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Scout's Scrapbook

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Scout's Scrapbook - Page Text Content

S: Scout's Scrapbook

FC: Scout's Scrapbook

1: I love to read and have been readin' since I was born. | My favorite clothes are my overalls, but Aunty hates em. | My name is Jean Louise Finch, but everybody calls me Scout. | Dill, Jem, and I want to see Boo Radley come out of his house. | All | About | ME! | I don't want to act like a lady and wear a dress like my Aunty wants.

2: Jem | My brother is lovin' football which is all he talks or reads about. He broke his arm, but he still hopes to play soon. | This is my brother Jem. He is 4 years my senior and because of it he like to try to boss me around.

3: Dill | Dill, a new kid on the block, lives with his Aunt Rachel over the summer. Dill is livin' in Meridian, Mississippi the rest of the year. Dill has seen a lot of places and has traveled a great deal. | This photo is an old one of Miss Rachel back when they only had ancient cameras.

4: Atticus | Atticus is my father. He works a whole bunch as a lawyer so we don't see him that much. After dinner, when he is home, he reads books in his office and reads with me. I think he taught me to read because I read with him every night.

5: Calpurnia is our cook. She also takes care of us when Atticus isn't home, which is most of the day. She's been with us since Jem was born, so I've known her my whole life. | Cal is always orderin' me around. She calls me in to the house when I'm not ready, and is always tellin' me to get out of the kitchen. | Calpurnia

6: Alexandra | Aunt | Aunt Alexandra is Atticus' sister. Out of three siblings, Aunty stayed on Finch's Landing. She hosts Christmas every year; she cooks wonderful food there, which is the only good part of going to Finch's landing.

7: Miss Maudie | She loves tendin' to her azaleas. She spends all her time outside workin' on them. | Miss Maudie is a lady in my neighborhood. She invites us over and we eat the cakes she makes us.

8: Bob Ewell | Bob Ewell is white trash and a very racist man. Mr. Ewell drinks and he doesn't have a job. He and his family even live in a dump. I suspect him of beatin' his children with that rage of his.

9: Tom Robinson | Tom Robinson, a Negro, is married with children. He lives with the rest of the colored folk in the woods. Atticus was appointed to defend him, which he does well. Tom is an honest man who works despite his unusable hand.

10: Boo Radley | Boo Radley, who's real name is Arthur Radley, is our mysterious neighbor. As the gossip goes, Boo stabbed his father with a knife and is kept inside, hidden from the world, which peaks our curiosity.

11: The New | Guy | This is Dill. He arrived from Meridan this summer. | He had been to the picture show on the money he won from a contest. | He only had a mother and didn't have a father like Atticus.

12: Dill didn't think he would do it and ended up losin' his Grey Ghost book in the bet. ` | This here afternoon Jem touched the Radley House. (on a dare from Dill!) | The Dare

13: First Day of School | Miss Caroline is my first grade teacher and she doesn't like the way I read and write. | She is from Winston County Alabama which every child knew didn't succeed from the Union. | She doesn't want me to read and write because I'm doin' it the wrong way.

14: The Compromise | I didn't want to go to school because my teacher was makin' me stop readin' with Atticus. | Atticus and I decided that if I went to school we could still read together.

15: The Tree | After school started, Jem and I found stuff in a tree in the Radley yard. | We found a watch and knife, a package of gum, a spellin' medal, and a ball of grey twine. | Hole

16: The Tire | I was over at the Radley's house when the tire finally stopped. I heard someone laughin' in the house when I ran back to Jem and Dill. | I rolled over to the Radley's house when I was ridin' a tire.

17: Jem created a game called Boo Radley where we reenacted his injuring his father with scissors. We played this game in the backyard till Atticus caught us. Then, we just changed the name of the game. | Radley | Boo

18: Boo Radley | The Note | Jem and Dill were plannin' to drop a note on a window to Boo Radley to invite him to come and play. Atticus caught us and scolded us for doin' it.

