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Science Progect: Mitosis mod 1

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Science Progect: Mitosis mod 1 - Page Text Content

S: My Life as an animal cell

FC: My Life as an Animal cell | Project by: Megan Weller

1: My Life as an animal cell

2: Interphase | Hi, I am an animal cell, if you didn't already notice I do not have a cell wall, which is how you are able to tell plant and animal cells apart. Today I entered Interphase. In this phase my chromosomes were copied, making each chromosome two chromatids. This is the phase where a cell grows and copies it's organelles and chromosomes. These chromatids are held together at a region called the centromere, and the joined chromatids twist and coil and condense into a X shape.The prefix Inter means between | Here is a picture of what a cell looks like while in interphase

3: Cell membrane | -------------------- | _______Cytoplasm

4: Mitosis | Mitosis: in eukaryotic cells, a process of cell division that forms two new nuclei, each of which has the same number of chromosomes. | nuclear membrane | ---------

5: Prophase | Today I entered Prophase. The prefix pro- means before. This is where mitosis begins. In prophase, the nuclear membrane dissolves and chromosomes condense into rod like structures. | ____cytoplasm

6: Metaphase | Today I entered Metaphase. the prefix meta- means middle. This is where the chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell, and homologous chromosomes pair up. | ______centrioles | aster____ | centromere | _______ | __cell membrane | chromatids____ | fibers

7: Anaphase | Today I entered Anaphase. The prefix Ana- means back. In this phase the chromatids separate and move to opposite sides of the cell. | _____centrioles | _____aster | cell membrane______ | chromatids________ | _____spindle fibers

8: Telophase | Today I finally entered Telophase. The prefix Telo- means end. This is the last stage of Mitosis. In this phase, a nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromosomes, and the chromosomes unwind. | furrow | ___________ | nuclear membrane | ____ | centrioles_______ | cell membrane | chromatids | ___ | centromere | ____

9: Cytokinesis | Today I entered the final stage of the cell cycle, which is cytokinesis. This is where the cytoplasm of the cell is divided. The prefix Cyto- means cell, and the suffix -kinesis is another word for energy. I'm glad I'm not a plant cell, because I've heard that they have a cell plate that forms between the two new cells. | centrioles | _______ -- | _____________________ | nucleus | __________ | _______________________ | cell membrane | ________ | ___________________

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