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FC: The Life & Times of William Shakespeare | Emma LaBarbera Period 7

1: The Italian Renaissance | The Essential Question | How Does the Renaissance influence literature and history? | I believe that the Italian Renaissance influenced literature by emphasizing the importance of education. This was true because many people did not have the opportunity to finish school which made them value education and literature. I believe that in a time period where it was rare for people to have a good education, the Renaissance influenced people like Shakespeare's life by making him honor and value literacy. The Renaissance influenced history with Shakespeare's poetry and playwriting which is still highly honored today. The Renaissance also influenced history through the arts. The Renaissance was a time where the arts, literature, and culture were thriving. Through painters and artists like Michelangelo, and Leonardo Da Vinci, The Renaissance's appreciation of the arts made it possible for the art to influence our history with its importance.

3: The Elizabethan age was a time with thriving cities, a wealthy merchant class, and the classical heritage of both Greece and Rome. The Renaissance spread from Northern Italy throughout the rest of Europe including Florence, Rome, Milan, etc. | Geography | Religion | In the middle ages people valued the Christian church, but instead of being focused on religion and God, the people in the time of the Renaissance found the balance between sacrifice and living a happy life. | Achievements | Leonardo da Vinci influenced the Renaissance age by creating both literature and arts that influences people through his artwork and his books. Michelangelo was a painter, sculptor, architect, and poet. He influenced classical art by creating figures that were forcefully and showed heroic grandeur.

4: PHANG NGA BAY, PHUKET | November 7 | Politics | Renaissance women had very little political power. Machiavelli created a political guidebook explaining and teaching how rulers should act and how to maintain power. He said that a ruler must be as strong as a lion, and "as shrewd as a fox". He convinced rulers to trick their enemies by using deception, therefore he was not concerned with what was morally right, but what was politically effective. He must gain the trust of his citizens to be a good ruler in Machiavelli's ages. | Economy | The commercial revolution was the expansion of trade and business that transformed European economies. All three of the crusades, the commercial revolution, and the Renaissance promoted the expansion of trade and business through cultural diffusion increasing economy.

5: THE LIFE OF SHAKESPEARE | The Elizabethan Era | Society | Humanism is an intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievements. The Renaissance men had an idea saying that all educated men were expected to create art. A young man should be charming, witty, and well educated in classics. The Renaissance women were expected to know the classics and be charming. They were also expected to inspire art, but not to create it. Wealthy enjoyed material luxuries, good music, and fine food.

6: My Life... | I was born in Stratford, England, April 23th, 1564. I was baptized April 26th, 1564 in the Stratford Perish Church. I died at 52 years old, April 23rd. I died the normal time people died in my time period. Heavy drinking also contributed to my death. I had seven siblings named Joan, Margaret, Gilbert, Joan again in memory of my oldest sister, Anne, Richard, and Edmund. I was the third of seven children. My parents names were Mary and John. My father was an apprentice glover and my mother was the heiress of my grandfather's country estate.My family originated as an upper-middle class family until my cousins threatened to kill Queen Elizabeth, whereas from that point forward we were labeled as traders. I than dropped out of school by the age of 13. By not being able to complete school based on financial issues, it made me appreciate literature more.

7: In school, I mainly studied Latin and the classics meaning the study or art, literature, and culture. This allowed me to appreciate the arts and literature in a deeper way than most people which influenced my plays. Learning and studying Latin also influenced the writing in my plays. As I grew older, the idea of unrequited love influenced my plays such as the play, Romeo and Juliet. When older, I married Anne Hathaway, a woman I settled for against the unrequited love. Rumors surrounding my wife and I regarding the decision for us to get married were that she was 9 years older than me, that she was pregnant before marriage, therefore many thought the marriage was forced, and also because I was in love with someone else. My wife and I had 3 children named Hamnet, Judith, and Susana. Hamnet died as a child from a disease, and Anne died on September, 1581, which influenced my plays in having people important and essential to the play die.

8: My career... | The three professions that I am most famous for are playwriting, poetry, and an actor. These three professions were very important to me, therefore the main reason why I moved to London was for greater play and writing opportunities. Of the 37 plays I've written, my most famous plays consists of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Twelve knight, and All is well that ends well. Of the plays Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, the most renowned and famous lines I wrote were "To be or not to be; that is the question" Hamlet, and "Where art thou Romeo" Romeo and Juliet. I built an acting empire with the help of my acting company called King's men formerly known as Lord Chamberlain's men. My many inspirations for my plays, my main idea for the plot of Romeo and Juliet was borrowed from Masuccio's 11 Novelino. The society and politics in the time period when I was growing up influenced my success as well. Queen Elizabeth influenced my success in building the first custom theatre in London where I went there to professionally play write. In my success I co-owned The Globe Theatre with Cuthbert Burbage.

9: The Globe Theatre was built outside of London because theatres were banned in London at the time due to the outbreak of disease. A downfall in my career was when The Globe Theatre burned down in 1613. Another thing I am infamous for is for having men play women roles because at the time, it was not appropriate for women to be playing those roles.

10: The Language of my time | I used to write my plays in the form of Old English also known by many as Shakespearean English. People did not really speak the way that I wrote my characters to speak in my plays. Many words that I used are now not used today and are shortened from original words. | Gi'= Give Ne'er= Never I'= I've E'er= Ever Oft= Often

11: Art= Are Coz= Cousin Hark You=Hear you Knave= A serving-man Stay= A cheque Thrice= Three times 'Tis= This is Ope= Open O'er= Over

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