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Romeo & Juliet

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BC: The End

FC: Romeo & Juliet Lori Matheson

1: 1. The setting of the their scene lays in the fair city of Verona with the two household who have fought for generations not even knowing what they were fighting about. The fights had broken out in anger on the streets. Romeo and Juliet (children of the two households) fall in love and after marrying, they die. He had also told us, that you have to pay attention to know what is happening in the play. I think that he had told us what would happen in the story so we could understand what was going to happen.

2: 2. The setting is placed in Verona and the two families are fighting about something that happened long ago. Each house considered themselves better than the other. 3. Line #'s 7. Whose misadventured piteous overthrows 8. Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife. Meaning: They fail to convince their parents to give up the feuding even by marrying (misadventured piteous overthrows) but only in their death do they succeed.

3: Act 1 Scene 1

4: 1. The two households are fighting about something from way back when and they want to kill eachother but each of them want the law on their side so they do not get in trouble. 2. The streets are shaped in a V-Shape because people in those days chucked there waist out on the streets, and the people on the streets don't want to get waste on themselves so they would push whatever gender of person onto the streets to save themselves. 3. It is bad to bit your thrumb at people in those days, because in these days it is like fingering people these days. You are not showing any respect or kindness to people whom you do it to.

5: 4. Benvolio is a 'tell the truth kind of guy'. He is sort of a tattle-tail and he likes the peace. Tybolt likes to fight people and he don't care for the peace. 5. If the Prince found the people fighting on the streets the punishment would be that he would kill the people he had found fighting. It is ironic becuase he is killing people to stop them from fighting and killing eachother. 6. Whatever the Prince does it doesn't work. All the prince wants is peace. It is a insult to him. 7.. My first impresstion of Romeo is that he is a big love sick wimp. He loves Rozolin but she is becomeing a Nun, so he is out of luck.

6: Act 1 - Scene 3

7: 1. In the book Paris wants to marry Juliet and he is Wealthy. 2. I think that he feels Juliet is too young to marry him. .3. Juliet has no power over her life. 4. The servent can't read and he lets Romeos know that his household is inviting everyone but Montague’s, and he was talking directly to a Montague. 5. He reads the guest list and see that Rozline would be one of the guests. 1. Juliet doesn't like Paris, but she does what her parents tell her to do. 2. The maid is a sick old lady.

8: Act 1 - Scene 4

9: 1. They are going to the Capulet's Party (they are going to crash it) even though they weren`t invited becuase they were from the house of Monague. 2. He had a bad dream the night before that fortold of his own death. 3. Marcutio has a crush on Romeo. He isn't that serious. He doesn't really believe in true love. He is about going out for a good time. He is a Party Boy. He is related to the prince, so he has a good seat.

10: Act 1 - Scene 5

11: 1. He included them to let the other acters get changed and ready for their next scene. Comic Relief Getting ready for the party. 2. . We had expected Romeo to go staight to Rozoline but when he saw Juliet he went straight to her. 3. Tybalt hears the voice of his enemies and he tells his servants to get his sward but Lord Capulet lets Romeo stay because he was not causing any problems. 4. Romeowas playing mind games. He had tricked Juliet into kissing him. He talked about her hands and his sins. 5. Tybalt says he is going to get Romeo back from the insult. Juliet asks the nurse if he was already married and if she can't smarry him she will die alone.

12: Act 2 - Scene 1 & 2

13: 1. They thought he would be in the the bushes with Rozline. 2. Romeo was spying on Juliet. He was in the bushes by the window. Romeo did here what they were saying about him. 3. He compared her to the sun and the stars. 4. It shows that boys are quite inoccent and that they are more siniclle. Romeo is opposite of Mercutio. Mercutio talks trash about Roziline becuase he probably wants to be with Romeo. 5. It doesn't matter what your name is it just matter of who you are. It doesn't change who you are.

14: 6. "by yonder blessed mooon I vow" Romeo swears by the sacred moon above. She doesn't like it becasue the moon is always changing. Every month its position in the sky shifts. She don't want him to turn out to be that inconsistent too. 7. Juliet proposes to Romeo and makes it seem like it was his idea. "If your intentions as a lover are truly honorable and you want to marry me, send me word tomorrow. I'll send a messenger to you, and you can pass on a message telling me where and when we'll be married. I'll lay all my fortunes at your feet and follow you, my lord, all over the world." He would get ahold of the friar and make marriage arangements.

15: ACT 2 SCENE 3

16: 1. Romeo goes and finds the Friar and asks him to marry them. 2. Friar Lawrence told him that it may not be real love and that Romeo was still crying over Rozline that morning. 3. Friar Lawrence thinks that it’s a good idea because if they get married it might end the family feud.

