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Romeo & Juliet Novel Study (S.M)

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S: Romeo & Juliet Novel Study

FC: Romeo and Juliet Novel Study | By: Shelbison

1: This is a note book on the Romeo & Juliet Novel Study we are taking in L.A as of February 18th, 2009. Have fun reading... :-)

2: Characters | Romeo - the lovesick hero Juliet - the dooomed heroine Benvolio - Romeo's cousin and BFF Mercutio - Romeo's friend, Prince's cousin Tybalt - Juliet's moody cousin The Nurse - Juliet's babysitter Friar Lawrence - marries Romeo & Juliet Lord & lady Montague - Romeo's parents Lord & Lady Capulet - Juliet's parents Count Paris - old guy to marry Juliet Prince Escalus - ruler of Verona The Apothecary - sells illegal drugs Friar John - tries to help Friar Lawrence Peter, Samson, & Gregory - Capulet servants Abram & Balthasar - Montague servants Rosaline - Romeo's love, pre-juliet Chorus - chants the prologues

3: Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. From forth the fatal loins of these two foes A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life; Whose misadventured piteous overthrows Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife. The fearful passage of their death-marked love, And the continuance of their parents’ rage, Which, but their children’s end, naught could remove, Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage; The which if you with patient ears attend, What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend. | Prologue

4: 1. What things are introduced during the first prologue? Why do you think Shakespeare chose to tell us what he did in the prologue? -In the prologue the fight between the two families is introduced, that Romeo and Juliet are doomed in love and that in their death all will be resolved. I think Shakespeare chose to tell us what he did in the prologue so that we would know what is going on and why. He wants us to pay attention to what is going on, all the little details. | Romeo & Juliet Prologue Questions | 2. Setting doesn’t just include the location. It also includes the time, the circumstances of the characters, the social structure, and many other issues. Summarize the setting as outlined by the prologue. -The story itself takes place in Verona, Italy and the timeline is in Renaissance times. The social structure is that the two households are equal in status but are fighting over something that happened a long time ago. The main characters, Romeo and Juliet, are doomed from the beginning but the feud will end because of them in their death.

5: 3. Choose three words or phrases that you encountered in the prologue that seemed confusing or difficult. Explain what they mean. -The phrase ‘whose misadventured piteous overthrows’ was a harder for me to understand. In Romeo & Juliet’s death they unknowingly ended the feud that they hadn’t been trying to help end in the first place. That was the only line that I did not understand, I understood the words just not that line. | End of Scene 1 - Act 1

6: Act 1 - Scene 1 Romeo & Juliet | 1.What does the fight between the servants tell us about the feud in Romeo & Juliet? -The fight tells us about how strong the hate is between the families. The fight has brainwashed the servants and the city. People that aren’t even related to the two families are taking sides. | 2.What does it mean to ‘take the wall’? (Line 13) -‘Take the wall’ is when people walk next to the wall when walking down the street so that they aren’t walking in the sewage gutter. The wall is the safest place to be walking because then you probably won't be hit by flying crap. | 3.What is wrong with ‘biting your thumb’ at someone? -‘Biting your thumb' is equivalent to flipping the bird or fingering someone which is a bad thing. | 4.What kind of character is Benvolio? How is he antithetical to Tybalt? -Benvolio is the exact opposite of Tybalt, he wants peace and for everyone to get along , plus he is avery open and honest while Tybalt is a scrapper and loves to fight. | Fight between Tybalt & Benvolio: | Speech from the prince:

7: 5.What is the punishment for fighting on the streets as decreed by the prince? How is that ironic? -The punishment is death and it is ironic because the punishment is death for those killing others. It's basically a death for a death. | 6.Why does it bother the prince so much that there is civil unrest in Verona? -The Prince didn’t want so much civil unrest because of the violence and fact that it was making him look like a slack ruler. He wants peace and a safe city and all the fighting is disturbing it an dit is almost an insult to him and the way he rules because of all teh brawls. It is reflecting badly on him. | 7.What is your first impression of Romeo? Why is he acting the way he is? How does this set up Romeo for the rest of the play? -My first impression of Romeo is that he is a wuss and a cry baby. I think he acts the way he does is because he is in ‘love’ with Rosaline and Rosaline doesn’t like him or even knows he really exists, she might become a nun. This makes Romeo look and sound like a romantic idiot that always has his head in the clouds. He sounds superficial and very serious because of how he only likes girls because they are beautiful and only likes them for that. He seems shallow and when he goes for something he goes for it full throttle. | Introduction of Romeo:

