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Scrap Book

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FC: My life in a Nutshell in a book. | Brandon Bauer Hr. 5 Psychology

1: Brandon Bauer Hr. 5 11/28/12

2: I was born in Kansas on July 26, 1995, around 5 AM. My parents are Mimi Bauer And Mike Bauer. I only have 1 Older sister named Nicole who I called Coco when I was young and the name stuck. She is 10 years older then me. | In my first home was in Stilwell, KS, which I lived there until lI was 7 and it, was nice and peaceful. I still live in Stilwell, but I'm just down the road from my old house. | There was once a house here...

3: I am a male. (Thank you Captain Obvious...) So that means I have an X and Y chromosome. As for gender roles, I fit right into the male category, I am a sucker for violence and things that most girls would not care for. I was a Huge video game player and still am now. However, when it comes to role models, I really don't have any, I kinda just go on my own route.

4: My parents are in between authoritative and permissive. My father is usually the one who gives out the curfews, but is the one that helps me upgrade my computer. My mother is the one that likes to give me the chores, but likes me getting out of the house at times. | This is Not me nor my Father. | This is Not me.

5: For my mother, she has the Harry Harlow style and doesn't want me leave... She was the same with my sister. But, For me, I am more Secure. I don't like going places alone, unless I know where I'm going, same with talking to people. | This is Not me. | This is Not my Mother nor Sister.

6: Sensorimotor Stage: I was just a normal baby, I played Peek-a-Boo, I like to put stuff in my mouth, but I was not allowed to suck on my thumb, because my mother was freak about that. | Birth - 1 | Trust vs. Mistrust: I was treated with love and so I was one to love things and people. Granted , as I got older, I seemed to become more hateful. | This is not me

7: Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt: It didn't take long for me to walk, But it didn't take long until I started to learn for myself and likes to take things. | Age 1-3 | Preoperation Stage: No-one knows exactly what my first word was, but one of the first things I did say was "co" Because I couldn't pronounce Nicole, my sister, I called her "co" or "Coco". Which is now her name. | This is not me

8: Initiative vs. Guilt: I was fairly shy as a kid, and still sorta am, Probably the biggest event was the first day of Kindergarten, that was a rough time. | Age 3 - 6 | Preoperaional Stage: I was actually slow to learn due to the fact that I had ADHD and wouldn't concentrate during class.

9: Industry vs. Inferiority: As I went though School Life just seemed to be horrid, I have few to no friends, nor was I doing good. It was until 8th grade did things start to look up in life. | Age 6 -12 | Concrete Operational Stage: In 7thgrade, I took part in clinical study for ADHD Medicine, Which I take today. Because of that Medicine, I was able to concentrate in class and be able to learn, I was actually fairly smart, but with my ADHD, I couldn't put it to use. I went for near flunk to straight A's. | This is not me

10: Formal Operational Stage: As I got older, I started to actually understand what my parents kept telling me when I was a kid. I started to actually set goals and try to earn my own money. | Identity vs. Role Confusion: As I got older, I started to become more and ore involved in my gaming life. I still am, but on 9/17/12, I asked out my Current Girlfriend Kaitlin Looney to Homecoming, We have been together since. | Age 12 - 19 | These are me actually!

11: Age 19 - 25 | Formal Operational Stage: By now, I would be College and trying to keep myself in check, not just with life, but with money, and my social life. Being able to decide Wants vs. Needs. | Intimacy vs. Isolation: After high school, I plan to go to DeVry University is KCMO. As the year would pass, I would grow closer and closer to Kaitlin as she would graduate one year after me. and soon marry.

12: Generativity vs. Stagnation: After I graduate from DeVry, I would then take on the world and become a software programmer. I would have hoped to work with an Indie company and create games. It wasn't long after, I married the girl I have loved. | Age 25- 40 | Formal Operational Stage: After graduating, I would then have to keep up with finding my career, and staying in check like I was while in college. now that I have found my career, I am away from home a lot because of work, which takes me away from my 2 kids.

13: Integrity vs. Despair: As the years passed, and had kids who in their teens now, It wasn't the smartest idea for me to have a job the wanted me to stay at work often, that I wasn't able to connect to my kids. I wish I would have chosen a better job, but I don't regret the one I have. | Age 40 - 65 | Formal Operational Stage: By now, my kids would be in high school, so having to decide what they can do and set restrictions is starting to get rough. Plus, they are in the rebellion like phase. Because I'm not home a whole doesn't help with me trying to reason.

14: Integrity vs. Despair: My kids are in their 20's, and now my Father and mother have died... The ones who were my guardians have now died, To think about what they went through when I was child to see what it was like taking care of my own... I feel bad and am sorry. | Age 65- 90 | Formal Operational Stage: Even though my parents have passed away, this shouldn't have to affect me as greatly as it has. Now that I am an old man, and my old man has passed, I miss my father figures I grew to love for all these years. I should have also taken on a job that let me be able to see my children more.

15: As I would lie in my deathbed, I would hope my wife and kids would be sitting with me. Maybe even some of old friends if they are still alive and kicking. The Best moment of my life would have to have been meeting my loving wife Kaitlin back in high school. For us to still be together for 80 years, that is one outstanding accomplishment. Probably my biggest regret is not seeing my kids as often as I did... I'm sorry. But Overall, I think I lived a good life... I didn't Smoke, Drink, or do drugs... I met a girl who wasn't bad influence... And I managed to keep the family economically stable... I think it was all worth it. | Obituary

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