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Sally's First Day

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FC: Sally's First Day

1: Sally woke up the first day of school, hoping today, the first day of high school, would be okay. 5 years ago from today, Sally's dad got into a car accident and passed away instantly. Ever since then, things hadn't been the same. Just one week ago, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to began the treatment before things got bad. Just moving from New York to Texas, Sally hoped to make the best out of day. Having a fresh start to her day was great, but she looked up at the clock to see that she only had 10 minutes before her bus came. Pulling her hair back, and putting on her first day of school outfit, she rushed out the house to make it to the bus in-time. She then remembered that she forgot her favorite necklace her dad gave her before he passed; but it was too late.

3: Seeing all of the happy children get on the bus, she changed her attitude to fit everyone else. She walked on the bus noticing people talking, laughing, and playing with their other friends. She didn't know anyone since she had just moved to a new neighborhood, so she sat next to a boy looking sad. Since she was happy, she quickly sat in the open place saying, "Good morning, my name is Sally." He quickly replied and said, "Someone's sitting next to me already, so get up," and quickly pushed Sally out her seat. Struggling to get up, she walked to the back and sat in a seat by herself. No one cared to ask if she was okay or if she wanted to sit with them, they just looked and continued on to what they were doing.

4: When she gets off the bus, she takes a deep breathe and walks inside the school. She sees everyone heading to their classes, and some still hanging around, gossiping about the people walking by. Since she was new to the school, she didn't have any friends. Looking at all the cliques together, she passed by almost everyone to see if someone would accept her, and no one did. Some cliques also laughed at her while she was walking, making the walk to her class miserable. "Maybe I can find someone if I step to the side for a second," Sally said in her head. Stepping aside from all the chaos, she began to people watch and see who she may become cool with, but yet no one really came to her eye.

7: Walking down the halls of the big school, she looked at her schedule wishing she was at her old school. Hoping someone would come up to her to help her, she continued to smile at every clique, hoping someone would know she needed help. A teacher quickly yelled down the halls, "You have two minutes left. Hurry to class." With sweat beginning to drop down her face, she asked the principal where class G208 would be. "Upstairs on the other side of the school," he quickly replied. Sprinting up the stairs, she dived into her class as the bell rang. Everyone began to look at her as if she was a crazy person running from the police. With a now skinned knee, and a hole in her favorite shirt, she walked up to the teachers desk in confusion.

8: With the mean teacher looking at the her come in, she quickly said, "You must be a new student. Is that correct?" Replying instantly, Sally mumbled, "Uh-uh, yes ma'am." "Back row, 5th desk," the teacher said without hesitating. "Now, I'm Ms. Martin and this year in Algebra isn't going to be easy. You will have a test next class on what you remember, and it will be a major grade, so be ready." For the rest of the class, everyone was told to be quiet, and do the review Ms. Martin gave to everyone. Stuck on a problem, Sally whispered over to a blonde-headed girl, asking, "I have a quick question on numb--" "Excuse me, do I know you? No I don't, so do not talk to me. Thank you." the girl said cutting Sally off. "This day cannot get any worse," Sally said silently, struggling on the problem.

11: Coming out of the class into a hallway full of loneliness, Sally walked down the hallway by herself. Holding her books tightly in her arms, she began crying slowly. Thoughts running through her mind, being with her old friends, and maybe having her dad in her life, she caught herself balling in the middle hallway. "No one should have to go through this, not even the new kid on the block." she whispered to herself, taking tiny steps in the hallway. "I wish he was here to text me, and tell me how I was going to have a great day; how I was going to get all my work done, and give me words of wisdom." Because it was the last period of the day, she didn't have any hope of the day getting better. Whether it was making new friends or having fun in the last period of the day, she knew her attitude wouldn't change; their was just no way. The only thing she wanted was her dad.

12: Wiping the tears away from her eyes, she began to walk to her last class of the day. Accidentally bumping shoulders with the school bully, Robert, in the hallway he quickly turned around balling his fists and confronting her face to face. "New kid on the block, huh? You must not know who I am," he yelled, making everyone stop. "Be sure this never happens again, okay scrub? People get beat up everyday for bumping into me. Watch your back, because if it happens again, your going to want to move from where you came from." About to walk away, Robert comes back and pushes Sally's books out her hand. Walking away laughing, Robert disappears down the hall. Bending down, Sally quickly tries to get her books before everyone begins to crowd the halls. A hand quickly stops her, getting ready to grab her books for her.

15: the | "Hi, I'm Annie. I'm new to the school and saw that you needed help. It's been a pretty rough--," without letting her finish her sentence, Sally quickly hugged her. "I didn't think I would make a friend today. Everyone has been so mean to me, and I didn't think anything good was going to happen to me. Thank you so much for helping me. You don't know how much you have made my day." "No problem," Annie said, "I'm always willing to help someone that looks like they need help." After that day, Sally and Annie became best friends carrying on into there adult-life.

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