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Romeo & Juliet

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BC: This Mix Book was created by Bowin Brachmann

FC: Romeo & Juliet

1: What whe learned in the prolouge is that there are two familys that are similar but yet they hate each other. we also learn that the to familys children are destined to be for eachother. They are also destined to die at the end. there deaths stop all the fighting beetween the familys

2: The setting is in the 1600's and there are two familys that hate eachother and are always fighting. the social structure is what there fighting about both familys want to be the family in control

4: Three phrases that i thought were weird and confusing were. 1.From forth the fatal loins of these two foes. 2. A pair of star-crossed lovers take there life 3. What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend

6: Act 1 Scene 2 1.The servents aren't even related but yet there still fighting because that is how mad these two familys are at each other. 2. to take the wall is to walk on the side of the ally because back then they threw out there waste into the street 3. to bite your thumb then is equvilent to fingering someone in our time 4 Benvolio is a person who doesn't like fighting and likes peace. 5. Death is the punishment for fighting on the street. because there in a fight to the death. and he is stoping the fighting by threating them with death. 6 because his city is falling apart because the two most powerfull familys in his town are fighting and his city is falling apart 7

8: Act 1 Scene 2 1. Paris is a old guy who wants to marry juliet he is rich and a friend of capulet. 2.Lord capulet wants juliet to have a good life and not get maried. and he wants her to marry for love. 3 Juliet has some control because she gets to say if she wants to marry that person but th person she marys will be decided for her. 4 peter gives comic relief because he can't read and he has a spas attack he hates them for making him read because he can't read. and he invites romeo to crash the party only if he isn't a montague but romeo is a montague. 5. romeo crashes the party because rosaline is at the party and he wants to check her out. shakespear says that something is going to happen at the party.

9: Act 1 Scene 3 1. Juliet doesn't want to get married to paris but she does want to get married she wants to have kids and get a husband. 2. The nurse charector is very outgoin she will say wat ever she wants and not think twice about it.

10: Act 1 Scene 4 1.They guys are about to go to a party. They crash the party but mercutio is invited. and that is the party that Romeo meets Juliet 2. Romeo has a dream that he is going to die because of this party and he doesn't want to go 3. Mercutio is maybe gay and he hates woman he thinks they are stupid. doesn't belevie in dreams. and he always want to have fun and go party

11: Act 1 Scene 5 1.they described them so that the people backstage could change and get ready for there parts. 2.Romeo goes to see Rosaline but he then meets Juliet and he hates Rosaline now and loves Juliet. 3.Tybalt wants to fight romeo and kill him because he has come to their party but Capulet yells at Tybalt. 4. he just kisses her and then says that he will take his sin back and kisses her again 5. because she says that her wedding will be her grave ig he is married but when she marrys him she dies anyway.

12: Act2 Scene1 1. They beleve that Romeo is in the bushes with Rosaline doing something very gross. lol 2. Romeo is spying on juliet 3.Romeo compares her to a the moon i think. 4. Because they get the mood kind of set for the next scene 5.It means that a rose could be called a dandelion but it would still smell like a rose and look like a rose 6. Romeo swears by the moon and she does not like that. 7. Juliet proposes and they will meet at nine o clock to get married

13: Act 2 Scene 3 1.Romeo goes and talks to Friar Lawrence about being able to be married. 2. He thinks it is strange because Romeo was just obsesed with Rosaline and all of a sudden he is in love with Juliet. 3.He thinks it is a good idea because it might stop the two sides from fighting.

14: Act 2 Scene 4 1.Tybalt sends a letter to the Montague house for Romeo crashing their party. 2. Mercutio calls Tybalt a Prince of Cats. (some one who is a well known fighter.) 3. Mercutio is a woman hater and he is jealous because he wants Romeo for himself. 4. Mercutio treats the nurse like a dirty old woman and calls her a "hoar" and someone who is a nobody. 5.The Nurse isn't very smart and same with Peter. They're both not smart and they haven't been educated. They do not speak in iambic pentameter. 6.They decide to get married in an hour. 7. The mood is more excitement than anything. Because everybody is happy about all that is happinen.

