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Scream it like you mean it

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S: Scream it like you mean it

FC: Scream it like you mean it

1: October 30th, 2012 at apx. 10:15pm. Pierce and I were sitting in our living room doing nothing as usual. He was watching TV and I was online. It was the day before Halloween. We were too old to trick-or-treat, and not popular enough to be invited to any parties. And then I stumbled upon something that caught my interest. “Pierce, turn that down and listen to this, Whitewhright ,Texas: is nearing 10 years from the day a number of paranormal occurrences took place. Last year a young woman died an unexplained death, which has been attributed to paranormal activity. There’s been one death a year since 1991. “Are you kidding me? I said, looking up from the computer. They have a website with pictures of the dead bodies. Look at their faces. Their eyes are wide open!” Pierce came over and grabbed the mouse scrolling down looking at the pictures of the victims. He stopped on an old black and white photo of a family. “Look at that!” Pierce said, “The kid in that picture looks like you!.."

2: “Let me see that”, I said. Above the picture read the name of the family who were the original land owners where the phenomenon occurred. “The family’s name is Lambert. What a bunch of psychos! That kid doesn’t look like me. He looks like a freak someone you’d see in a circus!” “Or in prison.” Pierce said. “He looks like a rapist!” I said, laughing. “According to this article tomorrow will be the 100 year anniversary since this all started. Should be good!” “The Whitewright hauntings?” I paused for effect. “I’ve never heard of it. Pierce said. “They’re talking about the town. It was on the morning news.” “So do you want to do something fun or spend another Halloween sitting around like a couple of losers complaining that we can’t get girls. Let’s do something that will get us on TV!” “What are you thinking?” Pierce said. “A road trip.” I answered. “We have cameras let’s set one up in the backseat of our car, and one in between us shooting through the windshield. We can record everything. I say we drive down to Whitewright Texas tomorrow night and try and catch some of the freaky stuff on video! If we’re lucky maybe we’ll see something and get on the news or at least have something to put on the internet!”

4: October 31, 2009 at 11:05pm “Do you know where you’re going?” I said a little frustrated at Pierce’s driving. “First of all, the speed limit is 70, and you’re driving like an old lady and I’m pretty sure we just passed our exit.” “Look, its pitch black out here! Pierce said irritated. “And I can barely see 20 feet in front of me. Besides, aren’t you the navigator? You’re supposed to tell me when we need to exit.” “I think our exit is coming up. According to this map Whitewright should be in about 10 more miles. I looked at the dash and noticed we were out of gas. “Dude, have you looked at the gas gage lately? ”We’re on empty! We need to pull over and find a gas station or we’ll be screwed!” “We filled up an hour ago”, Pierce said. “We shouldn’t be on empty already. “Well pull over as soon as you can”, I said. “I don’t want to take any chances in these corn fields. It’s scary out here and dark!” “Maybe we shouldn’t have watched all five ‘Children of the Corn’ movies yesterday...” Pierce said his voice a little shaky.

6: We took the next exit. The sign said ‘gas and food one mile ahead’. As soon as we got on the exit ramp the engine stalled. Pierce put the car in neutral and used its forward momentum to get it started again. However this little maneuver caused us to coast through a stop sign. As we ran the sign, the car hit something hard and jolted us both. “Watch out!” I said looking up from the map. “What did you hit? It felt like we just ran over a huge rock!” “I don’t know”, Pierce said. “I can’t see a thing out here. Should we stop and look?” We slowed down and I looked through the back windshield. There was nothing on the road. It was completely clear. We were driving about 35 mph. I looked ahead and all I could see was corn on both sides of us. I checked the cameras to make sure they were rolling.

8: 11:27pm “Stop the car” I yelled! Out of nowhere stood a hooded figure on the side of the road facing the corn stalks. We both saw the person and Pierce slammed on his brakes. “Pierce pull-over. Who is that?? We must be close to the gas station or something. We need to talk to this guy.” We stopped the car. Up ahead about 50 feet away our headlights shone on a hooded figure that stood completely still staring at the corn. It was then I noticed the radio was just playing static. I turned it off and we sat silently in the car looking at the person that was ahead. “We need to find out where we are and how to find the gas station”, I said. “You go.” Pierce said, “I’ll watch the car.” “Get the camera. You’re coming with me! I’m not going to get dragged into the corn while you sit here and watch! Come on, he’s probably trashed out of his mind and trying to get back to the Halloween party.” Pierce left the engine running. He grabbed the camera and we both stepped out of the car. " It’s freezing out here! I can see my breath!” Pierce said as a blast of cold air hit us in the face. “It’s dropped like 50 degrees since we left!” We walked quickly towards the stranger. “Hey buddy, we need your help”, I said raising my voice. “Kind of took a wrong turn back there. Do you know where we can get gas? The sign said a mile, but I don’t know if we were supposed to go left or right...”

