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Romeo And Juliet Response

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FC: Two households, both alike in Dignity, | Romeo And Juliet

1: Romeo And Juliet Response Questions By Miranda M.

2: What things are introduced during the first prologue? Why do you think Shakespeare decided to tell us what he did about the story in the prologue? In the prologue, the things that are introduced are the setting, the characters, and the mood. It sort of foreshadows what is going to happen to Romeo and Juliet, the two star-crossed lovers. I think Shakespeare told us what he did because he kbnew it would be a good way to keep the people watching the play captivated and made them want to watch more.

3: Setting dosent just include the location, it also includes the time, the circumstances of the characters, the social structure, and many other issues. Summarize the setting of the story outlined by the prologue. This stories setting is is just in the streets, where the different servants starts to fight, which explains to us how much each of the families hate each other. I think that the time this happened was probably in the afternoon, when the servants might have been going shopping for lunch or supper. I think that this was a good way to start the production.

4: Choose three Words or phrases that you encountered in the prologue that seemed difficult or confusing. Explain what they mean. \ "Whose misadventured piteous overthrows" - this means that they fail to convince their parents to give up the feuding, but only when they die is there peace. " Which but their childrens end, naught could remove" - means that they finally made peace for their family by dieing. " what here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend" - this means that the actors will show what happened.

5: What does the fight between the servants tell us about the feud in Romeo And Juliet? The fighting between the servants tells us that the feud has been going on for a long time because you can tell that they hate eachother, even though they arent even actually related to the families they work for.

6: What does it mean to "take the wall"? to take the wall, means to stay to the edge of the roads because the road curves inward because people throw their garbage and waste and whatnot out the window and it all slides down to the middle of the road. People take to the wall because they dont want to have stuff thrown on them. \

7: What is wrong with biting your thumb at someone? biting your thumb at someone is bad because it is considered to be a sware, the exact same as fingering someone, which is bad.

8: What kind of character is Benvolio? How is he antithetical to Tybalt? Benvolio is kind of a tattletale but he is also a good person because i think that deep inside he really wants to help everyone even if it means telling people what other people have been doing.

9: What is the punishment for fighting on the streets as decreaed by the prince? How is that ironic? The prince punished the people fighting on the streets by basically saying that if they did not stop fighting, then they would be killed. This is ironic because he is getting angry at them for killing eachother, yet, he is willing to kill people to make peace.

10: Why does it bother the prince so much that there is civil unrest in Verona? It bothers him so much because he wants peace so bad that it is almost an insult to him when people do not obey him.

11: What is your first impression about Romeo? My first impression is that Romeo is kind of a wimp because he always cries. but i also think that he is kind of lovesick because he loves Rosaline, even though he barely knows her, all he likes is her looks and thats all he talks about.

12: Who is Paris? Paris is the man who wants to marry Juliet.

13: In this scene, what impression do we get of Lord Capulet? How does he feel about Juliet and marriage? In this scene, the impression we get on Lord Capulet, is that he is a very caring father and he wants Juliet to marry for love.

14: How much power does Juliet have in her own life? WHat evidence do we see of this? Juliet does not have very much power in her life, because she does what her parents tell her to.

15: How does Peter, the capulet servant, provide comic relief in this scene? Peter provides comic relief because it shows how angry he gets over little things, like Lord Capulet expecting him to be able to read.

16: Why does Romeo decide to go and crash the party? Does shakespeare provide any foreshadowing of future events? Romeo decides to crash the party only because he hears that Rosaline will be there and even though he knows that she does not love him,he wants to just go so he can look at her. this is foreshadowed earlier because we know that Romeo is very shallow and only likes girls for their looks.

17: How does Juliet feel about marriage? how does she feel about Paris? Juliet does not want to be married, but because her mother wants her to try and give Paris a chance, she decides that she will take a look at him and make her decision then. She does not feel anything toward Paris, but she will give him a chance.

18: Describe the Nurse character. The nurse may be a little weird, but i think she almost thinks of Juliet as her own daughter because she has raised her basically since she was born. The nurse has a dirty mind, and always talks about dirty stuff, like how she lost her virginity when she was 12. She also explains how she only has 4 teeth.

