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Romeo and Juliet Study Notes

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BC: The End

FC: Romeo and Juliet A tragic tale of love, hate, and family mutiny

1: Prolouge Questions

2: -By the clues in the prologue we know that two household in the city state of Verona have and ancient grudge that is still creating chaos in the city. Common people are involved in the fighting. From the parents of the two families come a pair of lovers that are doomed from the ancient feud. In weak efforts they try to end the mutiny by marriage. | Setting doesnt just include the location. It also includes the time, circumstances of the charcter and the social structure along with many other issues. Summeriaze the setting as outlined in the prolouge?

3: -From forth the fatal loins of these two foes; Romeo and Juliet were born from two families that were feuding. -Whose misadventured piteous overthrows: Romeo and Juliet try to bring there families together but there attempts are pitiful. -What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend: Shakespeare wants you to understand the play so if you miss something important, he will try to catch you up.

4: What things are introduced during the first prologue? Why do you think Shakespeare chose to tell us what he did in the prologue?

5: -Shakespeare introduced the family feud between two household that are both alike in power and status. This feud has been going on for a long time and in that time it will read a new high for hate. Even the civil people of Verona will become involved. The children of the two family fall in love and their deaths are what breaks the feud. I think that he chose to tell us this because he wanted us to fully understand and not become confused while watching. Given us this much information in the first fourteen lines helps to set up the story and gives away things to help us better understand.

6: the fight between the familes involves and the common people in the city , even the peole that are the lowest class and not even related are fighting. | to take the wall means, in the old times people would throw human waste out the window, if you were walking closets to the wall you had a less likely chance of getting rained on. | Act 1 Scene 1 | 1. What does the fight between the servants tell us about the feud? | 2. What does "take to the wall mean"? | 3. What is wrong with bitting your thumb at someone? | Bitting your thumb is and unkind jesture that symbolies the finger in modern society, it is just plain rude.

7: The differnce between Benvolio and Tybalt is Benvolio is an open and honset character, he wants the fued between the two families to end, and create peace in the city.Tybalt is the character who alsways wants to fight, he hates the word peace and loves being involved with the fighting. | The punisment for fighting on the streets is death anyone who is involved wil be senteced. it is ironcic beacuse he is stopping the killing by killing them himself. | 4. What kind of character is Benvolio? How is he anthical to Tybalt? | 5. What is the punishment for fighting on the streets as decreed by the Prince? How is this ironic?

8: The Prince wants peace and no one is listening, he takes this an insult, he had has enough. | My first impression of Romeo was That he is a wimpy lovestruckt teenager, he is also very shallow,he is only in love with Roselina becuse of the her looks. He is depressed becuse she has vowed to give her heart to God and not him. He acts like this becuase he jumps into the realtionship wiht both feet, this sets Romeo up for the rest of the play becuase once he sees that Julite is pretty he will fall madly in love with her and not just take it slow. | 6. Why does it bother the Prince that there is civil unrest in verona? | 7. What is your first impression of Romeo?

9: Act 1 Scene 2 | Who is Paris? | Paris is a rich man that the Capulets have choosen to marry Juiliet. | In this scene what impression of do we get of Lord Capulet? how does he feel about Juliet an marriage? | The impression that we get is he is a very caring father and cares about what happens to his daughter. He wants her to marry solmone she loves. He feels that she is too young and wants Paris to wait untill she is sixteen.

10: How much power does Juilte have over her own life What evidence do we see of this? | No Juliet does not have that much power over her own life she is just expected to do whatever her parents want her to do. | How does Peter the Capultes servant provide comic relief? | Peter provides comic relief by his inability to read and how he freaks out at every little thing. Also how he asks Romeo to help him read the letter and how everyone is invited to the party except the Montagues.

11: Why does Romeo decide to crash the Capultes party? Does shakespeaere provide any foreshadowing? | Romeo decides to crash the party becuse when he was reading the guest list to the servant he sees that rosaline name on it. Shakespeare provides foreshadowing by romeos charcter and how he bases who he likes on only looks. and how Benviolio is going to point out some hot girls so Romeo will forget about Rosaline.

