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Senior Year!

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Senior Year! - Page Text Content

FC: Senior Year | 2011-2012

1: 9:00-9:55 10:00-10:55 12:00-1:30 | College Algebra Spanish 4 World Literature | Ms. Ramirez Dr. Knotts Ms. Duncan

2: Mock Day | Peter, Caden, and I were talking about Mrs. Brown. I said when I'm a Spanish teacher I'm going to be just like her. Peter says, "If I were a woman, I would want too be just like her, too!" | Before our English class, Mrs. Murphy comes up to Asher and tells him, "You know it's bad when Levi brings a knife to school the first day." | Our Spanish teacher is Asian. She was born in Taiwan, moved to Bolivia when she was 11, and Lubbock when she was 15. My mind is officially blown. | "You're gonna be tired. You're not going to want to see my face. That's ok. I won't want to see your face."-Ms. Ramirez

3: Sitting with Peter listening to "Lighters" By Bruno Mars and Eminiem. It weren't no cleaned-up version, either. So he turned it off quickly. | This one's for you and me, living out our dreams We're all right where we should be Lift my arms out wide I open my eyes And now all I wanna see Is a sky full of lighters A sky full of lighters

4: 8-15-11 | "who done did made this beast of awesomeness?"-Mere | #Gilgamesh | "OH MY GOSH! It's the whole song! It rhymes! And it has the word penis!!" #FellOffTheBedLaughing "wait! He can't be Wimpernickle!...is that his name?" "You mean Rumplestilkskin?" "Oh this is going to get interesting. He's naked." "aw I liked Gilgamesh! But now he's a hoe." | Our first English assignment was to read the first half of Gilgamesh. Meredith came over after class to read it because her literature book hadn't come in yet.

5: 8-17-11 | During English, the fire alarms started to go off. Instead of going downstairs, we just sat there. We knew it wasn't a drill, so the logical thing for us was to sit there. Finally we went outside and Mrs. Squires told us the smoke machine in the youth room had set them off. Mrs. Thrash was outside saying, "I have to make copies!!" | Meagan-"Who did you vote for?" Ms. Duncan- "Hm? I voted for Barack Obama!" Asher- "Ok, we gotta fight!" | Jaelen came and tagged my car during English on the first day of school.

6: Jason, Meredith, and I painted the windows of Asher's car after English while he was in Physics.

7: For a while, our Spanish teacher kept calling Jason "Evan." So we blamed the car-tagging on him.

8: "While we're on the subject of 'stud muffin' where did that word originate?" -Ms. Duncan | "And God said, 'Let there be a five paragraph format!'" -Ms. Duncan | "He makes off with and makes OUT with Helen of Troy." -Ms. D | "You eat my kids and I eat yours!" -Meagan | Meagan- "You just have to get a stupid person to go with you." Me- "Hey, Meagan, wanna hang out today?" | Ms. D- "What is a stud muffin?" Asher- "This guy!" | Ms. D- "What's the first thing you think of when you hear 'Jason'?" *We all point to Jason* Ms. D- "Jason, see how many girls you have thinking about you?" Me- "Asher pointed, too. Just saying." | Meredith- "The man is the head but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants." Asher- "But the neck can't move without the brain which is located in the head! Ooooh!" Ms. D- "Asher, let me remind you there are only 3 boys in this class. And we can tear you limb from limb."

9: "Glauce isn't in this story. She's a twit." -Ms. D | "The name 'Peter' and 'Tebow' mean 'sexy' in Latin!" -Peter Griffith says in the hall. | "Gonna get Xerox'd!"-Asher | Meredith- "I like black people." Meagan- "I like their knees." | I got this Tweet during English, where I always sat by Asher. I thought it was funny.

