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Scrapbook of 1951 "we didnt start the fire"

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FC: 1951

1: Introduction | This is my Scrapbook of 1951, my scrapbook is about events that happened in 1951. I got these events from the song "we didn't start the fire" I will be talking about: The Rosenberg's, The H-Bomb., Sugar Ray, Marlon Brando, Panmunjom, The King and I, and The Catcher in the Rye

3: The Rosenberg's | The Rosenberg's a communist family that was found guilty for conspiracy of committing espionage. The two people on trial where Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg. Both were discovered as spies working for the Soviet Union in 1951. These people were the first citizens of the United States to get executed for being spies. The Rosenberg Trial began on March 6, 1951; it was proved that Julius was guilty because of his drawings and plans about the atomic bomb, while doubts remain about Ethel's involvement because the things they found out about her were irrelevant. The jury wanted to execute her thinking that by doing that Julius would say something to save her. But both remained silent. The Trial lasted for months, at the end the Rosenberg's were sentenced to death. Julius and Ethel died on June 19, 1953 on an electric chair.

5: H-Bomb | On May 12, 1951, the first H- Bomb was made. The H represents hydrogen, which is one of the components the bomb is made of. The H-Bomb has several other names like the Nuclear Weapon or the Thermonuclear Weapon. What Provoked the USA to invent the H-Bomb was the Russians development of the A-Bomb, and as for results the Hydrogen Bomb is many times stronger that the atomic bomb. The H-Bomb has a destructive power; it was created merging uranium and hydrogen. The scientist that invented this bomb have the names of Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam. The First time the bomb was testes was in 1951 and its called operation green house. The Hydrogen Bomb is still one of the most destructive weapons in modern times.

7: Sugar Ray Robinson | Sugar Ray Robinson was a professional and very charismatic boxer. His real name isn't Ray Robinson but Walker Smith Junior. His fame increased when he won Jake LaMotta and became the middleweight champion. He also held that title for five consecutive years. He was honored as a hero in France because of his defeat to LaMotta, French citizens where proud Sugar Ray took the champion belt away from LaMotta because of their hatred against the ex champion. It was also the sixth time they fought against each other and five out of those six Ray Robinson won. Not only did he win the championship but also the respect of other professional boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Lois, and Sugar Ray Leonard.

9: Marlon Brando | Marlon Brando was a fantastic actor. Handsome, young kind all types of characteristics that could attract women. But not only could he captivate the people with his charisma but also with for his form of naturalistic acting. He was best known for his roles Streetcar named Desire, and on the Waterfront. These films where made in like in the 1950s by the same director. He was also famous for his acting in viva Zapata. Marlon Brando won the academy award and the BAFTA (award for best actor in a leading role) for three consecutive years since 1951. Marlon Brando was also a supporter of American civil rights, and American Indian Movement.

11: Panmunjom is a village located in the northwest of South Korea; this small village was established after the Korean War. In 1951 a peace conference took place their. It took the United Nations, North Korea, and China 2 years to settle this conflict. These nations were primarily discussing about that soldiers they had in the enemy's territory. How North Korea massacred the United States Soldiers, and how the United States did not want to return their Chinese prisoners back to their communist country. Finally they reached an agreement on July 17,1953. The war ceased. This treaty divided Korea into two parts. North Korea and South Korea the war has ended. | Panmunjom

13: The King and I was a fantastic play. I am not talking about the movie that was published in 1956. The stage show of 1951. The King main actor was named Yule Brynner a Russian actor, and the protagonist, lead female actress was Gertrude Lawrence, an English actress known for her presence in musical comedies. The king and I is a musical made by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. This book settles in the 1860s, and it starts with this English teacher who travels to Bangkok to teach the kings children about culture. This musical got the Tony award for best musical; so much that after several years it was made a movie in 1956. | The King and I

15: The Catcher in the Rye was first presented in 1951 the author of the novel was J. D. Salinger. It was meant to be an adults novel but because but the fame it got did not come from adults but from teenagers so from an adults novel it turned to be a teenagers novel. By the 1950s every teenage had to buy it, but as the time passed the Catcher in the Rye was starting to lose its fame. Now days this book is primarily remembered as the most vulgar and censured type novel. Although it has many vulgar words it is read in almost every international school or any school located in the United States. Despite the fact that it was banned like a thousand times this novel is still cherished over a span of time. | The Catcher in the Rye

16: Quiz

17: Rosenberg's Why did they arrest Ethel if all the facts about here involvement of being a spy were irrelevant? H-Bomb Why did the USA create the Hydrogen Bomb? What were the motives for them to create it? Sugar Ray Robinson What was Ray Robinson's real name? Marlon Brando What were some of the characteristics that people like about Brando? Panmunjom What were the nations involved trying to solve? The King and I Who were the creators of The King and I? The Catcher in The Rye Why was this novel Banned various times?

18: Research Bibliography

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