10: As we approached, the man in the hood didn’t move. He stood looking towards the corn. We walked up to him, and I tapped his shoulder. He turned around sharply. He was completely bald with no facial hair anywhere. He looked like one of those albino guys, except that his eyes were black and his teeth looked like they had been filed into sharp points. Pierce and I backed up staring at the man. I started to repeat my question when he opened his mouth and spoke. His words were not English, or any language we had heard before. The man’s voice was deep and gravelly, and he spoke in almost a mumble. He eyes looked straight ahead like he was talking to someone else. I can’t explain the sounds that came from his mouth. Pierce began apologizing. “Sorry to bother you. We took a wrong turn or something I think we’re good We’re fine in fact. Obviously you have no idea what I’m saying.” He turned to me and said, “Let’s get out of here. This guy is on drugs or something. He’s freaking me out!” As we began to walk away the man stepped into the corn field, completely disappearing from our sight. “Where’d he go??” I said. “Who was that guy? I’m freezing let’s get back in the car!” At that moment the headlights on our car suddenly shut off and we were standing in complete darkness. The engine was still running and I could barely make out the smoke coming from the exhaust. The car battery! It must be the cold! Use the light on the camera so we can see.” “Why would the battery be dead? The engine is still running! I can’t see a thing! We should never have stopped!” We got to the car and I put my hands on the door to open it. The moment I touched the car the doors locked and the engine turned off. You’ve GOT to be kidding me! Pierce, open the door! Give me your keys! We need to get out of here NOW!!”

12: The light from Pierce’s camera was shining right in my eyes. It was the only thing I could see coming from his direction. He answered in a panicked voice, “Get the keys they are locked in the car! They’re my only keys! We need to get out of here! We need help or we’re going to freeze to death!” Pierce and I both pulled out our cell phones. I couldn’t feel the tips of my fingers as I dialed 911. “Thank God, it’s ringing”, I said. A voice answered the phone “We’re sorry, the number you are trying to reach has been disconnected or is no longer in service.” I dialed again and got the same message. “Are you getting through?” Pierce said. “No. It says the number is disconnected.” “Same with my phone.” Pierce said. “Try someone else Anyone!” I used speed dial and tried to call my mom. To my relief it rang. The phone connected, but a deep, gravelly voice answered. It was the same voice from the hooded guy; mumbling, cutting in and out. I dropped the phone as though an electric current ran through it “Pierce! What was that! What the is going on? " I looked around but I couldn’t see a thing. “Where are you?” I yelled, whipping my head around and staring into the blackness. I picked up my phone and pointed the light in the direction where Pierce was standing. “Pierce! Where did you go? Seriously dude! This isn’t funny! Quit playing around! WHERE are you!!!” I looked out into the corn and could see the light from Pierce’s camera. It was moving. It looked as though he was running. And then suddenly the light stopped in the middle of the corn field and pointed straight up. I ran towards the light calling Pierce’s name. I could see the camera light about 50 yards ahead slowly fading.

14: 11:54pm (The following narrative is from Pierce’s perspective and a description of the events that followed.) Pierce opened his eyes, and found himself on the ground surrounded by corn. The last thing he remembered was trying to make a phone call before blacking out. His legs and chest felt like they were on fire, scraped as though he had been dragged over the hard ground. He could see the light from his camera a few feet ahead pointing straight up. His head throbbed with pain. Pierce got to his knees and crawled towards the camera. He felt dizzy and didn’t have the strength to stand up. He could see steam rising from the beam of light. He grabbed the camera and pointed it towards an object hanging from the corn. It was a small animal covered in blood. Pierce opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out. Every horror movie Pierce had ever seen flooded into his mind. He thought about Satan worship and human sacrifice; the guy with the hood; the corn “Where am I?” Pierce thought to himself. Then he felt a cold, icy grip grab him firmly by the ankle.

16: 11:59pm I was shouting and pushing through the stalks of corn towards the fading camera light. I tripped, and as my body hit the cold ground my phone flew out of my hand into the night. Then the light from Pierce’s camera turned off and I was in complete darkness. I lay perfectly still. It seemed like ten minutes passed by when my phone rang. I could hear the phone connect, but couldn’t see where it was. There was a short pause and then I heard Pierce’s voice. It was hard to make out but he was whimpering. “No, no, please” Then I heard the hooded voice. It was more pronounced, speaking loudly, in some sort of chant. There was static and then silence. I spotted the light from my phone and I reached for it. At that very moment the light of the phone shut off and it began powering down. I slowly stood to my feet. No idea where I was or how to get back. And then from my dead phone came the most blood curdling scream I had ever heard. It was Pierce.

18: November 1st, 2012 7:15am Officer Brown and Officer Bill were the first on the scene. They stood next to the Ford Mustang stalled in the middle of the corn field. There was a man hunched over the steering wheel with his eyes wide open. “It doesn’t look like there was any foul play,” Jim said standing next to the open door. He was checking the inside of the car looking for any signs of a break-in. “There’s no ID on this guy and it looks like he was traveling alone. The time of death must have been early this morning; his body is still warm.” Jim closed the man’s eyes. “It looks like the guy died of natural causes.” Jim reached in and started the engine. “I wonder why he stopped out here in the middle of nowhere. The car seems to be running fine. Doesn’t look like there was an accident or anything.” “Who knows”, Tom answered. “There’s nothing more we can do. Call it in.”

19: One year later: October 30th, 2010. 10:15pm I was online while my friend Reagan sat in the living room watching TV. I looked up from my laptop, “Can you believe this?” I said to Reagan. “Every year someone disappears on Halloween night from a small town in Whitewright, Texas. Reagan came over to look at the website. “Look at the victims! They all died with their eyes wide open. That’s awesome!” “Well I don’t want to stay home tomorrow night like a couple of losers. We should go check this out! Maybe we’ll get on the news and become famous!” I said as a smile slowly spread over my face...

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