19: What are the the boys about to do? the boys are about to head to the Capulets and crash their party. Mercrutio and Benvoli really want to go to the party but Romeo does not.

20: Why is Romeo so jumpy in this scene? Romeo is so jumpy in this scence because he had a dream that if he went to this party that something bad would happen and it would lead to his death.

21: Describe the type of person Mercrutio is. Mercrutio is a very good friend of Romeo's, and iti s believed that he is gay and likes Romeo, and gives him mixed signals.

22: Why did Shakespeare include the scene with the servants? Shakespeare icluded the scene with the servants because the actors would need time to change for the party. also just for a bit of comic relief.

23: What is ironic about Romeos entrance? it is ironic that Romeo has been absolutley in love with Rosaline but as soon as he sees Juliet he just forgets about her and walks straight over to Juliet.

24: What happened when Tybalt hears Romeo's voice? When Tybalt hears his voice he says that it is the voice of a Montague and wants Romeo to fight, but Lord Capulet tell Tybalt that Rome ohas not done anything wrong yet, so Tybalt is told to "go to" which means to leave, because Capulet does not want his party ruined.

25: How does Romeo convince Juliet to kiss him so easily? Romeo sweet talks Juliet and he talks about her hands and how beautiful they are. he kind of plays a mind game with her and says that she should kiss him. and finally he talks of how kissing is a wish and if she would not make hgis dream come true then he would make it come true so he kisses her. after that she kind of is like umm that was random and and he is like well then i will take it back and kisses her again....hes kind of sneaky.

26: What foreshadowing do we get at the end of this scene? Tybalt says that he will get revenge because of Romeo "Crashing the party". Juliet talks about marrying him already so they are likely to be married because we all know hom much Romeo likes her. She says that she will die if she doe not marry him, which is sort of ironic because she doe die later in the play.

27: Where do Mercrutio and Benvolio believe Romeo is hiding? They believe Romeo is in the bush with Rosaline having some "fun" ;) What is Romeo actually doing? What Romeo is really doing is standing outside of Juliets balcony and he is spying on her.

28: What things does Romeo compare Juliet to? He compares her to the sun, he says something about how something is the East and she is the sun. she is also compared to the envious moon.

29: Why does Shakespeare make Romeo and Benvolio talk about "physical love" in the scene right before the balcony scene? I think that they talk about physical love because they seem to be very shallow and i think that they kind of realize how shallow Romeo is.

30: A famous line from this scene is "that which we call a rose by any other name would smell so sweet" What does this mean? This means that even if Romeo were to change his name, he would still be the same person inside.

31: What does Rome swear his love by? Why does Juliet not like this? Romeo swears his love by the moon, but Juliet does not like this because she believes that the moon is inconstant and not always there; and she wants his love to always be there.

32: Who proposes? What is the plan? Technically, Juliet proposes, and Romeo asks what time they should meet to get married in the morning..............Juliet tells him nine o' clock..

33: What does Friar Lawrence think of Romeo's suggestion? WHy does he agree to help? Friar Lawrence is surprised at Romeo's sudden change of heart because the last time Friar saw Romeo he was crying over Rosaline.

34: What does Romeo do immediatley after meeting Juliet? Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence and tells him about Juliet and how much he loves her and how they want to get married.

35: What does Friar Lawrence think about Romeo's sudden change of interest? Friar Lawrence realized how quickly Romeo moved on and is surprised, but Friar stil wants both the families to be happy so he thinks that this will help.

36: What has happened as a result of the party crashing? As a result, Tybalt is planning on fighting Romeo because he entered the party uninvited.

37: What does Mercrutio call Tybalt and why? Mercrution called Tybalt the Prince Of Cats because he was an excellent swordsman and Tybalt is almost better.

38: Why is Mercrutio so crude when describing Romeo's night? Mercrutio is almost jelous because we believe that he likes Romeo.

39: How does Mercrutio treat the nurse? Mercrutio treats he rrudley because he thinks that she is trying to get with Romeo because he dosent know the relationship Romeo has with her, which isnt really even one, because she is just a messenger from Juliet for Romeo.

