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Sea Turtle Returning Home

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FC: Sea Turtle Returning Home | By:Lauren & Brett

2: Carl the sea turtle lived far out in the sea. He is a reptile and has a hard, protective shell. He never went near the surface because birds can take him away. He enjoyed eating crabs and sponges. Even though crabs have hard skin and sponges have spines, Carl still found a way to eat them. In his spare time he hung out with his three friends Bob the clam, Lola the starfish, and Steve the clownfish. Bob is also protected like Carl. Lola is a beautiful star shaped animal. Steve is a flashy colored fish that is the only one with fins.


4: One day while Carl was hanging out, some bullies showed up. They were Greg the shark and Andy the Octopus. Greg has many rows of sharp teeth, and Andy has eight deadly legs. Bob and Lola buried themselves and Steve bolted off leaving Carl alone. Carl hid in his shell but that wouldn't help him for long. They pushed him around. He attempted to swim away, but he was surrounded. So he had to move upwards. He escaped them, but he was too close to the surface. A bird swooped in and took him away.


6: Birds are the only animals with feathers. Some actually dive for thier prey, and unfortunatly this was one of them. "Oh, no", thought carl, "I may never go home and i might get eaten!" He hid in his shell untill..."BANG!" He was droped on a grass patch as the bird fell to the ground. A human hunter shot the bird. Humans are actually the most advanced animal out there, and luckly he wasn't after Carl. Carl was still far from home but he needed water and rest, so he went to the lake nearby.

8: When he woke up in the morning, get was greeted by a little frog. His name was Fred and he claimed that he used to be a fish. Carl didn't believe him but this is true. Frogs once were tadpoles, which were similar to fish. Carl was hungry and decided to hunt with Fred. Carl ate some insects, and Fred ate worms. Insects were the first with hard outter skins. Worms, on the other hand, were the first to have split body sections. Carl decided to eat a snail. Snails have slimy, sticky mucus around them so it was really digusting and he decided to spit it out.

10: Afterwords Fred had to go, leaving Carl all by himself. He noticed something moving in the water. He went to check and saw a long, legless animal in the water. At first it scared him, but it came out of the water and asked him why he was there. Carl explained everything and afterword found out that it was a snake. He learned that some snakes, like this one, have fangs to bite on to prey. The snake was leaving to meet up with his family so he can take Carl. Carl was glad to come. After a few days he returned to the reef and was able to relax with many other anemones. These live on the corals they created and have long, tentacles.

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