8: Act 1 - Scene 2 | 1.Who is Paris? -Paris is the guy that the Juliet’s parents ( Lord & Lady Capulet ) want her to marry. He is old, has a wrinkled up face and has lots of money. | 2.In this scene, what impression do we get of Lord Capulet? How does he feel about Juliet and marriage? -He is protective of Juliet, he does make a condition in the marriage agreement thing saying that she has to love him and when she loves him then they can get married. He is very caring in scene 2 and he was worried that she was too young for marriage, he wanted Paris to wait for two more years. At least he that is what he wants in that scene. | 3.How much power does Juliet have over her own life? What evidence do we see of this? -We see that she has very little power over her life. When they say jump she jumps so when they tell her to take Count Paris into consideration as a husband then she does take him into consideration.

9: 5.Why does Romeo decide to crash the Capulet party? What clues does Shakespeare give us that something else will happen? He read Rosaline’s name on the guest list that Peter had him read for him because he couldn’t read. We know that Juliet is a pretty girl and Benvolio is saying that he will see another pretty girl and fall for her instead of Romeo. Romeo is shallow in the first place so you know it will happen. | 4.How does Peter, the Capulet servant, provide comic relief in this scene? -In scene 2 he is freaking out about his boss giving a piece of paper with guests names on it to be invited and the guy cannot read so he is making all these outrageous comparisons while flipping out, he then tells Romeo Montague that anyone who isn’t a Montague is invited after he is helped with the names. He comes onto Scene 3 and is kind of having a spas attack because the servants are mad at the nurse because she isn’t helping, Lord Capulet is asking for Lady Capulet and Paris is asking for Juliet. Everything is in chaos and is a mess. Normally servants don’t tell the master/mistress what to do but in this scene he was spasing out so he ordered the lady to get her but in gear. His high strung personality and outbursts have him going cookoo.

10: Act 1 - Scene 3 | 1.How does Juliet feel about marriage? How does she feel about Paris? -Juliet wants to please her parents but she really doesn’t want to get married. She isn’t sure about Paris yet as she hasn’t met him yet. ‘It is an honor she dreams not of. 2.Describe the nurse character. The nurse is a dirty, old nurse. Very dirty, the first line out of her mouth is her saying she swears on her virginity at age twelve that she told Juliet to hurry up and come to her mother. It is one dirty story and joke after the other.

11: Act 1 - Scene 4 | 1. What are the boys about to do in this scene? The boys are on their way to Capulet's party, they're going to crash it. 2. Why does Romeo feel so jumpy? Romeo feels jumpy because he just had this dream, bad bad dream about his downfall and how something bad will happen. 3. Describe the type of person Mercutio is. Use clues from his behaviour and speech. Mercutio is a long winded guy who is only serious if he has something to prove. He is related to the prince so he is a party boy. His long 'Queen Mab' speech hints that he is gay and likes Romeo because he hints at wanting something he can not have.

12: Act 1 - Scene 5 | 1.Why did Shakespeare include the scene with the servants? (two main reasons) -He introduced them so that the actors would have time to change because the Capulet’s are having the masquerade party in that scene. They help set the party scene up, a bit of comic relief because of the spatting and whining. 2.What is ironic about Romeo’s entrance to the party? -The ironic thing about Romeo is that you would expect him to go for Rosaline as soon as he enters the party but instead after seeing Juliet he just completely forgets about Rosaline and thinks Juliet is the best thing in the world. 3.What happens when Tybalt hears Romeo’s voice? -Tybalt hears the voice of the enemy and he gets angry immediately and asks for the servant to bring a sword but Capulet tells him to leave him be because he hadn’t done anything wrong and he didn’t want any scenes in the middle of his party.