40: What is interesting about the way the nurse and Peter speak with eacother? They do not speak in iambic pentameter which means that they are very uneducated and basically just slaves.

41: What do the Nurse and Romeo do regarding the marriage? The Nurse will bring Juliet to the friar in the afternoon, and later that night the nurse will put a rope on Juliets window so Romeo can climb up to her window later that night.

42: What is the mood of the scene? There is a little bit of jelousy between Mercrutio and Romeo. Lots of secrecy between basically everyone who knows about the wedding.

43: Act 2, Scene 5 What happens in this scene? The nurse comes back to tell Juliet that Romeo is waiting for her to meet him at the church. But the nurse is kind of being dumb and is dragging on not telling her the good news. Why does the nurse torture Juliet the way she does? Thats just kind of the way the nurse is, and she likes to mess with peoples heads and joke around. so she comes into the room with a grim face to trick Juliet.

44: Act 2, Scene 6 What happens in this scene? Friar Lawrence starts the scene out by saying that he hopes this wedding will happen with nothing going wrong. Juliet enters and Romeo and her "embrace". Friar Lawrence says that he will not leave them alone until they are both married. Analyze Friar Lawrence's speech: His speech is kind of foreshadowing Juliets death because he talks about how he hopes nothing bad will happen, when really, it leads to both their deaths.

45: Act 3, Scene 1 What happens between Tybalt and Mercutio? Tybalt and Mercution get into a fight with swords and Tybalt kills Mercutio!!! *&%$ What does Romeo do in retaliation? Romeo gets so angry and he fights Tybalt himself and he kills him! How have Romeo's choices led to his downfall? he killed Tybalt, and he didnt realize that it would get him in trouble, so he had to get away. What creates a tragic hero? they do something that is going to ruin the future for them forever.

46: What is Romeo's fatal flaw? Romeo' fatal flaw is that he does not think things through before he does it. What happens after the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? After the fight, Benvolio tells Romeo to get out of here before he gets executed for killing Tybalt. The prince comes and asks who has killed Tybalt. Benvolio tells him everything and the Prince wants to arrest him. How is this the turning point in the story?

47: Act three scene, 2. What is the confusion in this scene? Juliet and the nurse were talking about TYbalts death but Juliet thought that Romeo had killed himself but then learnerd that he had been banished. She thinks that this is worse than everyone dying. List Four examples of antithesis. that shakespeare uses in this scene. fiend angelical, wolvish ravening lamb, honorable vilain, damned saint.

48: WHat does Juliet feel about ROmeo has done? Juliet would have rather Tybalt died than Romeo anyway, but she still think that it is the worst thing in the world that Romeo is banished How does Juliet feel when Romeo.gets scolded by the nurse? Juliet does not like the nurse yelling at Romeo. she thinks that Romeo should be honored for doing what he did. What does the nurse decide to do? to go to find Romeo and tell him to come and see Juliet. Act three, Scene three. What is the relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence.? They are friends. and he is sort of like Romeos therapist because he has given him a lot of advice and pretty muich planned out his future.

49: How does Romeo show that it is stil foolhardy and willing to put emotion before logic? he always puts his emotions first. What is the Friars suggestion to make things right? he tells Romeo that he shoudl go and see Juliet before he is banished. How does the scene end? the scene ends after the nurse comes to take Romeo to see Juliet.

50: Act 3, Scene 4- What has been decided about Juliets fate during this scene? Capulet and Paris spoke and decided that Juliet and Paris would be married on Thursday. What was Capulets only concern about this? What does this tell us about his relationship with his daughter? His only concern is that they would be married on Thursday because Wednesday is too soon because Tybalt just died.

51: Act 3, Scene 5 What is the significance abotu larks and nightingales in this scene? Larks come out in the morning and nightingales come out at night, so they know whether it is morning or night. What super obvious foreshadowing does Shakespeare give us as Romeo leaves? They were talking about how both of them look very pale and how the next time they see eachother they would look the same, which is implying that they would look dead, when really, they will be dead.

52: How does Juliet react to her mothers announcment? Juliet tells her mother that she will not be married and that she would rather marry her 'enemy' Romeo. How does Capulet react to Juiets acceptance or lack thereof? What is the ultimatum he gives her? Capulet apsolutley has a heart attack with Juliets decision. He tells her that if she does not marry Paris, then he will throw her out on the street and not care what happens to her.