10: Hanging out at Starbucks with Meagan and Caden is almost a weekly thing. Here, Caden had me send this to Asher to encourage him to come. | At the mall with Jaelen, Jason, and Trevor | "Owling"

11: "if you love something, set it free. And if it doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill it."- Kidd Kraddick | I got bored in English, so I blew up Jason's phone. | Asher handed me a QR scan that led me to his comic book blog. I asked him later how he did it. Then we combined Gilgamesh and Medea plots.

12: Asher and I went to Chick-Fil-A before he had to go to Leadership. When he placed his order, the lady asked for his name but thought he said "Patrick"

13: Mx3 Fuzzy's Taco and Cup o' Yo | Mx3 Fuzzy's Taco and Cup o' Yo

14: "Here. Have the pretetite," Jason says in the hall after an hour of Spanish imperfect subjuctive. | "Sometimes my inner valley girl just comes out. Or it's Derek brown. I get them confused"- Meredith | "I'm voluptuous!"-Derek | "love led us to one death together." -Dante's Inferno | "all the gold that is under the moon or ever was, could not give rest to one of these weary souls."

15: "I'm like a rubber band. People bend me and I'm like, 'I'm good!'" Kendall

17: Had an icing battle with Asher after the game. He walked past me, thinking I was going to smear my handful of icing on Jacob's face. After I got him, he retaliated by grabbing my arm and wiping what was on his face all over it. | Had an icing battle with Asher after the game. He walked past me, thinking I was going to smear my handful of icing on Jacob's face. After I got him, he retaliated by grabbing my arm and wiping what was on his face all over it. | I had to walk all the way across the parking lot and drive home with my hands and arm covered in icing because there wasn't anything to get it off with. | "I just got 'coned' with a cupcake!"

18: At Jaelen's before going to Joyland | Jennah fell asleep at Barnes and Nobel | This is actually in the dictionary!

20: I always go to Munner and Papa's on Wednesday mornings. One day Papa came out like this, wearing something he was about to put on Ebay. Munner said it was for a girl and called him a "Buttless Beauty" | WHO was right? Yes. That would be me.

22: Nothing better than crazy Asher texts.

23: Except crazy everyone else texts. | Wrong number! Oops. I took the opportunity to convert her.

24: H M C M N | o e o i g | Pep

25: Rally

26: Homecoming

27: Meagan's boyfriend, Bear, and I had matching sunglasses! (Before Asher stole mine...) | We lost so freaking badly, they called the game at halftime.

28: Jason is Skyping with Connor in Guatemala!

31: Pop it, lock it, polka dot it Country fry, then hip hop it Put your hawk in the sky Move side to side Jump to the left, stick it, glide Zig zag cross the floor Shuffle in diagonal When the drums hit hand on your hips One footed 180 twist And then a zig zag, step, slide Leaning left, clap three times Shake it out, head to toe Throw it all together, that's how we roll | Do the Hoedown (Throwdown) Do the Hoedown (Throwdown) Do the Hoedown (Throwdown) Throw it all together, that's how we roll Boom de Clap de Clap, Boom Boom Clap Come on, here we go! Boom Boom Clap, Boom de Clap de Clap Boom Boom Clap, Boom de Clap | Derek's "Smolder"

32: @kpawarrior07 owes me money "don't touch his bojangles!" "you wrote a bad song, Petey!!" Drug party with @kpawarrior07 @OrbitalOddity @AsherFreeman and Jennah. Pot brownies and cocaine lemon bars. | Tweets from Fantastic Mr. Fox movie night and the corn maze. | Jennah waited on Asher's car for the guys to get back to Jaelen's house.

33: "I only date immortal chicks" "Oh, so you aren’t dating anyone?" -Asher and Ms. D | Because sexy and beautiful woulda been DEAD." -Ms. Ramirez talking about Lord of the Rings and piecewise functions. | "it's so random why I like these. Because when I think of Piecewise, it makes me think of Samwise. And then I think about Samwise Gamgee. And then I think about my wonderful movies. And then I'm happy. | "Achilles isn't gay. He's Brad Pitt"-Meagan *knock on the door* everyone throws illegal drinks, phones, and iPods in the floor. #FalseAlarmAnyway | Ms. D warned me,"Chaucer is very bawdy. You might not want to sit by Asher" Yeah. Because THAT was what made Lysistrata so bad. | "Our food poops on their food"-Meagan on vegetarians. Dr. Knotts- "it's bread made out of a skeleton..." Jason-"wait, what?!"