13: 4.How does Romeo convince Juliet to kiss him so quickly? -He plays some mind games with her and gets her confused. He resorts to cheesy flattery (her hands are holy shrines). Juliet says he is a good kisser after the second kiss. He kind of tricks her but she likes it. 5.What foreshadowing do we get at the end of Act 1 – Scene 5? -Tybalt claims he is going to get revenge after Romeo crashed the party as it was a ‘great insult’ to him. Juliet talks about marrying him after the party (my grave is likely to be my wedding bed), she might die because of her wanting Romeo.

14: Prologue for Act 2

15: Now old desire doth in his deathbed lie, And young affection gapes to be his heir. That fair for which love groaned for and would die With tender Juliet matched, is now not fair. Now Romeo is beloved and loves again, Alike bewitchd by the charm of looks, But to his foe supposed he must complain, And she steal love's sweet bait from fearful hooks. Being held a foe, he may not have access To breathe such vows as lovers use to swear. And she as much in love, her means much less To meet her new beloved anywhere. But passion lends them power, time means, to meet, Tempering extremities with extreme sweet.

16: Act 2 - Scene 1 & 2 | 1.Where do Mercutio and Benvolio believe Romeo is hiding? -They think Romeo is doing ‘things’ with Rosaline. They sit there and talk about nasty looking fruit and poking fun at Romeo. The Medlar tree. 2.What is Romeo actually doing? -Romeo is actually sitting by Juliet’s balcony talking to himself when he sees Juliet come out and start talking about her feelings. Romeo, shallow Romeo, decides to spy on her. 3. What things does Romeo compare Juliet to? -He compares Juliet to the sun, moon, an angel, eastern sky, night stars. She is more beautiful than any of them according to him. 4.More irony: why does Shakespeare make Mercutio and Benvolio talk about ‘physical love’ in the scene right before the balcony scene, where Romeo and Juliet talk about emotional love? -Mercutio thinks love is physical, he has nothing to do with emotions but Romeo thinks it’s all about how wonderful she is, he is all emotions and is in it for good. It shows how genuinely Romeo believes how much he thinks he ‘loves’ Juliet. Romeo and Mercutio are opposites.

17: 5.A famous line from this scene is ‘that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ What does this mean? -Even if you call a rose a daffodil it will still be a rose and smell like a rose. Romeo is still himself, he is still Romeo even if you call him another name. 6.What does Romeo swear his love by? Why does Juliet not like this? - He swore by the moon but Juliet didn’t like it because the moon is always changing from one day to the next. “Lady, by yonder blessed moon I vow, that tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops... 7. Who proposes? What is the plan? -Juliet proposes but makes it look like Romeo did and the plan is that he has to come for her by nine in the morning. If his intentions were marriage then he was to go get the friar and let Juliet know.

18: Act 2 - Scene 3 | 1.What does Friar Lawrence think of Romeo’s suggestion? Why does he agree to help? -Friar Lawrence is shocked because it was just the other morning that Romeo was whining about Rosaline. Lawrence agrees to help because he thinks it can unite the two families. 2. What does Friar Lawrence think of Romeo’s sudden change in love interest? -The Friar is shocked because Romeo was only just crying over Rosaline. Romeo had never actually loved Rosaline he only liked her because she was pretty and the Friar suspects it is the same thing in the case of Juliet but he agrees to go with it because of the good it could do the two families. 3. What does Romeo go do immediately after leaving Juliet? -He goes to Friar Lawrence to get him to marry them as he, Romeo has fallen in love with the enemy.

19: Act 2 - Scene 4: has seven questions....way to big for one page.