12: Act 1 Scene 3 | How does Juliet feel about marragie? How does she feel about Paris? | Juilet feels that she is to young for marriage, and in too years she might be old enough. she thinks that Paris is too old for her and is old and ugly. | Describe the Nurse? | the Nurse is pretty perverted, she is quite old and she seems to have mixed feelings about Juliet getting married.

13: Act 1 Scene 4 | What are the boys about to do in this scene? | The boys are about to go into the Caputlets party, without being invited. there purose was not to crash the pary just get Romeo to meet Rosaline. | Why does Romeo feel jumpy? | Romeo feels jumpy becasuse, he had a feeling that what is about to happen at the party that will end in his own death, | describe the type of person Mercutio is? use clues from the speech and his behavior. | Mercutio is farily blunt but mysterious at times, he shows his true feelings by providing double meanings for some of the things he says. Shakespeare provides some clues that might lead to Mercutio being gay. He thinks that dreams are just made up and don't exsits. he aslso belives that love is more about being physical, not haveing an emotinal connection.

14: Act 1 Scene 5 | Why did shakepeare include the scene with the servants | there isnt really a significent reason for servants fighting and whinning over the dishes, it also provided the character time to change fot the upcoming scene, the paryt scene. this scene also provides comic relif. | Why is romeo's entrance to the party ironic? | Romeo's entracnce to the party is ironic to becuse he is going to the party to confess his undying love to rosline and once he sees juliet Rosaline is out the window

15: What happpens when tybalt hears Romeo voice? | Tybaly instinaly suspects that Romeo, is hear to crash the party. Tybalt talks to the servants and asks him to bring him his sword. Capulet gets mad and defends Romeo,saying he has done nothing wrong, capulet doesn't want a fight to break out in the middle of his party. | How does Romeo convince Julite to kiss him so quickly? | Romeo convinces Juliet to kiss him so quickly becuse he tricks her into it, by using cheesy flattery. he states how her hands are like a holy shirne and how he would love to kiss them. Juliet says that holding her hands is like kissing them.Romeo moves quickly and kisses her without consent after the second kiss juliet caves and tells Romeo he is a good kisser.

16: Is there forshadowing? | Act 1 Scene 5 | Shakespeare foreshadowing is pretty blunt but also he does some forshadowing that is not as notaceible like how Juliet is talking about marrige and how her wedding bed will be her death bed if she does not marry Romeo.and also how tyblat is goingto get Romeo back for ruining the party.

17: Act 2 scene 1 | Where do Mercutio and Benvolio belive Romeo is hiding? | Mercutio and Benvolio belive that Romeo is hiding in th bushes wiht Rosaline doing dirty things. | What is Romeo actually doing? | Romeo has actually climbed over the Capulaet walls and is searching for Juliet. | What things does Romeo compare Juiet to? | He compares her to the eastern sun, the stars in the night sky, and the envious moon. and also a baby hawk.

18: Act 2 Scene 2 | Why does Shakespeare make Mercutio and Benviloi talk about physical love, right before the balcony scene, where Romeo an julite talk about emotinal love? | After hearing Mercutio speech we see how much Romeo actually loves Juliet and vice verse,and how after hearning Mercutios speech Romeo is disgusted and thinks that Mercutio doesnt know what real love is, having these two scenes side by side shows us what Romeo and Juilet are willing to give uop for thier love.

19: Act 2 Scene 2 | A famous line from this scene is "that which we call a roase by any other name would smell as sweet" what does that mean? | Romeo was willing to change his name so thiier families would not be horribly mad, in this line even if Romeo changed his name he would still be Romeo Montigue, and his feelings would be the same. | What does Romeo swear his love by?Wh does Juliet no like this? | Romeo swears his love by the moon, juliet does not like this because the moon is always changing and she doesn't want that to happen to thier love.

20: Act 2 Scene 2 | Who proposes? What is the plan? | Juilet tricks Romeo into proposing to her, it was originally her idea, she proposes to him and makes it seems that Romeo propses to her.The plan is that Romeo will not go to sleep and will find someone that will marry them in the moring.

21: What does Romeo go and do after vistiting Juliet? | Act 2 Scene 3 | After Romeo sees Juilet at the balcony, he stays up the night and talks to friar Lawerance about them being married. | What does Friar Lawrence think about Romeo sudden change of love intrest? | The friar thinks that Romeo is just lusting and is not really into the love part of the realationships. Considerding that he was just in love with Rosaline and now he wants to marry Juilet.