53: Quote one of the lines that proves Capulet is not a good father? "hang thee, young baggage, disobedient wrench!" What does Juliet tell the nurse? Is this a truth or a lie? What do you believe she will do? Juliet told the nurse that she was going to the church to go to confession, which was a lie. Juliet did this because she didint want even the nurse to know because she might stop her.

54: Act 4, Scene 1 Why is Paris at the Church? What does he tell the Friar? Paris is at the church because he wants to convince Friar to let him marry on Thursday. How does Juliet use double entredes? Juliet talks of how she loves "him" meaning Romeo, when Paris thinks she means himself.

55: How does Juliet mirror the actions of Romeo, who was in the same place the day before? Juliet pretty much does the same thing that Romeo had done the day before. What are some things Juliet would do rather than marry Paris? She would rather kill herself, jump off the battle posts of towers, sit in a poisinous field of snakes. .

56: Outline Friar Lawrences plan in detail. Friar Lawrence tells Juliet that she is to drink this formula on Wednesday night, which will make her seem like she is dead. Everyone will believe she is dead and she will be put into the family crypt. Friar Lawrence will tell a different Friar of the plan and have that Friar send a letter to Romeo telling her of the plan. Romeo will come for her and when she wakes up he will be there and they will run away together.

57: Act 4, Scene 2 Why is the servantman going on about cooks who lick their fingers.? Because if a cook were to not lick his own finger, then he would be scared because he didnt know if his food would be good. What is an unexpected result of Juliet tellling her father about Marrying Paris? Capulet moved the wedding to the next day, rather than Thrusday. Also, he forgives her for her disobedience.

58: Act 4, Scene 3 Juliet is unsure about taking the posion for a few reasons. what are some? she is scared that something will go wrong and no one will come for her. she is also scared that she wil suffocate in the tomb. What things does Juliet imagine that convince her to drink the poison? She thinks of Romeo and how she loves him.

59: Act 4, Scene 4. What happens in this scene? This scene is all about everyone getting ready for the wedding. Act 4, Scene 5 How is death personified in this scene? She isnt actually dead but they are all freaking out. Are Juliets parents concerned by her "death". They are concnerned but more upset that they didnt get her married first.

60: What does the Friar tell everyone to stop them from grieving? The Friar tells everyone that Juliet wasnt gonig to be happily wed anyway, so its better that she is in a happy place now. What is the reason for having the argument between Peter and the musicians? this is because in the play, it gives the actors time to change and time to prepare the next scene.

61: Act 5, Scene 3 This story is called Romeo and Juliet, written by Shakespeare. I would say that the genre of this play would be a romantic tragedy. This story was about two star-crossed lovers who fell for eachother. Both of their families are fighting with eachother, which means the Romeo and Juliet are forbidden to love eachother, so they have to keep it secret. Through a series of events, people are killed and Romeo gets banished from the city. Juliet speaks with the Friar and he proposes a plan; Juliet pretends to be dead, by drinking a potion, and 48 hours later, Romeo would come wisk her out of the crypt, and they would run away together. However, this story is not a happy-ever-after tale.

62: I think that this was a really interesting play and I'm glad that we read it. I think that there were a lot of good things about this play but also a few bad things about this play. The things I liked about this play was how the nurse had a very big sense of humor, and had a very dirty mind. I also like how there was all these different parts in the play where you have to read between the lines to see what things are really going on, that arent in the play. The things that i disliked about this story was how Romeo could just forget about Rosaline the moment he sees Juliet, and just be head over heels for Juliet. The other thing i didnt like about this story was how people believe that Mercrutio was gay, and was sending mixed signals to Romeo, but i really dont think he was.

63: I think that this story is very creative, and although it seems like it would never actually happen, it still seems like its realistic in a way. If i were to rate this story i think i would rate it about a 4, because there are definetly parts i like about it, but there is always parts that you dont like. So i dont think its perfect, but its still really good. I would reccomend that people read this story because it is a good way to understand relationships and learn what the outcomes of doing certain stuff would be.

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