20: Act 1 - Sceme 4 | 1.What has happened as a result of the party crashing? -Tybalt is still sore after Romeo showed up and crashed the party, Tybalt couldn’t kill him then. Tybalt sent a letter to the Montagues for Romeo but Romeo hasn’t heard of it yet. 2.What does Mercutio call Tybalt and why? -He called him the ‘Prince of Cats’ because the ‘Prince of Cats’ is a really good sword fighter and apparently Tybalt is really good with a sword. 3.Why is Mercutio so crude when describing Romeo’s night? -Mercutio is jealous, gay Mercutio who lusts for Romeo is jealous that Romeo got to supposedly spend the night with ‘Rosaline’. Mercutio is also a woman hater and doesn’t believe in love because of who he is. 4.How does Mercutio treat the nurse? -Mercutio is rude because he is a woman hater. The Nurse just comes right into the scene and she starts hitting on Romeo. But then Mercutio and Benvolio don’t know any better about the plan….da da da daaaa….between Romeo and the Nurse involving Juliet.

21: 5.What is interesting about the way the Nurse and Peter speak to one another? (Hint: look at the style of writing) -They use full sentences when talking to each other instead of iambic pentameter. The full sentences let us know that they are uneducated. 6.What do the Nurse and Romeo decide to do regarding the marriage? -In about an hour’s time they will meet behind the Abbey, the Nurse will bring Juliet and they will get hitched, someone will bring a rope ladder so Romeo can get over the wall and then he can spend the night with Juliet. 7.What is the mood of the scene? -There is a secret undertone. Romeo was laughing and making dirty jokes, the Nurse flirted with them all. It is a pretty happy scene.

22: Act 2 - Scene 5 | 1. What happens in this scene? -The Nurse is telling Juliet what happened between her, the Nurse, and Romeo. 2. Why does the Nurse torture Juliet the way she does? -The Nurse tortures Juliet the way she does because she is getting even with Juliet for sending her to give a message to Romeo. Plus the Nurse wants and likes attention so she plays it to the max in getting attention.

23: Act 2 - Scene 6 | 1. What happens in this scene? -Friar Lawrence is warning Romeo to take it easy so that his love for Juliet does not die as it did with Rosaline. Romeo and Juliet do get married. 2. Analyze Friar Lawrence's speech to Romeo – not really a bubbly, pre-wedding type speech, is it? -No it isn't all carefree and happy, its not a typical pre wedding speech. The friar hopes it will work out and won't die a sudden death or have a bad ending as a result of them getting married so hastly.

24: Act 3

25: to be continued.....

26: 1.What happens between Tybalt and Mercutio? -Tybalt and Mercutio want to fight so they end up fighting. Tybalt swipes at Mercutio when Romeo is trying to break them up and Mercutio gets stabbed in the heart….and dies. 2.What does Romeo do in retaliation? -Romeo thought he was getting soft because of Juliet and he starts blaming Juliet for making him soft. Romeo hardens himself up and goes after Tybalt after telling Tybalt to take his insult back. Romeo ends up kill 3.How have Romeo’s own choices led to his downfall? -Romeo’s own choices have led to his downfall by his acting without thinking through. Romeo is impulsive. He falls in love without thinking it through, he killed Tybalt without thinking it through, he marries the daughter of his enemy without thinking it through. 4.What creates a tragic hero? -They bring about their own downfall by doing things without thinking them through or saying things without thing them through. A tragic hero is impulsive. These heroes have a tragic flaw. | Act 3 - Scene 1 | Act 3 - Scene 1

27: 5.What is Romeo’s fatal flaw? -He acts without thinking. Romeo doesn’t have a since about what the repercussions will be of his actions. His fatal flaw is his impulsiveness. 6.What happens after the fight between Romeo & Tybalt? Romeo runs for it, Benvolio tattles and tells all to the Prince and everyone else at the scene. The prince banishes Romeo because he can’t kill him. He can’t kill him because Tybalt had killed Mercutio and Romeo killed Tybalt for murdering Mercutio. 7.How is this the turning point in the story? - This is the part where it all goes awry, the turning point in the story because Romeo is now banished from the city of Verona and can’t come back. Romeo and Juliet are married and Romeo has killed Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, which leads to Juliet getting hysterical. Juliet then fakes her death, Romeo thinks she’s dead so he drinks the poison and dies then Juliet kills herself when she realizes Romeo is dead.