34: Connor was in Guatemala from June to November. We all met up with him when he got back. | "Just because she has hair and...woman things..." -Jacob | "This is Jacob's love life: Oh crap! It's November. Are you alive?" -Asher | "Bros before...girls." -Connor | "So we discussed Guatemala, Lubbock High, girlfriends. Now the next controversial subject...YOUR SCHOOL!" -Connor | "COME TO KPA! WE WILL F*** YOU UP!" -Connor | "It wasn't supposed to happen! You know how fairy tales work? This is like a fairy tale!" -Jacob talking about his girlfriend. | "...There was a black panther coloring book..." -Kaden | "Hey, remember when we were both running for SG president and we were like, 'Oh! It doesn't matter who wins--I WILL CHOP YOUR BALLS OFF!" -Connor to Jacob

35: "I found Jared's number in my phone last night. I typed two words: piss face. Then threw my phone against the wall." -Connor | "HE LIVED IN SPANISH."-Jacob | "I make love to your accent." -Jacob | Connor- "And you would have to eat the whole thing in five minutes or the world would blow up." Asher- "But you can't throw up or anything or Nana will get mad." | Connor told us terrible stories of what he did in Guatemala. Probably one of the most hilarious nights in a long time.

36: "I'm pleased that you're bothered."-Ms. D "it's not the kleenex it's the brad Pitt that sneezed in it.."-Derek | "Mom, can you iron my pants?" "What are you going to do in college?" "Well, I won't wear khakis."

37: This crayon bothers me. It says Lavender. And it is not Lavender.

38: "I knew you were a wicherist." -Hondo "pizza is my main concern right now!"- coop "I was forced to this party and they burned my toes off!"- coop "oh Jacob. What a Mexican he is."- Coop | Hondo invited me to hang out with some other people at the park and his house. We went to Bahama Bucks, Cooper pierced Alex's ear, and we played with fire.

39: The Murphys went to Abilene with us to tour HSU. Piper, Aslan, and I shared a hotel room. Levi and Asher hung out in our room and the kids played Slap Jack, and eventually changed games to "Slap Levi. You can't tell from the picture but his back had red handprints on it. | "Levi do you realize this is a problem you're going to have when you get older? You're going to be a hobo."-Aslan told him when he was gambling in a game.

40: "My friend Marcie told me the dryer wouldn't run with a kid inside it but i knew it would."- #ModernFamily "she looks like she was dipped in glue and dragged trough a flea market."- #ModernFamily "I'm going to my hotel. I'd invite you, but like I said, I don't steal things that belong to someone else."-#Castle "Kate, what are you most scared of? That he wont wait for you? Or that he will?"-#Castle "if you're not scared then say it." "I'm not going to say it." "for me." "...I ain't afraid of no ghosts." -Castle and Beckett "Oh my god. I just heard Justin Bieber's version of Little Drummer Boy. It's like he's raping chrismas!" -WhatTheBuckShow | Castle-"it depends on if she was in love or insane." Kate-"I think there's a fine line between the two." "yin-yang is harmony. Yin-yin is....a name for a panda."-Castle Castle-"head-to-head. Toe-to-toe. Mano a mujer." Beckett-"hand to woman?" Castle-"whatever it takes." "Mom's wiggin' out because she ate my toenails!"-The Middle. "-How many moms does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" "How many?" "none because they get you to do it, sucker."-#ModernFamily "I'm gonna scrub this place like a crime scene. Which it is because you killed joy."

