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Scout's Memories

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Scout's Memories - Page Text Content

S: Scout's memories

BC: The End

FC: Scout's

1: This is me, Jean Luise Finch, but everybody calls me Scout. My father is Aticus and i have a brother,Jem. Mom died before i could remember her.

2: This is my father Atticus, he reads with me every night and says that i have been able to read since i was born.

3: This is Jem who is four years older than me; reckon he acts a lot older than that.

4: This is Dill, my best friend, and he lives in Mississippi during the school year but during the summer he come n' visit me and Jem. Ain't he somethin'; were gonna get married someday, he promised!

5: This is calpurnia, she is our cook, she has kids and her oldest son is Zeebo.

6: This is when me n' Jem first noticed Dill in Miss Rachel's collard patch.

7: This is the Radley's house, who live next door, and one time Dill dared Jem to go up and touch it and guess what. . . he did.

8: This was the first day of school, quite interestin' too, i beat up Walter Cunningham b' cuz' i got in trouble for telling Miss Caroline about Walter.

9: One day when i was comin' home from school, something caught my eye in the oak tree next to the Radley's house; when i looked at it, it was two sticks of gum in the knot hole of The tree. the gum sure was tasty!

10: It was the last day of school and me n' Jem were on our way home and we saw another somethin' in the tree, reckon it was two Indian head pennies in a purple velvet ring box.

11: One day, when Dill came that summer, i was rollin' in the tire, and when Jem pushed the tire i rolled right into the Radley's yard.

12: This is Miss Maudie, a great friend; i spent a lot of time with her while Jem and Dill tortured themselves trying to think of a way to get to Boo Radley. | Finally Dill and Jem found a way to attach a note to the end of a fishing pole and stick it into the window of the Radley's house, but whenever Jem would maneuver the pole, the note would fall off, the plan didn't succeed.

13: It was Dill's last day in Maycomb and we all decided to go to the Radley's houseto try and look into their windows. As Jem peered into the window we all saw a man's shodow n' we ran as fast as we could. A gunshot blew and when Jem tried getting out of the fence his pants got cuaght on the fence so he had to kick m' off and leave m'. | That same night Jem went back to get his pants and when he got there, his pants were folded and sewn up.

14: Two weeks after we found the carvings we found a WHOLE package of chewing gum! | When me n' Jem were on our way home from school we found some gray twine in the oak tree, the same place i found the chewing gum, then we noticed more and more in that ole' tree. | Later that October, me n' Jem found two soap carving that looked exactly like us. It was Quite weird and we didn't know who kept putting his stuff in the tree.

15: This is a Maycomb spelling medal we found in the tree. | We also found a pocket watch, which Jem wanted to fix and keep instead of borrowing Atticus's, a chain, and an aluminum knife. | Me and Jem were very thankful for all the things that were given to us from the tree so we decided to write a note to whoever was putting the stuff in there, but the next day the tree hole was filled with cement; we found out it was Mr. Nathan Radley who filled it.

16: Coldest winter since 1885 and the first snow in both mine and Jem's lives. | We built a snowman in our front yard that looked like Mr. Avery.

17: This is Miss Maudie's house, it caught on fire that same night and Atticus noticed an unfamiliar blanket on me and we realized Boo Radley put it around me without me knowin'.

18: This is Uncle Jack and he came for the Christmas me and Jem got our air rifles. It was also the same Christmas we went to Finch's landing and i beat up my cousin', Francis, and Uncle Jack yelled at me for usin' foul language.

19: That big ole' house is Finch's Landing and that's where Aunt Alexandra, Uncle Jimmy, and Francis live.

20: One day me and Jem were outside playin' with our rifles when Jem saw Tim Johnson, Mr. Harry Johnson's dog; he looked awful funny with his twitchin' and stuff so we told Cal and she said that Tim was "mad." Cal warned everybody to stay inside and even called Atticus and Sheriff Heck Tate to come. When they got there, Heck made Atticus shoot Tim and we couldn't believe our eyes, he actually hit em.

21: This is Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose, and it's pretty unanimous that she is the meanest ole' lady in Maycomb. | The day after Jem's 12th birthday we went to the store to buy him a mini steam- engine and me a baton. When we were passing Mrs. Dubose's house she kept saying crude things about Atticus and Jem didn't stand for it so he took my baton and ruined her flowers. Atticuss made Jem apologize and she made him read to her for over a month, then she died a couple days after he stopped reading.

22: This is Dill when I told Jem to look to see if there was a snake under my bed but it was just Dill. The reason for him bein' there was because he ran away from home due to his dislike of his parents, fortunately Miss Rachel let him stay.

24: One of Atticus's clients, Tom Robinson, was a Negro and was going to court because Mayella Ewell claimed he had raped her; he was moved to Maycomb county jail and Atticus stayed outside to make sure no one would harm him. Me, Jem, and Dill went to make sure he was alright but as soon has we were about to leave, four Chevy's park right in front of the jail and a mob of men walk up to Atticus. Jem got closer to see what was going on but i just went up to Atticus. I happened to see Mr. Cunningham so i started talking to him and when i was done he told everybody to leave. Atticus came home with us after that, I guess he knew Tom would be alright.

25: This is Mr. Ewell the Father of Mayella Ewell. People call the Ewell Family "white trash" and say they' re no good. | This is Mayella Ewell, who claims Tom Robinson raped her.

26: It was the day of the Tom Robinson trial and Jem, Dill and I watched from above in the "colored" section. Lawyers questioned back and forth, victims and suspects plead their cases. Everybody knew Tom didn't do anything to Mayella especially not beat her, Tom's right hand was cripled ever since he caught it in a cottin gin when he was a young boy.

27: Tom Robinson was found guilty!

28: Atticus got the news that Tom Robinson was dead. Tom ran towards the fence and started climbing over when the sheriff warned him to stop, but when Tom kept on they shot him 17 times. Atticus and Cal had to go tell Helen, his wife of the news, I knew this was real hard for Atticus to do.

29: Holloween time came and Mrs. Merriweather coordinated a play in which i played a ham. All i had to do was come out on stage when Mrs. Merriweather called, "PORK," but i fell asleep and she accused me of ruining her whole play. I reckon I was devastated, i even made Jem wait n' till everyone left before we could go.

30: That night coming home, something that Jem and I never would have imagined to happen, happened. We kept hearing noises like someone was following us, but as soon as we got to that oak tree someone attacked us. We couldn't see anything since it was night but i could hear Jem fighting off the other person. Soon i heard nothing but i saw a man carrying Jem in his arms to our house and i followed. Jem had broken his arm and knocked unconscious. Jem wouldn't even know that he was being carried by Boo Radley himself n'till i told him. The man who had attacked us that night was Bob Ewell who was killed by falling on his own knife, or at least thats what the town would come to know.

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