28: 1.What is the confusion is this scene? >The confusion is the Nurse is bawling about someone’s death and leads Juliet to think that Romeo is the one that died. The Nurse does eventually tell Juliet that Romeo actually killed Tybalt, Romeo didn’t die. 2.List four examples of antithesis that Shakespeare uses in this scene. Why does he use antithesis here? >damned saint >beautiful tyrant>wolfish-ravening lamb >honorable villain>fiend angelica>dove-feathered raven >Shakespeare uses antithesis to show that even though Romeo did something horrible, by killing Tybalt, Juliet still ‘loves’ him and thinks he’s amazing and can do no wrong. Romeo may be evil but he is good. It’s an internal conflict, she is trying to get her emotions sorted out, she actually ‘loves’ Romeo. Juliet is super loyal. 3.What does Juliet feel about what Romeo has done? >At first Juliet is emotional over the fact that Romeo killed Tybalt because Romeo is now banished and banishment is worse than death. Being banished is worse than her parent’s death, her death, everyone’s death. Juliet still ‘loves’ him and will be there for him till the end. | Act 3 - Scene 2

29: 4.How does Juliet react when the Nurse scolds Romeo? What did this say about Juliet’s view on her marriage? >Juliet completely blows up and verbally attacks the Nurse for dissing her Romeo. I think this reaction, means that Juliet is still loyal and will follow Romeo to the grave. Juliet, by being married to Romeo, is the only one allowed to scold him. 5.What does the Nurse decide to do? >The Nurse decides to go get Romeo just so she doesn’t have to listen to Juliet bawl and whine away.

30: Act 3 - Scene 3 | 1.What is the relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence? >The relationship between the two is more of a friendship. The Friar kind of helps Romeo along and keeps him on the straight and narrow. The Friar could be considered as Romeo’s therapist and sort of personal guardian. 2. How does Romeo show that it is still foolhardy and willing to emotion before logic? >When he breaks down and just bawls his but off in the Friar’s cell and his not thinking things through. Romeo thinks that killing himself will solve everything, which it won’t so he pull’s a knife out when the Nurse shows up because he doesn’t want to hurt Juliet.

31: 3.What is the friar’s suggestion to make things right? >The Friar suggests that Romeo goes to Juliet for the night and then in the early morning he leaves for Mantua, the next city over. That way, Romeo and Juliet can say their ‘good byes’. 4. How does the scene end? >The scene ends with the Nurse hitting on the Friar, ‘I love educated men’. The Friar finishes talking to Romeo and giving him advice and letting him, Romeo, know that he, the Friar, would keep Romeo posted on whats happening even though he, Romeo, will be in Mantua.

32: Act 3 - Scene 4 | 1.What has been decided regarding Juliet’s fate in this scene? -Juliet’s fate is that she will have to marry Paris on Thursday. Her dad has decided for her and Juliet is not at all pleased and says she doesn’t want to marry Paris, that she would rather marry their hated enemy, Romeo. 2.What was Capulet’s only concern about this? What does this tell us about his relationship with his daughter? -His only concern is that Juliet must be married on Thursday to the rich Paris. It can’t be to soon because Tybalt just died but he doesn’t want it to late. Capulet is not very close to his daughter.

33: Act 3 - Scene 4

34: Act 3 - Scene 5 | 1.What is the significance about “larks” and “nightingales” in this scene? -The significance of the larks and nightingales is that if the nightingales where singing then Romeo could have stayed awhile longer because it would have still be night. The problem was the larks were singing which meant morning and if Romeo didn’t leave he would be caught and then probably killed and Juliet did not want that. 2.What super obvious foreshadowing does Shakespeare give us as Romeo leaves? -The foreshadowing is that when Romeo goes to leave Juliet says that he looks pale and dead like someone in the bottom of a tomb. Romeo says the same thing back to Juliet. This is saying that they both have the same fate and will both end up dead at the end of the play..da da da daaaaa……! 3.How does Juliet react to her mother’s announcement? -Juliet throws a fit and gets all angry and says she would rather marry the Capulet’s hated enemy’s son Romeo Montague instead of old Paris. “I will not marry yet. And when I do, I swear it shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate, rather than Paris.”