17: Act 2 Scene 4

18: 1. Tybalt sent a letter to Romeo's Household. He couldn't kill Romeo at the party so he wants to have a duel with him. 2. Mercutio called Tybalt ‘more than the Prince Of Cats’. Therefore we know that he is skilled. 3. Mercutio was jealous. He is a women hater and he doesn’t believe in real love. He just thinks that is a physical thing. 4. Mercutio was rude to the Nurse because she isn’t a good example of a lady and he thinks she is a dirty old woman, she is trying to seduce Romeo. 5. They tlaked in full sentences no rhyming or iambic-pentameter. That means that they are uneducated.

19: 6. He would get some rope and then climb up to Juliet’s room and spend the night with her after their wedding. 7. The people are feeling secretive and a bit a Jealousy. They are all joking around and Romeo is joking back. It is overall a happy mood.

20: Act 2 Scene 5 Scene 6

21: 1. The nurse comes back and Juliet is excited to hear what he has said..The nurse withholds the imformation Romeo gives her and she acts as if Romeo has said something bad but really everything was good and Romeo and the Friar were waiting for her so they can get married.. 2. The Nurse wants to be the centre of attention and to be noticed. 1. Romeo and Juliet get married by Friar Lawrence. He marked a weird and warning kind of speech to them. 2. His speech was weird and sort of warning for them.

22: Act 3 Scene 1

23: 1. Mercutio was in a crazy attitude so he talked about stupid things that could cause a fight.. 2. In revenge Romeo had killed Tybalt becuase Tybalt had killed Mercutio. 3.. Romeo chocies had led to his downfall becuase he had 4. Heros usually have a tragic flaw that brings them down.. It would be that they 5. He was in love with Rosaline and Juliet without thinking it through. He marries his ememies daugter and kills Tybolt and drinks poison without think it through. That is impulsive. 6. Mercutio and Tybalt were dead and the Prince was going to exile Romeo.. 7. After Romeo kills Tybolt he leaves and Juliet would have never needed to fake her death. She would never had to do it. .

24: Act 3 - Scene 2

25: 1. The Nurse was messing with Juliet's head telling her that he was died but it was really Tybalt that had been killed. Romeo was at the church crying over his banishment. beucase he had killed Tybalt. 2. Dove-feathered Raven Wolvish-Raveing Lamb Damned Saint Beautiful Tyrant Fiend Angelic 3. She is Happy even thought Romeo had killed her cousin. She feels that she should be mad but she still feels that she needs to be loyal to her husband.. 4 Juliet got mad a the nurse becuase the nurse thought: Juliet was married to Romeo so the nurse thought that she could say things about him too. 5 The nurse was going to get Romeo.

26: Act 3 - Scene 3

27: 1. The relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence is the closeness of friendship . The Friar helps Romeo by keeping him out of trouble. 2. He doesn't think things through. He thinks that killing himself will help everything. He just doesn't think things through.. 3. The Friar suggests teat Romeo goes to Juliets for the night and in the early morning he leaves for another city called Mantua. 4. The scene ends with the Nurse flirting with the Friar and theFrair finishing talking with Romeo and giving his last advice to him.. The friar would send servents to keep Romeo up to ddate with the events and happening of Juliet.

28: Act 3 - Scene 4

29: 1. Juliet's fate in this scene, her mother is telling her that she has to marry Paris on Thursday..and Juliet objects to it saying that she would rather marry Romeo, their ememy rather than marring Paris. 2. Lord Capulet doesn't wan t Juliet getting married to Paris so soon after Tybalt died or too late. It would be a party anyway becuase they'd be celebrating the twos marriage.. .

30: Act 3 - Scene 5 1. Larks sing during the day and Nightingales sing during the night. Juliet had tryed to get Romeo to stay but Romeo tells her that if he gets caught with her he would be killed so she pushes him out and he leaves.

31: 2. The foreshadowing in this scene is when Romeo is leaving, and Juliet keeps talking about how she thinks this is the last time she'll see Romeo and that looking at him is like looking like a corpse, and then he agrees the same thing about her. and he leaves to go to Manchua. 3. Juliet reacts by telling her mother that she would rather marry Romeo their ememy than marry the Wealthy County Paris.. 4. Capulet threatens to kick her out of the house if she doesn't agree to marry Paris he called her names and he .says that if she doesn't marry him she would not be his daughter. 5 This quote from Romeo & Juliet proves that Lord Capulet is not a good father. Forget about you, you worthless girl! You disobedient wretch! I'll tell you what. Go to church on Thursday or never look me in the face again. Don't say anything. Don't reply. Don't talk back to me. We were cursed when we had her. She disgusts me, the little hussy! 6. Juliet told the nurse that she was going to go to the church for confession. She acually goes to the church but she talkes to the Friar about how they can stall the wedding/marriage.