19: Radley House | Jem, Dill, and I explored the Radley House to see Boo Radley, but someone came up beside Jem when he was on the porch. | When we were runnin' home because of a shot from a gun and the shadow, Jem couldn't get through the fence so he had to leave his pants. .

20: When Jem went back to the Radley's house to get back his pants, he didn't tell me nothin'. But a few days later, he told me he had found his pants on the fence folded and stitched up waitin' for him. | Jem's Pants

21: Snow Day | It snowed today for the first time since 1885. Jem and I built a snowman out of mud and snow. We made it into Mr. Avery then into Miss Maudie.

22: House Fire | After the night of the day it snowed, a fire broke out in our neighborhood, Miss Maudie's house burned down to the ground, but she wasn't sad about it because she gets to redo her house the way she wants it.

23: Francis called Atticus a nigger-lover and I punched him. I recieved a scoldin' from my Uncle while he was catered to. | Christmas | Day | This Christmas we went to Finch's Landing like always. Jem and I got beebee guns.

24: Tim Johnson | Tim Johnson came down the street and Cal said he was "mad" so she called the sheriff. He came with Atticus. Atticus ended up shootin' him, which surprised me because he can't shoot. Heck Tate the sheriff said Atticus was the best shot in Maycomb. | I got this photo from Miss Maudie who has an ancient camera.

25: Mrs. Dubose is so mean. She said Atticus is no better than the men he tries, meanin' niggers, I mean Negroes. Jem destroyed her bushes for it and he got punished. | Jem had to read to her for a month. She went into a fit before the session was done. When the month was up, Mrs Dubose died. Attics told us her fits were from an addiction and that she had a morphine addiction, who would of thought. | Jem's Act

26: Church at | Calpurnia's | We went to Cal's church today. We did linin' where we repeated what Zeebo said. Lula didn't like that we were there. She confronted us about it.

27: Aunty's Arrival | Aunty travels in style in her green Buick, but today it was no where to be found when she arrived. | Aunty puts herself into Maycomb life and soon I come home to social gatherings of social ladies. | Aunty wants us to learn about the Finches, but Atticus want me and Jem to forget all that we learn.

28: Dill's | Dill ran away from home because he felt neglected from his parents. | When I asked Jem to look under my bed to see if there was snake, we found Dill hidin' under my bed. | Dill's mom said he could stay here at Maycomb for the rest of the summer even though he ran away. Dill is STILL obsessed with Boo Radley. He is plannin' another scheme of his. | Arrival | Surprise | Maycomb County

29: A crowd of people appeared on our front porch today. From what Jem and I had overheard, Tom Robinson, the man Atticus is defendin', is being moved to the Maycomb Jail. | When Atticus said he was goin' out for the evenin' and won't be back, Jem, Dill, and I followed him. A group of men came up to him at the jail. I couldn't see him so I got up there and I talked to Mr. Cunningham. After our talk, the group of men left and we went home. | The | Mobs

30: The Case | Today was Tom Robinson's trial. Atticus is defendin' himand we were not allowed to go to trial, but we went anyway. After much debate in the courtroom, we thought Atticus had the case because he proved Mr. Ewell and his daughter had a false story. But even after the evidence proved faulty, the jury still pronounced Tom guilty.

31: Sending Items to the House | The day after the trial many people of the community sent food to our house. My reasonin' is that they were thankin' Atticus for standin' up to Mr. Ewell and defendin' Tom Robinson.

32: Miss Stephanie Crawford, a gossip in our neighborhood, told us today that Atticus was threatened by Bob Ewell, who said he would get Atticus, and Atticus didn't do anythin' bout it except standin' there. | The Threat

33: Worried for Atticus | Jem, Dill, and I are worried for Atticus. Bob Ewell threatened him and he didn't do nothin' about it. He doesn't even carry a gun around to protect himself. In protest, us children stop eatin'. For us to eat again, Atticus told us Mr. Ewell didn't mean his threat, and he took that yellin' to save Mayella a beatin'.

