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Science Project

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Science Project - Page Text Content

FC: Science Project!!!!!

1: The domain eukarya is made up of cells with nucleus (eukarya cell above)

2: Within the Domain Eukarya there are four kingdoms. One is the Kingdom Animalia

3: There are more than 1,000,000 species within the Kingdom Animalia, more than any other kingdom (species of animalia to the left)

4: Within the Kingdom Animalia there are more than 30 Phyla. The following are the main phylums (graph of phylums within animalia)

5: The phylum Chordates is made up of animals with Backbones. It contains 45,000 species (species within chordata)

6: They Phylum Anthropada is made up of animals with joint legs and no spine, things that we call bugs. There are about 500,000 species within this Phyla (tarantula above)

7: The Phyla Mollusks have soft bodies, but usually have a strong shell protecting them. Even those without a shell still have some traces of a shell (scallops and clams above)

8: Also within the kingdom Animalia and the phyla Mammalia are the vertebate groups (giraffe, dinasour, and other vertebrates above

9: Vertebrates are animals with back bones (vertebrates above).

10: There are five kinds of vertebrates. One is Birds. (species of birds above)

11: Birds are endothermic, have four chamber hearts, lay eggs, and have hollow bones (baby birds above)

12: Amphibians are another class of vertebrates (dart frog above)

13: Amphibians ecothermic, have three chamber hearts, and live in water as kids but land as adults (species of frogs above)

14: Another vertebrate group is: (hippopotamus, rhino, elephant, and giraffe above)

15: US!!!! (mammalia) (attributes of mammals above)

16: Reptiles are also class of vertebrates (reptiles above

17: Reptiles have scales, were the first animals to lay eggs on land, and have three/four chamber hearts

18: The fifth class of Vertebrates are Fish (clown fish above)

19: Fish are ecothermic and aquatic, have scales, fins, and gills to breathe. (siamese fighting fish above)

20: Also within Eukarya (eukarya cell above)

21: Is the Kingdom Fungi! (mushrooms above)

22: Within the Kingdom Fungi there are about 70,000 identified species (diagram of a fungi cell

23: Fungi were once thought of like plants, but do not use photosynthesis. They get there proteins from the surface they are on (club fungi above)

24: Plants cells are like animal cells but they use chloroplasts, a cell part only found in plants, that turns sunlight into energy (plant diagram above)

25: Plants also have a cell wall that protects and supports it, as well as a central vacuole that stores water. (diagram of a plant above).

26: Protists (another kingdom) also have chloroplasms and were the first cells to have a nucleus (protist cell above)

27: Some protists have been alive for more than 2 billion years (protists above)

28: The second of the three domains is: Bacteria (above)

29: The only kingdom within Bacteria is: Eubacteria (above)

30: Eubacteria was once part of one kingdom with Monerans. In the eighties, that kingdom was divided into two categories, Archaebacteria and eubacteria. (Eucabacteria above)

31: After this, the six kingdoms were divided into three domains. (Eubacteria above)

32: Eubacteria is what we call germs. They are complex and unicellular (Eubacteria

33: The final domain is: Archaea (Archea species above)

34: The only kingdom within Archaea is Archaeabacteria (archaeabacteria above)

35: These ancient organism live in extreme conditions similar to that of the beginning years of the earth (archaeabacteria above)

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