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BC: William Shakespeare: His Story & life during the Renaissance THE END | in memory of the great playwrite himself William Shakespeare

FC: Shakespeare: His Story & life during the Renaissance

1: Table of Contents: | William Shakespeare: His Story and life during the Renaissance | "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.", 4.2.84 Richard III | 2.....William Shakespeare 4....Family Time 5....A Family Shocker 6....Elizabethan England 7.......Italian Renaissance 8.....GRAPES: ENGLAND 9......GRAPES: ITALY 10.....Memories of Anne 11....Memories of William 12....REVIEW what started the Renaissance 14....Pictures cited THE END :) | "To be or not to be that is the question" -Hamlet | "Once more unto the breach, dear friends" -Henry IV | "If music be the food of love, play on.", 1.1.1 "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon 'em.", -12th night | "Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast *Romeo & Juliet | Fair is foul, and foul is fair *MacBeth | I'll run from thee and hide me in the brakes, And leave thee to the mercy of wild beasts * A Midsummer's night Dream

2: Shakespeare was a famous actor, poet and playwrite. He wrote over 37 plays which mainly were inspired by the challenges he faced during his life time. He is well known for his work on plays like Romeo & Juliet a classic tragic love story, Hamlet & A Midnight Summer's Dream. Baptized in April 1565 to John and Mary who also had other children by the names of (oldest to youngest) Joan, Margret, Will,Gilbert, Joan, Anne, Richard & Ed. John Williams dad was part of the town government, while his mom was not aloud to work. His dad was eventually voted mayor. He grow up in Stratford England he was of a wealthy family therefore he attended school. Unfortunately Shakespeare had to end his schooling and help his family in despite economic times.

3: NEXT...... A look at the struggles Shakespeare faced

4: When William was 18 he feel madly in love with a woman 9 years older then him. Age didn't matter to Shakespeare all he known was he was in love and that age was but a number. Anne Hathaway also known as Shakespeare love interest would constantly get poems read to her by Will, they were love poems. After awhile Anne was found to be expecting, so Will rushed to go get a marriage license and were soon wed. Rumors started to spread after the baby was born. Rumors stated that Will was not a good father and that his plays were not written by him. Little did Anne know her husband was seeing other woman.

5: After a few years after baby Susana was born, there was Judth and Hamnet his only son. Sadly a tragedy shocked everyone Will and Anne's only son Hamnet died. Soon after William's cousin attempted to kill Elizabeth the 1st, in doing so Shakespeare's mom side of his family was killed even though his moms family had no part in his cousins attempt.

6: Elizabethan England: Focused mainly on church and religion rather then the arts, literature and a time of expression. Although clothing was big, the woman's clothing was detailed as well was the mens only woman were covered up. Woman were covered by the neck and the dresses they wore were quite long. Girls were mainly seen wearing dresses. Fashion was considered a art and away of expression.

7: Italian Renaissance : During the Renaissance time period they many focused on a time of expression. This was a time people excelled in subjects like art, theater and writing. Famous artists include da Vinci Michaelangelo and art pieces like the Mona Lisa, and of course theater and playwriting by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare wanted to explore the world of acting so he built the Globe Theater outside of London. Many woman did attend plays usually on Sundays if they were wealthy enough. There was certain places where based on social status you sat while in the theater, some places better then others.

8: ENGLAND | Religion: Mainly Protestant. Later went from being Protestant to Christan. In total there was 3 religous changes in a 12 year time period. | Politics: Harry the 8th and Queen Elizabeth the first ruled the most during this time period | Achievements: Like Italy England also had many achievements in areas like art and literature. They also had achievements in religion as well. | Society: Woman were mostly seen working, only on Sundays were the woman mainly of the wealthier class seen out at Sunday plays. Humanism also had a big part in society. | economy: had expensive houses and had to pay taxes | Geography: William grow up near a forest he was a country boy, like Italy England also had city states

9: ITALY: | geography: full of city states including Mulian and Florence, a peninsula which gave many opportunities for trade. | Economy: Since Italy was a peninsula it increased trade, which in turn spread culture and ideas (cultural diffusion) throughout Europe. | Achievements: Once the Golden Age came upon Italy art, poetry and literature had a big influence on peoples daily lives. | Religion: Christan the Pope was the highest in the church | Politics : Monarchy ( one ruler) | Society: The streets of Italy were known to be full of life, thats where the people were seen at the bakery, tailor and seamstress. It was also where people got inspirations for art

10: Anne died August 6th 1623 adding to the strand of tragic events, Shakespeare's cousin was quoted to have said he was going or have wanted to kill queen Elizabeth the first. Due to this Shakespeare's mothers side of the family was murdered, even though they had nothing to do with Shakespeare's cousin's wish. Now not only did William lose his only son but his mothers side of the family as well.

11: William died on his birthday at age 52 but his date of death/birth are unknown, his will is still a hot topic between the public. However his plays are still being read today and students still continue to learn about one of the worlds best playwrites. His writing has been translated into many different languages.

12: The Renaissance : IN REVIEW | The Renaissance was a time of rebirth . Achievements were made in art literature and education. It was also a big time to focus on oneself, self expression if you will. People expressed themselves in many ways from the clothes they wore, to the music they liked. Key Events/points black Plague Wealth *Inquiry *humanism *study *expression (art etc.) *expansion of banks *Crusades *Revival of learning

13: The Renaissance started because..... | 1.....Black Plague an illness that infected and killed millions, symptoms included fever, black spots on skin. It lasted if your lucky 5 days most people died before that, you would die slowly and would be able to smell your body decaying. 2..The Crusades , a series of holy wars over the Holy Land now known as Israel . The Crusades sparked the expansion of banks which boost the economy. Eventually theses 2 major events along with many others people wanted to celebrate the black plague for one thing has come and gone. This started a period of expression better known as the Renaissance The renaissance focused on expression and humanism which was the idea that everyone has a purpose

14: pictures cited :) | author and date unknown | Author is unknown but picture is a sketch "Anne Hathaway" | "The Mona Lisa" Painted by Leonardo da Vinci Date painted is unknown

15: Bodaim Castle, built in the 14th century | "Shakespeare's Globe Theater" | "Romeo and Juliet" a new twilight cover | "Queen Elizabeth I | "English Flag"

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