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Romeo & Juliet

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S: William Shakespeare and The Renaissance

FC: William Shakespeare and the Renaissance | By Abdullah Ahmad

1: Essential Question: How does the Renaissance influence literature and History | The Renaissance was a time period or movement that caused an explosion of major achievements. These achievements came from literature and history. History was made when all theses artist like Leonardo da Vinci came and made artwork like the Mona Lisa or the Last Supper. Literature was influenced when William Shakespeare came in the Queen Elizabethan time period. Making plays like Romeo & Juliet or Hamlet.

2: Italian Renaissance: Geography | Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance because it had an explosion of creativity in art, writing and lasted for a certain time period. The capital of Italy was Florence, which had most of the political life their. Before the Crusades, Italy believed in feudalism. During the Crusades, all the people from Feudal Europe culturally blended with all of these ideas from the Middle East. Now after the Crusades, Italy has taken these ideas from the Middle East and created their own achievements and creations.

3: Map of Italy | The Last Supper | Crusades

4: Italian Renaissance: Religion | Christian Humanism was a focus with religion on human politics and achievements. During the Italian Renaissance, most people were Catholic because the Pope lived in Italy and ruled it too. When all these artist and inventors came they had to continue with some kind of religion set back tn order to display to society. For example, Michelangelo making the statue of David between 1501 and 1504. David in the Old testament was a average man. Instead in the sculpture, he's at least 17 feet tall made of marble, while standing nude

5: Statue of David | Pope | Censor

6: Italian Renaissance: Achievements | The Italian Renaissance was a time period or movement in Italy that caused an explosion of major achievement. Artist and inventors from that time period did many things that contributed our life today. Leonardo da Vinci was a scholar and engineer that created the Mona Lisa that is worth $645 millions dollar today. The Mona Lisa represented the personalities of Jesus disciplines. Michelangelo Buonarroti portrayed the human body in paintings and sculptures like the statue of David .

7: Mona Lisa

8: Italian Renaissance:Politics | During the Italian Renaissance, most political life was inFlorence. When the Renaissance began in Italy, many city states were organized. Government actions in Florence and other city-states were strongly influenced by powerful, wealthy families. The city-states were very competitive and wars among them were common.There were more than 20 city-states in Italy, each carrying out the functions of governing and even issuing its own currency. Riches acquired through trade and successful conquests were used to employ artists, musicians, and scholars as well as to build elaborate palaces, churches, and public buildings. Leaders of the prominent ruling families were often important leaders in the Catholic Church, which was actively involved in running the business of public life.

9: Florence Dome

10: Italian Renaissance:Economy | The Commercial Revolution was a prosperity of trade and art during the Italian Renaissance.It received stimulus from the voyages of exploration undertaken by England, Spain, and other nations to Africa, Asia, and the New World. Among the features associated with it were a surge in overseas trade, the appearance of the chartered company, acceptance of the principles of mercantilism, the creation of a money economy, increased economic specialization, and the establishment of such new institutions as the state bank, the bourse, and the futures market The connection was that the achievements lead these movements during that time like the astrolabe.

11: Voyage | Merchant

12: Italian Renaissance: Society | Society during the Renaissance was all humanistic. Humanism was a intellectual movement that focused on human politics and achievements. Renaissance men would be charmed, witty and well educated . While Renaissance Women were inspired to art and a little influenced in politics. Urban life would contain entertainment , joblessness and sanitation.

13: Art

14: Elizabethan England:Geography | England is the birthplace of the English Renaissance during the 16th Century. The capital of England is London and during that time they had about three million people as the population in England. The weather back then changed from hot to cold everyday. England cover about 50.346 square miles, basically half of the size of the state of Texas.

15: England Map

16: Elizabethan England:Religion | The two major religions in Elizabethan England were the Catholic and Protestant religions. The beliefs in these different religions were strong that they led to the executions to both of these Elizabethan religions. King Henry didn't want to accept the Pope Pius rule, so he created the Church of England. They switched between Protestants and Catholics because of ideas from the King. When Queen Elizabeth came she created the Religious settlement of 1559, so their couldn't be chaos.

