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School Days Yearbook

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BC: Made Especially for Abigail Marie Stockwell Love, Mom & Dad | 2011


1: Pre-School | 2nd Grade | 1st Grade | Kindergarten | 4th Grade | 3rd Grade | Freshman | Junior | Sophomore | 5th Grade | Senior | 6th Grade | 7th Grade | 8th Grade | Pre-School

2: 3yrs old

3: THUMB PRINTS | first purse & sunglasses

4: Mustard Seed | 3 yrs old

5: Pre-School Mustard Seed 1985-1987

6: Abby's Recipe

7: Mustard Seed Pre-School

8: Exactly Like Me I am someone special. In many different ways. And I am growing Faster everyday. Today March 5th,1986 I am 40 lbs. you see. and I am 42 1/2inches tall, just the right size for me. Because there has never been and never will be | 3 | years old | My hair is | My eyes are | I like | I don't like | My favorite toy is | My favorite food is | I am | My name is

9: Talent Show 2011 | My favorite friends | My favorite song | My favorite game | My favorite snack | My favorite thing to do | A Normal Day at Mustard Seed

10: New Hope Pre-School 1987-1988


16: New Hope Pre-School

20: Kindergarten Mrs. Davis' Dinosaurs

23: Pin Day

26: The Lavender Bunny | Abby's line for the play

27: Kindergarten

28: This is what I like best about school- My Teacher | This is what I want to learn more about- Reading | This is what I want to be when I grow up - Ballerina

30: This is me in September, This is a picture of me. My name is Abby | My name is Abby. This is how I looked on Halloween. I was a Cheerleader. | Abby favorite valentine looked like this. | Little Children Little children how old are you? Keep a smile all year through. come to school to work and play. Draw a picture of your day. Little Children sing along. Keep a smile all year long

31: Abby is thankful for Indians | The nicest part of being in school Is not the books you take; It's not the crayons or the paints-- But all the friends you make! | Abby wants a Doll fro Christmas | Here I am fling a kite | Abby played in the snow in January. Here 's what her snowman looked like | This is what Abby's house and yard look like.

32: Ms.Clubb | CLUBB'S KITTENS

36: Wance there was a littel tree. It wood not growe. One day it started to growe and it got biger! and biger! and biger! | 1st grade Pen Pal | Kleenex | Desk | Chalk Board | things in a classroom

37: Things I can Touch Cat - soft' Dog - soft Pig - ruf, Bug-slimy

38: You and your best friend Becca | We are friends. We play together. We share our things We help each other

40: ABC 123

42: "Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself."

44: Mrs. Lessor | I would like to be better in school and learn to do a back handspring all by myself. and a back walkover by my self. | LESSOR'S LADY BUGS | Mrs. Lessor

45: Abigail S.

50: Fun Times! | My Favorite Place By: Abby Stockwell

52: I Had A Dream | Each person in class wrote a sentence to make up this story.

53: And then I flew up to the moon and I saw a giant candy cane. I said, "Do you know where Milky Way is"? He said, "No." But, he knew who knew where he was. It was the king of all aliens in outer space. I went to him and he knew where the Milky Way was.


55: #1 My elbow is bent #2 my spine ain't straight #3 My temperature is one-o-eight.

56: MY SPECIAL FEELINGS I am happy when - someone gives me a gift. I get angry when- my brother bothers me. I hope that- mom and rich so they can take me to Florida I am good at drawing. I am afraid of - thunder and lightening. I am ashamed of - none. I feel sorry for - the animals in the wild I am really good at - dancing. I get excited when - we go to the skating rink. | This is a very special book about a very special unique subject. It isn't about a famous actor, a pet, an airplane, or a brat. It's about someone much more fascinating. It's about Abby ME. myself | I feel safe when - my mom and dad are near me. I need - socks I am thankful for - mom and dad I am lonely when - im sick. I am proud of - none.


58: MY FAVORITE THINGS! TV Shows - Bart Simpson & Rosanne Songs - You can't tuch this Food- Candy, ice cream, pizza, chips Friends- Tabitha,Nancy, Jamie Walsh Colors-Blue, Pink, Purple Toys - Barbies, bike, dolls, nintendo Sports- gymnastics, dance | THINGS I LIKE TO DO! That cost money- go to six flags With a friend- roller skate By myself - play barbeis Once in a while- play in the rain Often- ride my bike

59: Barbies

60: November 28, 1982

62: Mastodon Scout Day Camp 7yrs old | Mastodon Scout Day Camp 6yrs old

63: Brownies/Girl Scouts

64: Mrs. Ellis | ELLIS' EAGLES

65: I would help achieve peace by not treating people bad

66: 3rd grade | How to make Valintines 1. Fold a piece of paper 2. Draw picture on the front 3. Color the picture 4. Open the card 5. Write a note inside

67: Elephants Elephants are plant eaters. Elephants eat grass, leaves, fruit, and young shoots of trees.

68: Mrs. Ellis

70: Hello, I am a rocky road bubble gum double chip ice cream cone. I am going to tell you a little bit about my self. The rocky road part of me has a bumpy personality and the bubble gum part of me has a bubbly personality. As you can see we both have different personalities. We also get along very well. We have very much in common. For example we both feel sticky on hot summer days. One day a little girl came to buy me she lived on a rocky road and she is a bubble gum lover. I felt sucked up after she licked me. The she dropped me and the girl cryed because I was dead.