35: 4.How does Capulet react to Juliet’s acceptance, or lack thereof? What is the ultimatum he gives her? -Capulet loses it and says he’ll kick her out if she doesn’t marry Paris and that she can rot in the street for all he cares. He calls her a bunch of mean names and says she is ‘extra baggage’. 5.Quote one of the lines you feel PROVES Capulet is not the best father? -Hang thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch! I tell thee what: get thee to church o’ Thursday, or never after look me in the face. Speak not. Reply not. Do not answer me. My fingers itch. –Wife, we scarce thought us blest that God had lent us but this only child, but now I see this one is one too much and that we have a curse in having her. Out on her, hiding! 6. What does Juliet tell the Nurse? Is this truth or a lie? What do you believe she will do? – -Juliet tells the Nurse that she is going to confession so that she can tell her sins and be forgiven for being so rash with her father. The Nurse told her to just marry Paris as Romeo is banished. We know that Juliet is lying and is really going to do something and try to get out of marrying Paris.

36: Act 4

37: To be continued .........

38: 1.Why is Paris at the church? What does he tell the friar? -Paris is visiting the Friar to tell him that he is going to marry Juliet on Thursday. The Friar try’s to sway Paris by telling him to slow it down and that it is to soon after Tybalt’s death but Paris says that Juliet is grieving to much and crying to often so she should get married right away, which should make her happy, it is unhealthy with how much she cries. It won’t make her happy though. 2. How does Juliet use double entendres in this scene? -Juliet uses double entendres when she is talking to Paris, saying that she is married but she isn’t saying it bluntly, she is being sly. She also goes and is busy insulting Paris but he doesn't realize it. 3. How does Juliet mirror the actions of Romeo, who was in the very same place just the day before? -Juliet goes into a rant and then pulls this knife out and then threatens to kill herself. Juliet thinks that by killing herself it would solve all her problems and then she wouldn’t have to marry Paris. | Act 4 - Scene 1

39: 4. What are some things Juliet would rather do than marry Paris? -Juliet would rather leap from the battlements from any tower, walk in thievish ways, lurk where serpents are, get chained with roaring bears, get hidden in a charnel house, be covered with dead men’s rattling bones, with reeky shanks and yellow chapless skulls, go to a new made grave and hide with a dead man in his shroud than marry Paris. 5. Outline Friar Lawrence’s plan in detail. Step by step. -Juliet will take the poison home, the Nurse cannot sleep with her in her chambers that night, she will take the poison and then she will grow cold and pale and her heart will beat so slow it will seem as though she doesn’t have a heart beat. People will think she is dead then she will get put in her best clothes and will be taken to the family, Capulet’s, crypt/tomb and there she will lay till Thursday night. The Friar will then send a messenger to Romeo to tell him of what is going on and then they, the Friar & Romeo, will wait by Juliet, waiting for her to wake up. Romeo and Juliet will then go away to Mantua and live happily ever after.

40: Act 4 - Scene 2 | 1.Why is the servantman blathering on about who cooks who lick their fingers? >If a cook has good food then they'll want to eat their food, if it is bad they won't want to try it. A good cook will lick their fingers and try their food while a bad cook won't lick their fingers and won’t try their food. 2. What is an unexpected result of Juliet telling her father she'll marry Paris? >Juliet's father moves the marriage up till the next day, Wednesday, instead of Thursday.

41: Act 4 - Scene 3 | 1.Juliet is unsure of taking the poison for a couple of reasons. Describe them. >If the mixture doesn't work she will have to marry Paris the next day, what if she were to wake up in the tomb before Romeo arrived (she might suffocate), she might go mad in the tomb with the spirits, she'll be stuck alive in there with her ancestors and the mouldy, rotting Tybalt who died two days ago. Juliet could go insane with all these horrible, frightening things around her, start playing with her ancestors' bones, and pull Tybalt's corpse out of his death shroud, grab one of her dead ancestor's bones and bash in her own skull. 2. What things does she imagine that finally convinces her to drink the potion? >"He's looking for Romeo because Romeo killed him with his sword. Wait, Tybalt, wait! Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Here's a drink. I drink to you." Juliet thought of Romeo and then she drank the potion.