15: Act 2 Scene 5 1. Juliet is nervous about what the nurse is going to say. She is Nervous because the nurse is suppsoe to go and find Romeo and see if he has arranged for them to get maried. The Nurse gets in and has told Juliet that Romeo has arranged for them to get married by Friar Lawrence. 2. The nurse tortures Juliet because she acts like Romeo has left and doesn't want to get married and this scares Juliet.

16: Act 2 Scene 6 1. Juliet walks into the church and Romeo attacks her and say a bunch of stupid stuff to her.

17: Act 3 Scene 1 1.Tybalt and mercutio have a fight and tybalt kills mercutio. 2.Romeo gets really mad becaue tybalt killed his friend and romeo starts calling on tybalt to fight. 3.Romeo decided to kill tybalt and now everyone wants romeo dead or exiled 4. when they do something good but die or something in the end. 5.Romeos fatal flaw is he fleeds 6.Every one wants romeo dead. 7. because there are fights beetween everyone

18: Act 3 Scenes 2&3 1.The Nurse tells Juliet that Romeo is dead and Juliet gets all sad and says she wants to kill herself but Romeo isn’t really dead 2.Honorable villain, damned saint, wolvish ravening lamb, dove feathered raven 3.Juliet is mad at Romeo that he killed Tybalt Juliets Cousin 4.Juliet yells at the Nurse for yelling at her love for being a little coward 5.The Nurse decides to go find Romeo 1.The relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence is that the Friar has married Romeo and Juliet and they could be considered as friends 2.He is crying on the ground because he had just been banished from Juliet and he threatens to take his life. 3.He suggests that Romeo goes to the town manchuwa it’s near were Juliet lives. And Romeo just waits till everyone isn’t as mad at him so that he can come back and live in the town with Juliet. 4.The scene ends with the nurse hitting on friar Lawrence

19: Act 3 Scenes 4&5 Scene 4 1.That Juliet is getting married on Thursday to Paris 2.Capulet thinks that Juliet will do whatever he tells her to do like marry Paris Scene 5 1.Because larks are day birds and Juliet talks about nightingails because they are night birds and she says its still night. 2.Because when they are saying good bye she says he looks like a corpse in the bottom of a tomb 3. she freaks out. 4.juliet gets yelled at for not caring that tybalt got killed 5. he says that juliet isn't a good family person for not caring about the death of tybalt. 6. she tells the nurse that she will kill herself before she marrys paris.

20: Act 4 Scene 1 1.Paris is organizing the wedding and they have to have it soon because they think Juliet is grieving for her dead cousin Tybalt 2.Juliet says stuff that has double meanings and says that Paris can call her wife when she is his wife but she also says that he can’t call her that because she already is a wife 3.Juliet goes to the friar and asks for help and if she can’t get the help she wants she is going to kill herself. It’s like Romeo because just like yesterday Romeo is asking for help. 4.Juliet would rather be chained with a roaring bear, lay in a pile of yellow bones. And lay in a tomb with a freshly dead body 5.Juliet is to take the potion go home act all happy about getting married to Paris then go to her room and make sure that no one follows her and then drink it and just lay there till someone finds her

21: Act 4 Scenes 2&3 Scene 2 1.Well if the cooks lick their fingers they now that there food is good enough that they will eat their own food. 2.Capulet moves the wedding sooner so they can have the wedding Scene 3 1.Juliet thinks that when she gets in the tomb she will go crazy and wrap herself in Tybalt dead body play with all the heads. 2.How much Romeo loves Juliet

22: Act 4 Scenes 4&5 Scene 4 This scene is all about the wedding Scene 5 1.Everyone is in confusion and Juliet’s dad is worried now because she can’t marry Paris 2.The friar says the reason of her death is because if she did marry the count she wasn’t going to be happy. 3.The arguments give the actors time to get ready for the next scene.

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