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Romeo & Juliet

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BC: The End

FC: Romeo & Juliet Notes | Question pages: http://www.mixbook.com/photo-books/education/romeo-and-juliet-3772209

1: Question 1 A They said that 2 of the childeren of the famillies will love eachother and then later they get killed. B He told us about this so that we could understand the story and know what it is about kind of like forshadowing. | Question 2 They live in a place called Verona in Italy. the time in the story is in the renaissance. The two families hate eachother and they are both weathly. | Question 3 1. Loins: Thigh area, in story they reffered it as child birth. 11. Piteous Deserving pity or pathetic. 111. Stife: It means bitter conflict, rivalry, or struggle. | Prologue Questions

2: 1.It tells us that the feud is huge and involves the whole city. 2.It is to walk along the wall because the gutter is in the middle and you don’t want poop throw on you. 3.It is a high disgrace is basically the middle finger. 4.Benvolio is a character that likes peace and no fighting, he is also a tattletale. Tybalt is a character that hates people, he like to fight and is secretive. | Act 1,

3: 5.The punishment for fighting on the street is death. He has to kill to keep the peace. 6.His city is falling apart because the two main families, which is like the whole city becuase they chose sides and they fight whichmakes the city does not look good. 7. I think Romeo is a wimp, or crybaby, and not a very great hero. He is very shallow and comes on way to strong. | Scene 1,

4: 1. Paris is an old, rich person who want to marry Juliet. 2. Lord Capulet is a pretty good father. He wants Juliet to be happy and marry for love and think the she is to young. 3. Juliet does not have a lot of power over her life. she cannot choose who she wants the marry, but she chooses the love paris or not. | Act 1, Scene 2

5: 4. He can't read and and has verbal outbursts and invites Romeo the the party. 5. After he read the party guest list he notices Roseline is on the list.

6: Juliet wants to get married to some she loves or likes. She does not like paris at all and does not want to marry him. | She is curde, old nurse, who says alot of dirty jokes, and want Juliet to get married as early as possible. | Act 1, Scene 3

7: 1.The boys are going to the party with Mercutio and crash the Capulet party. | 2.Romeo had a dream that that showed him to his death if he goes to the Capulet party. | 3.Mercutio is a gay person and does not like women or even talk about them , he thinks that love should just be fun. | Act 1, Scene 4

8: 1. a Where the commen people would sit lower to the stage and like the funny fights b So the charaters can go and change their costumes. | 2. He is looking and thinking about Rosalin and then he instantly loves Juliet when he sees her. | Act 1, Scene 5

9: 3. Tybalt hears romeo and is going the kill him, but Capulet comes in and stop Tybalt by saying that if he started a fight he would be kicked out of the party. | 4. He munipulates her and by comparing hand and sin. and bacically just kisses her and she says he gave her sin, and he say he'll take it back and kisses her again. | 5. She says if Romeo is marry she said he grave is like her wedding bed. And Romeo say my life is in foe hand and he dies after he get married also.

10: Act 2, Scene 1 | 3. He is comparing her to the sun and her eyes to the stars. | 1. They think tthat Romeo is in the bushes making out with Rosealin. | 2. Romeo is acttually listening to what they are say and he is hide and spieing on Juliet. | 4. It shows that Romeo isn't there just to get juliet in bed , but is there to show juliet his feelings.

11: , Scene 2 | 5. It means that Juliet would love Romeo even is he had any other name in the\world. | 7. It was actually Juliet who proposes and she says to come back tomarrow if Romeo loves for marraige. | 6. He swears his love on the moon to Juliet.

12: 1. He goes to the church and talks to Friar Lawrence about him and Juliet and asked to arrange the marriege. | 2.Friar Lawrence think that Romeo only loves with his and and does not love with his heart. | 3. He thinks that if they get married it might stop the two main families from fighting, so he agrees. | Act 2, Scene 3

13: Act 2, Scene 4 | 1. Tybalt sents a letter and want to fight romeon for crashing the party. | 2. Tybalt is higher than the Prince of Cats which means he is better than the best swordsman ever. | 3. Mercutio is gay so he is jealous of Romeo spending the night with Rosaline and he is a woman hater. | 4. Mercutio insults her by calling her and old hag and fat saying that she is there to use Romeo. | 5. We can tell that the nurse and Peter are not educated because the are just servants. | 6. They decided on the wedding night and put out a rope ladder for Romeo to climb up to Juliet room. | 7. The mood of the scene is excitied and happy because of the marriage.

