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Senior Scrapbook

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Senior Scrapbook - Page Text Content

BC: This Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

FC: Madison Howard

1: The World in 2009-2010 Local: Michael Berry's death | California story: Alexis Neiers robs Orlando Bloom's house. National News: Oil spill in the Gulf Coast | Stories from around the world: Haiti Earthquake, Michael Jackson's death

2: THE JOURNEY HAS BEEN FUN... | Seniors Catch a Tune | OMG-Usher SayAh-Trey Songz Daddy's Home-Usher Carry Out-Justin T Drop it-Lil Wayne

3: THE JOURNEY HAS BEEN FUN... | 2010 | Beech Crispy Bones/Skins Jeebus It's Bad Outta pocket Legit Raw | Senior Slang

4: Facebook.com-Networking Twitter.com-Networking Myspace.com-networking Perezhilton.com-Celebrity Gossip Youtube.com-Videos | Senior Favorite Websites

5: Graduation Day!

7: Senior Favorite Places to Hangout: Arden Fair Mall My back yard Galleria Mall Pinkberry Yogurt Movies

8: 2010

9: Senior Positive Self-Talk: 1.Something I'm Getting Better at is..Talking to strangers. 2.I'm proud that I can...Work and go to school. 3.I can help other people to...open up. 4.I have accomplished...getting a job. 5.People who expect a lot from me make me feel...intimidated. 6.I want to be able to...Finish nursing school. 7.I get praise from others when I...Do them a favor. 8.People can't make me...change who I am. 9.I don't like people to help me with...Projects. 10.If I want to,I can...be independent.

10: Senior Must Haves!

12: Friends Are... 1.Friends are...always there for you. 2.My best friend is..Rachelle. 3.Friendship is...about putting in the effort. 4.We all need friends because...we need someone to talk to. 5.Having a friend is...good because we can open up to them. 6.I trust friends because...They've been there for me through a lot. 7.To be a friend is...sacraficing the things you love to do in order to make them happy. 8.When I talk about my best friend I...Smile.

13: Maddy & Rachelle

14: Senior Pressure When I am... 1.Being pushed around... 2.The center of attention... 3.Late... 4.Given criticism... 5.Feeling awkward... 6.Embarrassed... 7.Showing affection... 8.Being put down by others... 9.Dealing with anger... 10.Being offered drugs/alcohol... 11.Meeting a schedule set by others... 12.Conforming to standards of others... 13.Accepting responsibility...

15: I cope by... 1.Ignoring them. 2.Giving people something to talk about. 3.never being late again. 4.taking it as constructive criticism. 5.trying new things with my friends. 6.laugh it off. 7.following my heart. 8.saying they're jealous. 9.working out. 10.Don't drink if I have to drive. 11.always leave early. 12.Not doing what everybody else does. 13.taking it step by step.

16: Advice to the Class of 2011 1.Don't play 4 square. 2.Sit on the senior steps. 3.Win SAR. 4.Get Ms. G as a teacher. 5.Be nice to the attendance office ladies. 6.Try not to cut class. 7.Stay away from drama. 8.Don't take chemistry! 9.Have open 1st. 10.Don't take everything so seriously.


18: Advice to the Incoming Freshmen Class of 2015

19: 1. Don't carry every book. 2.. Get all the hard classes out of the way. 3. make only a few close friends. 4. High school is not hard. 5. Don't sit on the senior wall. 6. Try to get junior or senior friends. 7. Don't be the loner. 8. Don't procrastinate. 9. Don't get into any major trouble. 10. Be nice to subs who are nice to you.

21: "Declaration of My Identity" I am a unique person. I am unique in my love for animals, reality shows, and carbs. My family values my loyalty. My friends value my sense of humor. My teachers value my work ethic. Some people are like me in their sense of humor, fashion sense, and music. But my identity is my own. I hope to always preserve my friendliness, sense of humor, and honesty. I hope to improve my people skills, Study habits, and working out habits. And I will always be proud to be me.