22: Act 2 Scene 3 | What does Friar Lawrence think of Romeo suggestion? Does he agree to help? | Friar Lawrence wants to make sure that Romeo is really in love with Juilet and makes the right desision, the friar decides to help Romeo because if he marries them it might stop the family fued and stop the fighting in the streets.

23: Act 2, Scene 4 | What has happend in result of the party crashing? | Romeo met Juilet and they fell passionaly in love, also Tybalt wants to get revenge onthe Monatauges, since Romeo "crashed" th party. | What does Mercutio call Tybalt and Why? | Mercutio calls Tybalt the Prince of Cats because of his fighting style, and how he is really by the books.

24: Act 2 Scene 4 | Why is Mercutio so crude when describing Romeo Night? | Mercutio is crude when descibing Romeo night because he thinks that he was with Rosaline and when he first seen him it looked like he had been up all night, this is also the way Mercutio thinks about lots of things everything he says has some reference to physical "love". | How does Mercutio describe the Nurse? | How does Mercutio describe the Nurse? | Mercutio is very mean to the nurse and says some crude things to her, he thinks that just because she is of lower education , he can insult her.

25: What is intersting about the way that peter and the nurse talk to each other? | Peter and the nurse talk in normal sentences, and not in iambic pantameter. This is Shakespeare way of showing that they are not as highley educated. | What do the Nurse and Romeo decide to do regarrding the marraige | The Nurse and Romeo decide that Juliet will go to the chuch have confession and they will soon be wed. | What is the mood in this scene? | The mood of this scene is happy because Mercutio is happy becuase Romeo is himself, the nurse is happy because Juliet is happy, and Romeo is happy because he is marring Juliet.

26: Act 2 Scene 5 | What happens in this scene? | In this scene, the nurse is telling Juliet what Romeo said, Juliet was upset bacause she took so long to get back. Afte the nurse returns she takes a long time to tell Juliet | Why does the nurse torure Juliet the way she does? | the nurse tortures Juliet the way she does becasue,of her personality and she enjoys playing mind games with her. the nurse was just looking for a reaction out of Juliet purely for her own amusment.

27: Act 2 Scene 6 | What happpens in this scene? | In this scene Romeo and Juliet meet at the church, and friar lawernce marries them. he doesnt say a typical pre wedding speech | Analyze Friar Lawerenc's speech to Romeo. | Frair Lawerece speech has lots of foreshadowing included in it, it also shows us that the Frair cares about Romeo and his desision to marry Juliet.

28: Act 3 Scene 1 | What happens between Tybalt and Mercutio? | Tybalt and Mercution get into a tiff because, Tybalt wanted revenge on Romeo, Tybalt thought that Romeo crashed the party at the Captultes a few days before. Romeo was not willing to fight so Mercutio jumps in willing to fight for Romeo. Knowing what the Prince said Romeo trys to break up the fight, Tybalt reahes aound Romeo and stabs his sword right through Mercutio | What does Romeo do in reatalation? | In retaliation Romeo kills Tybalt.

29: Act 3 Scene 1 | How have Romeo's own choices led to his downfall? | Shakespear created Romeo's character to be impullsive and not fully think things through, all of Romeo's ideas were not thought through. if he would have ralized the repercussions of his ideas things mght have ended up different for him and Juliet and possibliy even Mercutio and Tybalt. | What creates a tragic hero? | A tragic hero is something that the character does to create their own dowfall they have no one else to blame but themselves.

30: 5. What is Romeo fatal flaw? | Act 3 Scene 1 | Romeo fatal flaws is that he has an impulsive personality, this means that he never thinks his ideas through and most of the time they turn out ending badkly. | 6. What happens after the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? | Once the fight is finished many different families including the Montagues and the Capultes come looking for Tybalt. They are looking for him because he killed Mercutio.the Capultes, montauges and the Prince find Tybalt dead and Romeo standing over him. SinceTybalt killed Mercuito and Romeo Killed Tybalt the Prince didn;t think that is was fair to kill Romeo since he never wanted to fight in the first place.

