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Sexual Harassment

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FC: Sexual Harassment By Jessica Smith, Mary Melchor, and Kadie Cusac Photo: ID- 42-17597515 Photographer-Sven Hagolani URL:

1: Sexual Harassment is a social problem that is defined as "unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive work environment." In today's world, it seems as though sexual harassment is too common. Also, it is more common than we think because it often goes unreported. | Photo: ID-CB106230 Photographer- Tom Grill Date:unknown URL:

3: The lines drawn between what is and is not sexual harassment are sometimes thin. It is common for people not to realize that sexual harassment can occur from a man to a woman, a man to a man, a woman to a man, and a woman to a woman all the same. Commonly people are unaware that what is being said/done toward them is indeed considered a form of sexual harassment. Photo:ID- 42-21106238 Photographer- Sullivan Date:unknown URL:

4: Sexual harassment can occur anywhere, but one of the places that it most frequently occurs is the workplace. This social problem may be seen from the conflict perspective in that situation where someone is trying to keep power or seniority over an employee by doing such a thing. Photo: ID- RF4472586 Photographer-Unknown Date- Unknown URL:

6: Photo:ID-unknown Photographer- unknown Date:unknown URL: http://www.

7: Sexual Harassment is a very serious thing in public, in schools and especially at work places. At a working environment, it is extremely important to act professional. It is part of many policies to keep intimacy out of work. This helps prevent any law suits or harassment from occurring. Workplaces are always supportive when it comes to having a harassment work free environment. This is something protected by the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

9: There are many things that protect and help any victim of Sexual Harassment. The first things that you can do is approach the person that has done something inappropriate and ask them to stop. Explain that their behavior is unwanted. Second, if the first action does not stop the harassment then you can report it to any supervisor or team leader in a very timely fashion. By law, it is your right to to be protected by specific procedures for preventing any further harassment. The team leads and supervisors are to report any kind of acts and can terminate any one that is found guilty in the act of harassment.

11: There are laws that protect woman and others form experiencing sexual harassment. There is also the working environment that can provide training for individual coworkers. This training is called Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.These trainings can help teach people how to remedy the situation so that it doesn't get worse. Also, it can teach them how to quickly make a complaint if there is such harassment and which hot line to call to support individuals.

12: A major problem with current sexual harassment policies is the reporting process. When I was researching the timelines for filing a claim, I found it confusing. I can see how someone could get discouraged and give up. There are many available avenues for reporting a sexual harassment claim. The most commonly suggested route is handle the situation with the company directly. | Businessman and Secretary Working in Office; date unknown; Push Pictures / Corbis;

13: Speaking from personal experience, that process can be more uncomfortable than the harassment itself. In the case of a small private company it can bring hardships. When I tried going to a "higher up" over a managers behavior, my concerns were dismissed. After that I was consistently scheduled 6 days a week. It seemed like the “chef” was purposely messing up my tables’ food. That affects my emotional and financial state of being. So now I’m supposed to take my complaints higher up in that company? I have little faith that will do any good. Would it even be worth my time? | I voiced my complaints with fellow employees. It turns out I was not the only person to be offended by this managers actions. What I heard from these people is "that's just the way it is so get used to it" and "if you want to work here and make money, you put up with it"

14: Often times the victims of sexual harassment are young girls with very little or no previous job experience. They don't realize the way they are being treated is against the law. They haven't worked at a well run company so they think that this is just the way the world is. | Many companies do not offer sexual harassment training programs or have a clear set of guidelines governing how harassment will be handled.

15: To offer sexual harassment education in schools would do a lot to increase awareness of this social problem. Young people would enter the workforce knowing what standards they can place on their employers and fellow employees. | Students in Class; June 14,2012; Andres Rodriguez/;

16: There needs to a system to counterbalance this situation. If a sexual harassment claim is found to be valid, it should be a matter of public record. Any person should be able to access a current list of offenders in their area. People should have the right to choose weather or not they work with offenders. | It seems as though offenders seek out people who are not likely to report harassment.

17: Businesswoman Touching Man’s Bottom; date unknown; Tim Garchan;

18: Another option for reporting sexual harassment is to tell the government about it. You can contact your contracted EEO Department representative and file a grievance with them. There are many people that wouldn't know what that means. Maybe that's one reason why sexual harassment doesn't get reported. This process is not user friendly, it seems similar in design and execution to social welfare programs. The confusing list of timelines, people to contact and when to contact them along with the laws that are cited are quite discouraging. The prospect of being investigated is intimidating. Government investigations can turn someone's life upside down. | A person who has been sexually offended more than likely does not want to relive the experience, simply speaking out about it can be quite painful. An investigation can bring unnecessary distress to the victim. There should be a way for the Department of State to investigate claims without directly involving the victims-taking examples from how the ABLE Commission catches underage alcohol sales or even "secret shopper" programs.

19: Businessman With Hand On Businesswoman’s Shoulder; date unknown; Radius Images / Corbis;

20: From the functionalist perspective gender role stereotypes along with gendered division of labor are necessary to preserve order and stability in society. To change gender roles would disrupt our world. Is it possible that recent changes in gender roles have somewhat paved the way for sexual harassment in the workplace? Many people with more traditional values believe that a woman’s role should be for domestic tasks only; cooking, cleaning, or in some way serving the needs of others. These people could be made uncomfortable or even angry if a woman takes on a nontraditional role. I can see how this situation could lead to women being objectified. Unfortunately society already has a longstanding history of objectifying and suppressing women. I can imagine how this history could create a situation where women feel as if they can turn the tables on men. Now society has more women acting in ways commonly associated with men-pinching butts, touching inappropriately or making crude jokes.

21: The interactionist perspective states that our social values and norms are a reflection of the dominate and privileged position men have held in society. Often times a male's offensive behavior is disregarded, "boys will be boys!" There doesn't seem to be a female equivalent. In fact, the expectations seem opposite. It's almost as though girls are raised to expect and accept disrespectful behavior from boys Where boys are excused, girls are chastised; I have often times heard "Stop. That's not becoming of a young lady." Even in this modern world, which boasts equality for all, many people are raised in an environment of inequality. Boys and girls are raised with different standards regarding behavior and expectations of treatment.

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