41: "How do you ask a girl out?" "Easy. You open the door and tell her to get out, she's bothering you." -Boy Meets World "If I did to me what I did to them, then I woulda done to me what they did to me." "I want you to go to the board and diagram that sentence" | Cory- "I believe in love like I believe in God. You can't see it, you can't touch it, but you know it's there because you can feel its wrath." Shawn- "you mean goodness." Cory- "I wouldn't know." | "I want to start a new drinking game. It's called 'Every time I'm depressed I take a drink." "That game exists. it's called 'Alcoholism.'" -Cam and Mitchell | My favorite shows

42: "I feel like laundry facilities breed prostitutes and gangsters."-Savannah "I told him I'd have one and if it sucks too bad, we'll adopt."-Savannah on having children "I've never had a spitball fight with a boy because their spit is sticky. Or so I've heard."-piper "my friend is going to Spain in May." "Don't they speak Spanish there?" "did you really just ask that?" | "Daddy, when you got married in sickness and in health, you can make your own smoothie!"-Piper Me- “IT WONT STOP!” (my phone) Mom- “Your momma wont stop!” | Munner-"you're going to confuse Hannah." Papa-"it doesn't take much to confuse her." | Batman is the best Needs no powers to fight crime Supervillans flee #haiku Dad-you're gonna suck it's brains out! Me-I'll suck your brains out! But someone beat me to it! "Why didn't you invite Asher to this little shindig?" "Asher and orchestra music?" "ME and orchestra music?!" "you're a girl!" -Me and Hondo | "life lesson 78- dont be scardey-cat weenie-chickens."-savannah There once was a boy of two Whose foot was stuck in a shoe He started to squeal When he saw it was a high heel And now he is called SallySue -Aslan

43: Olivia-"I didn't know candy corns floated!" Aslan-"IT'S SCIENCE!!" Me-"LET'S TELL TREVOR!" *Olivia burps* Aslan-"That's why she loves me most. Because *I* make potatoes." | "I want a nekkid snickers"-Meagan "Has anyone taken a picture of Hannah watching Hanna?"-Mr. Bussell "I'm allergic to anything crumbly and dusty."-caden "Osmosis!" "MY HEAD IS A SEMI-PERMEABLE MEMBRANE!"-me and Meagan | "The yield sign is my favorite sign! It's like the yellow light in between the red and green. It means 'go faster!'"-Bear

44: "I feel like we need to make a series of movies with the word 'Hell' in the title."-Caden The third film in the "Hell" trilogy is "one Hell of a Cup of Coffee: the IRON GODDESS OF MERCY" "Caden do you think this question is specific enough?" "yes." "no. Let me ask the question first." I get to be eaten by a shark in "Get the Hell Out of the Water" and be the protagonist in "Go to Hell."

45: "I don't support teaching young women leadership skills. They might revolt."-Caden on Girl Scouts | "let's make like fabric softener and snuggle!"-Caden "I'm gonna bloody ride with Hannah" "can I bloody ride, too?" -Caden and Brannum

50: Piper's first halloween

53: Halloween at the Schroeder's

55: Trev, Asher, and I all rode together to Littlefield, As we were tying to leave (I say "trying" because Asher couldn't back out of the driveway and Trev and I were giving him a hard time about it.) I could NOT get the seatbelt to work. Finally Trev says, "Episode 35: Hannah vs. the seatbelt!"

56: I asked Coop, Asher, and Leahnna to come over when my sister had her birthday party. We played Apples to Apples with Grant, because he was the only boy at the party and needed friends. Then Coop, Leahnna and I created this person that is a mix of all races. | "They would have rainbow eyes. Wouldn't that make them half gay?"-Leahnna "IM NOT EVEN BRITTISH. I DON'T NEED A GREEN CARD" -Coop

57: Piper and friends

58: I went with Asher to a concert his cousin told him about. The only reason he wanted to go was because the drummer of the band's name was Asher. When he went to meet him after, Big Asher shook Little Asher's hand and said, "Hey, how's it going? I'm Asher." and Little Asher said, "I, too, am Asher. And I, too, play drums!" Big Asher was so impressed and hugged Little Asher. | Big Asher saw my mustache keychain and called over bass player Adrian. They had me take a picture with him. | Future of Forestry

60: Burning Uniforms

61: Poking holes in my body!

