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Savana and Shantyle Wallace *

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Savana and Shantyle Wallace * - Page Text Content

S: SUMMER 2011

FC: By: Savana Wallace & Shantyle Wallace | Our Life Story as Twins

1: I'm from kids in my neighborhood, swimming in the summer, and playing in the snow in winter. My name is a song, and stormy place. The sight of the pizza, it's just mind blowing. | Preface

2: Best Winter Ever | Pretty Hair In this photo Savana and I just arrived to our grandma's house. It was probably very cold and windy outside. We went to our grandma's house so our aunt Jamie could do something fancy with our hair.

3: Hair Time! In this picture Shantyle and I went over to our grandmas and grandpas house. Our aunt was there and was waiting for us to come in. She was going to do our hair, really pretty. She braided it, oh and our hair was really long and pretty after she did it. But as you can see it looks messy. It was November and my guess is that it's cold out, since we are wearing our big coats. It could be windy too but I don't remember. That's the time we got our hair done by our aunt. -Savana

4: My Grandpa My grandpa is kind. My grandpa is sweet. My grandpa is loving. My grandpa helps me when I need it. My grandpa is my world.

5: Summer With My Grandpa My grandpa is my hero. I look at him like someone I'll never forget. This was in the summer. My grandma likes taking pictures, so she took one when my grandpa got off work. Shantyle and I spent a lot of time with them. It was a hot summer day, just like any other summer day. When I'm with my grandpa it feels like my day couldn't get any better, but it does, because all we did was play outside. I love summer with my grandpa, I wouldn't change it for anything. -Savana

6: girl

7: My Name Shantyle is a song, and stormy place. My name is unique. I got my name from my cousin Syliva, her middle name is Shantele. My mom and dad both thought it was a beautiful name. My mom looked up how to spell my name she found a interesting way to spell it. She went with a very unique way, Shantyle.

8: Summer Girl

9: My Name My name is Savana. No one spells there name like my name My name means a dry plain,But for me, my name mean strong, beautiful, and powerful. My name is what my mom calls me, My name, she got it from a girl she use to babysit, My name is different, My name is unique, My name it's what people call me, My name no one famous has my name, My name is amazing. My name makes me, me. My name it's what people call me. My name makes me feel like myself. My name? It's my name.

10: Family

11: Best Christmas This was the best Christmas ever, because my hole family found out my mom was having a baby. Savana and I already knew she was having a baby, but it was still so exciting to see our family so happy and cheerful! | Baby Time! This was December 25 2004. My mom was having a baby!! Shantyle and I already knew. But seeing my mom tell everyone that she was having another baby, after having twins, was just so much fun. I think that was one of my favorite Christmas'. My grandma was so surprised. Well everyone was surprised. -Savana

12: Family This was after we got done opening our Christmas presents. Our mom had just got done announcing that she was having a baby. | Mommy, Daddy, Little Girls and New Brother. This is another picture on Christmas day. That is our mom and dad in the back, and our aunts head on the side. Haha. Our mom had just tell everyone she was pregnant. They were all so shocked, well I would be too after having twin daughters. Oh the joy of family. I love these moments. -Savana

14: My Aunt My aunt Christie is loving. My aunt Christie is sporty. My aunt Christie is helpful. My aunt Christie is kind. My aunt Christie is my aunt, and nobody can replace her.

15: My Aunt This is my aunt Christie. She was only 9 when Shantyle and I were born. So that would make her 9 years older than us. She is one of the youngest aunts we have. We are her only nieces. It's fun talking to her cause she can relate to some of the problems I'm having. She is my aunt and I'm proud to call her that. -Savana

16: New Brother August 13, 2005, was the day I became an older sister. That day was really exciting, becoming an older sister, and I was getting my hair done by my other aunt. It was awesome, but I didn't like how everyone was paying attention to him and not me. New brother, older sister!! -Savana | NEW BROTHER

17: Baby Brother It was August 13,2005 and my mom just gave birth to my baby brother Isaiah. Everyone was so excited to have a new family member. Out of everyone because I was finally going to be an older sister.

19: My Mom and I That's my mom, Heather. We just got done opening our Christmas presents. My grandma Penny was making cookies. You could see the cookies rising in the oven, they looked like big fluffy pillows. You could here everyone talking about the cookies, and what they just got for Christmas. When the cookies where done everyone got a cookie. Savana and I had to wait a minute or two because the cookies where to hot for our mouths. When we finally got our cookie it was really mouth watering, and delicious. It was like heaven.

20: Times you can't Forget My aunt Jamie had just done our hair. It took her forever, and since I was little I had no patients. My aunt said I would not sit still.

21: Aunt Time! This picture is after our aunt did our hair. If you remember on page 4, our hair was a crazy mess, well this is what happens after she does it. She is my moms sister, and my aunt Christie's sister. Jamie is her name. Supper nice and loving. She is my aunt and no one will replace her. -Savana

22: Third Birthday This picture is of my sister, my grandma, and Me. Savana and i looked a lot a like when we where younger. My grandma is in the middle h holding Savana and I. Her name is Vera. My whole family was at my house. Savana and I where celebrating our third birthday, and our whole family was their. My dad told us to go outside and play, because we all where running around and screaming.

23: Party Time Yeah that's right, I'm going to parties when I was 3. Haha. This is my grandma, my sister Shantyle and me. My parents had a big party for us. My dad had his whole side of the family there and same with my mom. This is my dads mom, and us. She has a lot of kids which makes them my aunts and uncles, and they all have kids so i have A LOT of cousins just on my dads side. I don't have that many on my moms side, but thats okay cause my dads side makes up for my moms side. I love my family.

24: My Daddy My daddy is my hero. My daddy is kind. My daddy is loving. My daddy is my everything. My daddy is there for me when I need him the most. My daddy is my protector. I'm my daddy's little girl. My daddy is mine, and nobody can replace him.

25: Daddy's Little Girl We may fight sometimes, we may not always have the same idea on things. I know I'm growing up but I'm always going to be my daddy's little girl. I know I have an attitude, I know I smart off, I know I'm not perfect. But when I'm with my daddy, he doesn't judge me. I can be myself when I'm with him. I know I'm growing up, but I'll always be his little girl. I love my daddy, he is my world. -Savana

26: My Twin Sister We just got home from the hospital. Savana and I were getting changed into our new baby clothes. All I see is Savana in my face. I don't remember hearing anything, but if I did, I'm pretty sure everyone one would be talking about Savana and I. The smell was probably baby powder, and baby lotion. I don't think I tasted anything, but Savana's hand in my mouth, and I could feel the blankets under my back.

27: Twins I love being a twin sister. I know Shantyle and I fight, say things we don't mean, argue until someone wins or until my parents tell us to stop. I know people judge us, for the way we are or the way we act. But we don't care 'cause we have each others backs. When I'm with you I can be myself. You won't judge me, 'cause you know how I am. I love it when people are like "are they twins?" then we always have something smart to say, only because that's just how we are. No one in this world can replace my twin. We have a bond like nobody else, we are special and I'm proud to have you in my life. -Savana

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