32: ACT 4 - SCENE 1

33: 1. . Paris had told the Friar that he was going to marry Juliet on Thursdayand that her crying made it tough for him to speak to her. The friar knew why she was crying and he was trying to slow Paris down and try to find a way to keep them from marrying. 2.. Juliet had been talking to Paris and she was telling him that she was already married and she was also insulting him and he didn't realize it . 3. Romeo and Juliet are the same. Both of them think that killing themselves will make everything perfect. Juliet went into the church and after talking to Paris she babbled a bit them threatened to kill herself if the Friar didn't know a way to keep Paris form marring her . 4. Juliet would tie herself up with Bears, Jump of Towers, Lay in the ground with dead people and rap herself up with it cloth covering him, rather than marrying Paris. 5. Juliet would go home and make sure that she was alone, she would put on nice cloths, take the posion, lay in the tomb, wait 48hours then the Friar and Romeo would be waiting for her to wake up and then Romeo and Juliet would go to Mantua together.

34: Act 4 - Scene 2 & 3 1. If the cook is good he would want to eat his own food and if they don't lick their own fingers they won't want to test their food and eat their food. 2. When Juliet told her father (Capulet) his bad mood leaves and and he bumps the wedding date to Wednesday (tomorrow) instead of keeping it on Thurday . Juliet was willing to marry Paris. 1. Juliet was unsure of thaking the posion becuase the Friar could have given her a posion to kill her not to make her go to sleep.. He could just kill her and he would be innocent and knowbody would know that he did anything. Juliet could suficat in the vault and Romeo would find her dead. She could wake up with Dead Tybalt beside her and he would be green and festering and rotten. Juliet could wake up and with the smells and shreiking. of the dead people.

35: Juliet was worried that she could go mad and start playing with her forefathers bones and she could start danciing with Tybalts dead body. The finally she would bash her head and die from hitting herself with a leg bone. 2. Juliet finally drank the poision when she remembered Romeo. Act 4 - Scene 4 1. Peter and the Musician's fight about playing a song in this scene awas used as time to change scenes.

36: ACT 4 - SCENE 5

37: Capulet has told Paris that he had missed out on his chance and that death has married his daughter. 2 To me, I think that her parents are sad but her dad (Capulet) did mention why did my daughter have to die just before the ceremony.. I think that they are sort of sad that Juliet never got got to even marry. 3 .Friar Lawrence tells the Capulets to stop crying and that it is better to be married and die young, rather than being married adn dieing old and that she would be happier in heaven. .. 4. They had the fight between the two so the acters could change scene and Juliet could be moved. and they could get ready for another scene.

38: Romeo & Juliet By: William Shakespeare In the play Romeo & Juliet the genre of the play is Romance and Tragedy. The plot of the play in the city of Verona with two household that have fought for generations not even knowing what they were fighting about. The fights had broken out in anger on the streets. Romeo and Juliet (children of the two households) fall in love and after marrying, they die. In the last scene Paris goes to Juliet’s tomb to put flowers on her every day, but Romeo was coming so Paris hid in the bushes and then jumped out when Romeo was standing there. They were going to start a fight so the one servant went to get the Watchmen (Police).

39: Romeo kills Paris and puts Paris’s body beside Juliet. That was his last wish. Romeo then drank the whole poison bottle and bent over to kiss Juliet but the poison was strong enough to kill 20 men, so Romeo died and fell on top of her. The Friar Lawrence came and he discovered a trail of blood and found out it was Paris’s and he also found Romeo too. Juliet woke up and the Friar was trying to get her out of the tomb but she wouldn’t leave. The Friar left so he wouldn’t get in trouble when the Watchmen found the three newly dead bodies of Romeo, Paris and Juliet. Friar Lawrence got caught and he bragged to the watchmen of all that he had done for the two lovers.

40: I would give this play (Romeo & Juliet) 4 out of 5 rating. The reason I would give it a 4 out of 5 is because the ending was sad. If Romeo had waited a minute he could have had Juliet and been on the way to Mantua to live a full, joyful life. I would recommend that Story/Play to anybody who would enjoy Romance and Tragic endings. People who enjoy Shakespeare’s writing and the kind of style they had back in those days.

41: The two best things about the play were the Nurse because she was a little dirty and she helped Juliet and she acted more of a mother than her real mother had. Mercutio was a good friend of Romeo and pretty funny at the way he acted even though he was gay. The only bad thing in the play would be that the ending was really sad. Romeo taking the poison just as Juliet was waking up. Other than that I loved the play.

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