14: 1. In this scene Juliet waits for the nurse to get back with the answer that Romeo want to marry her. | 2. The Nurse takes long telling her because Juliet is so eager to know an the Nurse wants to bug her. | Act 2, Scene 5

15: Act 2, Scene 6 | 1. In this scene Juliet goes the chruch and talks with Romeo and then gets married to Romeo by Frair Lawrence. | 2. The speech is very quick like he want to get out of there.

16: Act 3, | 1.Mercutio steps up to fight for Romeo because he didn't want to and Tybalt kills Mercutio. | @2.Romeo fights and kills Tybalt after Mercutio's death. | 3.The downfall for Romeo is he always gets into trouble. and doesn't think anything through. | 4.A tragic hero is one with a flaw that leads to his/hers downfall.

17: Scene 1 | 6. The Prince comes and sees the body of Tybalt and Benvolio tells him what happened and the prince exiles Romeo. | 7.This is the turning point of the book because the people are being killed and it is nearing the end. | 5.Romeo fatal flaw is that he never thinks anything through, so it is his impulsiveness

18: 1. In this scene the Nurse says to Juliet that Romeo is dead which is the confusion. | 2. Four Antithesis are: "A Honerable Villian" "A Damned Saint" "A Wolvish-Raving Lamb" "Beautiful Tyrant" | 3. Juliet would rather have Romeo killed than banished. | $4. When the Nurse insults Romeo Juliet defends Romeo and says that she would rather have romeo than Tybalt or her other family so she can only be married to Romeo or die. | $5. After seeing Juliet cry the Nurse decides to bring Romeo to Juliet for the night. | Act 3, Scene 2,3

19: 1. The relationship between Romeo and Frair Lawrence is that they help eachother and that tell secrets to eachother. | 3. Frair tells Romeo to go to Mantua and live there until thing calm down. | 4. Juliet gives Romeo her ring which gives Romeo hope and happyness to live. | 2. Romeo is foolharty thinks that he should kill himself because of his banishment and think Juliet will not love him.

20: Act 3, Scene 4, 5 | 1. Capulet has decided to make Juliet marry Paris, but he didn't tell juliet yet. | 2. The only concern that Capulet has is that setting the date for marriage is is too close to Tybalts death, but he thinks that she will marry Paris because he thinks he can tell her to do anything.

21: 1. The significanse is that a larks sing at dawn and nightgale at night. | 2. When Romeo is leaving Juliet room they say look like are corpse at the bottom of a grave which tells us the might die. | 3. After Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she has to marry Paris she rufuses. | 4. Capulet get very angry after he heard her refuse it was like he was about to hit her. She could either marry Paris or leave the house and not come back. | 5. This is one of the line of Capulet to show he is not a good father: "My fingers itch. Wife, we scarce thought us blest that God had lent us but this only child; but now i see this one is one to much." | 6. Juliet tell the Nurse she is going to confess to the Father, but she is going to make a plan with Frair.

22: 1. Paris is at the church to arrange the wedding and explains why the wedding is coming up so fast. | 2. Juliet is double-meaning her word to Paris saying she love someone, but not him | 3. Juliet and Romeo both said that they would rather than be saperated. | 4. Things that Juliet would rather do than marry Paris is: "Or bid me go into a new-made grave And hide me with a dead man in his shroud" | 5. The plan from Frair step-by-step: - Go home and say you'll marry Paris - Then go to sleep alone and drink the poison, then you will seem dead and put your body in the family tomb and when you wake Frair and Romeo will be there. | Act 4, Scene 1

23: Act 4, Scene 2, 3, 4 | 1. The servant man needed to find cook who lick their fingers because that means they like their food and others will like it. | 2. The unexpected result was after Juliet argreed to marry Paris the wedding moved up one day which doesn't give Romeo enough time to get the letter. | 1. Juliet is afraid of taking the poison because: - Frair might be out to kill her and the poison will actually kill her - She might wake up un the chamber and go mad because no one came - The poisen might not work at all. | 2. The only reason she actually drank the poison was because she thought of Romeo. | 1. In scene 4 the only thing that happeneds is that they get ready for the wedding by making cakes and setting up table and such.

24: 1. Death is personified by the people saying that Juliet is marring death. | 2.Lady Capulet is actually about Juliet death, but Capulet is depressed about not having her marry Paris. | Act 4, Scene 5

25: 3. Frair tells the people to calm down because they made her kill her self and now she is happy in heaven. | 4. The reason that the Musicians and Peter have an argument is because is lets the actors change the scene.

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