31: Act 3 Scene 1 | 7. Why is this the turning point of the story? | This is the turning point of the story because after this everything starts going wrong, before this Romeo and Juliet were in love,only the Friar and the Nurse knew about thier plans, and since Romeo killed Tybalt he is now banished from the city.

32: Act 3 Scene 2 | 1. What is the confusion in this scene? | The confusion starts because the Nurse is upset about what went down after the fight. What the Nurse is saying makes Juliet thinks that Romeo died and Tybalt is the one who killed him.When really it is the other way around. | 2. List four examples of antitihist, why does he use antitihist here? | Dammed Saint, Beautiful tyrant, Honarable villian, Fiend angelica, Wolf ravening lamb, dove feathered raven. he used this to show that even though Romeo killed Tybalt Juilet still loves him and cares about him. This is also showing and internal conflict.

33: 3. What does Juliet feel about what Romeo did? | At first Juliet was upset at Romeo for killing Tybalt but after she discovered what his consequences was it mad her made, she wishes that Romeo would have died beacuse banishment was the worst thing that could happen. Even though Romeo killed her cousin she still cares about him. | 4. How does Juliet react when the Nurse scolds Romeo?What did this say on Juliet view on the marraige? | She yells back at the Nurse only she is allowed to scold Romeo. This shows that Juliet is loyal to the marriage and to Romeo. | Act 3 Scene 2

34: Act 3 Scene 2 | 5. What does the Nurse decide to do? | After the Nurse talks to Julilet she decides to go find Romeo to stop Juliet and her whinning. | Act 3 Scene 3 | 1.What is the realationship between Romeo and the Friar? | They are friends but Romeo treats The Friar like he is a therapist, Romeo tells the Friar everything. he is a very trusted friend. | 2. How does Romeo show that he is still folhardy and willing to put emotion before logic? | Romeo is still showing his impulsivness becuause he is over reacting about his punisment, and is wanting to commit sucide. Even though

35: Act 3 Scene 3 | 3. What is the Friar's suggestion to make things right? | The Friar suggest that Romeo goes and sees Juliet tonight and then sneeks away to the next town in the morning, and once everything blows over he comes back and him and Juilet will live happily ever after. | 4. How does this scene end? | The scene ends with the Nurse leaving and the Friar telling Romeo to go and see Juliet before he sneeks away, he also tells Romeo he will send someone to keep him in touch.

36: Act 3 Scene 4 | Juliet will marry Paris on Thursday and that is how it is going to be. | 1.What has been decided reguading Juliet;s fate in this scene? | 2. What was Capulet's only concern about this? What does this tell us about his relationship with his daughter? | His only concern is if the date would be to close to Tybalt death and Capulet does't want that to put a damper on the wedding party. This shows that Capulet doesn't care about how Juliet feels reguarding Paris and that also shows they don't have a strong relationship.

37: Act 3, Scene 5 | 1. What is the significance about the larks and the nightingales in this scene? | This comparrisons shows what time it is and how Juliet doesn't want Romeo to leave. Since Juliet thinks that the Nightingales are singing it represents that she still thinks that it is night time. | 2. What super odvious Foreshadowing does Shakespeare give us as Romeo leaves? | Shakepeare foreshadowing in this scene is that when Romeo is leaving Juliet says that he looks like a person in the bottom of a tomb Romeo responds by saying Juilets also looks like a person in the bottom of a tomb and that she slo looks pale like him.

38: 3. How does Juilet react to her mothers announcment? | She is upset at first and says that she would rather marry her enemy Romeo then marry Paris. She uses her skills of lying and creats a double meaning. | 4. How does Capulet react to Juilet's acceptance or lack of thereof? What is the ultanatium he gives her? | He is upset about her chocie to not marry Paris, he then gets furious and tells her if she doesn't marrry Paris he will throw her out to the streets and not claim that she is his daughter. | Act 3 Scene 5