17: Church of England

18: Elizabethan England Era: Achievements | During the English Renaissance, most achievements came from literature and writing. One artist that benefited from the English Renaissance was William Shakespeare .He was able to have his play because Queen Elizabeth favored them. One of William Shakespeare's plays that contributed the most was "Romeo & Juliet" , a play about the death of two lover.s. Shakespeare caused writing to change from his own plays.

19: Modern Day Movie About Romeo &Juliet

20: Elizabethan England Era: Politics | During the Elizabethan Period, most political life came from the capital London. The type of government was a monarchy. Queen Elizabeth I ruled from 1533 to1609 in England. She was called the "Virgin Queen" because she didn't want to marry anyone. Queen Elizabeth brought England to a Golden Age.

21: Queen Elizabeth I

22: Elizabethan England Era:Economy | The Elizabethan England Era saw the rise of modern commerce with cloth and weaving leading the way. The prosperous merchant class emerged from the ashes of the Wars of the Roses. The prosperity of the wool trade led to a surge in building and the importance cannot be overstated. Shipping products from England to various ports in Europe and to the New World also became a profitable business for the merchants. Prices for everyday food and household items that came from other countries increased as the merchants gained a monopoly on the sales of all goods under the presence .

23: Merchant

24: Society | Elizabethan society was very distinct about how people were different and were apart of different social classes. One of the main ideas in this concept was that God was number one on the “chain” and directly after him was the Queen. This is the reason why the Queen was looked upon so highly, and was a much superior figure than all others. Clothes symbolize a person’s social status, whether they are nobles, part of the middle class or peasants. Each had its own characteristics, peasants were people who worked in the agricultural field such as farmers, and they had little money and worked for noblemen. The middle class people were not as poor as the peasants, having a little more money.The wealthy class or aristocrats had surplus amount of money, again working for the nobles. Some of their jobs include large merchants, or highly paid artisans.

25: Men in Tights

26: William Shakespeare's Life | William Shakespeare was born in Stratford upon Avon and was baptized on April 26, 1564. He died on April 23, 1616 and was 51 years old. He had two sisters and was the born third. He attended school for seven year, while his parents were glove makers and wool collectors. During school he learned subjects about poetry, grammar, plays, and Latin. By the time Shakespeare was a full adult he married Anne Hatchway and had three children named Susana, Hamnet and Judith Shakespeare. He spent most of his life in London making plays and literature.

27: His wife died on August 6, 1623 and his daughter Hamnet died of a deadly disease on August 11,1595.

28: William Shakespeare's Career | Shakespeare moved on September 29, 1579 and wanted to play in entertainment. William Shakespeare was famous for three thing being a poet, play writer, and actor. He made at least 39 plays and made poem and sonnets during his life time. He made his plays all about comedy, history and drama. One of his biggest works was the play "Romeo & Juliet". Shakespeare "borrowed" the plot from Aruther Brooke's writing of " The Tragicial History of Romeo and Juliet"

29: Queen Elizabeth came to William Shakespeare's plays in the Globe Theater, which was outside London's city limits. On June 29 a fire broke out at the Globe Theatre during the performance of King Henry VIII . The cannon that was used for special effects, such as heralding great entrances, was loaded with gunpowder and wadding, sent a piece of the smoldering onto the roof. The roof caught on fire and the Globe Theater burned to the ground.

30: The Language of My Time | William Shakespeare wrote in Early Modern Day English for most of his plays. Most people spoke that form of English during the Elizabethan Time Period. For example, one person would say "Tis season is to be ope" meaning His season is to be open.

31: Bibliography | Venci, Leonardo."A Lady During the Renaissance." Online image. 2002. Mona Lisa.28 April. 2012 | Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, Michelangelo. " David's Statue." Online Image. 2005 David's Statue. 28 August. 2012 | Venci, Leonardo." The Last Supper" Online Image 2011. The Last Supper. 28.April. 2012

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