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FC: Middlefield Collegiate Institute- Summer Camp 2010 | By, Rupinder Mangat

1: Overview- Summer Camp | In my scrapbook I have a lot of things that I talked about, that we did during our mesmerizing summer camp. We all got a lesson on Us and Them, made a mind map of our favorites, lesson on fish in a pond of frogs, learning styles/multiple intelligence, map of me(mind map), Junior Achievement, tech#1-woodworking, tech#2-cooking,career pathway(mind map), rogers cable, and centennial college. This course was a vast course because, we get a credit for it, and there's not that much to do in it. Its a lot of fun. I would like to thank all my teachers Mrs.Turner (homeroom), Mr.Forfar (wood working), and Mrs.Forfar (cooking), for giving their time to help us learn something new, and keeping us busy all the time.

2: The lesson that we learned was called “Us and Them” it was about exploring ourselves and getting to know other people in our class, and also letting our teacher know who we are. For the lesson, we first had to make a circle, which was then divided into six pieces. In each of the six portions, we had to answer some questions. After, we were done we had to choose which question was most important to us, and which question is least important. Finally, we had to talk amongst our fellow colleagues, who had the same questions. | The activity was very fun for the first day of summer school, because it was easy to know and mix with each other. When we did this lesson and shared our answers with our fellow colleague I felt proud of being the only Punjabi girl in my group. | Us and Them | The Circle graph that we did in class

3: In those six categories we had to write many favorites choices and explain why we like it. I had many choices for four categories, but not that many for two categories. What I liked the most in this activity is that we got to make our mind map really creative. Something that I didn't like was when we had to explain why we like it, because sometimes you just like it, but you can't explain it. | Favourities | On the same day we made a mind map which was about our favorites. In this lesson we got to know our classmates’ favorites and the teacher found out what we like the most. The teacher gave us five categories for our favorites which were favorite sport, favorite hobby, favorite music, favorite book, and favorite colour. Also the teacher told us to choose one of the categories for our favorites, I choose favorite movie. | Drake- favourite singer

4: What I found out this day was that I’m a people smart person (interpersonal intelligence), number smart person (logical-mathematical intelligence), and body smart person (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence). Something new that I researched is that I’m a visual learner more than auditory and tactile learner. Visual learner is when information is presented in written form or visually through diagrams and pictures. The worksheets and research information helped me because; I needed to use the information and worksheets in my “map of me”assignment. | On the next day, we got some worksheets that were called, “the multiple intelligence inventory.” In this worksheet, I got to know more about myself; also I got to know where my areas of strengths in the multiple intelligence are, and what type of learner I am. First, we had to rate the statement either 0-this is not like me at all, 1-this is a little like me, and 2-this is a lot like me. After, each category was rated, we then had to add all the numbers, and write it at the bottom, where it says total (out of 16). | Learning Styles | Top- visual learner, map of me, math symbols, bottom-and people smart

5: Our “map of me” was due on Friday 16th 2010. The “map of me” was a mind map that had four different sections which were personal interests, skills, career interests, and learning styles. In those sections we had to research information related to all four sections. For Example; for career interests; find information related to a doctor, engineer, and lawyer. When I had all my information typed and my pictures ready to go, I printed it out, and started pasting them on my funky bristol board. After all that was done, I made designs and decorations on the Bristol board. Something that I really enjoyed in this assignment was when the Bristol board was done because, it looked really colurfull, organized, and I was stress free about the assignment. In this assignment I got to know everything I wanted to know about myself. | Map of Me

6: The next week, after the map of me assignment was done.We had our career pathway assignment due on Monday July 19, 2010. The career pathway assignments layout was similar to the map of me assignments layout but career pathway need to accommodate more information. The career pathway had four different sections for each career their were skills needed, high school electives/volunteering, post secondary education, and career. Our career pathway assignment was all about the course throughout high school and university. For our career pathway we had a lot of time in the computer lab to research information about our three careers. All I had to do was put it into my own words and paste it on the software where I made it on (prezi). The only hard part that I found about this assignment is pasting it on the software, and fixing it. Something good about this assignment is that you can use it as an agenda because; it can help you choose your highschool electives/volunteering, post secondary, and then your final step career. | Career Pathway

7: Our second day at Tech#2 was on Monday July 26, 2010. What we had to make was a pretzels of our own design. At first we thought we are going to mess up but, it was really easy till the knead. First, we had to wear the apron, and then we had to wash our hands properly with hand soap for quite a while. If you had long hair you had to tie it up. Next, we had to get all our materials gathered in one spot. The materials were a bowl, measuring cup (liquid and dry), measuring tablespoon, spatula, and a wooden spoon. We first put 1 1/3 cups of warm water with a liquid measuring cup. Then, we put 1 kg of yeast with a measuring teaspoon, 1 tbsp of sugar with a measuring teaspoon, tsp table salt with a measuring teaspoon, and 3 cups of all purpose flour with a measuring cup(dry). Also, remember to level the ingredients before putting them in with a spatula. When all the ingredients are put into the bowl you stir it up with a wooden spoon, until it gets soft and slightly sticky dough forms. Take the bowl to your desk, to knead it properly, and divide the dough into five.After, kneading the dough you make your own design of your pretzel. I first put cheese and sauce in my pretzel then made design which was a heart. Then, we told Mrs.Forfar to put the pretzel in the oven.Finally, the baking was done we helped in the dishes and cleaning tables. | Pretzels | Washing Dishes at the left, my pretzel at the bottom

8: Centennial College | After our first trip to the Rogers Cable we went to Centennial College. At Centennial College we first started welding. Welding was really fun because, I love to write, and also I like to make crafts. For welding you need to wear a lot of safety equipment such as; closed toe steel boots, a welding helmet, gloves, and a white coat. My first try was better than my second one. When we were done welding we started eating lunch. We went to take a tour around the college. Some of the classes that I remember going into were the motorcycle, cars, hydraulics, and airplanes/ helicopters rooms. We saw different varieties of cars, motorcycles. My favourite part in this trip is welding because we actually get to make something and take it home with you. I also liked the tour but, I liked the welding more. | Looking at the cars at the left, and welding at the right

17: Our wonderful Teachers. Ms Bader & Ms Waller

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