71: Willie has a ball game and he is the first up to bat. When Willie was up to bat he picked up the bat and when he picked up the bat he had an itch. but he couldn't itch because his hands were stuck to the bat. Someone from the other team has put super glue on the bat. So his coach called the fire dept. and they got the bat unstuck from him. Then when the game was over the kid who put the glue on the bat was kicked of the team. The End

74: Hi, I am a worm I live in an apple. One time a huge thing bit my apple and it broke my home but that was ok because I didn't like my home. So I went to anew home. it was very very very, very, very, very, huge and these things lived in it so I had to watch out because they did this thing called walking. The End

78: Mrs. Pease | REESE'S PEASES The Confection of Perfection

79: Halloween is creepy Halloween won't make you sleepy We creep We Slink We seep We Beep Halloween is creepy You certainly won't be sleepy

84: Decidious White Birch | My Birch Tree Name: Burk Description: Pretty Old 4 words how you feel about it: It is pretty neat 3 words tell what it is doing: It is Slanting Use another word for what it is: White Birch Tree

85: Bark Rubbing Red Bud Tree | Red Bud Leaf | Bark Rubbing Cedar Tree | Oak Leaf | Bark Rubbing | Bark Rubbing

86: Then we had to write a poem Mine goes like this: I know a big Birch tree that is fat and tall It's 39.1 inches around and it's about 45 feet tall Each group had to do a worksheet about poems. The worksheet is called. .A tree poem. Then we got some graph paper to make a map so we know where our tree is next time we go to Mastadon Park. My group had to find a tree stump that was in the ground and tell how the tree got cut down and count the rings to see how old the tree is. Also we had to look at how thick the rings are so we can see if the trees had a bad growing time or a good growing time see picture on nest page

87: The stump looks like it is 50 years old. | The stump we found was struck by lighting | Now | later | Latest

88: Turkey | Dog | Deer

89: English Story Dear Deer, do you see the sea? I hear the sea from here. Do you like to to to holiday inn? I like the in side of it. Guess what it took us a hour to build our new house. Also in school I wrote a tale of how your tail. Hay guress what when we went on vacation we flew in a plane over some plains. Oh I forgot to tell you , can you smack my brother because he blew blue slime at me. OH! thats stupid of me I forgot to tell you what I mean to tell you I am sorry for poking your kids eye out. PS Write back and tell me if I wrote the letter right. Dear, hear, son, see hare,

93: Mastadon Art Fair

95: The wierdest monster This monster has green and blue eyes, yellow feet, purple hair, blue spikes,, 500 feet tall, 50 feet wide and lives in a polluted world The monster died because all the pullution The End

96: If I Could..... If I could go to the moon I would stay up all night looking at the stars and watching the comets go by while I was floating in the air. During the day me and my brother would have races on the comets do flips in the air and study all the other planets. I think it would be fun to live on the moon because it would be like living on the BIGGEST trampoline in the whole entire galaxy. The End

97: The Best Pet in the Whole Wide World A perfect pet is a dwarf rabbit with white fur and black ears and paws. A perfect pet is a rabbit with redish pinkish eyes. A perfect pet is a rabbit that can play with you allot And The Rabbit that I am talking about is PEARL My rabbit

98: Mrs. Lars | Ms. Lessor | What's Up by Abby Stockwell and Brad Neckermann | LESSOR'S LEOPARDS

99: I translated the top design to the bottom of the square and the left design to the right of the square

105: I am thankful for: parents, a brother, food, cloths, a nice home, cousins to play with, friends and a nice teacher

106: Fall is full of colors so bright that shine so beautiful in the light. By: Abby Stockwell

107: Christopher Columbus sailed for a long time. His men began to wine. When they finally came upon some land. Christophers men gave him a big hand.

108: Long ago when dinosuars roamed the earth there were small animals which evolved into camels. The camel family got larger and soon there traveled across a land bridge that connected Alaska and the old world (Asia.) These camels that crossed the land bridge were ancesters of todays camels. Most all camels look alike except for the hump. the Arabian camel has one hump and the Gactrian camel has two humps. Cames are divided into two groups , the baggage group and the riding group. these camels are known as dromadaries. the name dromadary means running camel. Dromedary is a word often used to describe the one humped camel.

109: Sometimes companies use camels to carry merchandise. they call these camel caravans. Camel caravans may stretch for miles. the Baggage camel can go for about three or four days without water. Some camels can even live for ten days or more without water. A very thirsty camel can die of drinking to much. Camels can smell where water is in an oasis | If camels are well cared for by their owners they will be fed dates, grain and green fodder, but on this journey the camel sometimes has to eat dried leaves, seeds, pods and the sessert plants it can find. the camels toungue is so hard that the needles of a cactus will not hurt it. the color of a camel may range from white to black, but mostly camels are brown camels are always one color they are never striped or spotted. When a mother camel has a baby the owners put the baby on another camel so the mother camel knows where it is. | Camel bones are very hard. In pet stores they sell camel bones for dogs to chew on.. Bactrian and Arabian camels are cross bread. These mixed breed camels have two humps of the Bactrian and the long legs of the Arabian camel. I found camel a very interesting animal. THE END

110: Primary: Red, Yellow Blue | Secondary: Orange, Green, Purple | Warm; Red, Orange, Yellow | Cool: Green, Blue, Purple

111: Counter Change | Complementary Colors | Value | Dominance | Size | Shape | Texture | Color | Shade: Color + Black | Tint:= Color + White

112: Hand crafted Coin Purse | Dad took you to Tandy Leather and bought you the tools to make this coin purse.

113: Mastodon Art and Craft fair project. " Effects of the Sun Won 1st Place


115: Abigail, I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed creating it. Going through all your stories and art work you made through your elementary years made me smile and chuckle at times. I couldn't put in all your projects I kept for you and I know there is probably some I didn't keep or couldn't find.You are very talented. Your imagination was incredible and a little scary at times. We are so proud of you.

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