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School Memoir

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FC: School Memories

1: Nathalie, this is a really good witting, you should have added a little more detail, but as you have said, you had a very uneventful child hood so its ok :). Good job !! -Maria Barragan Lopez Naty, this book is very nice, it shows all of your childhood, and I'm sorry for making it so boring ): -Mom

2: Introduction: When i was young, i was shy and timid, as i grew older, i became more out going and talkative. My child hood was very uneventful, but some parts of it were pretty cool:) First Year of Life: I was born on January 23 1996 in Caracas Venezuela, and weighed 4 kilos, I soon got the name of “cachetona” (meaning chubby cheeks) and have been teased for that up till now in my life from my family. Three months after I was born, I moved to Yopal, a small town in Bogota. My grandma stayed with me and my family in Yopal for the first 6 months of my life. As I grew older, I enjoyed eating all kinds of fruits, I was very independent, since I didn’t need anyone to put me to sleep, I would just go to sleep alone. When I was a year and a half, I learned how to walk, I remember my first steps were by my pool, and I almost fell in the pool when I fell.

3: Me when i was just a couple of weeks old

4: Since I was the only girl in my family, I was very influenced by my boy cousins, and enjoyed very much playing with swords, and with hot-wheel cars, even now I have a big collection of cars. Even though I was influenced by them, I still enjoyed taking my dolls in the baby carriage. Second Year of LIfe: As I turned two years old, I moved to Colombia Bogota were I began my first kindergarten. As my mom told me, I was never scared to go to kindergarten, and in fact enjoyed it, my how I didn't know how bad school would get. I also enjoyed singing, and loved trying new things to eat, such as ayacas, arepas and ahiaco.

5: Me celebrating my first birthday | Me and my kindergarten celebrating my second birthday

6: Third Year of Life: As I grew older and turned three years old, I moved to Venezuela, and there started a kindergarten called “Los Pinitos”. I remember thinking that if I would stop breathing, I would die, so I would try to remind myself to breathe every 10 minutes. Also, my dad would visit me every two weeks, so I would dearly miss him. Fourth Year of Life: When I was four, I was just like any normal toddler. I enjoyed annoying my older brother. I remember once hiding his pencil case, and I got in some trouble because of that.

7: A picture during Christmas time with my dad, mom and brother | Visiting the Sanctuary of Monserrate in Santa Fe Colombia with my grandma and brother

8: Five & Six Years Old: When I was five, I lived Colombia, Bogota. I remember being really smart since I could read in English and Spanish. I also lived when I was 6 in Bogota. I was soon going to move to Alkabar, Saudi Arabia, so my dad went there before me and my family. A couple of days before moving, I got peritonitis, and was sent to emergency surgery, I almost died. I missed a lot of school, and when I arrived to Saudi Arabia, I was very behind. I remember having to work very hard with my mom to catch up with school. I used flashcards, read books and practiced math. Then, the Iraq war began, and my school closed, soon I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

10: Grades 2,3 & 4: Living in USA, were the best two years of my life. There, I began third grade, but due to missing lots of school ( I was still behind) I was sent back to second grade. Second grade was a great year, and it was also very easy, arts and crafts, reading, and math were the base of my school year. I enjoyed it very much, and I also loved my school. When I went to third grade, I was lucky to be in a special program, where you had the chance to rotate classes for humanities, science, math, PE, art and music. You would have a different teacher for each class, while the rest of the grade only rotated for

11: My class picture for grade 2

12: third grade (apart from the 60 that were in my group) would just get to rotate PE, art and music. I felt very happy to be in this program since I knew that my older brother also rotted classes ( he was in high school) and I always wanted to be older like him. This year, I also began an out of school program called “Kumon” that helps a child develop their math/English skills. In third grade I began doing math. I was very mad at my parents for making me do this, since you had to do 2-5 pages of work every day. I began the first two months of fourth grade, and then moved to Bucharest.

13: My third grade class picture

14: Fourth Grade: I remember going in the taxi to my hotel through a dirt road. I was very unhappy to move to Bucharest since I had loved America. I thought that Bucharest was very undeveloped, and there was no sort of entertainment, for example, when I first moved here, there was no Baneasa shopping city or Carrefour Baneasa, my mom had to drive all the way to Carrefour Colentina in order to go shopping for food. The school was relatively easy, but much smaller than my school in America. I also hated the food from the cafeteria. In fourth grade I got the award of Enthusiasm. Also, I began doing Kumon English instead of math.

15: Me making a snowman during the wintertime

16: Fifth Grade: When I began fifth grade, I hated my teacher Mrs. Caruana, but later I absolutely loved her. We had to big projects, the Exhibition and the personal portfolio. I was always very scared about them, but now that I look back, it was such an easy task, nothing compared to the work we are given now. I also performed in a show about mice with Marcus Schulze, Oliver Zaciu, Yann Dubos and Maria from 7th grade. It was a great experience that helped me build my confidence. Sixth Grade: In sixth grade I was very happy, and I was doing great in school, I had gotten all three honor rolls, and I had great friends that I was happy with. However, one of them left and I was very sad. In sixth grade, I really liked my humanities and English teacher Mr. Esteller, but I didn’t like my science and math teacher.

17: This is a picture of me and Yahav Hirsch during

18: Seventh Grade: In seventh grade I also got all the honor rolls except for one. I was very disappointed in myself and so were my parents, I made myself get my studies back on track, and got the last honor roll. At the end of the year we had a science exhibition that took a lot of hard work, but at the end it was very fun. Since I had some friends in 8th grade they told me that they were going to have final exams, I was very scared since I knew that I would also have to take these exams the next year. Eighth Grade: Eighth grade has been an awesome year. I have met knew people that I never knew before and never thought I’d like. I made the first honor roll, but sadly in the second one I didn’t get it because of one point, I feel very disappointed and was crying all the time. I made myself work harder, and my friends and family were there to support me.

19: The 8th grade class picture

20: This is also the first year that I lived without my brother because he is currently living in London attending “the Kings University of London”, at the beginning I didn’t miss him at all, since we weren’t very close, but now I have started to miss him, and I have began seeking advice from him on my studies. Conclusion: Overall, I feel very great full for what my family has provided to for me, an amazing education that will take me far, delicious meals, a shelter everyday with heating/AC, entertainment such as vacations and fun activities, but most of all the love and support they show everyday to me, although sometimes they can be very rough, I still love my family.

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