62: Go Cowboys!

63: Happy New Year!

65: "Why is everyone balancing brooms?! Everyone in Post is doing it! I've got Broom Balancers on my Facebook."-Dad | "Like the time United was robbed and I just kept imagining a gay guy running out 'I stole bread! I stole bread!'"-Grant "I don't trust Google."-Munner Piper-"this is the weirdest song ever!" Me-"IT'S DUBSTEP."

66: DAV[e's] with everyone, and Trinity homecoming with Heather.

67: I mustache you a question... ...But I'm shaving it for later.

71: "what are we listening to?? Am I back in the 90's? This is like 7th grade! 6th grade? A long-ass time."-Julie "I have a serious question. If a guys toenails are painted any other color than clear, is that gay?"-Haley "Someday Rick and Donna are going to get a complaint. 'Um, did you know there's a crazy lady running around singing loudly and dancing around your salon with a laundry basket on her head?' 'Yeah. We know. We're taking care of it.'"-Haley about herself Chanel-"CHANCES R. they have jello shots with whipped cream!" Rick-"they do you with whipped cream??" Shandie-"WELL that costs extra!" | Always Tan | Cops at #2 after dinner at Abuelo's | Haley under a laundry basket.

73: First Friday Art Trail

76: Lubbock Comic Book Expo 2012 | Just do what you love, and love what you do...

77: "It's ALWAYS on twitter!"-Asher "You're like the brightest thing here. I mean person. I called you a thing." -Colton Smith

79: Near...Far...Wherever you are... | Stop in the name of love! Before you break my heart!

82: Trevor invited me on his date with Jaelen while everyone was on their senior trip. | "I don't get the reference." -Jaelen | Waiter- "Is this seperate or all together?" Me and Trevor- "Separate." Me- "Yeah. I'm going to have you buy my dinner." Trevor- "I don't even KNOW you! I will buy you a coffee at Goodbrews, though."

83: Jennah-"Jaelen has intimate relations with other people!" Jaelen-"relationSHIPS! It's a very important part of it!" "Hannah, I feel like you've paid too much for the pizza guy..."-Kaden "just because you're cousins with something doesn't mean anything you guys."- Cooper "things you shouldn't do in a car" -other people in the car | “Take your vitamins! It could happen to YOU!”- Mr. Abbott told Asher after he found out Miss Cotton got engaged. | Playing "Things"

84: "I AM a card wizard shark."-Cory "Snailzzz yeah!"-Kaden | Cory says,"I like your face. You only compliment THAT feature. You say 'I like your face. And also. Your hair is very attracted to me. Yes. I said your hair is very attracted to me. Then you get some Barry White going in the background and then you go into all the other features." So he tries it on me, full of eyebrows. I laugh. Asher comes in. "I'm just trying to get Hannah to be attracted to me. She laughed and said 'you’re ugly. And also I hate you.'" So he did it to Asher and Asher bopped his nose. And said "you are attracted to me. We should marry." So Cory says that to me and I say "YES! That's the way to do it!" | GoodBrews with the Guys

85: Kaden takes the flower arrangement from the table and hands it to me. "THANKS Kaden! I'll keep t forever." Asher takes it and gives it to me "hey I got you these flowers!" "thanks Asher!!" Asher pushes Kaden "GET OUTTA HERE. girls like flowers!" Cory-"and attractive men!" Me-"LIKE CORY!" | The flowers broke and Asher said, "why would you do that? That was a symbol of my love." Me-"Kaden have them to me first. They're more his love than yours."

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