39: 5. Quote one of the lines that you feels proves Capulet is not a good father? | Act 3 Scene 5 | Hang thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch! I tell thee what: get thee to church o' Thursday, Or never after look me in the face. Speak not. Reply not. Do not answer me. My fingers itch.—Wife, we scarce thought us blest 165 That God had lent us but this only child, But now I see this one is one too much And that we have a curse in having her. Out on her, hilding! | 6. what does Juilet tell the Nurse?is this a truth or a lie? What do you think Juilet will do? | Juliet tells the nurse that she is going to confession becuse fighting with her father was a sin. i think this is a lie because every other time she went to church she didnt go to confess anything she was going to plan. i think Juilet will go make plans wiht the Firar to cancel the wedding

40: Act 4 Scene 1 | 1. Why is Paris at the church? What does he tell the Friar? | Paris is trying to convince the Friar that he should wed him and Juliet on Thursday. The Friar thinks that he is going ot fast and should slow down becuse everyone is still mourning Tybalt. Paris tells the Friar that it is supposed to cheer Juilet up becuse she is crying an unhealthy amount. | 2. How does Juliet use doudle entendres in this scene? | She uses the entendres in this scene to show Paris that she is in love with someone else, without actually telling Paris that it isn't him. She makes Paris think that she is in love with him.

41: 3. How does Juliet mirror the actions of Romeo, who was in the very same place just the day before | She mirrors Romeo because the day before Romeo was crying and feeling poorly about himself, and threathing to kill himself with a dager. Once Paris leaves that is exactly what Juliet does. | 4. What are some things Juliet would rather do than Marry Paris. | She would rather kill herself, chain herself to crazy bears, jump off the battle post of a tower, sit in a posion field of snakes, lay in the catacombs, lie in the tomb with a body and wrap herself in the flesh and sleep in a morg. | 5. Outline Friar Lawerence's plans in detail, step by step. | Friar Lawernces plan is first she will go home at tell her parents she will marry Paris, when she is alone in her room she is to a take a poision that makes her appear she is dead. The Friar will send words to Romoe about thier plans,.They will meet Juilet at the famliy tomb, then her and romeo will run away together.

42: Act 4 Scene 2 1.Why is the serving man blathering on about cooks who lick their fingers? He is talking about this because if the food was bad they wouldn’t be willing to eat or taste test it. To make sure that they food is good the cooks “lick their fingers” to make sure it is up to standards. 1.What is the unexpected result of Juliet telling her father she will marry Paris? The result is that her father moves the wedding date to Wednesday the next day. Act 4 scene 3 1.Juliet is unsure of taking the poison for a couple of reasons? Describe them. First Juliet thinks that the Friar will regret marring her and Romeo, and the vial he gave her is actually poison that will kill her and not just make it look like she is dead. She thinks it over again and realizes that the Friar is a holy man and would not do that to her or Romeo. 2.What things does she imagine that finally convinces her to drink the posion? Juliet thinks about Romeo and that is the what enevntually convinces her.

43: Act 4 Scene 4 1.What is this scene all about? In this scene the Capulet’s family is preparing for the wedding Act 4 Scene 5 1.How is death personified in this scene? -Death is personified in this scene, by lord Capulet saying that death is his Heir and that Juliet was married to death. 2.Are Juliet parents unconcerned by her death or angry that they don’t get to marry her to Paris? -Her mother was sad because Juliet was dead, her father was also sad but I think that he was more upset about not getting to marry Juliet and not having a party.

44: Act 4 Scene 5 3.What does the Friar tell the family to stop them from shouting out in grief? -The Friar tells the family that Juliet is in a better place now and that she is happier now. Heaven helped her to earth and heaven is better for her today. 4.What is the reason for having the argument between Peter and the musicians? -The reasons for this because it gives the actors and the background time to change, it gives the audience something else to focus on instead of the changing scene.

45: Play review: Romeo and Juliet By: William Shakespeare Reviewed by: Amanda Klimec Genre: Romantic tragedy The plot of this timeless story is quite simple, in the prologue Shakespeare uses foreshadowing to outline the main plot. It states that the two families that have ancient feud will break to new mutiny, and that the children of these two families will ultimately be the end of the feud and their lives. The play starts out with Juliet’s dad organizing a party so Juliet can meet count Paris the man she is supposed to marry, at this party she meets Romeo and madly falls into a forbidden love. Romeo and Juliet decide that marring in secret will end their family’s feud, sadly they were mistaken they just made things worst. The night they wed Tybalt Juliet’s cousin kills Romeo best friend Mercutio.

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