22: Senior Steppin' Up 1. I feel proud when... 2. I feel important when I... 3. I'm not afraid to... 4. I feel appreciated when... 5. I feel bored when I... 6. I am irritated when... 7. I get angry when... 8. I am embarrassed when... 9. I am afraid when... 10. I am shy when I... | 1. I finish my homework at school. 2.Contribute to something. 3.be loud and crazy. 4.people say thank you. 5. am in American Government. 6. People lie. 7. People snitch. 8. People say something about me that's bad and not true. 9. procrastinate on reports. 10. Meet people for the first time.

23: In Ten Years In ten years I will have graduated from Sacramento State and will be employed as a NICU nurse in California. My annual in come will be 90,000 a year. I will be living with my husband in a big house in Northern California. My primary transportation will me my BMW and my favorite outfit will be jeans and high heels. For recreation, most likely I will run a lot and go to the gym 3 days a week. My lifestyle will be probably the same as my parents because I went to college just like them and after that I started a family.

24: Personification Poem Part A 1. Emotion you are representing as a person: peace 2. The person's body type: skinny. 3.The way the person moves: fluidly. 4.The person's coloring (hair and eyes): blond hair and hazel eyes. 5. Way the person speaks: Eloquently 6.Way the person makes you feel: Relaxed.

25: Personification Poem Part B | I saw peace clearly. She was soft. She turned and smiled at me, flowers in her hair. I saw her tan skin and beach waves in her hair. And heard her laugh. And I felt free.

26: I used to be... I used to be a shy sloth. Hanging in a tree watching life go by. I wanted to be alone in a new world. | Now I am a Tiger. Chasing after everything life has to offer. Tigers kill for what they want, That's exactly what I'm doing.

27: Ice needs Fire Fire and Ice. Fire is like summer. Fire is sweltering but it can bring comfort on cold nights. Ice is like winter. Ice feels miserable when it touches your skin. Fire is like the Black Mamba. The Mamba's poison burns like fire, it's a searing pain. Ice is like a lizard. It's body is as cold as ice. It looks for warmth from the fire.

28: I wish I could see Lauren Speed again. She's been my best friend since 5th grade. We still have contact but I wish she went to my school. I miss her so much our relationship was great you could never catch us apart. We even went to Italy together. I was sad when we moved schools, she goes toWest Campus now. I would like to see her because we have so much fun together and we laugh non stop. Me and Lauren are like the same person. We could look at each other and know exactly what the other one is thinking.

29: My first crush was this boy named Brandon. We were together for 2 years but it was a bad relationship. we always fought and my parents hated him. I realized family was more important and they are right even though I think they are wrong. Besides my parents there was my grandma. Wen my parents were going through a divorce she would take us and try to make us forget what was happening in real life. She always cooked us the best meals ad spoiled us rotten. I always wanted to go to her house because we always had fun there. The clumsy period in my life was when I was about 12 and had big teeth and needed braces. Thank God I didn't look ugly with braces.

30: Top 10 music list: 1. OMG- Usher 2. Daddy's Home- Usher 3. Carry Out- JT 4. Statement- Wiz Khalifa 5. party in the USA- Miley Cyrus 6.Alejandro- Lady GaGa 7. Paparazi- Lady GaGa 8.Ink my whole body- Wiz Khalifa | 9. Fan of a Fan- Chris Brown 10. My chick Bad- Ludacris Top 10 Nicknames: 1. Beech 2. Crispy Beech 3. maddy 4. love 5. matt 6. glitter 7. shee beech 8. B 9. Heffa 10. Bookey Top 10 movies: 1. Mean Girls 2. Knocked Up 3. Superbad 4. Alice in Wonderland 5. Hangover 6. Dark Knight 7. Kung Fu Panda 8. Baby Boy 9. 40 Year Old Virgin 10.Sex in the city 2

31: Extended Metaphor Poem Cruise Control High school is your very first time driving. At first you're nervous and confused. The roads twisting and turning. Then it becomes easier. As a senior you have your license. You feel independent, and you can drive anywhere. Finals are here and you cram to study. Then you get in your first crash! Good thing you have insurance. Making repairs to your car is important or you'll be walking your whole life. Once you get the hang of it you can set your life on cruise control.

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