34: Aunty's Views | Today, I told Atticus and Aunty that I was goin' to invite Walter Cunningham over when school started. Aunty replied with a no. She said the Cunninghams were white trash and would never fit into society like we do. I was dragged cryin' into Jem's room. This statement of hers really upset me because the Cunninghams are not like the Ewells who I think are the real trash of Maycomb.

35: Aunty hosted a meeting of ladies today at my house. I got to help bring out food. They invited me to stay and talk with them. | They talked about Mrunas and society. One thing Mrs. Merriweather, the most devout women in Maycomb, said set Miss Maudie off and she got mad. Atticus appeared and called Cal, Aunty, and I into the kitchen. | The | Meeting

36: Tom Robinson is Dead | Tom Robinson died today while tryin' to escape jail. He would of made it if he had two good hands. The police shot him several times to kill him. Helen collapsed from grief when Atticus told her the news. | Helen Robinson

37: Miss Gates | Prejudice | we were presentin' our current events, Hitler and his prejudice came up in discussion. Miss Gates told us prejudice is wrong and and should not be practiced, but outside the courthouse on the day of the trial she said a prejudice comment about Negroes. | Miss Gates is my 3rd grade teacher. When

38: Jem's Anger | Today after school, I tried to ask Atticus about what Miss Gates said, but I decided to ask Jem instead. When I brought up the courthouse, Jem flew off the handle and started yellin' not bring the courthouse up. When I went out of his room, I went to Atticus and he told me Jem was havin' a hard time bout the courthouse and was tryin' to forget bout it. Atticus said he would get over it soon enough.

39: Mr. Ewell | In the end, Mr. Deas hired Helen to work for him. Helen tried to use the public road to get to Mr. Deas' house. When Helen passed by, Mr. Ewell and his children chunked at her when she passed, so she went out of her way to avoid them. Mr. Deas yelled and threatened to call the cops on him if he didn't stop harrassin Helen. No one chunked at her when she passed the next day, but Mr. Ewell followed her whispering bad things at her. When she reached the Deas' house, Helen called Mr. Deas and when he got there he threatened Mr. Ewell again. Mr. Ewell didn't bother Helen after that.

40: The Pageant | Mrs. Merriweather was makin' kids, like me, play a part in her Halloween play bout agriculture. I played a ham. When Mrs. Merriweather calls, "Pork," I go on stage. When the time came for me to go on I missed it because I fell asleep. I was so embarrassed we didn't leave till everyone was gone.

41: The Attack | When Jem and I went home from the play, we heard something in the woods. When we got to the oak tree, someone attacked Jem. | I couldn't see who attack us. But when it was over and I was on my feet, I saw a stranger carryin' Jem home, so I went home too.

42: Bob Ewell is dead | I told Heck Tate we were attacked at the big oak tree and he went out to inspect the scene. He came in from inspecting the scene of the crime. He told us Bob Ewell was stabbed with a kitchen knife and was dead.

43: Boo Radley | When I told Atticus and Heck Tate a stranger carried Jem off, they asked who was it and the man in corner was him. He was deathly pale and shied from everyone. I recognized him; he was Boo Radley. Jem, who was sedated because of his broken arm from the fight, was goin' to be so mad that he missed him.

44: Atticus vs. Heck Tate | Heck Tate and Atticus were arguin' bout whether or not to take Bob's murder to court. Heck kept on sayin' that Mr. Ewell fell on his knife so someone wouldn't get into the spotlight of the county. I think he meant Boo.

45: Steppin' into His Skin | Once I lead Boo home after the argument on the porch, I thought bout what our adventures would of looked like from Boo's view on the porch. I saw all of us goin' through these past years, but fast-forward. I saw what Boo saw in all those years of hidin'

46: The Grey Ghost | When I wondered in to Jem's room to see if Jem was awake, which he wasn't, Atticus was readin' the Gray Ghost. It seems like forever ago Jem won that in a bet to touch the Radley house We were wrong bout Boo when we were scared of him. He is just like any other person. | Atticus read the Grey Ghost to me even though it was scary. Atticus tried to talk me out of it, but I told him I wasn't scared bout the attack. He read to me till I almost fell asleep. Atticus tucked me in and I fell asleep.

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