42: Act 4 - Scene 4 | 1.What is this scene all about? >They prepare for the wedding and Juliet takes the poison to make her sleep. | 1.How is death personified in this scene? >Capulet tells Paris that he has missed out on his chance, Death has claimed Juliet and lain with her. “Death is my son-in-law, Death is my heir; my daughter he hath wedded.”

43: Act 4 - Scene 5 | 2. Are Juliet’s parents unconcerned by her death, or angry that they don’t get to marry her to Paris? Explain your answer. >I think that Juliet’s parents are angry that they can’t marry her off to some old rich guy, Paris, so that they can also improve their station as well in life. They aren’t completely unmoved, they still bawl and wail away and the mother says it is her most unhappy hour while the old man had to say out loud that she shouldn’t have died now right before the ceremony. 3. What does the friar tell the family to stop them from shouting out in grief? >Juliet is now happier in heaven, it is better to be married that dies married young than she that is not well married and lives long. 4. What is the reason for having the argument between Peter and the musicians? >To give the people setting up the scene time to change and move Juliet’s body to the church crypt.

44: Romeo & Juliet By: William Shakespeare | The Romeo & Juliet play’s genre was tragedy and soppy romance. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are sworn enemies by name only and are supposed to hate each other but they end up falling in love. At the beginning Romeo is obsessed with Rosaline but he crashes the Capulet’s party to see Rosaline but ends up seeing Juliet and he immediately forgets Rosaline. Juliet is just as in love with Romeo as Romeo is in love with her. Juliet and Romeo get married in secret and then Romeo ends up getting banished for killing Juliet’s cousin Tybalt the same day the two of them got married.

45: After Tybalt’s death, Juliet’s parents get a marriage arranged between Juliet and Count Paris but it doesn’t go as planned. Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a poison that will fake her death, she’ll look dead but actually isn’t. Juliet is taken to the Capulet tomb, the Friar tries to send a letter to Romeo but Friar John doesn’t get it to him. Romeo finds out Juliet is ‘dead’ so he comes running to Verona after he buys a poison that will cause his death. Count Paris goes to Juliet’s resting place and leaves flowers but Romeo shows up while he is doing this. Romeo and Paris fight each other and Paris dies. Romeo takes Paris into the tomb and lays him beside Juliet because that was Paris’s last wish. Romeo then starts yapping about how life like Juliet looks, death must love her, and then he takes the poison and dies while leaning over to kiss Juliet.

46: Juliet wakes up right after Romeo commits suicide. The Friar shows up and tries to get Juliet to leave because the ‘cops’ are coming but instead she takes Romeo’s knife and kills herself before the patrol enters the tomb. The Friar tries to run away but is caught and fesses up to the prince who also shows up, the Friar kind of brags while he tells the story. The parents of the two dead love struck lovers show up and finally become friends instead of long sworn enemies.

47: The two best things about the play would’ve been the characters, the Nurse was a definite highlight as she was always being dirty and trying to help out in a kind of crude way. Mercutio was pretty funny as well, the gay, lovesick for Romeo Mercutio was definitely a long winded soul. The two worst things in the play would’ve been Lord Capulet as he was only concerned for his own future. He got Juliet engaged to Paris because he wanted a rich son-in-law who happened to be the same age as him, he didn’t give Juliet what she wanted. The second worst thing was the way it all ended, if Romeo wasn’t such a rash guy they could’ve gone to Mantua and lived happily ever after but no they all had to go commit suicide.

48: I would rate this play on a scale of zero to five at a four as I didn't like the ending. I would've preferred a happier ending instead of such a dramatic, deadly ending. The play was very good, the characters were very interesting and the overall story line was really good. I would recommend this to a person to read. It's a good play, even if it is a little sad.

49: PRINCE: A glooming peace this morning with it brings. The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head . Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned, and some punishd. For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

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  • Title: Romeo & Juliet Novel Study (S.M)
  • Novel study for L.A class
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  • Published: about 10 years ago