it is not morning. Romeo gives in to her plead but warnes her that if he is caught he could be killed, she then tells him to leave.

26: Q.Why is Paris at the Church? What does he tell the Friar? A. Paris is at the church because he wants to convince Friar to let him get married on Thursday. | Act 4; Scene 1 | How does Juliet use double entredes? Juliet talks of how she loves "him" meaning Romeo, when Paris thinks she means himself. | Q. How does Juliet mirror the actions of Romeo, who was in the same place the day before? A. Juliet pretty much does the same thing that Romeo had done the day before. | Q. What are some things Juliet would do rather than marry Paris? A. She would rather kill herself, jump off the battle posts of towers, sit in a poisinous field of snakes, but she also mentions she would rather marry her `enemy`.

27: Act 4; Scene 2 | Q. Why is the servantman going on about cooks who lick their fingers? A. If a cook where to lick their finger they would be confident in their food being delicious and unharmful. | Q. What is an unexpected result of Juliet tellling her father about Marrying Paris? A.Capulet moved the wedding to the next day, rather than Thrusday. Also, he forgives her for her disobedience.

28: Act 4; Scene 3 | Q. Juliet is unsure about taking the posion for a few reasons. What are some? A. She is scared that something will go wrong and no one will come for her. she is also scared that she wil suffocate in the tomb. | Q. What things does Juliet imagine that convince her to drink the poison? A. She thinks of Romeo and how she loves him.

29: Act 4; Scene 4 | Q. What is this scene all about? A. this scene is all about people getting ready for the wedding. | Act 4; Scene 5 | Q. How is death personified in this scene? A. She isnt actually dead but they are all freaking out. | Q. Are Juliets parents concerned by her "death"? A. They are not concnerned but more upset that she did not have the chance to get married yet.

30: Act 4; Scene 5 | Q. What does the Friar tell everyone to stop them from grieving? A. The frier tells them that what happened is for the best because she was not going to be happily married to Paris anyway. | Q. What is the reason for having the argument between Peter and the musicians? A. This is because in the play, it gives the actors time to change and to prepare for the next scene.

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